Swimming Pool Names: 500+ Catchy Pool Company Names

A pool is a great addition to any home, not just for family fun, but also for exercise and relaxation. It can add value to your home significantly, enhancing your property’s curb appeal.

(In fact, the value of your home can increase anywhere from 5% to 10% if you have a pool.) But, if you’re in the process of building a pool, or already have one, you might have the same question:

How do you name your pool?

In this article, I have listed hundreds of cool pool company names and funny swimming pool names, ideas, and suggestions to help you pick a good name for your pool. Let’s get started!

Swimming Pool Names

These are the best names for swimming pool you can consider using:

  • Golden Pond
  • The Blue Infinity
  • The Endless Waves
  • Strawberry Canyon Pool
  • Boys and girls Swimming Pool
  • Golden Bear Pool
  • Inspiration Hill Swimming Pool
  • Live Oak Swimming Pool
  • Fair child swimming pool
  • Northside Swim Center
  • Sensational Pool
  • Hidden Forest Community Pool
  • The Hills Swim
  • American Built Pools
  • New Wave Pools
  • Sunset Swim Center
  • Rooftop swimming pool
  • Pure Pool Solutions
  • Castle Rock Pool
  • Sparkle Pool
  • Always Clear Pools
  • Golden Bear
  • Sleepy Hollow Swimming Pool
  • City Heights Swimming Pool
  • Meadow Pool
  • Blue Dolphin Pool
  • Hot Spring Pool
  • Blue Water Pool
  • Pleasure Pool
  • Superior Pool
  • Pacific Pools
  • Mission Walk Pool
  • Majestic Pool Care
  • Blue Moon Pool
  • Memorial Aquatics Complex
  • Gardner Outdoor and Pool Remodeling
  • The Pool House
  • Sunset Hills Swimming Pool
  • Blue Haven Pool

Pool Company Names

Here are some creative and catchy swimming pool company names to inspire your ideas:

  • Monster Pool Company
  • Perfect Care Pool Service
  • Premier Pool Services
  • Mountain View Pool
  • Custom Pool Renovations
  • Mount Wise Swimming Pools
  • Ocean Pools
  • Peak Pools
  • Ocean Swimming Pools
  • Redbird Ranch Pool
  • Sublime Pool Service
  • Topline Pools
  • All Seasons Pool
  • Viking Pools and Spas
  • Clear Water Pool
  • Aqua Clean Pools
  • Independence Pools
  • Falcon Pool
  • We Fix Ugly Pools
  • Blue Ribbon Pools
  • Sunnyside Swimming Pool
  • Refreshing Pool
  • Continental Pool
  • Sunshine Pools
  • Independence Heights Swimming
  • Southwest Pool
  • Paradise Pools
  • Cypress Aquatic Center
  • Sky Pool
  • Paradise Pools by Design
  • New Pool Systems
  • Pools Infinite

Funny Pool Names

Below is the list of funny swimming pool names for you:

  • High bridge Pool
  • Just Keep Swimming
  • Blue Sky Pool
  • Water Fun Warriors
  • Pool Time
  • Warren’s Custom Pools
  • High bridge Park
  • Open Backyard Pool
  • UrbanFresh Pool
  • Rainbow Pool
  • Total Leisure
  • Splashtastic
  • No Speedos Water Park
  • Sweetwater Services
  • Summer Shades
  • AquaZip Pool Service
  • Pure Water Pools
  • MercuryMing Pool
  • Executive Pool
  • Falcon Pool
  • WellMinded Swimming Poll
  • The Skinny Dippers
  • Increda Swimming Pool
  • Floating Pool
  • Custom Pool Crew
  • Summertime Installers
  • Chlorine Constructions
  • The Back float
  • Ocaquatics Swim School
  • Dive In Pool
  • Peacock Feather
  • Elite Pools
  • Morgan Pools
  • Pool Perfection
  • SoluAqua Swimming Pool
  • Swimming Solutions Team
  • Neptune Pools
  • Park by the Pool
  • Water Dreams
  • Natural Springs Pool

Cool Pool Names

These are some cool pool names you can use right away:

  • Water Babies
  • Leisure World
  • Absolute Pools
  • Rose Lane Aquatics Center
  • Sweetwater Hot Tubz
  • Falcon Pools
  • Queen’s Leisure Centre
  • Brothers Pool
  • The Grove Pool
  • Sparkling Blue Pool
  • Crystal Pools
  • Premier Pools
  • Lighthouse Pool
  • Great Plains Pool
  • Dream Pools
  • Clear Lake Pool
  • Creative Swimming Pool
  • Sweetwater Pools
  • Tropical Pool
  • Northline Swimming
  • Blue Street Swimming
  • Liquid Sky
  • AquaSmith Swimming Pool
  • Pool Life
  • Goldfish Swim School
  • Manning Pool Service
  • Stayin’ Cool Pools
  • Cannonball Creators
  • The Splash Pad
  • Haffen Swimming Pool
  • Always Sunny
  • H2O Bubble
  • Aqua Scale Swimming

Pool Installation Business Names

Below are the catchy pool installation business names for you:

  • Pools R Us
  • Clear Water Renewal
  • The Pool Connection
  • Paragon Pools
  • Sunrise Pool Installation
  • Outside Fun Fittings
  • Sunny Day Installers
  • Longhorn Pools
  • Cutting Edge Pools
  • Community Swimming Pool
  • Highland Pool
  • Tribal Water
  • Pools on the Park
  • Dolphin Pool
  • Bunbury Pools
  • The Pool Man
  • Love Swimming Pool
  • Cleveland Swimming Pool
  • Stirling Leisure Centres
  • The Dolphin Centre
  • Public Swimming Pool
  • Springs Aquatic Complex
  • Liquid Evolution Pool
  • Sports Complex-Pool
  • Pool Connection
  • Gold Coast Aquatic Centre
  • Aquatic Leisure Technologies
  • Above Ground Pools
  • True Blue Pool
  • rvices Inc
  • Dive In Pool
  • Heartland Pools

Pool Cleaning Company Names

The following are the best pool cleaning company names to inspire you:

  • Cool Pool Guys
  • Aquazone Pool Cleaning
  • Elite Pool Service
  • Safe Swimming Pool Services
  • Guardian Pool Care
  • Run Pool Maintenance
  • Beyond Blue Pool Service
  • Total Pool Care
  • Big Wave Pool Service
  • Green Valley Pool Cleaning
  • Modern Pool Care
  • Scummy Pool Cleaning Service
  • Aquacare
  • All Clear Pool Cleaning
  • Bright and Shiny Pools
  • Tiger Pools and Spas
  • Swimming Pool Doctor
  • Crystal Blue Pool Cleaning
  • Poolside Solutions
  • Paradise Pool Cleaning Solutions
  • Speedy Pool Cleaning
  • Sparkling Pools
  • Dolphin Pools & Pavers
  • Gotta keep the pool clean!
  • A Clean Sweep Pools
  • Safety Pool Boys
  • Rapid Pool Cleaning
  • Pool Sharks
  • The Pool Keepers
  • Pro Pool Cleaners

Swimming Pool NamesHow to Name Your Swimming Pool

If you’re not a professional pool builder, you may find the task of naming your pool daunting.

Some people think that you should name your pool after the street it’s on or after the person who owns it, but these naming conventions are usually reserved for in-ground pools.

While you might not want to name your above-ground pool with the same title as your in-ground pool.

Naming your swimming pool is a big responsibility. No matter the size of your pool, the shape, or the amenities, this task requires a lot of creativity.

While there is no right or wrong way to go about naming your pool, there are a few tips that will help make this process a lot easier.

Avoid using a too serious name or negative connotations

Try to avoid any names that have negative connotations. While names like “Terror Pool” might sound funny, you might want to reconsider.

You wouldn’t want to take a dip in a pool called the Dead Pool or Chlorine Central, but naming your pool after something pleasant is a great way to keep your family excited about swimming all summer long.

Choose a name that clearly identifies your pool place (Backyard or Outdoor)

Make sure you decide on a name that makes sense. For example, if you are building an outdoor pool, it doesn’t make much sense to give it a name that is only appropriate for an indoor pool, like “The Wave” or “The Water Wall”.

The swimming pool name should be short, clearly identifiable, and catchy

The swimming pool name should be short, clearly identifiable, and catchy. It should tell a potential customer what your swimming pool is like, which will make them want to swim in it. It should also clearly identify your swimming pool.

It should make a good impression on the people who hear it. It should help them get a good idea of what the pool looks like and what it is like to be there. And it should also make them want to go to the pool.

Make sure to pick a name that will be easy to pronounce for everyone

Your swimming pool name should be easy to pronounce, in case you get caught in an unexpected conversation.

That’s because, according to experts, strangers are more likely to remember and use your name if they can easily pronounce it. A name is an introduction to a person, so it’s important to choose one that’s easy to pronounce and spell.

Choose a name that’s easy to remember

You may not know it, but your swimming pool name is an important part of your swimming pool’s overall image.

A catchy pool name can give your swimming pool cachet, while a forgettable pool name can leave you swimming in mediocrity. So choose a name for your swimming pool that can be easily stuck in people’s minds.

If you’re naming a swimming pool after a person or a pet, make sure they like water

Many people name their swimming pools after people or pets, and that’s fine, as long as those people or pets can swim.

But what if they can’t? A group of homeowners in New Zealand found out the hard way after installing a swimming pool with a cat face at the bottom.

The problem is the cat, named Ron, hates water, and he wasn’t too happy to suddenly find himself swimming in it. It’s no fun to go for a swim in a pool that is named after someone who’s terrified of water.

Make it fun and playful

We all love our swimming pools in the summertime however the name is very important if you want to have a good time with friends. You need to have a fun and playful name that will have the swimming pool as the main attraction.

Any pool that is called something like “swimming pool” or “pool” is boring, but a pool with a funny name, such as “Lakes of Fire” or “Gone with the Wind”, will be the talk of the community.

Consider getting an unusual pool name

If you want to stand out, your swimming pool name should be unique. For example, the name “Cherry” is a very common swimming pool name.

But the name “Cherry” is already taken by at least 8,000 other swimming pools. So, my advice to you is to call your pool something that is very unique.

Get some ideas from your friends and family

To get some ideas, you can take help from your friends, colleagues, or family members. After discussing the names, you can finalize one with your family.

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