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Lawn Care Business Names: 500+ Funny Lawn Mover Names

If you are starting a lawn care business, you might be looking for some new names to get started.

If yes, then you are lucky, in this article I have listed some best lawn care business names, ideas, and suggestions to help you pick a perfect name for your lawn care business. Let’s get started!

Lawn Care Business Names

Here are some cool and catchy lawn care business names that you might find interesting:

  • Greensleeves Lawn Care
  • Proper Lawn Solutions
  • Ideal Lawn Care
  • Essential Landscapes
  • Clean Air Lawn Care
  • Two Guys Mowing
  • Maintain the Greenry
  • Kill My Poison
  • Fresh Lawn Care
  • Green Buddy
  • Noon Turf Care
  • Sustainable Lawn Care
  • Natural Tree & Lawn Care
  • Evergreen Lawn Maintenance
  • Fairway Lawn & Tree Service
  • Prescription Turf Services
  • MissionGreen Services
  • NaturaLawn Care
  • Smart Landscaping
  • Green Carpet Lawn Care
  • Four Seasons Lawn Care
  • Green Feet Lawn Care
  • The Land Art
  • Clean Cut Lawn Care
  • Legendary Lawn Maintenance
  • Spray Tech Solutions
  • Early Bird LawnCare
  • Good Works Lawn Care
  • Twin Pines Lawn Care
  • Professional Lawncare
  • ExperiGreen Lawn Care
  • Nutri-Lawn
  • FineTurf Lawn Care
  • Green Mile Lawn Care
  • Sharp Lawn Inc.
  • Greensleeves Lawn Care
  • Unique Lawn Care
  • Don’s Lawn Care
  • The Cut Lawn Care
  • Property Service Master
  • Evergreen Lawn
  • Organic Lawns
  • First Green Lawn Care
  • Vintage Lawns
  • Eco Lawn Care
  • Natures Way Lawn Care
  • Wiles Outdoors
  • Greener Lawn
  • Special Mowing Unit
  • Green Thumb Lawn Care
  • Yardworks Landscaping
  • LawnCare4You
  • Brian Poorman Lawn Care
  • Evergreen Lawn & Pest Control
  • Cutting Edge Lawn Care

Simple Lawn Care Business Names

These are some simple lawn care business names you can consider using:

  • EasyWay Lawncare
  • Precision Landscape Solutions
  • The “Lawn Butlers”
  • 1st Choice Lawn Care
  • Green Thumb Lawncare
  • Summer Lawns
  • Family Lawn Care
  • Quality Lawn Care
  • New Blossoms Lawn Care
  • Fresh Cut Pros
  • Lawn Techniques
  • Liquid Green Lawn Solutions
  • Turf Care Enterprises
  • Pearland Lawn Service
  • Absolute Lawncare
  • New Look Lawncare
  • Maintain My Turf
  • Yard Care Taking
  • Ultimate Lawn Care
  • Hybrid Lawns
  • Blades of Grass
  • Nature’s Care Lawn
  • Straight Line Lawn Care
  • Broken Brothers Lawn Care
  • Angles Lawn Services
  • Lawncare-4u
  • Superior Lawn Care
  • GreenThumb Kidderminster & Dudley
  • Go Green Lawncare
  • Scott’s Lawn Service
  • Humble Living LawnCare
  • Tom’s Lawncare
  • The Home Depot Garden Center
  • Blackjack Lawncare
  • Artisan Lawn Care
  • Total Lawn Care
  • Fresh Cutz Lawn Care
  • GoMow Lawn Care Service
  • LawnStarter
  • Hybrid Lawns
  • Shaping Up Lawns
  • Falcon Lawn & Pest
  • Fairway Green
  • Picture Perfect Lawn Care
  • Above The Cut Landscaping
  • Kick Gas Lawn Care
  • Dependable Lawn Care
  • Gomez Tree Service and Lawn Care
  • Love Your Lawns
  • Handsome Home & Garden

Lawn Mower Names

Below is the list of creative lawn mower names ideas to inspire you:

  • Friendly Lawn Mowing
  • Easy Lawn Care
  • Best Choice Lawn
  • Lawn care connection
  • Lawn & Order
  • The Cutting Edge
  • The Mowing Edge
  • Smooth Lawn Care
  • Fox Mowing & Gardening
  • Pro Finish Lawn care Company
  • Good Mowing
  • Fresh Cut Lawn Mowing
  • Lucky Lawn Service
  • Affordable Lawn Care
  • Yard Sergeant
  • Essential Scapes
  • Clever Lawn Care
  • Pride Lawn Care
  • Ready Cut Lawn
  • Amazing Lawn Service
  • Midas Touch Lawn Maintenance
  • Lawn Care Merced
  • Living The Green
  • Mountain Heights Lawn Care
  • Seasonal Lawn Care
  • Greenskeeper Landscape
  • The Great Landscaping Company
  • Hoy Landscaping
  • Forevergreen
  • Just Right Lawns
  • Love That Lawn
  • Turf Manicured
  • Finest Lawn Services
  • Bobby’s Lawn Care & Landscaping
  • Lee’s Lawn Care
  • NaturaLawn of America
  • Hunter Sprinkler Services
  • Custer’s Lawn Care
  • Ideal Lawn Care
  • Sunnyside Lawn Care
  • Fresh View Lawn Care
  • Yard Dawgs Lawn Care
  • Your Lawn Next
  • Affordable Landscape and Maintenance
  • Land of Landscapes
  • Down Right Landscaping
  • The Grass Outlet
  • Trimmed Today
  • Grazz Masters
  • Grass Cutts

Funny Lawn Care Names

Below is the list of some interesting and funny lawn care names for you:

  • Aggressive Lawn Care
  • Lawn Barber
  • Fast Track Lawn Care
  • Grass Man Lawn Care
  • Yard Guys
  • Lawn Specialists
  • Grass Monkey
  • Just Mowing
  • The Grounds Masters
  • Reliable Lawn Care
  • Mighty Green Lawn Care
  • Electric Lawn Care
  • Greenery Concepts
  • Master’s Touch Lawn Care
  • Mowing Lawns Properly
  • Flow Right Maintenance
  • Fairway Lawns
  • National Tree Service
  • The Grounds Guys
  • Multi Lawn Services
  • Triple Care Landscaping
  • Running Roots Lawn Care
  • Accent Lawn Service
  • Trees And More
  • Max Landscaping
  • Natural Lawn
  • Freedom Lawn Services
  • Hill Country Lawn Care Services
  • Perfect Ground Solutions Ltd
  • The Green Team
  • Evergreen Lawn & Landscaping
  • U LawnCare Connection
  • GoGreen Lawns
  • Freeman’s All Purpose Services
  • GreenUp Lawn
  • Total Lawn Services
  • Discount Lawn Care
  • King’s Landscaping
  • ProLawnCare Ltd
  • Father and Son Lawn Care
  • Everyday Lawn Care
  • Nashard Geathers Lawn Care
  • Greater Outdoors Lawn Care
  • Professional Landscaping & Tree Services
  • Cutters Landscaping
  • Mighty Might Lawn Care Services
  • Grass Barbers
  • Maintain Landscaping
  • First Rate Lawn Services
  • First Choice Yard Care

Grass Cutting Service Names

Following are the best grass cutting service names for your inspiration:

  • TopGrass
  • Clean Space Grass Cutting
  • Grassmaster Plus
  • Quick Cuts Lawn Service
  • Small Town Lawn Service
  • Pro Cuts and Landscaping
  • Master Image Gardening
  • Breeze Lawn Care
  • Stripes Lawn Care
  • Vibrant Gardens
  • Domestic Grass Cutting
  • City Tree Surgeons
  • Lawn Star
  • Tree Felling
  • Premier Lawns
  • Smart Grass Cutting
  • Busy Bee Land care
  • Fineturf Grass Cutting
  • Kingdom Mowers
  • Speedy Lawn Yard
  • Innovative Lawn Care
  • Gardens In Bloom
  • The Lawn Rangers
  • Brighter Ways Landscaping
  • Extreme Green Lawn
  • Eric Young Lawn Care
  • Green Action Lawn Service
  • Front Yard
  • Blitch & Associates Lawn Care
  • ToughLawn Artificial Grass
  • Green Heaven Lawn Services
  • Academic Landscaping
  • Logic Lawn Care
  • Elegant Lawn Services
  • The Lawn Man
  • We Cut Grass
  • Legacy Lawn Care
  • TruGreen Lawn Care
  • Beacon Landscaping
  • Simplified Mowing
  • Perfect Lawns & Landworks
  • Edge Pro Landscaping
  • Extreme Mowers Inc.
  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Park Lawn Services

Lawn Care Business Names

How to Name Your Lawn Care Business

Below are the few steps for generating creative lawn care business names:

Consider the service.

Your name should make this clear what type of service you are providing and how your service can help people.

As we know, the lawn care industry is full of creative services, such as maintenance, mowing, landscaping, and others. So, to attract your target audiences using your service in your name is very important.

Keep it simple & memorable.

Try to keep your name as short as possible. Maximum 3 words. If you look at some famous lawn care company names in your area you will find one thing common which is simplicity.

So, don’t think of a complicated or clever name that your customers can’t understand. Pick something that is easy for the customers to remember and pronounce.

Make it long-lasting.

Don’t forget to keep your future plans in mind when naming your lawn care business. If you are starting specific a service at the start and have a plan to spread in the future, then stay away from too narrow and limiting names.

Try some adjectives with related words.

One of the creative tips many entrepreneurs prefer is to use adjectives in your business names. Such as look are these examples of catchy lawn care names with adjectives.

Sincere Lawn Care Services, Smart Edge Cutting, Outstanding Lawn Care, Perfect Maintenance, Intelligent Mowers.

Consider using the location name.

If you are targeting a specific area in your city, then using a location-based name can be more powerful and attractive.

Make sure you can trademark your selected lawn care name.

Checking the trademark database is very important in competitive businesses. Due to high competition in the lawn care business, millions of good names are already trademarked.

So, before deciding on a name, check to make sure it’s available for trademark registration.

Check the domain name availability and other social handles.

Also, check the domain name availability on to present your business online. Social handles like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can also help you in advertising your lawn care business.

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