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350+ Clever & Creative Food Truck Names

In this article, we are going to suggest you some creative, clever, and Mexican food truck names and ideas.

And, to help you pick the best name for your startup food truck business, below you will know how to choose a good name for your business.

So, let’s get started.

Food Truck Names

Here are some good food truck names for your new startup:

  • Local Buggy Café
  • Tacotes Food Truck
  • Intended Pizza Truck
  • The Bun Stuffer
  • Sweet Plantains Grill
  • White Duck Food Stall
  • Happy Chicken Shack
  • Burger Food Cart
  • Fusion Food Truck
  • Foothills Food Truck
  • Black Star Grill
  • Sustainable Food Cart
  • The Cheese Grill
  • Heart and Bowl
  • Food Cart Heaven
  • Red Pizza Cart
  • The Rolling Food Truck
  • The Coffee Truck
  • Collective Barbecue
  • Soul Shack Stall
  • Taste of Greece
  • Bite Me Eatery
  • Lord of the Fries
  • BBQ Food Truck
  • Simply Barbecue
  • Spice Food Gallery
  • Little Food Truck
  • Burger Food Cart
  • Welcome Food Truck
  • The Grill Kings

Creative Food Truck Names

Below is the list of the most creative food truck names ideas to inspire you:

  • Social Kitchen
  • Table Food Truck
  • The White Lady
  • Dripping Bowl Food Cart
  • Charms Truck Stop
  • Roast Food Kitchen
  • Food on Wheels
  • Soulful Twist
  • Waffle House
  • Seafood & Barbecue
  • Ferry Food Truck
  • Sticky’s Chicken
  • Twisted Grilled Cheese
  • The Burger Joint
  • True Food Kitchen
  • Chef On The Run
  • The Breakfast Truck
  • The Dining Car
  • Tasty Truck
  • Beyond food
  • Bliss Wheels
  • Vibe Food Truck
  • Car Ride Catering
  • Chilli Rides
  • Go Food Truck
  • Chinese Express
  • Fired Pizza
  • Driving Delight
  • Magic Food Mart
  • Street Car Crepes

Clever Food Truck Names

These are some funny and clever food truck name ideas you can consider using:

  • The Better Dinner Box
  • Sunrise Scrambles
  • Yummy Food Cart
  • Plenty of Dough
  • Sweets on Wheels
  • Food on Fire
  • Tasty Bite Truck
  • Philly Fries
  • Mexican Grill Stand
  • Fantastic Food Truck
  • Fine Street Fair
  • The Taco Zone
  • Cheeky Italian
  • Heathy Food House
  • Under the Crust
  • Rainbow Food Truck
  • Healthy Yummies
  • Food Passion
  • Big Guys French Fries
  • Solid Ground Foods
  • Burger Strike
  • About First Bite
  • Urban Street Grill
  • Roll Food Truck
  • Slide on Over

Food Cart Names

These are the unique and catchy food cart names for you:

  • Star lunch truck
  • Oriental Foods
  • Homemade Kitchen
  • Grill Master
  • LittleQuick Cart
  • Little FoodKing
  • Fusion Taco Cart
  • TastyCrest
  • Dusty Buns
  • Waffles & Dinges
  • Express Eatery House
  • The Morning Wagon
  • Food Kings
  • Crispy Pizza
  • Fresh Food To Go
  • Fast Food Truck
  • TastySoul Food Cart
  • Curry Up Now
  • Crepes Bonaparte
  • Surreal Meals
  • Bread Talk
  • Highway Heartburn
  • Hungry Henry’s Burger Bus
  • Breakfast and Pies
  • Homemade Bread

Mexican Food Truck Names

The following are the best Mexican food truck names you can get inspiration:

  • Fresh Mex Grill
  • Toasted Tortilla
  • Tijuana Food Truck
  • Mexican Central
  • Cancun Corner
  • Sunshine Taco’s
  • The Happy Taco
  • Taco Trucker
  • The Mexican Wrap
  • The Taquero Truck
  • Guac’s Truck
  • Mexican Street Food
  • Wicked Taco’s
  • Taco Amigos
  • Macho Taco
  • The Carnitas Car
  • Guac N Roll
  • Rolly Guacamole
  • The Crunchy Taco
  • Tequila Truck
  • The Urban Burrito
  • Sorta Tortas
  • Taco Trailer
  • Salsa Shack
  • Full Metal Tacos
  • The Rolling Taco

Food Truck Names

4 Steps for Generating Food Truck Names.

These are the few steps for creating name ideas:

Create possible food truck name ideas.

You will find many existing and new names but you have to brainstorm some name ideas of your own. Think with your own mind and come up with some words that you think are suitable for naming your food truck.

How you can create name ideas? There are a few ways you can do.

(a) Gather your friends and family members for getting ideas.

(b) Get inspiration from competitor’s names.

(c) Try online business name generators.

Your goal should be to create a list of food truck names ideas. Either good or bad, because you have to shortlist it later. So, try to create name ideas as more as possible.

Pick your favorite names for your list.

Once you complete your brainstorming process, pick some of the good names from your list.

Come up with almost 3 to 5 best food truck names that you like.

Get other opinions.

Now, you have some favorite names in your pocket and your next step is to know that do your potential customers like the names or not.

Here are some important questions you have to ask your target audience when getting feedback.

Is the name easy to remember?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the name?

Also, get feedback from social media to know the potential customer’s point of view.

Are your names unique?

After getting positive feedback, the next important step is to do a competitor’s research to make sure your favorite names are not already taken.

Many business owners do not take it seriously and they simply copy the competitor’s names which results in future headaches.

So, to avoid future issues, simply search your favorite names on Google and see the results. Hope you will find one your favorite name unique and not taken.

5 Things Your Food Truck Name Should Have.

Before making a final decision, below are the few things your name should have:

It should be short and simple.

Choosing a short and simple name is a common thing but its reward is very expecting. Such as, short and sweet names are easy for the people to pronounce and spell.

So, never go for the complicated and boring names that can bring customers away from you.

It should not be limiting.

Keep your future goals in mind and think of a name that goes along with your growth. Such as, don’t use specific dish or food name that can limit you in the future to expand your business.

Otherwise you will have to change your name later which can affect your branding.

Also, if you have a future plan to expand your food business to other cities, then avoid using the location-based name.

It should reflect your brand personality.

What is actually a good name? The name that clearly defines your business, its environment, and service is called a good name.

So, don’t come up with a name that does not make sense. Using your business keyword is a good ideas to make it clear. Such as Food Truck.

Is it available for the domain name?

Do not decide on a name if its domain name is already taken. However, you can try to buy your domain name if the owner is interested to sell.

Otherwise, you will have to look for a name that is also available for the domain name to present your business on the web. For checking the domain name availability visit

Your name should be available for trademark registration.

You can’t register a name if it is already trademarked by someone else in your state. So, it’s very important to check the trademark database on US Patent and Trademark Office to make sure you can trademark your business name.

Some trending words you can use in food truck business names

Trending words:

Cooking, Cuisine, Meal, Gastronomy, Baking, Gourmet food, Epicureanism, Gourmandise, Catering, Cooking, Cuisine, Drink, Fare, Feed, Foodstuff, Meal, Meat

Snack, Aliment, Bite, Cheer, Cookery, Diet, Eatable, Eats, Goodies, Nourishment, Nutriment, Nutrition, Pabulum, Provision, Ration, Refreshment, etc..

Some good objectives for your food truck names.

Selective, Calm, Likable, Serious, Sharp, Silent, Certified, Long Lasting, Simple, Clear, Sincere

Compliant, Lyrical, Skillful, Magical, Small, Coordinated, Maintainable, Smart, Courageous, Makeshift, Smooth, Credible

What are some popular food truck business names in the world?

Famous food truck names in USA:

  1. Roxy’s Grilled Cheese
  2. Coney Shack
  3. Holy Cacao
  4. Cupcakes For Courage
  5. The Souper Wagon
  6. The Waffle Wagon
  7. Little Blue Donut
  8. The Thai Elephant
  9. Bing Mi Food Truck
  10. Border Grill
  11. Surf and Turf Truck
  12. The Grilled Cheese Grill
  13. Fired Up Taco Truck
  14. Waffle Love
  15. Cupcake Carnivale
  16. Uncle Gussy’s
  17. Mannino’s Cannoli Express
  18. The Cow and the Curd
  19. The Jolly Pig
  20. rQuiero Arepas
  21. The Bacon Truck
  22. Aloha Plate
  23. Seoul Taco
  24. Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck
  25. Rollin Fatties

Famous food truck names in UK:

  1. Habaneros Mexican Street Food
  2. Brindisa Stall
  3. Mother Clucker
  4. Sud Italia
  5. Rainbo
  6. Bhangra Burger
  7. Small Batch Coffee Co
  8. The Orange Buffalo
  9. The Veggie Table
  10. Pizza Pilgrims
  11. Dark Fluid
  12. Bell & Brisket
  13. You Doughnut
  14. Scotties Coffee Van
  15. Anna Maes
  16. Meatwagon
  17. Street Kitchen
  18. Churros Garcia
  19. Arancini Brothers
  20. Urban Food Fest
  21. The Bowler Meatball Truck
  22. Backstreet Diner
  23. Dookies Grill
  24. Street Food Union
  25. Hawker House
  26. Mamma’s Goodies

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