500 Catchy Handyman Business Name Ideas and Suggestions

If you are a skilled handyman, starting a handyman company is the perfect venture for you. The industry is booming because everyone is opting for renovation and repair over buying a fresh property.

This is why the demand for handyman services is increasing day by day. So, if you are starting a handyman business, probably you’ll need a catchy name to get started.

If so, this article might be just what you’re looking for. Here, we present a collection of creative, unique, and catchy handyman business name ideas to help inspire you in making your own great business name.

Let’s dive in to find an awesome name for your business!

Handyman Business Names

Here is the list of some professional handyman business names to inspire your ideas:

  • Pro Handyman Services
  • All In 1 Handyman
  • Active Handyman Services
  • Helpful Hand
  • American Cabinet Solutions
  • Diamond Maintenance
  • Fantastic Handyman
  • The Handy Connection
  • All Home Solutions
  • Anytime Handyman
  • Fix It Fast
  • Multi-Skilled Handyman
  • Rapid Results
  • The Handy Gentleman
  • Repair Replication
  • All-Pro Maintenance
  • Mastermind Maintenance
  • Home and Property Care
  • House Rescue
  • Reliable Handyman Services
  • Affordable Handyman
  • Hammer Man
  • Friendly Fixers
  • Mr Fix It
  • Dependable Handyman Service
  • Ultimate Handyman Services
  • All Round Handyman Services
  • Speedy Handyman Services
  • Extreme Home Services
  • Masterpiece Handyman
  • Call Me Handyman
  • Handymen 2 Go
  • Tim’s Quality Home Services
  • Sweet Handyman
  • Redwood Handyman
  • Homex
  • Premier Handyworks
  • Allstate Handyman
  • Hands On Handyman
  • The Technological Repair
  • All Seasoned Handyman –
  • Shark Handyman Services
  • Hand 2 Hand Handyman
  • The Handy Store
  • Golden Home Repair
  • All Home Handyman
  • Fix It Quick Service
  • Home Matters Handyman
  • Triple R Home Repair
  • Superstitions People
  • One Call Enterprises
  • My Handyman Group Llc
  • The Force Repair Service
  • Letsfix Handyman
  • Crazy Handyman

Catchy Handyman Business Names

Here are some catchy handyman business names you can use to get started:

  • Anything Around The House
  • Get It Done
  • All City Hands
  • Handyman on The Move
  • Steves Handyman Services
  • Your Professional Handyman
  • Tailleurs 4 Less
  • Advance Handyman Services
  • Integrity Home Services
  • Firehouse Repair
  • Super-Quick Repair
  • Focus Plumbing
  • Curated Care
  • Fix It People
  • Happy Homes Handyman
  • Handyman Business
  • Elite Handyman
  • Handyman Kings
  • Mercury Handyman
  • Complete Home Maintenance
  • Handy Boyz
  • Pebble Instrument Collective
  • Linda’s Handymen
  • Magic Maintenance
  • Gap Handyman
  • Country Garden & Handyman Services Perth
  • The Rock Services
  • Uncle Handyman Services
  • Affordable Home Maintenance
  • Allbetter
  • Homer The Handyman
  • Handy Rewards
  • Mikey’s Handyman
  • Inspired Maintenance
  • Golden Years Handyman Services
  • Jack Of All Trades
  • Handyman Pros
  • The Habitat Heroes Remodelers & Handymen
  • Simple Handyman Services
  • Four Points Handyman

Best Names for Handyman Companies

These are some best names for handyman companies that you may like:

  • Handyman for Jesus
  • Gentle Christian Handyman
  • All Pro Haul
  • The Team Helper
  • Integrity Home Repair & Handyman Services
  • Artisan Home Improvements
  • On The Way Handyman
  • Advanced Property Works
  • Gone Sharp
  • Handyman On Queen
  • Pickering Handyman Same Day
  • Trublue House Care
  • Lily’s Hasty Handy
  • A1 Handyman Chandler
  • Handyman2u
  • Top House Solutions
  • Handy Experts 4 Less
  • Tasks On The Run
  • Handy Tech Services
  • Home Repairman
  • Delight Handyman Services
  • The Handyman Guru
  • Advance Handyman Company
  • Preferred Property Maintenance
  • Az Handyman Care
  • Nancy’s Handyman
  • Stricklen Handyman
  • Maintenance Edge
  • Handyman Connection
  • Dandy Handyman
  • Dilworth Fixture Man
  • Good Guys Handymen
  • Reliable Landscape
  • Done Right Home Pros

Names for Handyman Companies

Funny Handyman Business Names

The following are some funny handyman business names that you might find interesting:

  • Hole Removal Guys
  • Big O Handyman
  • Smells Like Handyman
  • Bobby the Fix-it Man
  • The Handymen Backpackers
  • Fix It Yourself
  • The Naughty Handyman
  • The Handy Monkey
  • The Flyboys
  • Handyman On The Run
  • Magnify Handyman Services
  • Credible Construction
  • Build-A-Dream Handyman
  • We Do Handyman
  • Eveready Homes
  • Holy Housekeep
  • Green’s Appliance
  • Rumble Care
  • Simply Superman
  • The Fix It Guy
  • Gentlemans Help
  • The Clean Keeps
  • Household Handyman
  • Handyman By Choice
  • Dream Home Handyman
  • Think Pink Handyman Services
  • Done Right Handyman
  • Goody’s Handyman Service
  • Rapid Response Handyman Services
  • Perfection Home Solutions
  • Redstar Handyman
  • Hire A Handyman
  • The Handyman Coach
  • Kwik Fix Handyman
  • Garage Door Repair

Creative Handyman Business Names

These are some most creative handyman business names you’ll love to use:

  • Maintenance Made Easy
  • Vv Handy Service
  • All Services Handyman
  • The Expert Handyman
  • Zest 4 Handyman Services
  • Integrity Services
  • Nj Handyman
  • Jack’s Trades
  • Handyman By Day
  • Hoist Doctor Company
  • Quality Handywoman Service
  • Midtown Handyman Services
  • I Do Handyman
  • Maintaining Masters
  • Better Handyman Service
  • Fast Handyman Inc
  • Avenue In The Hand
  • Handyonehelp
  • Budget Home Repair
  • Total Home Maintenance
  • Go Handyman Services
  • Handylite
  • Tiger Handyman
  • Essential Home Services
  • All Around Handyman
  • Good Hiding Handyman
  • A Perfect Handyman
  • Great Locks
  • Premium Home Appliance
  • Done Rite
  • Heights Handyman
  • Homewise Handyman
  • Fixit2 Handyman
  • Joey’s Handyman Firm
  • Perfect Handyman

Good Handyman Business Names

These are some good handyman business name ideas to inspire you:

  • Handyguy Enterprise
  • What A Useful Guy
  • Christian Handyman Services
  • Heavenly Handyman
  • Harmony Improvements
  • Handy Masters
  • Prime Home Solutions
  • Virtuoso Services
  • Riverside Handyman Services
  • Truebest
  • Blue Army Handyman Services
  • The Jack Sprinkler
  • Newmode Handyman
  • Handyman One Llc
  • Skilled Handyman Services
  • House Treatments
  • Commercial Keep Handyman
  • Handyman Today
  • Aspect Handyman Service
  • House Of Handyman
  • Neat Handyman Services
  • Lion Handyman Services
  • Men Behaving Handy
  • Electric Handyman Services
  • The Handyman Agency
  • One Man Hitchhiker
  • Tough Guy Services
  • Dirty Jobs Handyman
  • First Call Services
  • Omega Handyman
  • All City Help
  • Puppet Spot
  • Handyman Service Guy
  • Zeal Handyman Services
  • The Fixer-Up

Unique Handyman Company Name Ideas

These are some new and unique handyman business names you can use right now:

  • Pretty Mend Collective
  • Terrific Handymen
  • The Hitchman Store
  • Jw’s Handy Service
  • Handyman Guys
  • Servocare
  • Patriot Handyman Home Solutions
  • Handyman On The Go
  • All Pro Handyman
  • Pro Project Handyman
  • Handyman Kingsdale
  • Handyman Usa
  • The Conventional
  • Facility Services Group
  • Buffalo Bayou Handyman
  • Gentlemen Hands
  • Handymen’s On Yonge
  • One Man & A Toolbox
  • Lazy Monkey Guy
  • The Perfect Handyman
  • 5 Star Handyman Services
  • My Quality Handyman
  • Good Rooting Hose
  • New Choice Handy Services
  • Upkeep Link
  • Soho Handyman Services
  • R&R Home Services
  • High Noon Handyman
  • First Response Handyman
  • Big Sky Home Repair
  • Mastermind Handymen
  • Big D Handyman
  • The Home Guy
  • The Real Handyman
  • Essential Home Services

Handywoman Business Names

These are some best handywoman business names for ladies:

  • The Quick Handywoman
  • The Quick Step
  • Handy Helpers
  • The Fast Handywoman
  • Handywoman Solutions
  • Superstar Handywoman
  • Handy Woman Plus
  • All Handywoman Works
  • Girly Handywoman
  • Handywoman on Call
  • The One Handywoman
  • Handywoman Charlotte
  • True Handywoman
  • A Plus Handywoman
  • All About Handywoman
  • Handy Woman Group
  • Happy Handywoman
  • Buddy’s Handywoman
  • Handywoman’s Touch
  • My Helpful Woman
  • Handy Woman Arizona
  • Handyman Connection
  • Help It Fit
  • A Handywoman’s Hope
  • Dignified Handywoman
  • Perfect Handywoman
  • Quick Fix Handywoman
  • One Call A Day
  • The Handywoman’s Guy
  • Mm-Maid Services
  • Your Uphill Friend
  • Lifetime Handywoman
  • Simply Handy Woman
  • The Handywoman Squad
  • Killer’s Handywoman
  • Bold Handywoman
  • She’s Quick Home
  • Loved One Handywoman
  • Her Hammer Handywoman Services
  • The Handywoman Dude
  • Green Leaf Home Care
  • A Mellow Handywoman
  • Superior Handywoman
  • Fix It Right Hands
  • Her Worksharing
  • Simply Fixit Maids
  • Your One Stop Fix
  • Handywoman Central
  • Fast Fix Handywoman
  • All About Handywoman
  • Fix It Handywoman
  • Need A Handywoman
  • Totally Unwanted
  • Perfect Handywoman
  • Handywoman America
  • Smart Handywoman
  • Handywoman on Wheels
  • Lily Handywoman
  • Sunshine Maids
  • Glad Response
  • Handy Woman Delight

Handyman Business Name Generator

Below is the list of some more great handyman business name ideas we’ve generated for your inspiration:

  • Diamond Handyman Services
  • Fixin’ To Do
  • Handyman
  • The Honest Services
  • City And Beyond
  • In Demand Handyman
  • High Power Handymen
  • Castle Handyman Service
  • Folding Clutch
  • Bob The Handyman
  • A+ Handyman Services
  • Extreme Handyman Services
  • Journey Helper
  • Fix-It Professor
  • Handyman
  • Newpro Handyman
  • Gentlemen Handyman
  • House Doctors Handyman Services
  • Getz Handyman
  • Easy Fix Home Repair
  • Red Rock Handyman
  • Urban Handyman Services
  • The Handyman Guys
  • Best Help Services
  • The Little Guy Squad
  • Hot Handyman Services
  • Handymen’s Home
  • Small Repairs
  • 360 Home Services
  • Active Handyman Services Nyc
  • Handyman On The Spot
  • Naked City Fence
  • Team2 Handyman
  • All Home Systems
  • Slim And Light

Handyman Business Names


What should I name my handyman business?

You should name your handyman business using a name that is easy to remember and is descriptive of your business. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • Top Notch Handymans
  • Budget Right Handyman
  • One Stop Handyman
  • The Handyman Dude
  • Wide Handyman Services
  • Handy By Handyman
  • Bluesky Midtown Handyman
  • General Repair
  • Odd Job Handyman Services
  • My Helpman Mobile
  • A 1h’s Services
  • East Village Handyman Services
  • River City Handyman Services
  • Fix Home Services
  • Thingz 4 Handyman

What are some clever handyman business name ideas that are not taken?

  • Old Town Handyman Services
  • Handyman Tuck
  • Just Call Dad Handyman
  • Mighty Handy Inc
  • Repairs Solved Handyman
  • Atoz Local Handyman Services
  • Honest Haul
  • Kpmg The Experts
  • Sully’s Handymen
  • Chandler’s Handyman
  • Carter Handyman Services
  • Handyman On Demand
  • Goldcoast Maintenance Services
  • Red Gator Maintenance
  • Gold Star Handyman

What are some famous handyman company names in USA?

  • HAVEN design+building llc
  • Rent-A-Pro Handyman & Home Improvement Service LLC
  • Madeux Home Improvements
  • JC Property Services LLC
  • Handyman Now
  • Affordable Handyman of Greenwich, LLC
  • AtoZ Residential Repair
  • JS DU IT Enterprises
  • Lowe’s of Rochester Hills
  • Ragsdale Heating, Air, Plumbing, & Electrical
  • Parker Home Improvement
  • Preferred Home Repair Handyman
  • Put My Stupid Thing Together
  • Just Call Johnee, LLC
  • AZP Company

What are some famous handyman company names in UK?

  • L&L Construction Services
  • Doggart Home and Garden Improvements
  • OutoftheGutter property cleaning & maintenance sol
  • Handyman Service London
  • Glasgow Handyman Services
  • Almazidi design build contractor ltd
  • Weaves Interiors & Outdoors
  • Still Property Maintenance
  • Lee The Locksmith
  • KD Property Maintenance
  • Brighton Handyman
  • Fantastic Handyman
  • Bob’s Handyman Service
  • Golden Hands Handyman
  • Lawnmate Garden & Handyman Services

How to Name Your Handyman Business

The first step in establishing your handyman business as a legal entity is coming up with a name that will get you and your company to where you’re trying to go. That’s easier said than done, though, especially when you’re still working out your business model and approach.

Luckily, here are tips for naming your handyman business:

Make it clear and meaningful.

The first thing your business name should make clear is your service and specialization. There are many handyman services like Appraising of property, Cabinet refacing, Carpentry, Ceiling repair, etc.

For example, if you are experienced in cabinet refacing then the name you will choose should define that your business is all about cabinets and related works.

Keep it professional and catchy.

Professional names can help you attract more customers. Everyone wants to hire a professional handyman for the maintenance of their homes. Therefore, keep your name catchy and professional to attract more customers’ attention.

Use your location name.

If you want to target a specific area then consider using the location name in your business name. You can also add other words like Riverside, Street, Beachside, Hills, etc.

Such as look at these examples of creative handyman business names including location names. London Handyman Service, Hill Handyman Services, Midtown Handyman, Southview Home Repair, Toronto Handyman Service.

Don’t copy other existing handyman names.

Copying other names is one of the big mistakes, however many business owners don’t take it seriously. But if you want to stay away from future headaches then avoid copying others.

Come with a unique name that can stand out in the market.

Create some handyman company names with your friends.

If you feel difficulty in brainstorming name ideas you can get help from your friends and family members. Set a small party and make fun by getting ideas for naming your handyman business.

Pick your favorite name.

After making a list of name ideas, now it’s time to choose your favorite name. You can also select a name after getting feedback, but don’t come up with a name, you don’t like.

Choose a name you personally like.

Make sure the domain name is available.

Nowadays every business owner wants to present his/ her business online on the web. Of course, you should. So, for your online presence, you will need a matching domain name for your business.

Visit GoDaddy.com and search for your domain name to make sure you can buy it.

Check for the trademark database.

Before settling on your favorite name also check for the trademark registration. Because due to high competition you will find thousands of good handyman business names already taken.

So, conduct a search on USPTO.gov or visit your state trademark office to make sure your favorite name is available for trademark registration.


In this article, we have discussed everything you need to know about naming your handyman business while avoiding common pitfalls.

With the tips mentioned above, you would be able to pick a great name that describes what you do best without any hassle. Good luck!

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