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Plant Nursery Names: 700+ Greenhouse & Plant Shop Names

Plants, seeds, flowers, trees, shrubs, and other greenery are favorite additions to the landscape, but how do you name your nursery?

Whether you’re growing in the ground or in pots, the name you give your nursery will help determine your brand and build your reputation. The name you choose is also essential for making sure your business is easily found.

The name of a plant nursery can give a customer a sense of what kind of plants the business sells, and it can also give the customer a sense of the types of plants that the business has grown successfully.

So, if you are looking for some good plant nursery names or plant shop names, you are in the right place.

To help you come up with a memorable name for your plant nursery, we’ve compiled a list of catchy plant nursery names and ideas on how to choose a good name. Let’s get started!

Plant Nursery Names

Here are some catchy plant nursery names ideas for your new startup:

  • Roses R Rare
  • Grow Native Nursery
  • Fancy Tree Nursery
  • Flora Plant Shop
  • Urban Garden Supply
  • Season’s Green Things
  • The Plantier
  • Exotic Planters
  • The Sinister Succulent
  • Paramount Plants & Gardens
  • Captain of the Cactus
  • The Home Depot
  • The Garden Depot
  • Tree of Life Nursery
  • Azalea Madness
  • Treeland Farms
  • Seeds For Weeds
  • Round Rock Gardens
  • Nursery Twine
  • Flowers & Co.
  • Botanic Heaven
  • Picker’s Patch
  • The Herb Barn
  • Miles Nurseries Plants for Living
  • The Garden Center
  • Lakeside Nursery
  • Lighting Garden Services
  • Pan-Global Plants
  • Fresh Pieces
  • Tree Retail
  • Paddock Plants
  • Paradise Green lovers
  • Season of the Sun
  • Greenhouse Stock
  • Decorative Plants
  • Green Planet Scapes
  • The Flowering Heights
  • Kingsdown Nurseries
  • SiteOne Hardscape Center
  • Cottage Garden Plants
  • The Plant Supply Company
  • The Blossom Shop
  • Growing Spectrum
  • Giardino Tools
  • Nature Scape Plants
  • Desert To Jungle
  • The Sea of Bloom
  • The Plant Foundry
  • EnGarden
  • Grasslands Nursery

Plant Shop Names

These are the cool plant shop name ideas you can consider using:

  • The Local Plant Shop
  • Backbone Valley Nursery
  • Green Trees
  • Root Grow Bloom
  • The Palm Tree Company
  • Spectrum Plants
  • The Garden Doctor
  • Wet My Plant
  • Cross Common Nursery
  • Vibrant Shrubs
  • The Grower
  • Green Solutions
  • Farplants Sales
  • Plant Salon
  • Tomb Daisies
  • League Plant Protection
  • King’s Greenhouse-Wholesale
  • Productive Trees
  • Tall Plants
  • Neal’s Nurseries
  • Buckland Plants
  • Greencare Interior Plants
  • Sunshine Nursery
  • Beaver Dam Nursery
  • Kings Plant Barn
  • Wholesale Plants and Pots
  • Ever Green Farms
  • Slot Garden Center
  • Plant Zone Direct
  • Lively Landscapes
  • Centennial Park
  • Bunny Plants
  • Pike Nurseries
  • Greenhouse Scene
  • Designer Gardening
  • Independent Garden Centre
  • Rousal Berry
  • Green Thumb Interior Plant Service
  • Garden World
  • The Flora Culture

Catchy Names for Plants

Below is the list of catchy names for plants to inspire your ideas:

  • The Garden Shop
  • Crazy Plants Nursery
  • Little Garden
  • Bedrock Roses
  • Plants of Desire
  • In Bloom Florist
  • Urban Motive
  • Victoriana Nursery Gardens
  • The Pretty Blossom
  • Helping Hand Lawn Care
  • Hearthstone & Terrace
  • Garden Dreams
  • Golden Bloom
  • Lake Tree Farm
  • The Desert Cactus
  • Big Red Sun
  • Creative Plant Designs
  • Green Hills Nursery
  • Sunshine Vines
  • Grow a plant shop
  • Pacific Nurseries
  • Weed Free
  • Premier Plant Nursery
  • Maintaining Masters
  • Blaise Plant Nursery
  • Lush Harvest
  • Leaves Of Green
  • Succulent Shop
  • Plant Materials
  • Premier Pray
  • Gardeners Delight Nursery
  • Black rabbit florist
  • Interior Plantscapes
  • The Succulent Company
  • ABC of Seeds

Creative Plant Nursery Names

These are some most creative plant nursery names for you:

  • Perfect Nursery & Products
  • Sacred Sunlight
  • Nursery Specialties Cactus Ranch
  • Green Acres Nursery
  • Keepers Nursery
  • The Green Thumb
  • Blue Gardener
  • Pansy Hands
  • Quality Feed & Garden
  • Three Sisters Nursery
  • Certified Plant Growers
  • Mount Folly Nurseries
  • Urban Tree Farm Nursery
  • Tillery Street Plant Co.
  • The Community Garden
  • Crabapple Babble
  • Trees Please
  • Easy Big Trees
  • The Wise Gardener
  • Silver Lake Jungle House
  • Treemendous Quality Growers
  • Growers Outlet
  • The Great Outdoors
  • Garden of the Ancients
  • Cactus Clouds
  • In the Pear Tree
  • Scenes of Green
  • Dragon Trees
  • Oakdale Greenhouses
  • Roots Garden Center
  • Rare Plants
  • Ross Farms
  • Special Plants
  • Beyond Paradise Nursery
  • Land Art Nursery

Garden Center Names

Below are the clever and cool garden center names you can use:

  • Kingway Garden Center
  • Sunshine Garden Centre
  • Local Petals
  • Hydroponic Gardening Center
  • Plants Direct
  • Lone Star Nursery
  • Naturally Native Plants
  • Pine Lake Landscaping
  • Heart and Home
  • Crooker’s Plant Master
  • The Fine Filth
  • Brookside Nursery
  • The Green Goddess
  • How Green Nursery
  • Gardening World
  • Tower of Evergreen
  • Quality Trees Ltd
  • A Touch of Green
  • Landscape Essentials Nursery
  • Foothill Nursery
  • Next Step Staffing
  • The Tree Nursery
  • Evergreen Growers
  • White House Gardens
  • Shooting Star Cactus
  • Signs of Green
  • Rolling Greens
  • The Luscious Garden
  • Lone Star Bloom
  • Vibrant Earth
  • Blooms for You
  • Fairbanks Garden Center
  • Plants For All Seasons
  • Gateway Gardens
  • Green of Grass
  • Grow Getter Plant
  • Greenhaugh Gardens & Nursery

Greenhouse Names

These are some creative names for greenhouse to inspire you:

  • The Romantic Garden Nursery
  • Botanical Gardens
  • New Hope Greenhouses
  • Green Machine
  • Garden Giver
  • King’s Greenhouse
  • The Alpine & Grass Nursery
  • Majestic Gardens Nursery
  • Pretty in Green Plants
  • Perfect Plants
  • Rose Culture
  • Bloom Season
  • Planter’s Nursery
  • Quality Green Specialists
  • The Plant Place
  • Tropical Plants
  • Virginia Nursery
  • Triangle Nursery
  • Spring Gardens Nursery
  • Shop Botanical
  • Lean Green Gardening Machine
  • Spring Park Nursery
  • Clockhouse Nursery Ltd
  • My Little Plant Shop
  • Fancy Greenery
  • Community Garden
  • Nourished Nature
  • Aestral Gardening
  • SplendidFlower
  • The Orange Cob
  • Smart Plants
  • Towns Garden Center
  • The Plant Whisperer
  • Mid land Gardening
  • Plants n’ Petals Flower Shop
  • Between the Leaf
  • Ace Landscaping & Garden Center
  • Plant Base
  • Alice Springs Nursery

Plant Instagram Name Ideas

These are the catchy plant Instagram name ideas for your account:

  • Rural Design
  • Green Bang Nursery
  • Rainbow Plants Ltd
  • Arbor Gardening
  • Life Of A Gardener
  • Gainful Guernsey
  • Sprout Home Plants
  • Shrubs of Life
  • Lovely Vegetable
  • AcreFood Gardening
  • ArborHarbor
  • Southern Shade Tree
  • The Little Big Tree
  • The People’S Garden
  • Greenhills Nursery
  • De Lilacs
  • Leaf Landscape Supply
  • Bloom-Masters
  • Planted Roots
  • Dogwood Daily
  • Quality Plants
  • Green ‘n Growing
  • Tropical Creations
  • Dirt Designs
  • Well-Planted
  • Long Leaf Succulents
  • Desert Fig Tree
  • The Plant Specialist
  • Life Green Service
  • Vineland Nursery
  • Greenhill’s Propagation Nursery
  • Big Plant Nursery
  • Lush Plants Nursery
  • Royal Landscape Nursery

Succulent Business Name Ideas

The following are the best succulent business name ideas for your inspiration:

  • My Lush Seed
  • Succulents Garden
  • Flower Express
  • Fairview Nursery
  • Infinitely Green
  • Grown and Green
  • Blue Landscape Development
  • Desert to Tropics Nursery
  • A Rays to Grow
  • SecurePlant Protector
  • Infinite Green
  • Plants Delivery Downtown
  • White Bloom Cactus
  • Green Gardening
  • Great Western Growers
  • TreeSource Wholesale Nursery
  • Evergreen Cub
  • Blooming Nursery
  • Pink Memory
  • Jungle Bamboo Nursery
  • My Beloved Posy
  • Orchid Blooms
  • Plant Perfect
  • Kitchen Garden Plant Centre
  • Creepers Wholesale Nursery
  • The Botanic Nursery
  • The Garden Gurus
  • Jack’s Tree Farm
  • Perennial Days
  • Hall Farm Nursery
  • The Cactus Club
  • Edible Gardens
  • Fast Growing Trees
  • Tree Shop

Plant Nursery Names

How to Name Your Plant Nursery or Shop

It takes a lot of planning to start and run a successful plant nursery. When it comes to choosing a name for your business, you want to make sure your name will stand out from the competition.

Your name will be one of the first things potential customers see, so you want it to catch their eyes.

First, you will need to decide the type of plants you will sell, and how they will be sold. Are you going to do mail-order or retail? Will you do walk-in sales or go door-to-door?

Below are some important things to keep in mind when naming your plant nursery business:

Know your target market

Plant nursery owners must take into consideration the target market when naming a new plant nursery. Since it will be the first point of contact, it is vital to make it target market-specific.

For example, if you are naming a plant nursery for an urban location, it should include words that reflect the youth-oriented demographic that inhabits the area.

This would help the nursery stand out from the rest of the businesses in the area.

Make your name unique

Your business name should be unique because that’s the whole point of having a business name in the first place; so you can easily tell your business apart from others.

When you pick out a name, your goal is to communicate who you are and what you do. The best way to accomplish this is to make sure your name isn’t already being used by other businesses.

Make sure your name is easy to remember, pronounce, and spell

You’ve invested a lot of time, money, and energy into building your business. Why compromise your company’s success when it comes to your business’ name?

A great business name is easy to say, remember, and spell. A great business name alone will not ensure success, but a poor name could cause potential customers to never give you a chance.

Avoid using symbols, numbers, and letters that are not easily read or are not typically used in conventional English. Also, make sure the name you choose is not too long or too short, and that it flows

Your name should not be limiting

When you are naming your business, you want to make sure your name doesn’t contain words that will limit your business.

For example, if you are opening a vegetable nursery, it is best to not name it after your first pet and not to call it “The” Vegetable Nursery. This is because these names are generic and the average person won’t know which one you are.

Instead, it is best to use the name of the city you are in, for example, “New York vegetable Nursery” or “Miami Vegetable Nursery”.

Avoid the generic names

A plant nursery is a very personal business because it is intimately connected to the owners’ passions and dreams (after all, they usually started it in the first place).

It is, for many people, the realization of a life-long dream. When the name of a plant nursery is generic, it doesn’t reflect that. It doesn’t say anything about what makes the owners unique, or about what they stand for.

The name just says “Here is another plant store.” It’s a bad ideas to choose a generic name that can’t help you stand out and make your own business identity.

Make sure your name conveys what you do

As a new or established plant nursery business, it’s important to choose a name that conveys what you do. If you’re selling plants to the general public, your business name should clearly communicate that you’re a nursery.

If you’re a wholesale nursery, your name should clearly communicate that.

For example, if you’re starting a plant nursery, a name like “Plants R Us” is much more memorable and clear than, say, “Nursery for people who like plants”.

Use your own name

If you can, it’s always better to name your business after its founder. However, there are certain risks involved with using your own name as a business name.

The biggest risk is that other people may think your business is unprofessional or amateurish. But it doesn’t really matter in the plant nursery business.

Make sure your name is available as a domain name

Once you come up with a name for your business, make sure you check to see if the name you want is available as a domain name.

Otherwise, you might be facing the time-consuming and frustrating process of choosing a new domain name. Check it easily on

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