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150+ Best Laptop & Computer Company Names

If you decided to start a computer company, you will face the challenging step of naming your company.

In this article, we tried to suggest some good computer company names to help you come up with a great name for your computer company.

When it comes to the success of a business, your name is one of the keys to success. So, don’t take it easy. Do a complete research and give your naming session a proper time.

Let’s jump into the list of name ideas.

Computer Company Names

These are the creative and cool computer company names to inspire you:

  • Kings Computer Centre
  • Focus PC
  • All About Laptops
  • Think Flow Games
  • Fresh Technical
  • Good Value Computer
  • Axispoint Solutions
  • Student Computer Services
  • Electronics Outlet
  • Computer Garden
  • Apple White
  • Spark Network
  • Solar Communications
  • Software International
  • Digital Outlet
  • Gaming View Technologies
  • Link Computers
  • Computer World
  • PC Concepts
  • Wonder Computers
  • Intelligent Computing
  • Incredible Connection
  • Computer Land
  • Insight Technologies
  • Technology Zone
  • Online Click
  • The Computer Guy
  • First Technology Central
  • Digital Alliance
  • True Technologies
  • Advanced Computers

Computer Repair Company Names

Below are the catchy computer repair names for your company:

  • Apple Repair Station
  • Tech Centers
  • The Computer Clinic
  • Computer Repair Specialists
  • Complete Computer Services
  • Tech Express
  • Computer accessories Shop
  • Datapower
  • MyCrazyMachine
  • Technology Professionals
  • Universal Tech Solutions
  • Ztech Computer Repair
  • Open Box PC
  • Computer Sales
  • Computer Lounge
  • Electronics Repair
  • ExtremePC
  • Budget Computer
  • Computer Warehouse
  • Remarkit Solutions
  • Fix Computers
  • Mega Computers Repair
  • Smart Click Computers
  • Quick Computing
  • Desktop Doctor
  • Computer Counterparts
  • Computer Repair Club
  • Repair Station
  • Digital Computer Clinic
  • Pure Fix Repairs

Laptop Company Names

Following are the best laptop names for your company:

  • Reflex Notebook
  • Tech Heroes
  • Laptop Closeout
  • Laptop Outlet
  • QuickTech Stystems
  • Laptops Direct
  • Eflex Computers
  • Expert Laptop Company
  • Grand Tech
  • Laptop Factory
  • Laptop Rescue
  • Computer Team
  • Advanced IT Solutions
  • Safemode Laptops
  • TechTide
  • Smart Laptop Company
  • Apple Tech
  • Digitech Computer Lab

Hardware Store Names

Here is the list of hardware store names for your startup:

  • Prime Hardware
  • Smart Thinkers
  • Premierware Stores
  • Sunrise Hardware Stores
  • The Toolbox
  • Wavetech Hardware Stop
  • Shiny Hardware
  • Hardwares Valley
  • Exotech Hardwares
  • Latest Hardware
  • Quality Hardware
  • Fresh Cut Hardware
  • Hardware Haven
  • Awesome Fittings
  • Wholesome Hardware
  • Flonnex Hardware store

How To Choose a Great Name for Your Computer Company

Below are the few tips for generating laptop and computer company names:

Choose a unique and original name.

Nowadays copying other names is like a trend. You will see every second business owner has copied the other brand name in the industry to run his business.

But you have to come up with an original and unique name, that is not used before in the industry. It will help you to make your brand identity.

Also, unique names are more powerful and attractive as compare to the confusing and copied names.

So, when choosing a name, check your competitor’s name, and avoid the words they have used in their names.

Don’t limit your business growth.

For example, if you are opening a computer repair company, don’t use the exact keyword such as computer repair. Because what you will do if you want to start other services like TV repair, or any other.

So, use a phrase entailing technology or consulting or something that doesn’t box you into a single service offering.

Also, avoid using a location name, it will be a problem when you want to transfer your company to another area.

Choose a simple name and avoid using an acronym.

Everyone loves short and sweet names. Also, there are many other advantages of catchy and simple names. Such as easy to write, remember, pronounce, and spell.

Also, short and simple names can be available as a domain name for your website.

On the other hand, stay away from acronyms, because acronyms are forgettable and also people cannot remember acronyms.

Get other opinions.

You have to live with you name for a long time, also you will print it on business card and logo for marketing. So, it better to get some other opinions about your name.

Tell them what you want to convey in your computer company name and get their ideas, may someone stands with a perfect name.

Trademark search.

Once you select a name for your company, check to make sure it’s available as a trademark. It’s important to do trademark research to avoid Copywrite issues.

Visit the site or to make sure your name is available.

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