500 Catchy Painting Company Name Ideas You Can Use

If you are expertise in painting, starting your own painting business can be a good idea to earn a decent income. But when starting there are many important decisions you have to make.

Choosing a good name for your painting company is one of the important and first decisions you should make. As it is the face of your business, which tells people what your business is all about.

For your inspiration, in this blog post, we have suggested some catchy, creative, and cool painting company names that you can use for your new painting company.

Let’s get started!

Painting Company Names

Here is the list of catchy painting company names for your new startup:

  • Elite Painting
  • The Brilliant Brush
  • Platinum Painting
  • Coatings Group
  • Royal Painting Service
  • Cube Painting Services
  • Natural Paint
  • Creative Colours
  • Paint Plus
  • Custom Paint Company
  • Fine Line Painting
  • Gray Painting Company
  • Next Door Decoration
  • Fantastic Paint Company
  • Five Star Painting
  • Paint Masters
  • Commercial Interiors
  • Painting Professionals
  • Principle Choice Painting
  • Bright & Shine Painting
  • Painting Specialists
  • Colorland Paint
  • Oceanic Link
  • New Koat
  • Star Chemical Manufacturers
  • Painting Construction
  • Everpaint Enterprise
  • Painters Corner
  • Allcolour Paint
  • Global Decoration
  • Dulux Paints
  • Smart Touch Maintenance
  • Seal Coatings
  • Paint Spary
  • Diamond Line Painting
  • Straight Edge
  • Finishing Touches
  • The Better Line
  • Nobel Coatings
  • Paint Chips
  • Royal Paints Stores
  • The Paint Detectives
  • Industry Decorators
  • The Invisible Painter
  • Spraying Solutions
  • The Colour Centre
  • The Decorators Mate
  • Capital Polishers
  • Paint my Home
  • Spray Wall Coatings
  • Paint My Floor
  • Dulux Decorator
  • Colorful Painting
  • Dreams Painting
  • Colorful Brushes
  • Painted Lily
  • Clean Finish Painting
  • Paint Box Studio
  • The Paint Kings
  • Artistry Painting
  • Straight Edges
  • Masters Touch
  • A Painters Touch
  • Complete Structure
  • Affordable Painting
  • Sunshine Painting
  • Fresh Coat
  • Bee’s Painting
  • First Choice Coating
  • Your Dream Home
  • Home Solutions
  • Exceptional Painting
  • Color Trendz
  • Clear Choice Paint
  • Pro Finish Painting
  • Fine Arts
  • Just Right Painting
  • Anytime Painting
  • Elegant Painting Company
  • The Color Guru
  • Renovation Painting
  • Preferred Home Painters
  • Wow! 1 Day Painting
  • Classic Painting
  • Perfect Coat Paints
  • Art of Painting
  • Got it Covered Painting!
  • Black Coat Magic
  • Happy Hand Painting
  • Innovative Painting Solutions
  • Crescent Painting
  • Rent Painters
  • Distinct Painters

Good Painting Company Name Ideas

These are some good painting name ideas to inspire you:

  • Woodcote Painting
  • Decorwise Painting
  • Cloud Painters
  • The Painter
  • Riverside Painting
  • The Direct Painting Group –
  • Direct Painters
  • The Invisible Painter
  • Painting & Decorating
  • The Wall Coating Company
  • Painters Hub Ltd
  • Lucky Cloud Painting
  • Busy Brush Painters & Decorators
  • Decorating Services
  • Onsite Paint Sprayers
  • The Good Painter
  • The Colour Chart
  • Magister Painters London
  • Fine Art Restoration Company
  • Spray Box
  • People First Painting
  • A Better Painting
  • Greenwood Painting
  • Forever Painting
  • Fine Art Paints
  • Every Paint Line
  • Desert Sun Painting
  • Old Skool Painting
  • Delta Painting
  • Mystic Paints
  • Painters For Less
  • Pro City Painters
  • Tango Painting
  • House Painting Today
  • Blossom Painting
  • The Blind Painting
  • All Star Painting
  • All Bright Paints
  • Prestige Painting
  • Unique Painting Solutions
  • An Extra Gallon Painting
  • All 4 Painters
  • You Point, We Paint
  • All Star Drywall & Painting
  • Zoom Painting Services
  • VIP Painting Company
  • Painter Mark
  • Superstition Paints
  • Pro Painting and Powerwashing
  • Cre8ive Painting
  • Patch and Paint Pros
  • Crystal Clear Painting
  • Color Your World Painters
  • Reliable Painting
  • Renew Home Painting
  • The Uptown Painter
  • The Color Connection
  • Focused Painting
  • Big Boy Painting
  • ProLine Painting

Unique Painting Company Names

Below are some unique painting company names for your next painting business:

  • Painting with a Twist
  • Super Star Painting
  • Absolute Painting
  • Affordable Painting
  • Crazy about Painting
  • Red Eye Painting
  • Yankee Painting
  • Paint-A-Million
  • Echo Painting
  • Picture Perfect Painting
  • Brush and Bristles
  • A+ Professional Painters
  • Charm City Paintings
  • The Painting House
  • The Desert Painter
  • Paradise Painting
  • Walls N’ Beyond Painting Co
  • Affordable Painting
  • The Grand Painting
  • A To Z Paint & Color
  • Magic Paint Pros
  • Northwest Painting
  • A-All American Paint Co
  • Eco Painting Solutions
  • Just a Dream Paint
  • Prime Painting
  • Homeland Painting
  • Magic Touch Painting
  • Lonestar Painting
  • A To Z Painting
  • Vision Painting
  • Diamondback Painting
  • Unique Art Paint
  • Royalty Paints
  • Sunset Painting
  • Masterpiece Paints
  • All Pro Painting
  • Precision Paint & Polish
  • Energy 1st Exteriors
  • Diverse Painting

Cool Painting Company Names

These are some cool painting company names to inspire your ideas:

  • Paint It Dreamy
  • Legacy Painting
  • Mellow Star Painting
  • Majestic Painting Company
  • Specialty Painting Service
  • MagicMundo Painting
  • Gooch Paint & Brush
  • Imperial Painting
  • Fantastic Finishes LLC
  • Super Colorz
  • Wolff Painting
  • Gone Wild Painting
  • Mastercraft Painting & Decorating
  • Top Painting Experts
  • Royal Painting Company
  • Painting with Care
  • Quality Painting
  • All-Star Painting
  • Liberty Painting
  • The Dream Painting
  • Like Magic Painting Company
  • All Access Commercial Painters
  • Light Body Painting
  • My Painter’s Choice
  • ROY G. BIV Painting
  • Rainbow Painting Co
  • Valley Painting
  • Precision Painting
  • Downtown Painters
  • Painting with Bliss
  • It’s Time 2 Paint
  • The Perfect Coat
  • Wild Arts Painting
  • Glamour Brush
  • Painting Concepts, LLC Owner
  • Grande Painting
  • Splash Painters
  • Vector Painting
  • Whitehouse Painters
  • Brush Masters

Funny Painting Company Names

Below are the funny painting company names you can consider using:

  • You Cut It, We’ll Paint It
  • Painting Is Our Therapy
  • M. Painting
  • The Paint Brigade
  • The Paint Junkie
  • Painting the Town
  • Paint My World
  • A Bedtime Story
  • Sultan Decorators
  • Paint the Town Green
  • Brighten Up That Room
  • Vivid Finishes
  • Leading Commercial Decorators
  • Bright Vision Decorators
  • Property Refurbishment London
  • Brushwork Painting Contractors
  • Painters Decorators Harrow
  • Furniture Paint Spraying
  • Mylands Paints
  • Little Greene
  • PopUp Painting & Events
  • Furniture Spray Painting
  • Capital Polishers Ltd
  • Finest Decorators
  • The Handy Squad Ltd
  • House Renovation London
  • Wallpaper Hangers
  • Pro French Polishers

Clever Painting Company Names

The following are some clever paint company name ideas you can use right away:

  • The Vibrant Paint
  • Dilworth Paint Store
  • City Modern Paint Store
  • The Art of Paints
  • Artful Paint Store
  • Paint Gallery
  • Doll Eyes Paint Shop
  • CrazyPaints
  • Urban Paint Store
  • Sun City Paint Store
  • Totally Blue Paints
  • Garden Color Paints
  • Green Paint Store
  • Premiere Paint Store
  • Vivid Paints & More
  • Sunshine Paint Store
  • Blue Dove Colors
  • Paint Me Memories
  • Good Guys Paints
  • Pretty Finish Paint
  • Paint House
  • The Paint Shoppe
  • Paint It Glow
  • ProLine Paint Center
  • Paint It Darkly
  • The Paint Art Store
  • West Coast Paints
  • Paint N’ Twist
  • National Paints
  • Urban Paint Depot
  • BloomingberryPaint
  • Glamour Paint Store
  • The Tone Paint Store
  • Dreamful Brushes
  • Vivid Paint Store
  • A to Z Paints
  • Red Star Paint
  • Yolo Paint Store
  • Uptown Paint Lounge
  • Hunter Paint Store
  • Waxed Up Paints
  • Lone Star Paints
  • The Uptown Shop
  • Rainbow Finish Paint Store
  • All About Colors
  • Paint Me a Color
  • Paintings A Go-Go

Best Painting Names

These are the best painting names you can find ever:

  • Blue Star Paint
  • Paint Masters Company
  • House Painting
  • New Life Painting
  • Foothill Painting Company
  • Certified Painters
  • Painting Contractors
  • Orange County Painting Pros
  • Trico Painting
  • Absolute Painting Co
  • Golden Crest Painting
  • Finishline Painting Solutions,
  • Coastal Colors Painting Company
  • Sundance Industrial Painting Co.
  • Classic Shades Painting
  • Economy Painting Company
  • Gold Coast Painting, Inc.
  • Independent Painting
  • King of the Painters
  • Paneless Company Painting

Creative Names for Painting Competition

These are the most creative names for painting competition you can use:

  • Whitestone Painting
  • Proline Painting Competition
  • Universal Painting
  • Pacific West Painting
  • Partnership Painting
  • Award Painting
  • Super Painting
  • Picture Perfect Painting
  • Everett & Everett Painting
  • Raider Painting
  • Central Valley Painting
  • Fresh Coats Painting
  • We Paint & Renovate
  • Springs Painting
  • Precision Painting
  • Brad Stoner Painting
  • Fresno Painting
  • Law’s Custom Painting
  • Coat of Arms Painting
  • Browder Painting Co.

Paint Gallery Names

Here are some cool paint gallery names for you:

  • Tech Painting Co
  • Quality Custom Painting LLC
  • Williams Professional Painting
  • ColorTech Renovation
  • Blue Door Painters
  • Graves Painting Company
  • Rich Winkler Painting
  • Affordable Painting
  • Premiere Works
  • EasyPaint
  • House Painters
  • Gil Painting Co
  • Painters In Silver Spring
  • Paint and Sip
  • Capital Painting
  • Turner Construction
  • Merrifield Paint & Design
  • Image Painting
  • Preservation and Framing Services
  • Ready Remodeling

Brand Names for Painting

The following are the best brand names for painting that you may like:

  • Paintworks
  • Roofwise Paints
  • True Colours Paints
  • Neo Spaces
  • Building Visions
  • Outset Paint Studio
  • Poolfresh Paint Company
  • Property Eye Painting
  • Brewers Decorator Centres
  • Ian Day Decorators Ltd
  • Crown Decorating Centre
  • Dulux Decorator Centre
  • Premium Painters
  • Color Alchemist Company of Painters
  • Law Of Painting
  • My Old House Painting

Painting Artist Names

These are some catchy painting artist names for your inspiration:

  • Incredible Painting
  • Quality Painting Inc.
  • Procoat Painting
  • Pacific Coast Painting
  • Two Guys Painting
  • Eagle Eye Painting
  • Xtreme Pro Painting,Inc.
  • Value Painting, Inc.
  • Painting Hands
  • Generation Painting Inc.
  • Colourwheel Spray Painting & Cabinetry
  • Pace Painting & Waterproofing
  • Prominent Paints
  • Dulux Paint Specialist
  • Expressions Painting
  • Elite Decorators
  • Colorful Coats
  • Proper Paints
  • Masterpiece Painters
  • Warehouse Paintings
  • Yellow Poll Co

Painting Company Names

Tips for Choosing Creative Painting Company Names

Below are a few tips for naming your painting company.

Consider using your own name.

If we look at history, most of the artists used their own names. Also, many entrepreneurs prefer to use their own names. It will be helpful for the customers to easily remember you by your own name.

If your name is common in the industry, consider using another name because for making a brand identity you have to come up with a unique name.

Make it descriptive by using related words.

Come up with a name that tells what you do. You can create descriptive names by using related words to your keyword.

Such as look at these examples, Golden Brushes, Beautiful Walls, Creative Corners, Decoration Painting, etc.

Make it simple and short.

Choosing a short and simple name is an excellent way for you to come up with a catchy business name. You can create short and simple names by using adjectives before your keyword.

For example, Fine Painting, Colorful Painting, Stylish Painters, Dynamic Painting, Quick Paint, etc. These all sound sweet and simple.

Test your name by getting feedback.

Once you come up with your favorite painting name ideas, get some feedback from your target audiences and friends.

Ask them, what is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name? Also, ask them for new ideas. After their feedback, you will easily choose a great name.

Make sure you can register the name as a trademark.

Thousands of business names register every single day. So, it’s important to check your name is not already trademarked by someone else. Visit the site USPTO.gov to make sure.

Check for domain name availability.

Before making the final decision also check the domain name availability if you want to attract customers online. Check it easily on namecheap.com.

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