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500 Best Engineering Company Names to Inspire You

So, you have completed all the planning to start your engineering company and looking for a catchy name to make it brand, right.

Here in this article, we have suggested some best engineering company names and a complete guide on how to name your company step by step.

Choosing a professional name for your business can have a great impact on your success, on the other hand, bad and boring names can bring customers away from you.

So, when choosing a name make sure it’s unique, catchy, memorable, and conveys a message about your services.

Engineering Company Names

Here is the list of best engineering company names you can use for your new startup:

  • Advanced Engineering
  • All Foundations
  • Professional Civil Engineers
  • Tech Electrical Engineering
  • Engineering Design Solutions
  • Freedom Group of Companies
  • Pearl Engineering Services
  • Smart Engineering
  • Mayflower Engineering
  • Precision Engineering
  • Innovative Engineering
  • Imperium Engineering
  • Air Plasma
  • Fastening Solutions
  • Conform Developments
  • Integrated Services
  • Stocks Group
  • Straight Line Engineering
  • Prime Structures
  • Zone Engineering Company
  • Gold Wind Engineering
  • Expand Construction
  • Evergreen Engineering
  • Peak Engineering Group
  • Engineering Land Systems
  • Oriental Construction
  • United Engineering Supplies
  • Heavy Engineering
  • General Works
  • Interways Works
  • Global Access Networks
  • Ocean Engineering Works
  • Interface Engineering
  • Turner Construction Company
  • A-Team Engineering
  • Engineering Stars
  • Manifold Dynamics Engineering
  • Livestock Planning
  • Distinctive Engineer
  • Pinnacle Engineers
  • A-1 Concept Engineering
  • Jupiter Hydraulics
  • Mane Bridge Dynamics
  • Engines
  • Prestin Engineering
  • Glass Engineer
  • Idea One Tech

Mechanical Engineering Company Names

These are the catchy names for your mechanical engineering company:

  • Pro Mechanical Engineers
  • Crest Civil Engineers
  • Interface Engineering
  • Hi-Tech Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering Consultants
  • Mechanical Solutions
  • Function Engineering
  • Square Mechanical Design
  • Absolute Consulting Engineers
  • Redpoint Engineering
  • Frontier Technologies
  • Facilities Engineering
  • Superior Mechanical Works
  • Elite Mechanical
  • Action Engineering
  • Building Dreams
  • Dignified Designs
  • Development Provider
  • Universal Engineering
  • Blueline Consulting
  • Concept Design Group
  • Enuvos Technology
  • Path Software
  • Search Engineer
  • Planning Professionals
  • Engineering Kings
  • Dream Engineering
  • Empire Holdings
  • Expender Engineering
  • Vision Engineering

Civil Engineering Company Name Ideas

These are some new and best civil engineering company name ideas you can consider using:

  • Sharp Civil Engineering
  • Earthworks Engineering
  • Excel Civil Engineering
  • MAD Civil Engineers
  • Civil Masters
  • Eagle Civil Engineers
  • Soho Civil Engineers
  • The Civil Engineering Group
  • Tinted Heaven
  • Asbridge Engineering
  • Visions of Steel
  • Lone Wolf Civil Engineers
  • The Design Power
  • Engineering Upstream
  • Choice Engineers
  • Solarc Technologies
  • New Era Engineering
  • Liberty Civil Engineering
  • Solutions Engineers
  • Sparrow Structures
  • Able Civil Engineering
  • Desert Eagle Civil Engineering
  • Seatown Power
  • Arrowhead Engineering
  • Degrees Civil
  • Gentle Civil Engineers Co.
  • Elite Structures
  • Northwest Engineers
  • Airworks Engineering
  • Desert Hill Works
  • Champion Civil Engineering
  • A-Space Development
  • Foothills Structural
  • Unequal Divides
  • J&K Civil Engineers
  • Cleveland Civil Engineering
  • ABD Engineering
  • Riverside Structures
  • Crown Structural Designs

Cool Engineering Firm Names

The following are some cool engineering firm names that you may like for your new startup:

  • The Answers Team
  • Goldbach Engineering Partners
  • Software Epic
  • Airtech Research
  • Engineering Look
  • Triple Crown Designers
  • Tower Solutions
  • Engineering Call
  • Prime Engineering
  • Search Engineer
  • Innovative Materials
  • Encore Engineering
  • Skywave Labs
  • EconoLogic
  • Lifetime Steel
  • Webtock
  • Wise Engineering
  • FastTrack Engineering
  • Fine Engineers
  • Aeroflow Automotive
  • Encompass Engineering
  • Geotech Engineering
  • Baron Engineering
  • Tow Specialists
  • Astra Mechanical
  • All About Structural
  • Moto-Tech Designs
  • Prodex Engineering
  • Life Engineering
  • Ecco Dynamics
  • Riche Engineering

Unique Engineering Company Names

Below is the list of some unique engineering company names to inspire you:

  • Lighthouse Ideas
  • Inspire IT Builders
  • Lizard Engineering
  • Engineer Ultra
  • OnDemand Development
  • Risk Free Solutions
  • Iconsoft
  • Deluxe Software
  • System Supervisors
  • Storage Engineering
  • Shine of Innovation
  • Virtus Structures
  • Extreme Structural Engineers
  • Engineering Logic
  • Traction Develop
  • All About Engineers
  • Diablo Engineering
  • Raw Development
  • Upstate Engineer
  • Crown Concepts
  • Fiber Engineer
  • Realstaar Engineering
  • Retail Engineer
  • Urban Engineering
  • Zenith Electric
  • The Beam Company
  • Airpower Engineering
  • Empire Shipbuilders
  • Empowered Energy
  • GreenStar Develop
  • E-Tech Structures
  • BlueOcean Development
  • Mate Engineering

Funny Engineering Company Names

These are some funny engineering company names that you may find interesting:

  • The Cobra Consultants
  • The Only Quality Co.
  • We’ll Fix It For You
  • The Incredible Machine
  • Big Bang Ideas Engineering
  • The Field Engineers
  • Smooth Fox – because foxes are smooth like good engineers.
  • The Educated Rodents
  • Feline Services – because cats are cunning like good engineers.
  • Odd Ducks – because ducks are strange creatures like good engineers.
  • Whiteboard Engineering
  • We Made It Engineering
  • Cerebellum Solutions
  • Unsafe At Any Speed
  • Harman Engineering
  • Vision Engineering
  • Harvest City Works
  • Cobra Engineering System
  • Mesa Auto Engineering
  • Dreams Zenith
  • Continuous Development
  • Event Engineering
  • CodequArte
  • The Engineers 4 Life
  • Engineering Enlighten
  • Redwood Exploration
  • Super-Fast Pipes
  • The Startup Garage
  • Warehouse Engineer
  • Software Pirates
  • Globe Engineer
  • Logicom Engineering
  • Space Visions
  • Builder Alert
  • NovoStructural Works

Engineering Company Name Generator

Here are some random names for engineering companies we’ve generated for you:

  • Mountaintop Engineering
  • Flight Engineering
  • Engineering Emporium
  • Professional Civil Engineers
  • D-Star Engineering
  • Rockwell Engineering
  • Blackboard Development
  • Empire Solar Energy
  • Development Independent
  • Aeroflow Composites
  • DynoVac Engineering
  • Aero Engineering
  • EcoMech Solutions
  • Groove Development
  • All Construction Engineering
  • Major Engineering
  • Punch Engineering
  • Pioneering Zenith
  • Vastra Engineering
  • Proline Engineering
  • Energetic Structures
  • BigBang Develop
  • Emerald Hills Power
  • Elements Engineer
  • Sunrise Engineering
  • AZ Innovative Energy
  • Software Dollars
  • The Problem Solvers
  • Chase Mechanical
  • The Alert Specialist

Engineering Company Names in USA

Below are the best engineering company names in USA to help you get inspiration:

  • Bechtel Group inc.
  • Arup
  • Vanderweil Engineers
  • Fluor Corporation
  • Henderson Engineers
  • Atkins
  • Chicago Bridge & Iron Company
  • Laing O’Rourke
  • Jacobs Engineering Group
  • Laing O’Rourke
  • Kiewit Corporation
  • Bechtel
  • Turner Construction
  • Stantec
  • Skanska Construction
  • Balfour Beatty
  • Poole Construction Ltd
  • Mott McDonald
  • Whiting-Turner Contracting Company
  • Vinci
  • Reyrolle & Company

Engineering Company Names


What should I name my engineering company?

We would recommend that name your engineering company something that clearly defines what your company does, is easy to pronounce and spell. Something that is easy to remember would be best. Something like “XYZ technologies”, “XYZ Solutions”, etc. to help people remember you. Look at these more names:

  • Zenith Exteriors
  • Sandy Technologies
  • New Era Engineering
  • Elsworth Engineering
  • All Stays Systems
  • Zenith Construction
  • The Tender Engineers
  • Zen Development
  • Ego Engine Solutions
  • An Engine Alarm
  • Wingman Develop
  • Development Key
  • Intellectech Design
  • Inner Energy Design
  • Neat Engineering

What are some cool names for engineers?

  • Traffic Engineers
  • Impress Developers
  • Excell Engineering
  • Outright Development
  • AZ-Tech Engineering
  • Sleeper Engineers
  • Engrained Structural
  • H2Z Engineering
  • Tech Electrical Engineering
  • E-Structure Systems
  • Orbis Engineering
  • The Engineers Galore
  • Newman Mechanical
  • Mountaintop Engineering
  • Supertek Engineering

What are some new names for a civil engineering company?

  • Lightning Visions
  • Dream Civil Engineers
  • Rockwell Develop
  • Americale Systems
  • Engineering Consult
  • A-1 Engineer Alert
  • Ridge Surveys
  • SmartChoice Software
  • Bamboo Software
  • Dent Specialists
  • Software Mill
  • Lux Tech Enterprises
  • Blue Wave Systems
  • Shadow Development
  • Rocky Hydraulic

What are some famous civil engineering company names in Philippines?

  • Foremost Screwtech Bolts and Nuts
  • Pinoleakpes Corporation
  • SMCC Philippines
  • Siccion Marketing
  • Trimar Construction and Trading
  • Castlepower Solutions Philippines Incorporated
  • ADDPLUS Solutions Group, Inc.
  • JGC Philippines
  • LEC Steel Manufacturing Corporation
  • Top-Notch Construction
  • Studiolo Incorporated
  • NexuSteel Fabrication
  • Tri-Geometrics Corp
  • RBH Engineering and Contractor Services
  • Nors Construction
  • Cebu Construction | Cebu Architect | Contractor
  • Square Dimension Construction Company
  • orceoarchitects design and construction
  • Construction Cebu Company
  • IZUMI Industrial Trading
  • First Option Fire Systems
  • EBI Philippines Inc
  • MDCGroupInc
  • Energitech Industrial Corp.

How to Choose a Catchy Name for Your Engineering Company

Below are a few steps for generating creative engineering company names:

Think about your business type.

First, you have to think about your business type and your services.

For example, if you are starting a mechanical engineering company, use the word mechanical or other related words that can identify your business structure.

Brainstorm name ideas.

Start brainstorming engineering company name ideas as more your can. Also, try some other resources for getting ideas such as you can try engineering business name generators or you can take help from your friends and family members. In this step, your goal should be to come up with a list of name ideas.

Shortlist your favorite names.

After brainstorming, shortlist your favorite names. Below are things to keep in mind when shortlisting name ideas.

  • Avoid unusual spellings.
  • Make it easy to pronounce and remember.
  • Choose a catchy and unforgettable name.
  • keep it simple and sweet.
  • Give a clue about your service.
  • Don’t choose a narrow and location-based name.

Research your competitors.

Competitors’ research is one of the important steps for choosing a unique name for your company.

Once you come up with your favorite names google your competitors in your area to make sure your names are different. It will help you in creating your brand identity in the industry.

Test out your company name.

Naming your company is not a race, don’t make a quick decision. Gather your trusted friends and target audiences and get their feedback.

Don’t forget to ask the question that what’s the first thing that comes to their mind when they hear the name.

Come up with one name.

After your competitors research other opinions come up with one of your favorite names. Visit the site to make sure your selected name is available for trademark registration.

Don’t forget to check the domain name availability.

Before finalizing, also check the domain name availability for presenting and marketing your business online. You can check it on


In conclusion, focus on a name that is clear, easy to spell, and simple. Don’t focus on gimmicks like numbers or punctuation, since those can get out of hand quickly. Just focus on the company name and what it represents. The name has to reflect the true nature of the business, so don’t try to be clever. Just be clear.

We hope you found the above tips and lists of engineering company names interesting, and you’ve chosen a good name for your new startup. Thanks for reading and Good Luck!

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