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433+ Good Names for Security Companies

If you are starting your own security company, there are many important things you have to keep in mind. And, one of those important things is your company name.

What would you call your company? Do you have some best security company names in mind? If you don’t have any idea about naming your security company then don’t worry you are in the right place.

In this article, we have collected some best private security company names to help to come up with a great name for your new startup company.

Let’s jump into the name ideas.

Security Company Names

Here are some powerful security company names for your new startup:

  • The Protection Lab
  • Safe and Sound Defense
  • Night Patrol Security
  • Emergency Alert
  • Secure Assist Night Guards
  • Home Security Anywhere
  • Golden Security Gate
  • Guaranteed Security Protection
  • Minute Safe
  • Guardian Eagle Security
  • Green Knight Security
  • Crime Shield Patrol
  • Ultimate Security Services
  • Hero Security Company
  • SafeTech Security
  • Safety First
  • Brilliant Security
  • Advanced Security
  • Danger Alert Security
  • Falcon Private Security
  • Defense Service
  • Honor Guard Security
  • Force Protection
  • Shield Security
  • Safeguard Security
  • Securability Protection
  • Response Safety
  • Secure Solutions
  • Potential Security
  • Best Guard Security

Cyber Security Company Names

These are the cool cyber security names to inspire you:

  • Risk Protect Security
  • Safe Hands
  • Defense Night
  • Cyber Cove
  • Kingdom Defense
  • Valuable Defense
  • First Class Security
  • Sniper Security
  • Security Concepts
  • Mission Impossible
  • All State Security
  • Urban Protection
  • Cyber Privacy
  • Elite Protection Squad
  • Rush Security
  • Loyalty Defense
  • Fortress Protection Services
  • Golden Privacy
  • Elemental Security
  • Moon Defense
  • Command Security
  • Security Evolution
  • Stronghold Protective Services
  • Prime Security Consultancy
  • Personalised Security

Private Security Company Names

These are the best private security company names for you:

  • Private Guards Security
  • Urgent Security
  • Star Security
  • Lurker Free Security
  • Sentinel Watch Security
  • Silent Security Compass
  • Boom Security Zone
  • Global Vision Security
  • Hack Eye Security
  • Noble Pledge Patrol
  • Stone Security Service
  • Community Guards
  • Brave Man Security
  • Hidden Eye Security Systems
  • Honest Watch Guards
  • Secure Home Watch
  • Epic Security Corp
  • Solid Man Security
  • Master guard security
  • Red Eagles Security
  • Special Guards Force
  • Peaceforce Security
  • Interactive Security Consultants
  • Secure Solutions Company
  • Crime Watch

Names for Security Guards

Following is the list of good names for security guards:

  • Custom Security Guard
  • Solid Stance Guards
  • Trust Guard Security
  • Safety Zone Security
  • Silent Guard
  • Professional Guard & Patrol
  • Guards On Demand
  • Proguard Security
  • Quick Reaction Force
  • Strong Safety Control
  • We Care Security
  • Crime Free Company
  • Active Guards
  • Prolock Security Systems
  • Safe Eyes
  • Safety Regular
  • Super Patrol Services
  • Night Guards Services
  • Red Alarm Security
  • Frontline Security
  • Main Security
  • Masterguard
  • Independent Security
  • Active Tigers Security
  • Global Security

Surveillance Company Names

Below are some good surveillance company names for you to get inspiration:

  • Active Track
  • Quiet Surveillance
  • Centurion Security Company
  • Concord Security
  • SecurityWorx
  • Freedom Protected
  • Responsible Guards
  • No Entry Security
  • New Hope Security
  • Tech Gladiator
  • Static Surveillance
  • Safebay Vision
  • Too safe Security
  • Moonshine Security
  • AllPower Surveillance
  • Master Mind
  • Surveillance Solutions
  • The Safety Professionals
  • Watchmen Patrol
  • Safelock Security

Security Company Names in Uk

These are the best security company names in UK to help you create your own name:

  • Mitie Total Security Management
  • Securitas Security Services
  • OCS Group UK
  • Interserve PLC
  • Total Security Services (TSS)
  • Axis Security Ltd
  • Kingdom Security Ltd
  • Corps Security
  • Profile Security Services
  • Amberstone Security Limited
  • Guarding UK
  • Allied Universal
  • Ward Security
  • Man Commercial Protection Limited
  • UniTrust Protection Services
  • The Shield Guarding
  • Leisure Guard Security
  • Bold Security Group
  • ProSec UK
  • Crownguard Security

Security Company Names in USA

Below are the top security company names in USA for your inspiration:

  • Epic Security Corp
  • Citadel Security Agency
  • Spear Security
  • Metropol Security Services
  • American Hawk Security
  • Sunstates Security
  • National Security and Protection Services
  • Pinkerton Government Services
  • Brinks, Inc.
  • Fast Guard Service
  • Guardsmark
  • American Alliance Security
  • G4S
  • American Protection Bureau
  • Allied Universal
  • Majestic Security Services
  • Securitas USA
  • United Guard Security
  • NASA
  • Shepherd Guard Service
  • Aim Security

Security Company Names

How to Name your Security Company

Below are the few steps that will help you in naming your security company:

Brainstorm some possible security company names.

When naming your business, one of the creative steps is to brainstorm some security name ideas. In this step, your goal should be to come up with a list of names. Either good or bad.

If you are feeling bored, you can make fun by getting ideas from your friends and teammates. Set a small get-together party and ask them for the new name ideas.

Another easy way to brainstorm more name ideas is to use online security company name generators. Such as one of the best you can try is the Shopify business name generator.

Shortlist your favorite names.

Once you come up with a list of security names, give it some time and shortlist your favorite names. Delete the boring and complicated names that do not make sense.

Choose a professional name.

To stand out in businesses like security coming up with a professional name is very important. It’s a serious business, where you have to give people the mental peace that they are safe and protected.

So, avoid picking a funny name. Come up with something creative and professional.

Keep it simple and straightforward.

Everyone loves simple and straightforward names. And also they ignore too long and difficult names. Simple and short names have many advantages, such as easy for the customers to remember, pronounce, and spell.

So, when choosing a name for your security company think of a simple name. (Preferably one word, at most two words).

Convey some meaning.

The name you will choose should perfectly convey the uniqueness and importance of your service or company. So, come up with a unique and descriptive name that clearly defines your business.

Choose a name that’s available for trademark.

You will find thousands of good security company names already taken and registered. So it’s important to check the name you are going to choose is available for trademark registration.

If you’re an American firm you can check it online on

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