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200+ Catchy Camera Company Names

When starting your own camera company, the very first thing you will need is a catchy name. If you are the one who is looking for catchy camera company names then this piece of content is for you.

Here, we have listed some best camera company name ideas and the top 20 camera brand names to help you come you with a great name for your camera company.

Let’s get started.

Camera Company Names

Here are some catchy names for cameras companies:

  • Camera Telematics
  • ClickStation
  • DreamConnect
  • The Camera Club
  • Outdoorphoto
  • Camera Tek
  • CameraStuff
  • Foto Discount World
  • Fotoclick Photography
  • Red Dot Cameras
  • Digital Camera Store
  • Shine Camera Company
  • The Dashcam Store
  • Diamonds Camera
  • Digital Camera Warehouse
  • Georges Cameras
  • Camera Lane
  • Discount Digital
  • Camera Jackpot
  • Structure Camera Company
  • CameraKing
  • Vista Camera Store
  • Fit Cameras
  • Cameras Gurus
  • Camera Choice
  • Hotshot Cameras
  • Shout Camera Company
  • DSLR Cameras
  • Castle Cameras
  • Photo Technical

CCTV Company Names

Below is the list of best CCTV company names for you:

  • CCTV Installations
  • Total Security
  • Empower Security
  • SoCal Access Video
  • Super Surveillance
  • Total Technologies
  • Fusion Security
  • High Resolution
  • Safety Vision
  • Serious Security
  • Squad Security Goals
  • No Emergencies Here
  • Watchful Eye
  • Watchful Eye
  • Eternity CCTV
  • United Security
  • Security Cam Experts
  • Criminal Watch Security
  • Feel Secure Company
  • Lifeguard Security
  • Private Eye Security
  • Secured Safety
  • The Video Experts
  • Triple Threat Security

Security Camera Company Names

These are the best security camera company names to inspire you:

  • Global Security
  • Viewtech Security
  • Protection Plus
  • Action Security Cameras
  • Union Alarm
  • Smart4U Security
  • Eagle Eyes Cameras
  • Accurate Security
  • Best of security camera
  • First Digital Surveillance
  • Feel Secure Company
  • Watcher Plus Security
  • Efficient Security and Protection
  • Hidden Lock Security
  • Safehouse Security
  • Top Guard Security
  • Guardsmark
  • Mountain Alarm
  • Secure One
  • Hack Eye Security

Camera Shop Names

These are some creative camera shop names you can consider using:

  • Clutch Automation
  • Camera Point
  • CameraTalk
  • Clutch Automation
  • Tech Zone
  • Latest Technology Cameras
  • SLR Revolution
  • Orient Photo
  • Photographic Centre
  • Prime Camera Centre
  • The Drone Shop
  • Power Photo Store
  • Vintage Camera House
  • The Camera Garage
  • Ocean Cameras
  • Nikon Experience Hub
  • Camera Consultant
  • Blackmagic
  • Precision Camera
  • Diamond Cameras
  • Bliss Cameras
  • BlueMountain Camera Company
  • Lion Camera Company
  • Information Camera Company
  • Waterfront Camera Company

Top Camera Brand Names

Here is the list of the top 20 famous camera brand names for your inspiration:

  1. Canon
  2. Nikon
  3. Sony
  4. Olympus
  5. Leica
  6. Fujifilm
  7. Yashica
  8. Casio
  9. Toshiba
  10. LG
  11. Ricoh
  12. Samsung
  13. GoPro
  14. Kodak
  15. Lumix
  16. Polaroid
  17. Pentax
  18. Panasonic
  19. Hasselblad
  20. Sigma

How to Name Your Camera Company

Below are the few steps for generating camera company names:

Brainstorm some possible camera company names.

When naming your business, one of the creative steps is to brainstorm some camera name ideas. In this step, your goal should be to come up with a list of names. Either good or bad.

If you are feeling bored, you can make fun by getting ideas from your friends and teammates. Set a small get-together party and ask them for the new name ideas.

Another easy way to brainstorm more name ideas is to use the online name generators. Such as one of the best you can try is the Shopify business name generator.

Shortlist your favorite names.

Once you come up with a list of camera names, give it some time and shortlist your favorite names. Delete the boring and complicated names that do not make sense.

Keep it simple and straightforward.

Everyone loves simple and straightforward names. And also they ignore too long and difficult names. Simple and short names have many advantages, such as easy for the customers to remember, pronounce, and spell.

So, when choosing a name for your camera company think of a simple name. (Preferably one word, at most two words).

Convey some meaning.

Your name should define what’s your business and service. Some of the trending words you can use to explain your business are technical, lens, zoom, video, photography, crew, digital, pixel, film, tripod, etc.

Choose a name that’s available for trademark.

You will find thousands of good camera company names already taken and registered. So it’s important to check the name you are going to choose is available for trademark registration.

If you’re an American firm you can check it online on

Make sure your domain name is available.

Before you make a final decision, also check for the domain name availability. A matching domain name will help you a lot in ranking when you will present your business online on the web.

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