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Homeless Shelter Names: 400+ Best Homeless Charities Names

How do you choose the perfect homeless shelter name?

Choosing a name for your new homeless shelter can be a daunting task. However, with a little thought, you can choose something that will reflect the kind of people who are going to use the shelter.

Remember, the name must be catchy enough to attract the right kind of people and it should be easy to remember and unique enough to stand out from the rest.

Also, the name should be suitable for the surrounding area so that homeless people can easily identify the shelter.

In this article, we have listed some best homeless shelter names, ideas, and suggestions for you to think about and help you choose a perfect name for your shelter.

Homeless Shelter Names

Here are some most creative and best homeless shelter names you can ever find:

  • Let’s Go Homeless
  • Homelessness Services Hub
  • Helping Young People
  • Homeless Healthcare Shelter
  • Mission Housing
  • Lighthouse Foundation
  • Mercy Foundation For Homeless People
  • Haven Home Safe
  • Tiny Homes Foundation
  • Helping Hands House
  • Calvary Women’s Services
  • Latin Youth Center
  • Project for Homeless Youth
  • The Village Rescue
  • Siouxsie’s Shelter
  • Sanctuary Housing
  • Community Partnership-Prevention
  • The Vault North
  • Gospel Rescue Ministries
  • House of Ruth
  • Home The Newest
  • Habit2Save
  • Alpha Project For the Homeless
  • First Relieve
  • No More Subsquirrels
  • Hope Village Shelter
  • Webster House
  • Habitat 4 Everyone
  • Grateful’s Homewares
  • District Alliance for Safe
  • Lovers Rest
  • Dreamless Dreams
  • Homes For Working Families
  • WISE Guys Men’s Refuge
  • Share A Cause
  • Hays Shelter
  • Towards Independence Network
  • Women’s & Girls’ Emergency Centre
  • Unite The Homeless
  • Independent Living Program
  • Newtown Neighbourhood Centre
  • Friends For Homeless
  • The Way Community
  • Suited For Change
  • Coast Shelter
  • Donut Hill Shelter
  • El Paso Shelter
  • The Northwest Center
  • Food Distribution Center
  • The Shelter At Main
  • Gold Coast Homelessness Service
  • Sunset Lane Shelter
  • Thrifty Shelter
  • Covenant House
  • Clarity Shelter
  • A Help Please
  • The New Hope House
  • Home4 Lesson Centers
  • Anglicare Preston

Homeless Charities Names

These are some good names of charities that help the homeless people:

  • Good Friday Charity
  • American Humane
  • Turning Point
  • Catholic Charities
  • Day Centre for Homeless Persons
  • United Planning Organization
  • Mission of Love Charities
  • Family Works
  • Alliance of Youth Advocates
  • Just a Blanket
  • Harts Instant Shelters
  • Rebuilding Together
  • Family Matters
  • County Homeless Services Center
  • Bridges to Independence
  • Nvn Humanity
  • Townspeople
  • The Warmth of Christ
  • Homeless Society of Victoria
  • My Sister’s Place
  • Emery Work Bay
  • Coalition for the Homeless
  • The Angel Shelter
  • Family Ministry Center
  • Shelter4Soul
  • Livestock Stop
  • Rita Bright Family and Youth Center
  • Open Door
  • Downtown Women’s Center
  • Community Outreach Center
  • Community of Hope
  • Foster Shelter
  • Faith-Based Shelter
  • Hope & A Home Inc
  • Doorways
  • Stepping Stones Shelter
  • The Loneliest Lane
  • New Beginning Family Shelter
  • First Shelter West
  • Urban Street Angels
  • Dream Away Shelter
  • Georgetown Ministry Center
  • Downtown Day Services Center
  • Leash Home
  • Bread For The City
  • O.P.E. For Life
  • The Lonestar Resties
  • Next Step Shelter
  • Youth of The Streets
  • Al-Kind Sanctuary
  • Empire Shelter
  • Community Family Life Services
  • The Turnaway Shelter
  • Heart of the City
  • Christ House
  • Little Solace Home
  • First Resort Shelter
  • Kids Under Cover

Fundraising Names for Homeless

The following are some catchy fundraising names for homeless shelters you can use:

  • Church of Living Waters
  • National Housing for the Homeless
  • Homeless Support
  • Beacon Hill Shelter
  • Union Rescue Mission
  • Lone Wolf Shelter
  • Shepherd’s Table Inc.
  • Winnable Shelters
  • On The Edge Shelter
  • At Your Door Society
  • Home of the Lost
  • Friendship Place Welcome Center
  • The Village Shelter
  • Wake Up & Sitdown
  • The One Stop Shelter
  • Service on Fifth
  • Orange Sky
  • So Others Might Eat
  • House of Help City of Hope Inc
  • Peace Restrooms
  • Tribe Hearts Shelter
  • Bruce Youth Work
  • Impact Silver Spring
  • New York Avenue Men’s Emergency Shelter
  • Everyone Home
  • The Beacon
  • The Brooks Family Shelter
  • Set Free Care
  • Lifeworks by Grace
  • East Men’s Shelter
  • Department of Human Services
  • SmartShelters
  • PATH beyond Shelter
  • Visionwest Community Trust
  • Rainbow Soup Kitchen
  • Sheltered By Grace
  • The Shelter One
  • Adam’s Place Shelter
  • Paws2 Helpers
  • Sewickley Mission
  • Missionaries-Charity Brothers
  • Bolling Family Housing
  • Charlie’s Place DC
  • Community Ministry of Prince
  • Housing Navigation Center
  • The Hope Home
  • The Haunting Room
  • Our Town Shelter
  • Building Futures
  • Second Chance Rescue
  • Habitat 4 Life
  • Arlington County Homeless
  • Home At Last
  • New Hope Housing
  • Protection Society
  • All Hope Rescue
  • Virginia Family Resource Center
  • Veterans On the Rise
  • Nightlife Too

Homeless Shelter Names

Famous homeless Shelter Names in the USA

  • Leading Families Home
  • Dream Center
  • Care for the Homeless
  • Union Rescue Mission
  • Harvard Square Homeless Shelter
  • Joy Junction Shelter
  • A Safe Haven
  • Volunteers of America
  • Homeless Solutions
  • Shelter House-Thunder Bay
  • Fort Collins Rescue Mission
  • Bethel Foundation
  • Shelter House Inc.’s
  • Boulder Shelter
  • Homeless Shelter-Arlington Rpc
  • National Alliance to End Homelessness
  • A Home for Everyone
  • The Bridge Homeless Recovery Center
  • Durango Community Shelter
  • Chasing Dreams
  • Alexandria Community Shelter
  • The Salvation Army USA
  • Aspen Homeless Shelter
  • Samaritan House Homeless Shelter
  • Connections for the Homeless
  • My Fathers House
  • Brookside Adult Shelter
  • Bridges at Kraemer Place Homeless Shelter
  • Family Gateway
  • Arlington County Homeless Services Center
  • Men’s Resource Center
  • MSC Homeless Shelter
  • Connections For the Homeless
  • Homeless Alliance
  • Schwarz Assessment Facility for the Homeless
  • People Serving People
  • Help USA
  • JOURNEYS | The Road Home
  • Coalition for the Homeless
  • Loudoun Homeless Shelter
  • Springs Rescue Mission
  • Bangor Area Homeless Shelter
  • SEARCH Homeless Services
  • Coalition for the Homeless: Valley Place
  • The Children’s Shelter
  • Lotus House Women’s Shelter
  • Arlington Life Shelter
  • Dignity Village
  • Pets of the Homeless
  • Faith Mission
  • Refuge of Hope Ministries

Famous Homeless Shelter Names in the UK

  • Shelter West Yorkshire
  • Centrepoint
  • Shelter Norwich
  • The Bus Shelter MK
  • Highland Homeless Trust Ltd
  • Slough Homeless Our Concern
  • End Youth Homelessness
  • Glass Door Homeless Charity
  • The Marie Trust
  • Homeless Services Unit
  • Church Homeless Trust
  • Emmaus homelessness
  • Hope House
  • Barnabas Safe & Sound
  • Foundation Durham
  • Nightsafe
  • Homeless Oxfordshire
  • Snowflake Trust
  • Whitehaven Community Trust Ltd
  • The Nomad Trust
  • Action Homeless
  • The Julian Trust
  • Wycombe Homeless Connection
  • Chester Aid To The Homeless
  • Doorway Wiltshire Ltd
  • Emmaus Homeless
  • Home 4 Good
  • Durham Action On Single Housing
  • Hull Homeless Community Project
  • The Shelter Project Hounslow
  • Hope 4 Homeless UK
  • Pathway & The Faculty for Homeless
  • St Martins Donation Station
  • Trinity Winchester
  • Carlisle Key
  • Welcome Organisation
  • Glasgow City Mission
  • Housing Advice Centre
  • Caritas Anchor House
  • Housing Advice & Homeless Services
  • The Wellspring Stockport
  • The Bridge Trust
  • Housing Options Service
  • Night Shelter Chelmsford Chess
  • Hope Community Services
  • Julian House Homeless Hostel
  • Eagles Wings Trust
  • St Martins Housing Trust
  • Shop from Crisis, Finsbury Park
  • The Olive Branch
  • Colchester Emergency Night Shelter
  • Homeless Action Scotland

How to Name Your Homeless Shelter

Some people consider naming a homeless shelter a charity act. But others treat the naming process just as seriously as choosing a name for a business.

Whether you are donating money or time, choosing the right name is important.

Below are a few important things to keep in mind when choosing a name for your homeless shelter.

Try to find a name that can represent your shelter’s mission, values, and character

A name should reflect the character that the shelter wants to portray. It should be something that will remind and inspire those who use it; something that will instill a sense of pride among the homeless community. It should inspire and instill hope.

Use the location name, and avoid shelter names that are taken

There are many homeless shelters that are known by the name of the town they are in. As such, if you’re in a city such as Los Angeles or New York, you can easily find a homeless shelter named after the city.

However, not all cities are the same. For example, in Cincinnati, there is no homeless shelter named after the city. So, you’ve got to think of something creative that is not already being used by a shelter, and something that can be fit for a city in which the homeless population is booming.

Also, the name should be unique, for example: “Homeless shelter” should not be used, it is too generic

Name it after what is important to you

You could try to name it after a person, animal, or anything that is important to you. Or you could name it after yourself or a famous person.

You should choose a name that is easy to pronounce and spell

When it comes to choosing a name for your homeless shelter, not only do you want your name to be easy to pronounce and spell, but you also want to consider how the name will be spelled, how it will be pronounced, and its uniqueness.

Some examples include Leo’s Place, The Freedom Project, and The Shelter for All.

Your name should be simple and easy to remember

Finding a name that is simple and easy to remember is just as important as choosing a name that’s relevant to your cause. You should choose something that your friends and family will remember if they’re ever looking for a place to donate money to.

The name should not be offensive or evoke a negative emotion

If your mission is to help the homeless, you want the name of your shelter to be something that will help people instead of something that will make them feel bad.

You want the name of your shelter to be something that will make people want to help them instead of something that will make them want to turn away from your shelter and their troubles.

For example, a name that has a positive connotation creates a better mood and air of positivity, whereas an unpleasant name may simply cause negative feelings among your guests.

That’s why the name of your shelter should not be offensive or evoke a negative emotion.

It should be available as a domain name

The last step before finalizing your name is to make sure you get the same domain name for your homeless shelter. You can use an online service to check it.

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