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600+ Good Health and Wellness Business Name Ideas

The search for a name for your business is an important first step in establishing your brand and establishing your identity as a business.

It’s no secret that health and wellness is a booming industry. Health and wellness businesses are on the rise, and many more people are focusing on improving their health and fitness levels. In fact, the health and wellness industry is expected to grow at a rate of 20 percent through 2020.

People are becoming more aware of the importance of going to the gym and eating right, and many are investing in the services of a personal trainer or a nutritionist to help them reach their weight loss and fitness goals.

If you’re a health and wellness business owner and looking for some catchy health and wellness business names then you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we have listed hundreds of catchy names for wellness businesses and programs you can use to make your business stand out and attract more visitors. Let’s get started!

Health and Wellness Business Name Ideas

Here are some best health and wellness business names you can ever find:

  • Trini’s Health Products
  • Harmine Body Works
  • Health Genie
  • Fit and Healthy
  • Goals4Health
  • Masters of Wellness
  • R&R Corporate Health
  • ForceBrands
  • BizHealth Consultants
  • Nutrizen Wellness Ltd
  • Your Wellness
  • Body Wellness Place
  • Health at Work
  • Swisse Wellness
  • The Big Breath Company
  • Ultimate Performance
  • Health Designs
  • Superior Wellness
  • Whitecalm Virtual
  • Holistic Health and Wellness
  • Spade Med
  • Mind Body
  • Wellness Search
  • Whole Body Beauty
  • Soothe and Heal
  • The Fruity House
  • Wellness Start
  • healthportunities
  • Medicap Studio
  • Herbalife
  • Smelly Fit House
  • Loving Veggies
  • Glow Body Glow
  • Mental Hits
  • Medicap Market
  • Fitforce Wellness
  • Mile High Fitness and Wellness
  • Nutrition Visions
  • Happy Grind
  • Praying With Love
  • Wellness Resource
  • Flip ‘N Flop Wellness
  • Healthy B’s Fitness
  • Reiki Reject
  • The Art of Zen
  • HealthyCrew
  • MediKeeper
  • Life Recovery
  • Toxical Plants
  • Body-Mind Design
  • Essential Mental Health
  • Graceful Leaf Herbs
  • Shrink Time
  • Bodz Fitness
  • ZonaHeal
  • Direct To Health
  • Wholly Reiki
  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Well Chosen Health
  • Pressed Medica
  • The Nurturing Palms
  • Terrace Heart
  • NatureRock
  • Deep Roots Wellness
  • Chiseled
  • Supportive Minds
  • Exfoliating Wellness
  • Mindful Body Fitness
  • Health Affairs Coaching
  • Healthy Lifestyle & Wellness

Catchy Wellness Business Names

These are some unique and catchy wellness business name suggestions to inspire your ideas:

  • Healthy Outlook
  • Caring Hands
  • Health River
  • Mindful Body
  • Bodypurge Wellness
  • On Site Wellbeing
  • Earlgreen Wellness
  • Happy Melon
  • TargetCare
  • The Wellness Company
  • Hive Wellness
  • Therapeutic Kneads Ltd.
  • Alive & Well
  • Wellbeing Escapes
  • MotivatePT Company Fitness
  • Wildfire Wellness
  • Spa Wellness Consulting
  • Sprout Business & Wellness Coaching
  • Princeton Fitness & Wellness
  • Unwind Wellness Center
  • Cure Nutrition Home
  • Camelback Wellness
  • Wellbox Health
  • Mind Rules
  • Healthy Companion
  • The Grind
  • Handling Overthinking
  • Metacross Wellness
  • Sharp Minds
  • Ere Herbs
  • Health-A-Plenty
  • Zoinks Fitness
  • Wunderful Life
  • Mind SpaPrime
  • Healthy Life Shop
  • Lovely Thyme
  • Metabody Wellness
  • HarmonyHealthBeats
  • The Fitness Grind
  • MeYou Health
  • Home Spa
  • The Green Tea Press
  • Building You
  • Vegas Sunraysa
  • Body Envy Wellness
  • Pressed By Nature
  • Healthy by Megan
  • Nutrition Watermelon
  • Glow of Life Healing
  • Dynamic Wellness
  • Ultrabody Wellness Centre
  • Health Select
  • Wholesome Life
  • Healthy Leichhardt
  • Wellness Sprint

Wellness Program Names

These are some catchy wellness program names you can use:

  • Luminico Health
  • Awaken-Body
  • Happy Fitness
  • Just Jill Beauty & Wellness
  • MorningStar Health
  • Champion Health
  • Strive Well-Being
  • Wellness Health And Protection
  • Push Mind & Body Ltd
  • The Retreat Company
  • Bravo Wellness
  • ElevateYourHealth
  • MediKeeper
  • Lifestyles Wellness
  • Corporate Wellness & Events
  • The Wellness Team
  • Gift Wellness
  • Bayleaf Wellness
  • To Be Free
  • Understable Health
  • Attractive Health
  • Health Guru Times
  • Health Infiltration
  • EliteEast Health
  • Bodyrock Wellness
  • Healthy Life Moms
  • How Well Are You?
  • The Whole One Click
  • Breathe Flex
  • Body Image Restored
  • Hope In Heart
  • Spa DeWitt
  • Aspire Healthicious
  • Burning Skyn
  • Beauty and Wellness
  • Support System
  • Vale Force Fitness
  • Health Here
  • Essential Hours
  • Nutrition Depot
  • FiThrive Health
  • Holistically Changed
  • Come Into Health
  • All Body Yoga
  • Bodypulse Wellness
  • Himself & Friends
  • Here’s to Health
  • Brain Game
  • Thinking Bloom
  • Healthy Attitudes
  • Time To Get Fit
  • Swan Wellness
  • Wholesome Systems

Funny Wellness Program Names

Below is the list of some funny wellness program names that you might find interesting:

  • Healthy Planet Life
  • The Six Pack Abs Class
  • Organic Hues
  • Lifeco Smart Store
  • Visionary Health
  • Spirit Feet Spa
  • Wholesome Care
  • Asset Health
  • Virgin Pulse
  • Wellworks For You
  • Community Wellness Centers
  • Enrich Financial Wellness
  • TotalWellness
  • Be Well Solutions
  • Spiritual Connections
  • Health & Wellbeing Brands
  • Healing Synergy
  • The Wellbeing Co
  • LiveWell
  • Spree Health Coaching
  • Bodz Spa
  • FitBlasters
  • Becoming Healthy
  • CocoFit
  • Fitness Community
  • Healthical
  • Happy Gut Coaching
  • Bismuth Wellness
  • Share The Wellth
  • HealthyNspirations
  • Health Chat
  • All About The Body
  • Passion Flower Care
  • Bodz Living Spa
  • SpaBody
  • Go Body Organic
  • Inner Flow Life
  • Mind/Body Clinic
  • Tri Health Foods
  • Thriving Minds
  • Cleveland Bodz
  • Incenta Health
  • Fitness Inspirations
  • Smile Therapy
  • Life Supreme Health
  • Freedom Wellness Studio
  • Brilliance & Wellness
  • Health Zoom
  • Guru’s Yoga
  • OnSite Wellness
  • The Sunrise Body

Wellness Program Names

Wellness Newsletter Names

The following are some catchy wellness newsletter names for you:

  • Profound Care
  • LA Cumulative Health
  • URBody Transformed
  • Fit Chill Body
  • Red Rooster Wellness
  • YourTools4Wellness
  • Pressed To The Core
  • Birmingham Wellness
  • Lucky’s Bodz
  • Bountifully Healthy
  • Premise Health
  • Ripped Bods
  • Healthyroads
  • Rejuvenatest
  • Luxe Motivations
  • Swell Beads
  • Wellness Achievers
  • Purity Soul Health
  • Relaxzy
  • Crisis Xplore
  • Snooze It Fitful
  • Bodz Fitness Vegas
  • Healthy Work Family
  • Mind-Spirit-Body
  • Wellness Welcomed
  • Warm Wellness
  • Herbal Revive
  • WellXell
  • Wellness Renaissance
  • Bodywork By Natalie
  • Pure & Simple Yoga
  • HIOT Meditation
  • Traction Wellness
  • Healthy Proposals
  • Diet of the Monks
  • Healthy Choices
  • World of the Workouts
  • Minds 4 Health
  • Blossoming Divine

Physical Activity Program Names

These are some good names for physical activity program you can use:

  • Wellable Health
  • Glow Body
  • RedHot Health
  • Easy Health Program
  • Escapades Physical Fitness
  • Clear Mind Wellness
  • Collective Wellness Group
  • Global Wellness
  • The Workplace Wellness Company
  • 5th Element Wellness
  • Lifestyle Retreat
  • Community Wellness Services
  • Parsley Health
  • Wellbeing Pharmacies Ltd
  • Universal Medicine
  • Healthworks
  • Mobile Wellness Therapy
  • Wellness4Work
  • Cooper Wellness
  • NutriStore
  • Hard Fitness
  • Wonder Wellness
  • Gym City
  • Alchemica Health
  • Protection Wellness
  • Ayurveda Method
  • WholistiQuest
  • Mindfully Reiki
  • No Judgment
  • The Fit Body Shop
  • Discovering Wellness
  • The Essential Fit
  • Herbal Apple
  • Peaceful Matters
  • Onlife Health
  • Inspired Mind
  • HealthBro
  • Pradura Healing Arts
  • Reliability Wellness
  • Youthful Place
  • Universal Wellness For Life
  • Check Yourself
  • Pursuit of Health
  • The Fitness Place
  • Wellness Bone
  • Instilling Health
  • Heart Fitness
  • Honey Db Ymdk
  • Sweating It Out
  • Healers of Chicago
  • Star Spa
  • Winery Sisters
  • Easy Fitness
  • Zero In On Health n Well

Wellness Centre Names

Below are the most creative and attractive wellness center names for you:

  • Caring Body Coach
  • The Wellness Discovery
  • Body Detoxified Center
  • Alzra Wellness Center
  • Roar Wellness
  • Pinnacle Health Group
  • We Are Wellness
  • Zero Hour Health
  • SimplyWell is now Virgin Pulse
  • Amara Massage Therapy & Wellness
  • Wellness Solutions
  • Manulife Wellness Centre
  • Sonic Boom Wellness
  • Joy of Life Wellness Center
  • Workplace Wellbeing Show
  • House Health & Wellness
  • Advanced Wellness Solutions
  • Healthier Workplace
  • NutriClap
  • Total Wellness
  • Musclemize Wellness
  • Finds Care
  • Wish For Wellness
  • The Fitness Touch
  • Body Enviator
  • Realized Rejuvenation
  • Tiger Health
  • Mighty Minds
  • Luminosity Glow
  • Choose Health
  • Rational Wellness
  • Healthy Inspir’d Living
  • Renewals by Avis
  • Grounded Med
  • Blossoming My Spa
  • SLO Natural Foods
  • Thrive Today Co-Op
  • Yoga Everyday
  • Eco Fertility Clinic
  • PureHoney Clinic
  • Rejuvenation Hives
  • Fetch Body
  • Transformative Wellness Guru
  • Fitness Passion
  • Restore Health
  • Mental Sweats
  • Achieving Wellness
  • Medicap Sphere
  • Life Within Med
  • Sunflour & Serenity
  • Whole Foods Market
  • Form Wellness
  • All About Wellness
  • Whole Solutions

Health and Wellness Instagram Names

The following are some unique health and wellness Instagram name ideas for your account:

  • Serious Fitness
  • Health Arrow
  • Biggest Winners
  • Keto Dream Body
  • Abundant Health
  • Cones Health Foods
  • True Body Solutions
  • Wellness Mindset
  • Vitamin Delight
  • Mental Transformation
  • Thriving Wellness Studio
  • Fit and Calm Fitness
  • Vicky’s B&M Spa
  • HealthX
  • HealthyChances
  • InstaVida Wellness
  • Wellness Chariot
  • Lifestyle Medz N A
  • Peas in a Pod
  • Pleated Champaign
  • The Body Boost
  • HealthFit Base
  • Welness Train
  • Yoni’s Healing Hands
  • UV Studio
  • Health By Amber
  • Lethal Ladies
  • Known 2B Well
  • Reiki Health Works
  • Health Market
  • Bodz Hire
  • Wellness Bun
  • Mindful Life Living
  • DMTL Wellness
  • Illuminate Nourish
  • Reformed Shaman
  • Shiroz Sleep
  • Young Living Essential Oils
  • Life by Mind
  • Desert Rose Clinic
  • Mind Body Health
  • Healthy is the new “Happy”
  • Let’s Feel Better
  • Arborne Wellness
  • Graceful Feast
  • The Body Palette
  • Health Street
  1. The Abundant Body

Wellness and Health Product Name Ideas

These are the catchy wellness and health product names for your inspiration:

  • Mega Mind
  • The Palmetto
  • NatureSpire
  • Nurtural And Fresh
  • Dilworth Wellness
  • Nourish Body
  • Coping with Life
  • Working Detox
  • Skin and Aesthetics
  • Communal Health
  • Nature’s Whole Food Depot
  • Breathe Companionz
  • VCare Studio
  • Rejuvenation Resource
  • Wellness Instinct
  • House Of Wellness
  • Wellness Central
  • Nutrition Spree
  • Rejuvenating You
  • Glow Body Boutique
  • Chiseled Training
  • Protein With Guts
  • Health is Wealth
  • Ancient Spartan Fitness
  • Blossomed Wellness
  • Wellness Needs
  • Food for Thought
  • My Healing Centre
  • Busybodz by Jill
  • Nutrition for Life
  • Healthy and Happy
  • NutriHues Health
  • Ditch the Desk

Health and Wellness Business Names

How to Name Your Health and Wellness Business

When it comes to your business, your brand, and your name, you need to be original, creative and have a business name you’re proud of.

If you don’t have a proper name for your business, you will have a hard time meeting your goals and will probably have a hard time getting potential customers.

So, what should you do? How can you make the best name for your business?

Below are a few important things for choosing a catchy name for your wellness business:

Consider the audience

When it comes to naming your business, the best advice I can give is to spend a little time thinking about it.

What do you want to achieve? What do you want people to think when they see your name? What do you want people to do when they are in your space? What are you trying to achieve?

Every business has its own unique set of challenges, obstacles, and opportunities. And when it comes to choosing a name, sometimes it’s important to consider the target audience, whether that’s a doctor’s office, a gym, or a spa.

Keep it short, simple, and easy to pronounce

The name you choose should describe what your business does, but most importantly it needs to be short, simple, and easy to pronounce.

The name of your business is often the first impression people have of your company, so it is important that you pick a name that is strong, simple, and easy to pronounce and spell.

Avoid names that are too long and do not make sense.

Make sure that the name of your business is easy to remember

When it comes to creating a brand for your wellness business, it’s important to think about how people will remember it.

After all, people are going to Google your name and find out everything about your business, and if they can’t remember it they won’t be able to find your site to buy your products, so you want your name to be memorable. But, at the same time, you don’t want your name to be so short that it’s ridiculous.

The name should be unique

As a business owner, you probably don’t want to make any mistakes that could cost your business in the future.

That’s why you need to make sure you choose a name for your wellness business that is unique and different from all existing wellness brands.

Make sure that your wellness business name expresses what your business is all about

The name of your business is one of the first things that people will see when they search for your business, and it’s usually the one piece of information that sticks in their minds.

In addition to helping people remember and understand your business, it’s important to choose a name that is truly descriptive and informative about what your business is all about.

The name should be free of negative connotation

It is a fact that naming your business, products, or services in a negative way can be very harmful to your business.

A health and wellness business is a business that has one goal, to help people be healthier. In order to do that you are going to need a name that helps your customers visualize health.

So, it’s important to avoid words that could bring negative connotations such as disease, illness, death, or a negative word.

Avoid using numbers or special characters in your name

Most people use numbers and special characters in their business names, but this can make it difficult to remember and find your business on the web.

The problem with these names is that they are incredibly difficult to spell and type on a search engine. The results are usually a hit-and-miss sort of search, and the business owner may not be able to capture the full effect of the name, or worse yet, make a mistake when trying to spell the name.

Therefore you should avoid names with special characters and numbers (i.e. #, &, +, or *, -,!).

Check the domain name availability and the social media handles

Before deciding on a name for your health and wellness business, you should check to make sure you can get a domain name and for presenting your business on the web.

Also, check the social media profiles of your selected name on, Twitter, Instagram)

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