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Nail Salon Names : 700+ Catchy Color Street Name Ideas

Your nail salon name is the first impression you’ll make to a potential customer coming in for a manicure or pedicure. Whether someone comes into your business is a matter of luck. The name is a matter of design.

Your salon name may be hidden in plain sight, but it’s still extremely important. Though customers may not remember your logo, your name will stick with them if it’s memorable before they walk through the door.

Many famous nail salon names are easy to remember because they’re straightforward, but some nail salon owners want to keep their names simple while still having a unique flair.

If you are the one who is looking for creative, catchy, and funny nail salon names to get inspiration then you are at the right place.

Here, you’ll find:

  • Creative names for nail salon business.
  • How to name your nail salon business.
  • Things to consider before finalizing a name for your nail business.

Nail Business Names

Here are some most creative names for nail business names to inspire your ideas:

  • Lady Pink Nails & Beauty
  • Hill First Nail
  • The Hand Spa
  • Totally Polished
  • Ultimate Look II
  • Victory Nails & Beauty
  • Bliss Nail Spa
  • Forever Nails & Waxing
  • Impeccable Nails
  • Golden Nails
  • Pretty Nails
  • Queens Nails
  • Exquisite Nails
  • Paradise Nail Spa
  • The L Nail & Beauty
  • Legacy Nail Salon
  • Amy’s Nail & Spa
  • Pro Nails & Spa
  • Nails at Number 7
  • Regal Nails
  • Crayon Nail & Beauty
  • Style Xpress Salon & Spa
  • Nail Studio
  • Beauty Nails 360
  • Style Ur Nails
  • Diamond Nail Salon & Spa
  • Pure Beauty & Spa
  • Beauty Mark
  • The Nail Corner
  • Posh Nails And Spa
  • Luxe Beauty Studio
  • Star Nails
  • Escape Nail Salon
  • Studio Nails Auckland
  • Classic Beauty
  • Olive’s Silk Nails
  • Nailvolution
  • First Nails
  • Ultimate Look
  • The Art of Nails Newmarket
  • Pure Elegance Beauty Parlor
  • Juut Salon Spa
  • Hot Nails
  • Natural Nails
  • Nails & Spa
  • Clover Nail Salon And Spa
  • Venus Nail And Spa
  • The Pampered Bar
  • The Beauty Chambers
  • ColorKarma SPa
  • The Nail Doctors
  • Glass Polish
  • Gloss Nailspa
  • Hands & Feet’s
  • Glee Beauty
  • BigStar Nails
  • Serenity Nail Salon and Spa
  • Refresh Nail N Spa
  • Fab Filings Spa
  • Ocean Nails

Nail Salon Names

These are the catchy and unique nail salon names you can use right away:

  • Perfect 10 Nails and Spa
  • Queen Nails
  • Paradise Nail Beauty & Spa
  • Dream Nails & Beauties
  • Jasmine Nails Spa
  • Live Simply Clean
  • Body Bliss Salon and Spa
  • Nail Creations
  • Royal Nail Spa
  • Delight Nails & Spa
  • Global Nails
  • Spa Nails
  • Fantasy Nails
  • Cherry Nails
  • The Nail Salon
  • Gel Nails & Spa inc.
  • Feet Treat
  • Unique Fingers
  • The Nail Bar Ponsonby
  • Royal Nails
  • Perfection Nails and Spa
  • The Nail Vault
  • Everlast Nails
  • Crystal Nail Spa
  • Signature Nails
  • Red Nails
  • Attractions Hair Studio
  • Luxury Nails
  • Nail World
  • Honey Beauty Salon
  • Tip Top Nails
  • Pinky Nails
  • Running with Scissors
  • Lush Nail Salon and Spa
  • Arcade Nails
  • Allure Nail Spa
  • Planet Nails & Spa
  • Nail Care
  • Classy Nails and Spa
  • Ulta Beauty
  • Sunrise Nails
  • American Nails
  • Star Nail
  • Leah Light – Parnell
  • Good Vibes Salon Inc
  • Styles by Key
  • Glamour Nails
  • ProfessioNail
  • Arcade Day Spa
  • Irelands Spa & Salon II
  • Red Freedom Salon
  • Get Polished
  • Pure Rain Nail Spa
  • TipToes Nail Salon
  • Platinum Nail Salon
  • Revive Nails & Co.
  • Welovenails
  • Sexy Nails Salon
  • Twinkle Toes Nail Salon
  • Nails on Wheels

Color Street Business Names

Below is the list of cool and catchy color street nail business names for you:

  • The Art of Nails
  • 1st Princess Nails & Spa
  • Holiday Color Street Nail and Spa
  • Too good nails
  • Five Star Nails
  • Happy Nails & Beauty Salon
  • Tangles on the Avenue
  • Rose Nails Spa
  • Angel Nails Spa
  • The Nail Spot
  • Fashion Nails Spa
  • Crystal Nails Spa
  • Galaxy Nails
  • Tulip Nails
  • Polished Beauty Corner
  • Perfection Nails & Spa
  • Purelux Nails & Spa
  • Coco nails and beauty
  • The Nails Lounge
  • Famous Nails
  • Just Wellness
  • Fancy Nails
  • Nails on the Edge
  • Nail Lounge
  • Fearless Beauty
  • The Polish Room
  • Beauty Instinct
  • Velvet Nail Bar
  • Jasmina Nails & Beauty
  • Sea Star Nails & Spa
  • All About Nails
  • Nail Garden
  • Elegant Nails
  • Vina Nail Studio
  • Crystal Nails & Spa
  • Perfectly Polished Studio
  • Dream Nail & Spa
  • Fashion Nails & Spa
  • Prismatique
  • ZipFLip Nail Salon
  • Picasso Nails
  • No Better Nails
  • Elegant Nails
  • Dip powder nails
  • Sunset Nails
  • Wonder Nails
  • House of Nails
  • FineCurves Nail Salon
  • La Petite Nail Shop
  • The Nail Garden
  • Get Spoiled
  • Toes Nail Salon
  • Manicure
  • Diamond Nails
  • Elite Nails
  • Plush Nail Salon
  • Luxury Nails
  • Posh Polish Nail Salon

Funny Nail Salon Names

These are some funny and funky nail salon names to inspire you:

  • Lily nails
  • A Star Nails
  • Touch From the Heart
  • Topline Nails
  • Pacific Beauty
  • Pamper nail & spa
  • Lux nail lounge
  • Nail Bar & Spa
  • Angel Nails & Spa
  • Nail Salons NZ Online
  • Perfection Nails and Spa -Ponsonby
  • Regal Beauty
  • May Nails Howick
  • Xtreme Nails Spa LLC
  • Professional Nail Salon
  • Modern Nail
  • Radient Spa
  • Co Hair-Nail Salon
  • The Shimmer Room
  • Designing Nails
  • Fine Touch Electrolysis
  • Pd Nails
  • Black Diamond Nails
  • Love Your Nails
  • Longbay Nails & Beauty
  • Lovely Nails
  • Paris Nails & Beauty
  • Rose Nails
  • Mage Nail
  • Loves Nails VIP
  • Crystal Nails
  • Regal Nails, Salon & Spa
  • Glamour Spa Nails
  • Five Star Nails Ormiston
  • Daisy’s Nail Art Studio
  • Angel’s Nail
  • Clendon Nails Boutique
  • Escape Spa & Boutique
  • My Salon Life
  • Home Nails Salon & Spa
  • Glamour Nails & Spa
  • Ultra Nails
  • The Nail Studio
  • Get Nailed
  • Green Nails & Spa
  • Deluxe Star Nails
  • Modern Nails

Nail Polish Company Names

Here are the creative names for nail polish company you can use:

  • Get Nailed!
  • Nail design
  • Blush Nails
  • Pinky Toes Nails
  • Pink Blossom
  • Red Ruby
  • Nature Made Nails
  • ManiPedi Paradise
  • Perfect Polish Nail and Spa
  • Nail Innovation
  • Poss Nail Spa
  • The Nail Process
  • Pinkies Nails
  • Today Nails
  • Fantasy Nails and Spa
  • Hope Spa & Nails
  • My Nails Bauru
  • Glitter and Glam Nails
  • Prim And Polished
  • Be Better Nails
  • The Nail Project
  • Tippity Toes Nail
  • Bossy Nails
  • Buff & Shine Nails
  • The Luxe Nails
  • AAA Nail
  • Happy Feet Nails
  • Shape ‘n Shine
  • We Love Tips Nails
  • Pretty Pedicure
  • Nail Indulgence
  • The Polish Parlor
  • Flash Nails
  • Rainbow Nails
  • Magical Nails
  • Your Nail Tech
  • The Golden File
  • Oh My Nails
  • Harmony Nails
  • Spectrum Nail Spa
  • Posh & Polished
  • Decorated Digits
  • Buff & Shine
  • Generation Nails
  • Organic Nails
  • Nail Flaunt
  • Polish your life
  • Little Piggies Nail Spa
  • Nail Art Salon
  • The Painted Nail

Color Street Nail Party Names

The following are the catchy color street nail party names for you:

  • Nail Knowledge
  • Twinkle Toes
  • Grand Color Street Party
  • Essential Nail Salon
  • Be Fine Nail Party
  • Nail Necessities
  • UV gel overlays and extensions
  • The Nail Express
  • Posh Nails
  • SNS nails
  • Fantastic Nails
  • Glamorous Nail Spa
  • Acrylics Alley
  • Grand Slam Nails
  • Nailcessity
  • Golden Glow Spa
  • The Last Nail
  • Ladies Look Nails
  • Fantastic Finger
  • The Pink Chair
  • Blossom Bee
  • Brush & Strokes
  • Pixie Nails
  • Nail Focus
  • Nuxe Nails
  • Venetian Nail Spa
  • Allure Nail Spa
  • Nails Come Alive
  • Pretty In Pink
  • Salon Picasso
  • Touch of Elegance Nails
  • Red in Bed Nail Salon
  • Posh Pedi’s
  • Heaven Nails & Spa
  • Keep it Polished
  • Say it with Color
  • Wine ‘n Polish
  • Ace of Fades
  • Nail Stones
  • Glamour
  • Tip to Toe
  • Perfecta Salon
  • QuickCurves
  • Blue Bliss
  • Good Choice For Nails
  • Nail Creations
  • Coat Bar
  • Happy Hands
  • Cuticlez Nail Salon
  • Model Nails

Nail Bar Names

These are some unique color street nail bar names for your inspiration:

  • Glowing Nails
  • Lucky Nails
  • Bloomin’ Nails
  • Thai Spa & Nails
  • Creative Nails
  • Liberty Nails
  • VenusGLow Spa
  • Paint & Pamper
  • Raise a Hand
  • Luxia Nail Spa
  • NailFlirt Spa
  • Nail Artists
  • The Nail Box
  • Classy Nails Cove
  • Pedicures
  • Nail Aesthetics Spa
  • Phenomenail
  • Be Sparkling
  • Radian You Nails
  • Glitter Girls Nail Salon
  • Knockout Nails
  • Serenity Nail Lounge
  • Snip Tease
  • Shortcuts
  • Mandy’s Manicures
  • Twinkle Toes Salon
  • Divine Spa
  • Top Coat Creations
  • Dazzle Dry
  • Pleasant Nail Spa
  • Heaven Valley
  • The Grateful Head
  • Artistic Nails
  • Lollipop Nail Studio
  • Pinkies Nail Salon
  • Royal Nail
  • Nail Nurses
  • Beyond Nails
  • Fresh Hands
  • Raise a Hand Nail Salon
  • Beauty Bar
  • Marble Nail salon
  • Editorial Nails
  • Happy Nails & Spa
  • Beauty World Nail Salon
  • Honey Nails
  • Dream Nails
  • Nail Me Good
  • Yen’s Nails
  • MotiveStone Nail Salon
  • Art & Chemistry Nails
  • The Getaway
  • MoodSpace
  • Design on a Dime
  • Holy Nails!
  • Hygiene Nail Spa
  • TipToe Nail Salon
  • Manipedi
  • Pearls Nail Salon

Nail Salon Names

How to Name Your Nail Salon Business

Naming your nail salon is super fun, but also a super stressful process. There are so many things to think about and these things often conflict with each other.

For example, you want the name to be memorable and unique but not so unusual that it confuses people. You want it to sound professional, but you probably don’t want to spend a ton of money on a fancy branding agency.

Below are a few important things to keep in mind when naming your nail salon:

Decide on the type of name you want

The first step to naming your nail salon is to decide if you want to go generic or use a name that reflects the personality of your salon. If you decide that you want to use a generic name then you can use a name that is related to nails or nail care as the name of your nail salon, such as:

  • Nail Salon
  • Nail Bar
  • Nail Spa
  • Nail Studio
  • Parlor

Make it easy to pronounce and spell

The name you give your business is one of the first things people will notice, and you want to make sure that it’s easy to pronounce and spell.

That way, your clients will be able to find you online, where you’ll be able to communicate with them and get them to spread the word about your business.

Choose a unique and descriptive name

It’s important for a nail salon to have a unique name. It needs to convey something about what the clientele it wants to serve is like.

If you’re in a neighborhood where many parents bring their kids in for manicures and pedicures, it’s natural to choose a name that is fun and playful.

An upscale shopping mall, on the other hand, may want a name that conveys its sophisticated appeal. Whatever your ideal clientele is, it’s important to find a name that they’ll remember.

Consider your location name

When you think about the name of your nail salon, you should consider the type of location the salon will be in.

For example, if you’re opening a salon in a shopping mall, you may want to select a name that includes the name of the shopping center. It will customers to come to the exact location of your nail salon.

Don’t copy existing nail salon names in your area

There is no limit to the number of nail salons that have the same name all over the world. In fact, most of the time, one place will find that another place has the same name as them when they are in the process of naming their new salon.

This has led to a lot of confusion within the nail salon industry, as there are multiple places that have the same name, and most still have yet to come up with a one-of-a-kind name for their salon.

So, if you want to have your own brand identity, make sure to choose a name that is not already used by someone else.

Things to Consider Before Finalizing Your Nail Salon Name

These are the three important things to check before finalizing your name:

Get some feedback

As you probably already know, the name of your salon is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. It sets the tone for your entire brand, and the success or failure of your salon will depend heavily on it.

Also, choosing a name is a huge step in business development, and it should be done carefully.

So, it’s a good idea to get some feedback. Start by asking your potential customers what they think of your name. Having an idea of what people think of your name early on will save you headaches down the road.

Another best way to get feedback is by starting an online conversation.

Check the domain name availability

When choosing a salon name, the most important thing to consider is not what your business does. Instead, you need to check the domain name availability when naming your business.

This will save you a lot of money, especially if you’re trying to start a web-based business. You can check it on any domain checker website such as or

Make sure you can trademark your nail salon name

In today’s economy, the number of businesses that are being started is at a record high.

Whether you’re starting a business as a stay-at-home mom, or as the next great tech start-up, it’s important to protect your product or services with a unique name that no one else can use.

That is why checking the trademark database is very important in many countries. Check the trademark database easily on

Make sure you are happy with your selected name

Choosing a salon name is a very big decision, and you don’t want to be stuck with a name you don’t like. Before finalizing your salon name, ask these questions:

  • What is your vision for your salon?
  • Who are you targeting? Is your name reflect them?
  • What can you do to stand out from your competition?

Hope you liked the above nail salon names, ideas, and suggestion. Good luck!

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