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700+ Catchy Personal Training Business Names and Ideas

What are some best personal trainer business names?

As a personal trainer, you’ll need a professional-sounding name for your business.

The name you choose for your business is a big deal, because it’s the first impression your clients will have of you and your business, and it will have a direct impact on your business’s success and failure.

In this article, I have listed some cool, funny, and catchy personal training business names along with the important steps for creating your own unique name. All the below names are for your inspiration.

Personal Training Business Names

Here are some cool and creative personal training business names ideas to inspire you:

  • The Female Personal Trainer
  • Outdoor Fitness Program
  • Next Levels Of Fitness
  • StrongFound Personal Training
  • Make your Body Healthy
  • Your Body Personal Training
  • Fitness U Street
  • New Life Studio Fitness
  • Fleming Fitness
  • Facet Seven Heights
  • The Fitness Trainer Academy
  • SmartFit Personal Trainer
  • Fitness Republic
  • Simply Pure Fitness
  • Lakeway Personal Training
  • Body Business
  • Core Strength
  • Get Results Personal Training
  • Chase The Trainer
  • Rise Movement
  • Cannon Fitness and Performance
  • Tight Form
  • The Body Master Fitness
  • Red Pill Fitness Personal Trainer
  • Breathe Fitness
  • Morning Star Dog Academy
  • Crunch Fitness
  • Uplift Strength & Spirit
  • The Fitness Source
  • Body Fit Training One Tree Hill
  • TruFit Personal Training
  • Epic Interval Training
  • Born2 Personal Training
  • Tribe Fitness
  • Refined Personal Training
  • Fitness Plus
  • TrainLifeFit
  • Levelup Personal Training
  • Logic Fitness Studio
  • Strength Training
  • The Exercise Coach
  • Boot It Fitness
  • Exclusive Fitness
  • Power Performance Training
  • The Core Health & Fitness
  • Signature Fitness
  • JustYou Personal Training
  • Superior Fitness
  • Medical Exercise Trainers
  • Evolution Personal Training
  • Show Up Fitness
  • Anytime Fitness
  • Resolutions Fitness
  • Extraordinary Fitness Training
  • Gladiator Strong Fitness
  • Award Winning Fitness
  • Planet Fitness
  • Intelligent Strength
  • Double Eagle Fitness
  • Free Your Fitness 24
  • Twinning Training
  • Badass Mom Fitness
  • Urban Active Fitness
  • Fit Max Personal Training
  • Wellness & Fit
  • True Body Trainers
  • Kinetics Personal Training
  • Time to Train
  • The Training Loft
  • Personal Training Fit Life
  • Prime Fitness Training
  • Empower Personalized Fitness
  • Through Christ Fit
  • Fit Body Boot Camp
  • Winding Road Fitness
  • AlloyPT
  • Better Performance
  • Beach Body Wellness
  • Fit Me
  • Your Fitness Partner

Catchy Personal Trainer Names

These are some catchy personal trainer names for you:

  • Absolute Body Focus
  • Truth Training
  • We Rep Fitness
  • JustWorkout
  • All Strength Training
  • Spindle Fitness
  • Fitness Made Easy
  • Bourne 2 Fly Fitness
  • Pearland Personal Trainer
  • GetFit1st
  • GetSet Personal Training
  • Fit Body Boot Camp
  • Group Fitness Classes
  • MindBody Fitness
  • Ace Platinum Fitness
  • Mobile Personal Training
  • Fitness Depot
  • Chevy Chase Personal Training
  • Stowe Training Systems
  • Family Fitness
  • Blink Fitness
  • Physiology Fitness
  • Fit With Curves
  • Peak Condition
  • Defined Personal Fitness
  • Results Fitness for Women
  • Maximus Fitness
  • Cross Body Trainer
  • Bodies by Dave
  • Just For You Personal Training
  • MakeYourBody
  • Tiger Personal Trainer
  • Well-Fit Performance
  • Nutrition & Personal Training
  • Infinite Fitness
  • Personal Training Physiotherapy
  • Tomfit Gym
  • Total Results Training
  • Home Park Fitness
  • Max Fitness College
  • Fast Lean Fit Training Studio
  • True 180 Fitness
  • HiFi Personal Fitness
  • Ariel Bright Fitness
  • Conscious Fitness
  • Creative Action Fitness
  • Active Moms’ Club
  • Inner Strength
  • MoreActiveLifestyle
  • Train 4 the Game
  • Fit Personal Training
  • LetsgetUfit Personal Training
  • Training Ground
  • Busy Body Personal Training
  • Clients First Fitness
  • SavageBody
  • The Exercise Room
  • Four Your Health
  • Get Fit Personal Trainers
  • Conquer Training
  • BodyFit by Jenny
  • Power Push Fitness
  • Six Pack Abs Class Room
  • FitLife Personal Trainers
  • Right Fit
  • Focus Integrated Fitness
  • Daily Apple Fitness
  • The Superhuman Project
  • The Trainer Clinic
  • Personal Training By Maria
  • Evolution Trainers
  • HighStep Personal Fitness
  • Bodyfit
  • Body By Kate
  • Brawn N Brains
  • UltraFit Personal Training

Funny Personal Training Names

These are some clever and funny names for personal training business you can use:

  • Fighting Fit Personal Training
  • Vish2fif
  • BC Strength Training
  • Perception Fitness
  • Hard Training Club
  • One2One Training Center
  • MeadowsFit
  • TeamNewby Fitness
  • Square Mile Fitness
  • Lotus Fitness
  • Elements of Fitness
  • Smart Strength
  • The Wall Fitness
  • Definitions Fitness Studio
  • BodyWorks Fitness Consulting
  • Healthy Body Building
  • Movement Revolution
  • Inner Loop Trainer
  • Quality Life Fitness
  • Fixed by Fitness
  • Ultimate Performance Personal Trainers
  • White Wolf Fitness
  • Active Goals Fitness
  • Ultimate Performance Personal Trainer
  • Queen Street Fitness
  • Simply Stacy Fitness
  • Focus Personal Fitness Studio
  • B-Fit Training
  • Showtime Fitness
  • No1 Fitness Personal Training
  • Further Than Fitness
  • Bodydoctor Health & Fitness
  • Ultimate Health Personal Training
  • Mean Green Training Cente
  • FitOne Personal Training Studio
  • Protein Personal Training
  • Live Large Fit Studios
  • Core Strength Fitness
  • DellFitness Personal Training
  • True Woman’s Fitness and Well-Being
  • Body Temple Training Studio
  • Maximum Results Fitness
  • The Line Method
  • 24hr Fit Club
  • Club Physical Te Atatu
  • Snap Fitness 24/7
  • Pro Fitness Personal Training
  • Beyond Fitness Personal Training Studio
  • The Trainer Forum
  • Truly Toned Personal Trainer
  • Boost Personal Trainer
  • True Strength Fitness
  • Real Results Fitness
  • F3 Wellness Connections
  • CrossFit Renew
  • To Fit You Fitness
  • Move Better In Home Personal Training
  • The Perfect Workout
  • Vision Personal Training

Personal Training Names

Waist Trainer Name Ideas

Below is the list of good waist trainer name ideas you can use:

  • Inglut Personal Training
  • Embody Fitness
  • Rich Bodies Gym
  • Sweat Equity Fitness
  • Elements of Motion
  • Core Theory Fitness
  • Bodybywillpower
  • Energetics Health & Fitness
  • Busy Body
  • Supervised Training
  • Training Loft
  • Balance Gym Foggy Bottom
  • Pathway to Fitness
  • FitMax Personal Training
  • One Goal Training
  • Prescribed Exercise Clinic
  • 3D Fitness
  • Chalk Training
  • YummyMummy Fitness
  • Fit 4 Life
  • Precision Fitness
  • GoddessFit
  • Next Level FItness
  • Royal Personal Training
  • Imagine Fitness Personal Training
  • Simply Fit
  • Six Point Fitness
  • Timberline Fitness Studio
  • Restore Body Personal Trainers
  • My Home Personal Trainer
  • Natural Progression Personal Training
  • Scott Personal Trainer
  • The Art of Fitness
  • Lifestyle Fitness
  • Jones Certified Fitness
  • Golden Physique
  • Lift Silver Lake Personal Training
  • Driven Performance Training
  • Dedicated Strength
  • Whipped Fitness
  • Roar Fitness
  • Bodywise Personal Fitness
  • Focused Fitness
  • Building Better Bodies
  • SweatBox
  • Tony Cress Training Center
  • Peak for Life
  • Transformation Fitness Centre
  • Concrete Personal Training
  • Ultimate Performance

Personal Training Package Names

  • Street Community Fitness
  • Core Progression Elite Personal Training
  • Castle Hill Fitness
  • Fast Results Fitness
  • Elite Bodies
  • Mean Green Training
  • Reflections Training Studio
  • Complete Fitness Design
  • 101 Fitness Centre
  • Blackbird Fitness and Nutrition
  • Krissfit Personal Training
  • Kingston Personal Training
  • The Active Lifestyle
  • RightFit Personal Training
  • HardBody Personal Training
  • Spark Fitness
  • CrossFit Balance
  • Iron Personal Training
  • The Fitting Rooms Personal Training
  • 24 Hour Fitness
  • Personal Training + Wellness
  • Anytime Fitness Brown
  • Fitworks
  • Forget The Gym
  • Roto Trainer Fitness
  • The Body Beat
  • Fitness Together
  • FortiFit
  • Fit180
  • Train Tracks Fitness
  • Fearless Fitness
  • Personal Fitness
  • B2 Personal Training
  • No Limit Fitness
  • The Body Bomb
  • Bodysmart Personal Training
  • Curves
  • FitFlex
  • Institut de Vie
  • Holistic Personal Fitness
  • Feel Good Fitness
  • Body By Paul
  • Extraordinary Training
  • Cross Country Hustle
  • Beach Body
  • OvercomePT
  • CoachEndure
  • Healthy Fitness Personal
  • Moore Fitness
  • Let’s Fit
  • Bodies Fit For Five
  • Strong Made Simple
  • Fit Coach Travis
  • ShearFitness
  • Golden Physique
  • Up & At Em Fitness
  • The Trainer’s Box
  • One Body Training

Personal Training Business Names

How to Name your Personal Training Business

A Personal Training Business is a great way to make money and work from home. But it’s hard to come up with a name that’s catchy, memorable, and says exactly what the business does.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when naming your personal training business, in order to avoid common business naming mistakes.

What are your target audiences?

It’s a great idea to keep your target audience in mind when you’re selecting a name. Don’t be too general, and don’t try to appeal to all demographics. You want your name to get in front of the right people.

For example, there are a ton of potential clients who can benefit from your services, but you have to understand who you are targeting.

Are you targeting young boys and girls, or do you want to target old and high-age people? First, you have to decide on this, then choosing a name can be an easy task.

Keep it short and simple

It’s important to choose a name that’s short, simple, and easy to say. If it’s too long, it can be difficult for potential customers to say and even spell. Plus, a name with too many syllables may cause confusion with your competitors’ names.

A short and simple name will help your customers easily find you when they will search for your business online.

You want a name that communicates something about your business

Your personal training business name should define what you do. This is a very important issue that needs to be addressed.

After you have created your business name, people may wonder what your business is all about, so if you don’t define it, they won’t know what to expect, and you won’t be able to connect with new prospective clients.

Never make your name the same as a competitor’s name

This is one of the biggest mistakes business owners make when starting up a new business is copying existing business name. You should stay away from this.

You should choose a name that will help you stand out from the crowd, not one that will be confusing for your customers.

Don’t be too cute or punny

When you think of a name for your personal training business, you probably envision the serious type, something that sounds professional and business-like.

You should be as specific as possible about what you do. With your name, you are literally creating your brand. So, don’t be too cute or punny.

Check the domain name availability

Before making a final decision, you should check the domain name availability to make sure you get your selected name as a domain name. Check it on

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