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Tattoo Shop Names: 700+ Coolest Tattoo Artist Names Ideas

What’s in a name? Quite a lot, actually, if you’re in the market for a custom tattoo.

Every tattoo artist has their own style and approach to art, and a good name helps to communicate exactly what that is.

A good name (or at least one that’s memorable) can also give a customer a good feeling about a shop, which is helpful since you’re going to be handing over your body to someone you’ve only just met.

If you’re looking for tattoo shop name ideas to get inspiration, here are some great tattoo shop names to help get started. Let’s dive in!

Tattoo Shop Names

Here are some most creative tattoo shop names to inspire your ideas:

  • Magic Body Art
  • 2 Sparrows Tattoo
  • Black Diamond Ink
  • Wild Wind Tattoo
  • Death Mask Tattoo
  • Twisted Tattoo & Body Piercing
  • Family Tattoo
  • Glendale Ink Tattoo Shop
  • Sacred Tattoo
  • Avenue Tattoo & Body Piercing
  • Extreme Tattoos
  • Ten Tigers Tattoo
  • Accents Body Piercing
  • Life Art Creations Tattoo
  • Mind Crusher Tattoo
  • Till Death Tattoo
  • Identity Body Piercing
  • Green Apple Tattoo
  • Great Wave Tattoo
  • Top Hat Tattoo
  • Holy Golden Art Palace
  • Storm Ink Tattoo
  • Black Cat Tattoo
  • Body Art & Soul Tattoo
  • Bloodline Tattoo
  • Skin Design Tattoo
  • Hammerhead Tattoo
  • Luxe Piercing Boutique
  • Forever Ink
  • Sacred Heart Tattoo
  • Blessed Ink Tattoo Shop
  • Green Tide Tattoo
  • Downtown Tattoo
  • Flash City Tattoo
  • Collective Tattoo Parlor
  • Doctor Ink Tattoo
  • Starlight Tattoo
  • Born 2 rise Tattoos
  • Two Olives Tattoo
  • Tattoo Crafts
  • Animal Farm Tattoo
  • Living Canvas Ink
  • That Tattoo Spot
  • Crown of Ink
  • A Touch of Ink
  • Empire Ink Tattoo
  • Boundless Tattoo Company
  • Goodkind Tattoo
  • Speakeasy Custom Tattoo

Tattoo Artists Names

These are the best tattoo artist names you can use right away:

  • Moonlight Tattoo
  • Tattoo Doctors
  • Forever Lasting Tattoo
  • The Tattoo Cure
  • Graffiti Ink
  • Streetwise Fine Piercing
  • Ink & Iron Custom Tattoo Studio
  • Dream City Tattoos
  • Tattoos for everyone
  • Sin Inkorporated
  • Lucky Cat Tattoo
  • Broken Art Tattoo
  • Tattoo zone
  • Ink Pedia
  • Black Diamond Tattoo
  • Sea of Ink
  • Body Manipulations
  • Tattoo Candy
  • Sabbath Ink Studio
  • Tattoo World
  • The Modern Electric
  • Twice as Nice
  • Any Style Tattoos
  • Platinum Ink Tattoo
  • Heart of Gold Tattoo
  • Convicts Tattoo Parlor
  • Red Moon Custom Tattoo and Piercing
  • HardXcore Art Tattoo Shop
  • Streetwise Piercing
  • Two Hands Tattoo
  • Dream Visions Tattoo
  • Diablo Tattoo Studio
  • Black Mirror Tattoo Gallery
  • Freedom Machine Tattoo
  • Ink n’ Skin
  • Third Eye Tattoo
  • Dream Masters Tattoo
  • Code of Conduct Tattoo
  • Stained Skin Tattoo Studio
  • Idle Hand Tattoo

Unique Tattoo Shop Names

Below is the list of some unique tattoo shop names to inspire you:

  • Red Ink Tattoo Studio
  • Thunderbird Tattoo
  • The Native Studios
  • Platinum Ink
  • Sketch My Life
  • Sick One Tattoos
  • One Way Tattoo Shop
  • The Piercing Suite
  • Pins and Needles
  • Skin Deep Tattoo & Piercing
  • Bae Ink
  • Medium: Skin
  • Dark Moon Studios
  • Sunset Strip Tattoo
  • Spearman Tattoo
  • Ink Rush Tattoo
  • Target Practice Tattoo Shop
  • Edge of Insanity Tattoo
  • Unbreakable Tattoo
  • Relic Body Arts
  • Skin Changers
  • Hypnotic Inks Tattoos
  • Golden Heights Tattoo Studio
  • The Inkspot
  • Needed Needles
  • White Rabbit Ink
  • Knight Studios Custom Tattoos
  • Venture Tattoo Studio
  • Find Me Ink
  • Perfection Tattoo
  • Insight Studios
  • Inkee Yankee
  • Black Diamond Custom Tattoos
  • Classic Tattoo
  • Body Drawing Temple
  • Black Lotus Tattoos
  • The Cave Freehand Ink
  • Signs of Heart
  • Grown-up Tattoos
  • Feather Touch Tatts

Vintage Tattoo Shop Names

These are the vintage tattoo shop names ideas for you:

  • Old Tradition Tattoo
  • Cultural Image Tattoo
  • Inner Visions Tattoo
  • Good Habits Tattoos
  • Ink Tattoo & Body Piercing
  • Black Dagger Tattoo
  • Black Diamond Tattoo
  • Lucky Kat Tat
  • Tattoo Technologies
  • Transference Tattoos
  • Savage Tattoos
  • Broken Art Tattoo
  • One Nation Under Ink
  • Royal Tiger Tattoo Shop
  • Extreme Needle Tattoo
  • White Owl Tattoo
  • Sunset Tattoo
  • Metamorphosis Ink
  • Inkredible
  • Tomato Tattoo
  • Three Kings Tattoo
  • Blue Lotus Tattoo Studio
  • Turbo Tattoos
  • South Central Tattoos
  • Wise Tattoos
  • Angel Tattoo Shop
  • King Of Hearts Tattoo
  • Brown Brothers Tattoo
  • UnHoly Ink Tattoo
  • West Town Tattoo
  • True Blue Tattoo & Piercing
  • Color Mark
  • Youth Shadow
  • Black Mass Tattoo
  • Neo Traditional Needs
  • House Of Pain Tattoo
  • Needle Point Tattoos
  • Color Theory Tattoo
  • Solid Gallery One
  • Rainbow Ink
  • Oh my Tattoos
  • Addicted to Ink

Funny Tattoo Shop Names

The following are the funny names to tattoo shop you can use:

  • Ink Injection
  • Addictive Ink Tattoos
  • Faces in the Dark Tattoo
  • Haunted Hands
  • Good Vibrations Tattoo
  • Extreme Needle Tattoo
  • Velvet Underground Tattoo
  • Fine Line Tattoos
  • Honour Indeed Tattoo
  • The Blue Tattoo
  • Three Kings Tattoo
  • Vibrant Ink Tattoos
  • Modern Classic Tattoo
  • Black Skull Tattoo
  • The White Elephant Studio
  • White Dragon Tattoo
  • Hidden Hands Tattoo
  • Body Adornments
  • Soul Signature
  • Colors of Magic
  • Animal Tattooer
  • Seven Sagas Tattoo
  • White Rabbit Studio
  • Sin City Tattoo Studio
  • Tattooist Bros
  • The Piercing Shop
  • Inkderma
  • Light Touch Tatts
  • First in Line Tattoos
  • Skins N Needles
  • Union Tattoo
  • Mystique Body
  • Adrenaline Tattoo & Body Piercing
  • Redemption Tattoo
  • Body Modification
  • The Painted Lady
  • Memos Locos Tattoos
  • New Lines Tattoo Studio
  • Black Raven Tattoo
  • Skin ink Tatoo Shop
  • Permitatt
  • Blindman Tattoo

Coolest Tattoo Shop Names

These are the coolest tattoo shop names for you:

  • Zone Custom Tattooing
  • City of Angels Tattoo
  • Dragon’s Maw Tattoo Parlor
  • Wasted Youth Tattoo
  • Black Owl Tattoos
  • Stained in pain tattoos
  • Head 2 Toe Tattoos
  • Tiny Tats
  • Studio One Ink Tattoo Shop
  • Red Carpet Tattoos
  • Tattoo Warehouse
  • Signature Tattoo
  • Spike Tattoo Studio
  • Sessions Tattoo Club
  • Dark Heart Tattoo Chicago
  • Needle Notions
  • Good Times Tattoo Studio
  • Hotline Ink
  • Rocket tattoo
  • Classic Tattoo
  • Get a Tat
  • Waves Tattoo Gallery
  • Tattooing Tat
  • True Blue Tattoo
  • High Street Tattoo
  • Ageless Arts Tattoo and Body Piercing
  • Painless Tattoo and Body Piercing
  • China Doll
  • Precious Tattoo Company
  • Rise Tattoo Shop
  • Downhill Tatoo Shop
  • Red Letter Tattoo
  • Awaken Tattoo and Gallery
  • Inspired and Inked
  • Vintage Tattoo Art Parlor
  • All Day Tattoo
  • The Burnt Tiger
  • Sacred Heart Tattoo
  • Rose and Crown Tattoos
  • Next Level Tattoo
  • In my Skin Tattoos

Nickname for Tattoo Artist

Below is the list of some nicknames for tattoo artists for you:

  • Brown Pride Tattoos
  • Massive Tattoo Studio
  • Master Craft Tattoo Artist
  • The Tat Guru
  • Resurrection Tattoo
  • Red Stag Tattoo
  • Eye of the Needle
  • Rock Tattoos Forever
  • Ink Envy
  • Purple Panther Tattoo
  • Body Wrap Ink
  • Time-out Tattoos
  • Royal Legion Tattoo
  • The Tattoo Den
  • Higher Ground Tattoo
  • GrimmWerks Studios
  • Wish Me Luck Tattoo
  • Timeless Tattoos
  • Triple Crown Tattoo
  • The Needle Groove
  • Blue Anvil Tattoo Shop
  • Timeless Tattoo & Body Piercing
  • Simply Ink tattoos
  • Valley Tattoo
  • Modify Tattoo and Piercing
  • Black Dagger Tattoo Studio
  • Great Lakes Tattoo
  • Second Skin
  • Blue Devil Tattoo
  • Mean Street Tattoo
  • Ink Again
  • Oh So Smooth
  • Pink Rhino Tattoo
  • Absolute Tat
  • Etched In Skin
  • Black Heart Tattoo Shop
  • Golden Gates Tattoo Parlor
  • Big Top Tattoo Shop
  • Revolution Tattoo
  • T for Tattoo
  • Ink Dealer
  • Sky High Ink

Tattoo Shop Names

How to Name Your Tattoo Shop

The name of your tattoo shop is important, as it is the first thing that people will see, and can be a deciding factor in whether or not they visit your business.

When it comes to naming your business, you want to think carefully about what you call it, since it is likely to be something that will stick with you for a long time.

The naming process can be a very personal one. You may want to think about what feelings the name represents, what your personal style is, and what message you want to convey to others.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when coming up with your tattoo shop’s name.

Consider your target audience

When you’re naming your tattoo shop, it’s important to keep your target clientele in mind.

For example, a tattoo shop called “Badass Tattoos” will probably do well in an urban area full of people who enjoy hipster culture, and a tattoo shop called “Tattoos R Us” will do well in a family-friendly area such as a beach town.

Of course, if you’re trying to open a tattoo shop in a place where tattooing isn’t legal (or your business plan is to attract people to your shop via the Internet), you might want to consider a more secretive name, such as “Hush Sush.”

Your shop name should reflect what you do

It’s incredibly important to choose a name for your tattoo shop that reflects your artistic vision and personality.

After all, once you open your doors, you’ll be meeting lots of prospective clients, and you want them to get a good idea of the kind of work you do.

And while there is a lot to be said for professional sounding names such as The New York Tattoo Company or The Flash of Color Tattoo Parlor, you can also try out something different, like The Enigma Ink Co. or even The Unpredictable Tattoo Studio.

As long as it fits the personality of your shop, it’ll work.

Choose a unique and different name

You’ll want to make sure you choose an original name that doesn’t sound like the name of another shop in your area.

Don’t choose a name that’s already taken. There are so many tattoo shops out there that have the same name, it’s almost unbelievable. Don’t put your customers off by giving your business a common name.

Keep your name unique to attract more potential customers.

Keep it short simple and descriptive

From the owner’s perspective, the best names are the ones that will attract the most clientele. But that doesn’t mean they have to be flashier or funnier than your competition.

In fact, simple, short, and descriptive names can be a good idea if you want your shop to be taken seriously.

The name should not be offensive to anyone

There are many words in the English language that can be offensive to people, whether it be the name of a certain position that is offensive to people or name of a position that is offensive to people.

Because of this, it is important to select the right word to use for your tattoo shop.

Do not choose a name that is too complex to pronounce

There are many factors to consider when choosing a tattoo shop name, but one should not underestimate how important a name can be, especially if you want to make a lasting impression on people

Make sure you choose a name that is easily pronounced, and that it reflects your personality. Because if you pick a name that isn’t, you are likely to lose customers in no time.

Avoid grammatical errors

When naming your tattoo shop, avoid grammatical errors, because they have an impact on your customers:

E.g.: “Jack’s Tattoo and Piercing” is better than “Tat 2 Go” because the former is a good name, while the latter is a bad name (there is no need to explain why, it is a bad name).

You don’t want it to stand out in a bad way. If you’re not careful, your name could turn off potential customers.

Make sure the domain name is available

Your business name is a key piece of your branding. It’s essential for making an impression and getting your business off the ground. And while you’ve probably already made sure your business name is available on paper, what about online?

Can you register the domain name? You can check it on

The domain name of your business is one of the most important things you need to get right.

It’s how you’ll be found online. It’s how you’ll be viewed. And if it’s not available as a domain name, you might have no choice but to use a less-desirable alternative.

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