300 Best Roofing Company Names

If you starting a roofing company, then probably you will be looking for some good roofing company names.

Because naming a business is one of the first things you have to do when starting a new business.

In this article, we have suggested some catchy roofing company names for your inspiration.

Also, to help you create your own name below you will find some guidelines on naming your roofing company.

Let’s get started.

Roofing Company Names

Here are the best roofing company names for your new startup:

  • Accurate Roofing
  • Commercial Roofing
  • Roof Fixer
  • Quality Roofing
  • House Toppers
  • Clean Roof
  • Secure The Roofs
  • The Flat Roof
  • The Roofing Centre
  • Premium Roofing Limited
  • Roof Right
  • Central Roofing and Building Services
  • Sky Ways Roofing
  • The Specialist Roofing
  • Roof Restorations Perth
  • Local Roof Care
  • Professional Roofing Restorations
  • Pro Master Roof Restoration
  • Affordable Roof Care
  • Total Roofing Solutions
  • Top Edge Roofing
  • Steel Tech Roofing
  • Modern Roof Restoration
  • Arrow Roofing
  • Icon Metal Roofing
  • Trusted Cover Roofing
  • United Front Roofing
  • Urbanville Roofing
  • Value Roofing
  • Water Tight Construction

Metal Roofing Names

Below are the catchy metal roofing company names for you:

  • Interlock Metal Roofing
  • Best Choice Roofing
  • Epic Roofing & Exteriors
  • Select Metal Roofing
  • Alliance Roofing
  • Green Metal Roofing
  • Steel & Metal Roofing Company
  • Available Roofing
  • Crest Roofing
  • Ideal Roofing Company
  • Optimum Roofing Solutions
  • Roofix Roof Repairs
  • Roof Inspections
  • Elegant Roofing
  • Genuine Re-roofing
  • Roof Fit
  • Qualified Roofers
  • Eco Roofing Solutions
  • Prominent Roofing
  • Roof Leaking Services
  • Roof Surgeon
  • Quality Fix Roofing
  • Roof Improvers
  • Tough as Nails Roofing
  • Transsa Construction
  • Triple R Roofing
  • Tristar Roofing
  • Your Choice Roof
  • Yugo Roofing

Top Roofing Company Names

These are the top ranking roofing company names to help you create your own name:

  • CentiMark Corporation
  • Apple Roofing LLC
  • Holland Roofing
  • Baker Roofing Co.
  • The Roof Depot Inc.
  • BEST Contracting Services Inc.
  • Flynn Group of Cos.
  • Nations Roof
  • Aspen Contracting Inc.
  • Greenwood Industries Inc.
  • Advanced Roofing Inc.
  • Roof / Able Roof
  • Aloha Construction Inc.
  • Roofing Southwest
  • Sutter Roofing Co.
  • Infinity Roofing & Siding Inc.
  • Total Home Roofing
  • Crest Exteriors LLC
  • Advanced Roofing and Sheetmetal
  • Benton Roofing
  • Horizon Roofing Inc.
  • Allen Roofing & Siding
  • Legacy Roofing Services

List of Roofing Company Names in USA

Below is the list of best roofing company names in USA to help you get inspiration:

  • Murray Roofing Co Inc
  • USA Roofing & Renovations
  • Expert Roofing Contractors
  • Innovative Roofing
  • High Point Roofing and Remodeling
  • Roofing by Curry
  • State Roofing Company
  • Greenawalt Roofing Company
  • Weather Shield Roofing Systems
  • Best Coast Roofing
  • Streamline Roofing
  • Polaris Roofing Systems
  • General Roofing Inc
  • Greenlight Roofing
  • Roof Repair Squad
  • Dowell Roofing
  • Integrity Roofing & Exteriors
  • Roofed Right America
  • Clemens Home Solutions
  • Red Lion Roofing & Contracting
  • Kanga Roof

Roofing Company Names

How to Name Your Roofing Company

There are many types of names, you can come with when starting your new roofing business. Such as your name can be, funny, clever, catchy, memorable, and unique.

Choosing a good name for your roofing business might be looking an easy step but due to the high competition in the industry, it’s a difficult task.

Because you will find many good roofing company names already taken and registered.

So, how to create unique names for roofing companies?

Below are a few suggestions that can help you come with good names for roofing companies.

1. Brainstorm some unique roofing company names.

There are several ways of brainstorming name ideas. But these are the best you can try.

  • Create some roofing name ideas by yourself using your own mind. Come up with related words and combine them with descriptive nouns and adjectives.
  • Gather your friends and family members and get their ideas.
  • Use free online roofing company name generator for brainstorming new name ideas.

2. Consider using a long term name.

Avoid choosing a name that can limit your business growth in the future.

Such as, using your location name is a good idea to make your brand image in that specific area but you will have some problems in the future when you want to expand your business to other areas.

So, a decent way is to come with a general name that cannot create any issue for your future roofing company.

3. Don’t choose a difficult and hard to pronounce.

Another important sept is to stay away from difficult, complicated, and hard to pronounce names.

If your name will be boring like too long, hard to remember, and spell, people will just ignore you. And on the other hand, short and simple names have many advantages.

Such as, your customers will easily find your company online and also they will easily remember your name.

4. Your Specialty

Using your specialty is a great idea to attract your target audiences. If you are going to use your specialty, then we will suggest using your personal name with it.

It will give your business a personal touch and also motivate you to become a brand.

5. Use adjectives, nouns, and animal names.

Look at these examples of good roofing business names using adjectives, nouns, and animal names.

Platinum Roofing Company, White Eagle Roofing, Perfect Roofing, Standard Restoration and Roofing, Strong Roofing, Precious Metal Roofing, etc.

6. Shortlist some favorite names.

Once you brainstorm a list of roofing names ideas, pick some of your favorite names. After shortlisting some good names, get feedback from your target audiences to finalize the perfect name.

7. Make sure your name is unique.

For making your own brand identity in the market choosing a unique name is very important.

So, when deciding on a name do a quick research on google and look at all the existing roofing company names in your area to make sure your name is different.

8. Check the domain name availability for your online presence.

Online businesses are becoming popular day by day. Everyone wants to hire a company from home to save time. So, to present your business online check the domain name availability on GoDaddy.

Also, for advertising your company name check other social media profiles. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) Check it on Namecheckr.

9. Can you trademark your roofing company name?

Finally, before settling on a name, visit your state trademark office and check to make sure you can get the trademark registration.

If you are an American firm you can check it online on USPTO.gov.

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