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Gym Names: 500+ Catchy Fitness Business Name Ideas

Coming up with a great name for your gym or fitness club is one of the big decisions you have to make when starting your new business.

The name should be catchy, unique, and memorable to attract the customer’s attention and to stand out in the competition. If you are looking for some cool gym name ideas, you have landed at the right place.

Here, we have collected hundreds of best gym names in the world to inspire your ideas.

Gym Names

Here are some most creative and catchy gym names ideas for your new startup:

  • Fit Treat
  • The Fitness Crew
  • Rise and Shine Gym
  • Feel Good Fitness
  • Transform Fitness
  • Muscle Up
  • Body Evolution
  • Metal Muscles Gym
  • Confident Energy
  • Active Plus Health
  • The Compound Gym
  • Fitness Space
  • Aspire Fitness Gym
  • Dragon Athletic
  • Riverside Leisure Club
  • Champions
  • Outdoor Fitness
  • Be Fit
  • Anytime Fitness
  • Smash The Fat
  • Body Clinic
  • Physical Activity Hub
  • Fitness Wales
  • Xercise4Less
  • Gold’s Gym
  • LivingWell Health Club
  • Power House Gym
  • 24 Hour Fitness
  • Snap Fitness
  • Quality Life Fitness

Fitness Business Names

Look at these creative fitness business names to get inspiration:

  • Primal Fitness
  • Healthy Apples Gym
  • Seafit Pilates
  • Muscular Gym
  • Touchstone Power
  • Real Fitness
  • Body Tuning
  • Body Balance
  • Spread Power
  • Strong Power
  • Crossfit Insanity
  • Fit Fashion
  • Natrium CrossFit
  • Rock the Cycle
  • Fight Club
  • Silent Power
  • Mind Body Soul
  • Fitness Together
  • Make Your Body
  • EuroFit Fitness
  • Physical Fitness
  • Body Evolution
  • Body Builders
  • Abs of Steel
  • Quick Fitness

Home Gym Names

These are the catchy home gym names for you:

  • The Muscle Factory
  • Mega Muscle Man
  • Dreams Gym
  • Fitness Coach Crafter
  • Jungle Gym
  • Kingsway Gym
  • Urban Health House
  • FireStone Fitness
  • Body Shake Fitness
  • PinkStrength
  • gym IronCross
  • gym Backfit
  • gym Deadlift
  • School of Fitness
  • MuscleLovers
  • Fit Gym
  • Body Training
  • Living Fitness
  • MuscleWork
  • Eclipse Fitness
  • Raw Fitness
  • FtnessFantasya
  • Pure Muscles
  • Morning Gym
  • Muscle Building

Funny Gym Names

These are the funniest gym names you can consider using:

  • FitnessRoom
  • LatenightGym
  • Better Muscles
  • Hour Fitness
  • Triceps Box
  • Abs & Muscles
  • Fat Gym
  • Bridal Power
  • Muscle Brothers
  • Eagle Muscle
  • Infinity Power
  • Grand Fitness
  • Fit Fashion
  • Pride Club
  • Gym Fitness Studio
  • I Love Fitness
  • Hard Bodybuilding Club
  • Platinum Fitness
  • Vital Practice
  • Wakestyle
  • Fit4Less
  • Fitness Status
  • Oxygen Gym
  • Inner Fit Studios
  • Balance In Motion

Female Gym Names

These are the most catchy and attractive female gym names for you:

  • GoodLife Fitness
  • Body Designs
  • Epic Body Shape
  • Feel Good Female
  • PowerHouse Fitness Gym
  • Spectrum Fitness
  • Snap Fitness
  • Female Fitness Centre
  • Power Of Women
  • Runyaway Fitness Womens
  • Power Fit Gym
  • Xclusive Female Fitness Club
  • Slim Fast Ladies
  • Lady Power Gym
  • Diamond Gym
  • Future body gym
  • Planet Woman
  • Go Girl Fitness
  • Pretty Woman Fitness
  • Women Rock Center
  • She’s Fit
  • Fit To Be Healthy
  • National Gym
  • Shapes Fitness
  • Whole Fitness

Cool Gym Names

Below are the cool names for your gym class:

  • Body Buster Fitness
  • Athlete Institute
  • Relaxing Gym
  • Headwaters Wellness
  • All Star Sports
  • Freedom Fitness
  • Innovative Fitness
  • Life Change Fitness Center
  • Snap Fitness
  • Total Body Fitness
  • Thrive Athletics
  • Build Your Own Body
  • The Stronghold
  • High Altituden Gym
  • The Training Habit
  • Curl Fitness
  • Venture Crossfit
  • Fitness Authority
  • Live Fit Gym
  • Soul Fitness Gym
  • Body Tuning
  • Progressive Gym
  • Powerhouse Gym
  • Gravity Fitness
  • The Pumping Muscle

Fitness Page Name Ideas

These are some catchy fitness page name ideas for you:

  • EveryMove
  • Made of Muscle
  • Core Fitness
  • Power Play
  • Step by Step
  • Strong & Lean
  • Soul Cycle
  • Way of Life
  • Flow Fitness
  • Spark CrossFit
  • Super Strength
  • True Wellness
  • Power Lift
  • Relaxation Hub
  • Super Solid
  • Stable Feet
  • BlackEagle
  • Tough Luck

Gym Names in Uk

These are the best gym names in UK for your inspiration:

  • Infinity Fitness-UK
  • Monster Gym
  • Super Training Gym
  • Welcome Gym
  • Body Society
  • The Engine Room
  • Body By Simone
  • Temple Gym
  • Gyms Coventry
  • Fitness Covent Garden
  • The Gym Way
  • Energie Fitness
  • Better Gym
  • The Circle Gym
  • Farm Fitness
  • BodyZone Fitness
  • Thrive Gym
  • StarsGym
  • Ultimate Performance
  • Body Limit Gym
  • Premium Fitness
  • Bounce Gym
  • The Train Station Gym
  • The Edge
  • Sudden Movements The Gym

Gym Names in USA

Following are the popular gym names in USA:

  • Blink Fitness
  • West Side Barbell Club
  • Metroflex Gym
  • Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym
  • Gold’s Gym Venice
  • Iron Religion Gym
  • Old School Gym
  • Firehouse Fitness
  • Quads Gym
  • Metroflex Gym
  • Foundation Crossfit
  • Tiger’s Den Crossfit
  • Peak Performance
  • Retro Fitness
  • Lifetime Fitness
  • Eagle Fitness
  • Cheetah Gym
  • In-Shape Health Club
  • Balance Gym
  • Front Street Gym
  • Crunch Fitness
  • The Edge Fitness Clubs
  • Steel Gym
  • East Bank Club
  • BodyFuel Fitness

Gym Names

How to Choose a Gym Name

Below are the few steps for generating unique gym names:

Think about the brand message.

Your name is the face of your business which tells people who you are and what your business is all about. To represent your brand message these are the few related words you can use to attract more customers.

Gym, Club, Fitness, Power, Wellness, Bodybuilding, Health, etc. Check, which word could fit in your gym name.

Identify your audience.

Every business is for specific target audiences. So, when choosing a name for your gym don’t forget to identify your audiences. Consider the gender and type of workouts you are offering.

For example, if you want to start a gym only for females then make it clear in your business names.

Brainstorm some gym names with your friends.

When naming your gym one of the creative steps is to brainstorm some name ideas with your friends and family member. Tell your friends the complete story of your business then ask them for name suggestions.

Make a list of some good name ideas you have done with your friends.

Use online tools for creating more gym name ideas.

Nowadays, nothing is difficult in this modern and digital world. There are many online generators you can use for creating new name ideas. One of the best you can try is Shopify Business Name Generator.

Just write your business keyword in the search bar and it will give you hundreds of best name ideas.

Make it memorable.

How to come up with a memorable name? One of the easiest ways of coming up with a memorable name is to keep your name short and simple.

If your name will be short and simple, it will easily stick in the customer’s mind.

Get feedback.

If you are feeling difficulty in choosing a great name for your gym club then getting feedback might be a good option. Other people’s opinions can help you a lot in picking a great name for your list.

Make sure your name is unique in the market.

To stand out in this competitive business, choosing a unique name is very important. Once you come up with your favorite gym name search for your competitor’s gym names in your area and make sure your name is different.

Go online and check the domain name availability.

For your online marketing and advertising you also need a matching domain name. Visit and check if your domain name is available.

Check trademark availability.

Before finalizing your name, the most important thing is to check the trademark database. Because thousands of business names register every day, and maybe your selected name is already trademarked.

So, check it on before making a final decision.

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