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Gardening Business Names: 450+ Catchy Names for Gardens

In this article, we have suggested some catchy and creative gardening business names for you.

Also, below you will know the important steps that you have to keep in mind when naming your gardening company.

All the below names are random, so don’t forget to check the availability of the name before making a final decision.

Gardening Business Names

Here are some good and catchy names for gardening business:

  • Grow Garden Centre
  • Golden Acre Home & Garden
  • Garden Retreat
  • Quick Grow Garden
  • Conscious Gardening
  • Country Gardens & Nursery
  • My Little Greenhouse
  • Twins Greenhouse
  • The Sunroom Plant Shop
  • Gardening For Butterflies
  • Blue Grass Nursery
  • Garden Essentials
  • Garden Scents
  • A Peace of Green
  • Busy Bee Landscaping
  • Greengate Garden
  • Tree Farm
  • Nursery Northshore
  • Laughing Nursery
  • Heaven on Earth
  • Springs Garden Center
  • Urban Naturalist
  • Palm Garden Depot
  • Grow Wiser
  • Garden Specialties
  • Native Sun Nursery
  • Sunrise Trading
  • Roots Landscape
  • The Grass Shop
  • Feed And Seed

Funny Gardening Business Names

These are the clever and funny gardening business names for your inspiration:

  • Color Your World
  • Green Fox Landscape
  • Natura Greenhouse
  • Greenscape Garden
  • Artscape Garden
  • Many Tree Nursery
  • Plant Kingdom
  • Leaf And Pots
  • 2 Angels Garden
  • Little Bee’s Garden
  • The Succulent Haven
  • The Goal Landscape
  • Rose of Garden
  • Summer Blooms
  • Thundercloud Gardening
  • Affordable Garden Maintenance
  • Four Season Gardening
  • Design With Nature
  • Plant Whisper
  • Flora Designs
  • Native Earth Landscaping
  • Glorious Gardening
  • Park Slope Design
  • Bloom Landscaping
  • Clean Place
  • Lillies Plants And Landscapes
  • Urban Plants
  • Moon Valley Nurseries
  • Garden View Nursery
  • Coastal Sage Gardening

Creative Garden Club Names

These are the most creative garden club names you can consider using:

  • Evergreen Garden
  • Kinder Garden
  • Garden Landscaping Services
  • The Heroes Garden
  • The Garden Club
  • Treeland Farms
  • Southern Hill Nursery
  • Greenhouses and Garden Centre
  • Springwater Garden Center
  • Landscape Tips
  • Royal City Nursery
  • Family Flowers
  • Acres Garden Centre
  • Bee Sweet Nature
  • Quiet Nature
  • Country Garden Concrete
  • Old Fort Trees
  • Bluewater Hydroponics
  • Whistling Gardens
  • Olympic Tree Care
  • Crystal Star Nursery
  • Ground Covers Unlimited
  • Perfect Tree Service
  • Greensleeve Maintenance
  • Fruit Tree Nursery
  • Living Soil Solutions
  • Fountains Garden Art
  • Sunshine Growers Nursery
  • Infinity Landscaping
  • Wild About Flowers

Nursery Plants Names

These are the creative plant nursery names to inspire you:

  • Garden Spot Nursery
  • Green Thumb Nursery
  • Cactus and Succulents
  • Season of the Sun
  • Fresh Flowers And Plants
  • Bloom Season
  • Riverscape Designs
  • Professional Gardening
  • Floral Landscapes
  • Annual Bloomery
  • Seaside Growers Nursery
  • Grow Wild
  • PlantWatch
  • GreenGuardian
  • Flora Guardant
  • Plant Prevention
  • Protector Green
  • GainGreen
  • The Plant Shark
  • Fancy Greenery
  • Plants of Desire
  • Figs and Twine
  • The Amazing Rose Place
  • Daffodils and Roses
  • Fancy Flower Stuff

Plant Shop Names

Below is the list of catchy plant shop names for you:

  • The Plant Gallery
  • Sunshine Vines
  • Hill Nursery Shop
  • Plants Galore
  • Plant House
  • Pacific Land Design
  • Scenes of Green
  • Greenhouse Scene
  • Romantic Floral Lovers
  • Super Floral Shop
  • The House of Plants
  • Special Place
  • Greenery for Love
  • CornerScape Gardens
  • Charming Lawns
  • Organic Natural Gardener
  • FreshEdge Flowerland
  • Grass Gone Wild
  • Life Green Service
  • Nature Scape Plants
  • Floral Wish
  • Greenlife Gardens
  • Mayflower Gardening
  • NatureFeather
  • ParadisePalace

Plant Instagram Name Ideas

The following are the cool plant Instagram name ideas:

  • Between the Leaf
  • Bedrock Roses
  • Signs of Green
  • Infinitely Green
  • Lilyville
  • Nature Nukes
  • Yard Smart
  • PureSplash
  • Botanic Heaven
  • Satvam
  • Rogue Gardening
  • The Garden Trough
  • Gardening Identity
  • Magic Burst
  • Optimal Planting
  • GreenFox Gardening
  • Favorite Gardening
  • Flowery Bee
  • PlantenGrow
  • Exotica
  • Exposed Sprout
  • Majestic Thrive
  • Jasmine Planting
  • Greenfort
  • Weekly Gardening
  • Planting Row
  • PlantsMasters

Gardening Business Names

5 Steps for Generating Gardening Business Names.

These are the few steps for creating name ideas:

Create possible gardening business name ideas.

You will find many existing and new names but you have to brainstorm some name ideas of your own. Think with your own mind and come up with some words that you think are suitable for naming your gardening.

How you can create name ideas? There are a few ways you can do.

(a) Gather your friends and family members for getting ideas.

(b) Get inspiration from competitor’s names.

(c) Try online business name generators.

Your goal should be to create a list of gardening business names ideas. Either good or bad, because you have to shortlist it later. So, try to create name ideas as more as possible.

Pick your favorite names for your list.

Once you complete your brainstorming process, pick some of the good names from your list.

Come up with almost 3 to 5 best garden names that you like.

Get other opinions.

Now, you have some favorite names in your pocket and your next step is to know that do your potential customers like the names or not.

Here are some important questions you have to ask your target audience when getting feedback.

Is the name easy to remember?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the name?

Also, get feedback from social media to know the potential customer’s point of view.

Are your names unique?

After getting positive feedback, the next important step is to do a competitor’s research to make sure your favorite names are not already taken.

Many business owners do not take it seriously and they simply copy the competitor’s names which results in future headaches.

So, to avoid future issues, simply search your favorite names on Google and see the results. Hope you will find one your favorite name unique and not taken.

5 Things Your Gardening Business Name Should Have.

Before making a final decision, below are the few things your name should have:

It should be short and simple.

Choosing a short and simple name is a common thing but its reward is very expecting. Such as, short and sweet names are easy for people to pronounce and spell.

So, never go for the complicated and boring names that can bring customers away from you.

It should not be limiting.

Keep your future goals in mind and think of a name that goes along with your growth. Such as, don’t use a specific and too narrow name that can limit you in the future to expand your business.

Otherwise, you will have to change your name later which can affect your branding. Also, avoid using the location-based name, it will be helpful when you transfer your business to another area.

It should reflect your brand personality.

What is actually a good name? The name that clearly defines your business, its environment, and service is called a good name.

So, don’t come up with a name that does not make sense. Using your business keyword is a good idea to make it clear that what your business is all about. Such as gardening, gardener, nursery, planting, etc.

Is it available for the domain name?

Do not decide on a name if its domain name is already taken. However, you can try to buy your domain name if the owner is interested to sell.

Otherwise, you will have to look for a name that is also available for the domain name to present your business on the web. For checking the domain name availability visit

Your name should be available for trademark registration.

You can’t register a name if it is already trademarked by someone else in your state. So, it’s very important to check the trademark database on US Patent and Trademark Office to make sure you can trademark your business name.

Some trending words you can use in your gardening business name.

Trending Words:

Gardener, Rockery, Topiary, Gardening, Rosarium, Herbary, Roof, TruckRock, Garden Garth, Paradise, Orchard.

Horticulture, Kitchen, Garden Pleasance, Bower, Parterre, Pansy, Cockscomb, Green Grass, Petunia, Alcove, Eden, Gazebo, Summerhouse.

Some good objectives for the gardening business names.

Exciting, Demanding, Superior, Smart, Sharp, Silent, Certified, Long Lasting, Simple, Clear, Sincere, Perfect, Charming, Fresh, etc.

These are some famous gardening business names in USA:

  1. Western Outdoor Designs
  2. 4 Seasons Remodeling & Design Inc.
  3. LawnPop Artificial Turf
  4. Eden Garden Design
  5. Lifescape Custom Landscaping, Inc.
  6. Personal Touch Lawn Care
  7. RSL Outdoor
  8. Urban Prairie Landesign
  9. Lifescape Colorado.
  10. Urban Prairie Landesign
  11. Promised Path Landscaping Inc
  12. Construction Landscape, LLC.
  13. Just Landscape Lighting, LLC
  14. Decorative Landscaping
  15. Black Diamond Paver Stones & Landscape, Inc.
  16. Nature One Landscape Design
  17. JPM Landscape
  18. Artistic Landscapes
  19. LiveWell Outdoors
  20. Universal Landscape, Inc.
  21. Elegant Custom Images
  22. Natural Choice Landscaping
  23. GO Designs Inc.
  24. California Smartscape
  25. Sage Scapes & Design
  26. Ravenscourt Landscaping and Design LLC

These are some famous gardening business names in UK:

  1. The Garden Builders
  2. The London Front Garden Company
  3. Fantastic Gardeners
  4. Fusion Garden Creations
  5. Grainger Building & Landscaping Services
  6. Green-tech Ltd
  7. Great British Gardens
  8. Neal’s Nurseries
  9. Westland Horticulture
  10. Willow Timber
  11. Gardener’s Dream
  12. Summer Garden Buildings
  13. Sunshine Garden Centre
  14. Waterperry Gardens
  15. Poplar Tree Garden
  16. Burford House Garden Store
  17. Locks Garden Village
  18. Poplars Garden Centre
  19. Hilltop Garden Centre
  20. Cotswold Garden Flowers
  21. Trioscape Garden Centre
  22. Poplar Nurseries
  23. The Garden Factory
  24. Home & Garden Extras
  25. Capital Gardens

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