700 Most Creative Photography Business Names Ever

So, you have decided to turn your passion for photography into a profitable business and now looking for a catchy name to get started. Great! you are in the right place.

Here in this article, we have suggested some cool, catchy, unique, and creative photography business names, ideas, and suggestions to help you come up with a perfect name.

Also, you will find some tips on how to choose a name for your photography business. Let’s dive in!

Photography Business Names

These are some most attractive and catchy photography business names you will love to own:

  • Third Eye Creations
  • Perfect Klick Studio
  • The Fine Studio
  • Lens Lord Photography
  • Glance Photography
  • Precious Clicks Studio
  • Flame Photography
  • Eyeshot Studio
  • The Scope Studio
  • Sweetpictures
  • Prestige Photography
  • Gallery Wedding Studio
  • Quick Foto
  • Bridal Photography Studio
  • Photomagic Studio
  • Royal Reel Photography
  • Spectrum Studio
  • NoFavorite Photos
  • Greenfield Photography
  • Camera Ready
  • Natural Light Studio
  • Mirrorless Mind
  • Painted Lens Studio
  • Photo Perfections
  • PureBaby Photo Art
  • MicPic Photography
  • The Laboratory Studio
  • Face Studio
  • The Photo Journal
  • Easy Visualz
  • White Photo Studio
  • Silver Star Studio
  • Studio On Raats
  • Lifetouch National School Studios
  • Street Studio
  • The Blue Rooms
  • The Digital Studio Lab
  • Photo Perfections
  • SouthWest-Studio
  • Just Frame Me Photography
  • White Room Studio
  • Concept Photo Studio
  • Greater Heights Visuals Photo Studios
  • The Collective Studio
  • Sunset Studio
  • The Camera Club
  • Foto First Fish
  • Cornerstone Photography
  • Skylight Studios
  • New Life Portraits
  • Imagethirst
  • Lux Studio
  • Optionz Photography
  • Black Dog Studios
  • ShotsByDre
  • Park Royal Studios
  • Venture Studios
  • Airport Photo Studio
  • LuxLife Photos
  • Real Happy Pictures
  • By Loves Design
  • Foto Artist Studio
  • Firelight Images
  • Prestige Portraits
  • Wet Orange Studio Inc
  • Catch the Moment
  • Dynasty Photo Studio
  • Old Time Photos
  • Lifetouch
  • Downtown Arts Collective
  • Photo Video Events
  • Passport Photo Place
  • Wonderful Photography
  • Live Happy Studio
  • Little Creations
  • Uptown Selfies
  • Magestic Photo
  • Red Diamond Photography
  • Digital Tiger Studio
  • Sun Photography Studio
  • Glamour Shots
  • Firefly Photo Booth
  • Camera Studio
  • Studio of Photography
  • The Picture Lounge

Elegant Photography Business Names

Here are some elegant names for photography business that will inspire you:

  • Wide Studio Photography
  • Creative Images
  • The Wedding Studio
  • Happy Photography Studios
  • Snap Photo Studio
  • Open Eye Studio
  • Roaming Focus Studio
  • Moments Made
  • Picture Perfect
  • Portfolio Photography
  • ProfiCamera
  • Dream Pictures
  • Capture the style
  • Click and Shoot
  • Reality Weddings
  • The Unique Lens
  • Organic Headshots
  • Competitive Cameras
  • Elite Photography
  • The Picture Patch
  • Clerkenwell Studio
  • Lighthouse Gallery
  • Street Photo Studio
  • Black & White Studios
  • Glamour Shots
  • Naaz Photo Studio
  • Light Lounge Studio
  • Photography To Remember
  • Vanity Studios
  • Sunrise Film Studio
  • Highland Photography
  • The Fotofactory
  • Express Digital Solutions
  • Cre8 Studio
  • Wedding Photography
  • Pixeleyes Product Photography
  • Avatar Studios
  • Venture Photography
  • Fine Art Venetian
  • Pro Image Studio
  • Attitude Studios
  • Visual Studio Photography
  • Magic Moments Studio
  • Zia Fine Art
  • Iimage Photography
  • Flash Photo Studio
  • Stylistic Photography
  • Standart Group Studios
  • Reflections Photography
  • Glow Photo & Film Hire
  • Photo Studio Lockley
  • Shutterstories Studio
  • Loft Studios

Personal Photography Names

Below is the list of personal photography names to inspire you:

  • Flashes with Scented Candles
  • Click a Romantic Pic
  • Family Portraits
  • Cupcakes and Parents
  • Freeze the Seconds
  • Just Shoot Me Headshots
  • Lens Queen
  • Cliq Creative
  • Ground Glass Studio
  • Purple Tree Photography
  • Acting Studio
  • Much Digital Studios
  • Green Door Photography
  • Eclipse Photography
  • Everlasting Moments
  • Glassmint Studio
  • The Picture House
  • The Camera Club
  • Phoenix Photo
  • Image Technique Photography
  • Cameraworld
  • The Vow Studio
  • Blush Photos
  • Newman Studios
  • Blend Studios
  • Pinup Shoots
  • Full Focus
  • Skin City Photo Studio
  • Leonard Photography
  • Prestige Portraits

Creative Names for Photography Business

These are some most creative names for photography business that you may like:

  • Clicking N’ Snap
  • Curious Eye Studio
  • Fine Vision Images
  • Enviro’s Photography
  • Capture Yourself
  • Proctonics Photo
  • Capture the Bounce
  • Palm Valley Clicks
  • Hex-Five Photography
  • Capture You Happy
  • Ricky’s Photo Studio
  • Clicks N More
  • The Sessions Crew
  • Famous Image
  • JT’s Click & Style
  • Glow Session
  • Cuddle Glow Studio
  • Capture Me Not
  • Happy Capture Studio
  • Snap Your Life
  • Skylight Vegas
  • Neon Valley Studio
  • The Perfect Clicks
  • Dune Digital Studios
  • Cora’s Photography
  • Luxx Luxury Photo
  • Thirsty For a Snap
  • Capture It! Studios
  • Just Photographs USA
  • Terrific Clips Studio
  • The Digital Center
  • Pretty in Pink
  • Pixel Xpressions
  • LilShine Photos
  • Barefoot Photo Booth
  • The Art of Breathe
  • Ashley’s Photography
  • Taste of Tasty
  • Crazy Shouts VIP
  • The Good Click
  • Mindful Shots
  • Artistry Photobooth
  • The Pinkest Pixel
  • Capture Story
  • Magnificent Shots
  • Cute and Posh
  • Sue’s Photography
  • Beauty Shoot Studio
  • The Pretty Click
  • Charlotte Mad Photo

Cool Photography Business Names

Below are the cool photography business names that are downright awesome:

  • Drums N’ Shots
  • The Timely Action
  • Wildlife Innovations
  • The Dilemma VIP
  • Capture Serenity
  • Sin City Photography
  • Crazy Selfies
  • Stunner’s Photos
  • Click n The Box
  • The Pretty Picture
  • Boutique of Imagery
  • Capture Your Dreams
  • Capture It With Art
  • Click N My Love
  • New View Images
  • Bare-A-Eyed Camera
  • The Capture Scene
  • Reality 2 Smile
  • Lone Dog Captures
  • Avenue Nails Spa
  • Totally Buff Shots
  • Glamourous Portraits
  • Capture Me
  • Capture Time
  • Jolly Pretty Photos
  • My Big Picture Photo Studio
  • Xtreme Click Studio
  • Capture Me 3D
  • Elite Clicks Photos
  • Dazaxos Photography
  • The Elegance Zone
  • Deluxe Click Hacks
  • Dream with Me
  • Portrait Art Images
  • Concepts of Magic
  • Elite Click Studios
  • A-1 Picture People
  • The Session Spot
  • Black & White Pics
  • Capture Your Shine
  • Neon Photo Studio
  • Focus Pointz
  • Lucky’s Photography
  • Art’s Camera
  • Impact Shots
  • The Click Spa
  • Pretty On The Spot
  • Impossible Luxe
  • Snapflix Portraits
  • Brilliant Images Studio

Unique Photography Business Names

The following are some unique photography business name ideas you have ever seen:

  • The Pretty Posh
  • Captive Portraits
  • The Clips Nest
  • Ello’s Photography
  • Crazy Shotz
  • Capture A Sitters
  • Tiny Pictures
  • Studio 2 Click
  • High Tech Studio
  • The Slick Lady’s
  • The Platinum Photo
  • Soothing Memories
  • Clocks Photography
  • Hollywood Clicks
  • Catch a Video Studio
  • Arizona Dreamy Photo Studio
  • Cumulus Images
  • Crown capture
  • Killer Queen Photography
  • Luxx Camera
  • Cherry Bomb Shots
  • Crown Pointe Studio
  • Blooming In Session
  • Solo Clicks
  • Kitty’s Photography
  • Sweet Dreams Photos
  • InstaClips
  • Capture & Celebrate
  • Clicks in Motion
  • Sally’s Choice Photography
  • Blossom Clicks
  • Lovely Muse Studios
  • Capture Your Pets
  • Hottie’s Photography
  • Snapper’s Snaps
  • Good Day Portraits
  • Deluxe Click Studios
  • Nate’s Photography
  • Exquisite Clicks
  • Picture Details
  • The Click Studio
  • Xtreme Pixel Art
  • Prestige Studios
  • Hands on Photography
  • Focuses N More
  • The Click Specialist
  • Bright Art Studios
  • Go Bold Photos
  • The Perfect Photo Up
  • The Snapshot Room
  • Shiny Images Studio
  • The Best of Dawn
  • Magnifique Studio
  • Capture Shine
  • Crazy Panda Imaging
  • Sexy & Confident
  • Memorial Shots
  • The Big Picture
  • Intimate Images
  • My Favorite Shots

Cute Photography Name Ideas

These are some cute photography business name ideas for you:

  • CityScape Photography
  • Bernard Pretorius Photography
  • Group Photo
  • Shuffle Studio
  • Studio Zanetti
  • Visual Media
  • The Black Light
  • Cody Photography
  • Fuzzy Beast Studio
  • Stelle Studio
  • Blueprint Studios
  • Graduation Photography
  • Pix on Location
  • LukyStudio
  • Fine Photography
  • Snappr Photography
  • Design Identity
  • Inlighten Photography
  • Rewind Photo Lab
  • Wild Child Studio
  • Happy Photo Company
  • The Good Egg Studio
  • InLights Photography
  • Forever Image Event
  • Beyond Studios
  • Creative Hands Studio
  • Appeal Photography
  • Foot Print Fotos
  • Penn Ave Photography
  • Pro Photo Inc.
  • Motion Photo Studio
  • UniQ Studios
  • Broadway Studios
  • Portrait Innovations
  • Hot Dog Studios
  • Beauty Studio Photo & Video
  • Stylish Studios
  • The Pixel Foundry
  • Drive In Studio

Catchy Photography Studio Names

Following are the catchy photography studio names for your inspiration:

  • Optical Shades
  • Pix on Location
  • Green Key Studio
  • Inlighten Photography Studio
  • Photoworks
  • Impack Images
  • Dreamlife Photography
  • Xpressions Design Studio
  • The Mood Lab
  • Heights Gallery
  • Happily Photo Studio
  • Smile East Studio
  • Photo Climb Studio
  • Making Memories
  • Fireworks studio
  • Sweet Dreams Photo Studio
  • Shutter Magic
  • Smile Seekers
  • Winning Shot Shooters
  • Click Studio Captures
  • ShutterBooth
  • Snappy Snaps
  • Vidal Photography
  • Wizardz Print Gardens
  • Melta Creations
  • Blankbox Studio
  • Superfoto
  • Foto First Hout Bay
  • Smashbox Studios
  • Grey Headshots
  • EyeMedia Studios
  • Christian Purdie Photography
  • West London Studio
  • The Framing Studio
  • Aperture Photo Gallery
  • Peanut Studio
  • Mayfair Photographer
  • Spring Studios
  • Reanart Studio
  • Shutter Studios
  • Alva East
  • First Option Studio
  • Traffic Jam Studio
  • Dragon Image
  • The Photo Studio
  • Silver Shadow
  • Image Technique
  • Shoot On Site
  • Sweet Memories Studio
  • Kent Street Studio
  • Tempe Studios
  • Snapix Studio
  • Smack Studios
  • My Little One Photography
  • Photo Shop Studio
  • Photo Video Studio
  • Royal Express Passport Photos
  • Cutie Pie Photo Studio
  • Photo Impressions
  • Alex Wen Photography

Clever Photography Studio Names

These are some clever photography studio names for you:

  • Elephant Studios
  • MADE Studio
  • Photo Booth
  • Daylight Studio
  • Snapit Photography
  • Pro Photo Warehouse
  • Dream Catchers Studio
  • Bartolo Photography
  • Costco Photo Center
  • Unit B Studio
  • Soul Studio
  • Lens Photography
  • Picture This Photography Studio
  • Big Sky Studios
  • Glamour Photography
  • Green Lens Studios
  • The Art Photographers
  • Studio Maven
  • Fine Art Forum
  • Photo Magic Studio
  • Purest Light Photography
  • Studio-x Photography
  • Square Shooting
  • Magic Lab Photo Studio
  • A Photographic Affair

Creative Photography Studio Names

These are the creative names for photography studio you can use right away:

  • Mini Studio
  • BigTime Studios
  • Beauty and the Cutie Portrait
  • In Color Studios
  • Portrait Studio Pro
  • Glamour portrait studio
  • Cape Collective Assist
  • Yellow The Photo Studio
  • Precious Memories Studio
  • Noga Photo Studio
  • Firestone Photography
  • Capturelab
  • Young’s Photo Studio
  • Wendy Photography
  • Faithful Photography –
  • Star Photo
  • Creative Photo Lab
  • The Photographic Art Studio
  • Photo Bang Bang
  • The Blackout Studio
  • Walgreens Photo
  • Rosewater Studios
  • Imago 2 Photo Studio
  • Resolution Colour
  • Opulen Studios

Boudoir Photography Names

These are the boudoir photography names for you:

  • Gilmore Studios
  • Big Sky Productions
  • Soundcast Studios
  • The White Studio Photography
  • Headshot London
  • Take Five Studio
  • Impressions Photography
  • Cineview Studios
  • The Light Studios
  • Wonderland Videos Studios
  • PhotoShack
  • Triple Vision Studios
  • Aperture Studio
  • Curve Space
  • Studio Spaces
  • Cameraland
  • The Cove Studio
  • The Blue Studios
  • Pro Image West
  • Sunbeam Studios
  • She Wolf Photography
  • Infinity Studios
  • Pure space studios
  • Kitchen Photographic Studio
  • Buffalo Old Time Photo

Photography Names in French

These are some best photography names in French to help you get inspiration:

  • Studio-Lorelle
  • Promissastudio
  • A Ciel Ouvert Studios
  • Velasco Photo Studio
  • Studio Le’haim
  • Picasso First Studio
  • Studio Photo Sténopé
  • The Modern Studio
  • Studio NessPictures
  • Deux Choses Lune
  • Good Light Studio
  • Espace Lumière Studios
  • Happydays Studio
  • My pro portrait
  • Studio iClic
  • Les Studios de la Seine
  • Collectif de photographes
  • Studio Photo Carmes
  • Studio Perché
  • L’Atelier Photo Studio & Beyond
  • Studio Valois
  • Studio Photo La Parisienne
  • Studio Astre
  • A ciel ouvert studios
  • Digitline Studio
  • Gerard Etienne Photographe à Domicile.
  • Iris Galerie
  • Studio Tendances
  • Studio Vivienne
  • Studio Five Monkeys
  • Kiss Me in Paris
  • Delicatessen Studio
  • Photo Studio Packshot

Photography Business Names

How to Choose the Best Name for Your Photography Business?

Like every other business, you have to choose a catchy and unique name for your photography business. Your business name can make or break your image in the market.

So, when choosing a name don’t take a quick decision. Give it some and do the proper research. Below are a few steps for brainstorming photography business names.

Define Your Niche.

The first step is to look for a name that clearly explains your business or service. For example, if you want to start a specific type of photography then use the specific word.

Such as wedding photography, patriot photography, nature photography, etc. It will help people to let know what your job is exactly.

Otherwise, if you have dreamed to cover all types of photography then avoid using specific words. It can limit your business growth.

Check out: Best Photography Business Ideas that can Make Good Income

Create photography name ideas.

Once you finalize your niche, then start thinking of related words and phrases. Also, try business name generators for getting more name ideas. In short, you have to make a list of photography business names.

When you complete your list, then narrow it down. Almost come up with your three favorite names.

Avoids Confusing words.

Don’t use the words like “kute Fotos” which could be a wordplay on Cute Photos. These types of words can make your name difficult for people to understand and it will be difficult for people to find your business online.

Use catchy phrases.

Catchy phrases are more likely to remember as compared to long and boring names. Also, easy to pronounce and spell. Such as look at the given photography business name ideas.

Purple Tree Photography, Dreams Photo Studio, Capture the style, etc.

Think of your own name.

Photography is your skill, creativity your vision. Then how it will be if you use your own name. There is nothing wrong with using your name.

However, it will be easier for the customers to remember because they already know your name.

Use adjectives and nouns.

One of the common ways of naming your business is to use adjectives and nouns before your product or business.

Such as, look at these examples Fine Photography Studio, Green Tree Photography, Blue Water Photoshoots, The Camera Club, etc.

Get feedback on your favorite names.

Before finalizing your photography name, make fun by getting feedback on your selected names. Gather your friends and family member and ask for their opinions.

You will easily choose a name after getting other opinions and feedback.

Check the domain name availability.

Online businesses are getting famous day by day. Because people can hire or order anything from home. Therefore, also, check for the domain name availability if you want to market your business online.

If you’re still struggling in finalizing the name, here’s an effective guide on naming businesses by fobes.com 


In conclusion, by developing a creative and unique photography business name you can differentiate yourself from others and attract attention. A name that reflects your uniqueness and originality will help you wow your clients and attract new ones.

So, choose some that will help your business stand out from the crowd. We hope you liked this article and have found a good name for your photography business.

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