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Makeup Business Names: 500+ Unique Makeup Artist Names

If you are entering your dream beauty industry and want to start a makeup business then coming up with a unique name is the best way to catch the customer’s attention towards your new business.

But the question is how to generate catchy and younique makeup business names?

In this article, we are going to suggest some professional makeup artist business names and ideas on how to name your makeup studio.

Makeup Business Names

Here are some younique makeup business names to inspire your ideas:

  • Bounty Glam
  • Refined Reveal
  • Elegance Beauty
  • Styles And Glamour
  • Makeup Generous
  • Perfect Look
  • Makeup Heaven
  • Beauty Station
  • Face Boutique Makeup
  • Beauty Queens
  • Beauty Academy
  • True Face Beauty
  • The Magic Touch
  • Crushy Cosmetics
  • Attraction Palace
  • Dazzling Beauties
  • Dream Shades
  • Brass Touch Spa
  • Daylight Beauty
  • Hidden Beauty
  • Sparkle Specialists
  • Makeover Masters
  • Get Glamorous
  • Supreme Makeup Sparkle
  • Crystal Claire Cosmetics
  • Professional Makeup

Makeup Artist Business Names

Below are the catchy and cool makeup artist business names you can consider using:

  • Lucky Cat Beauty
  • The Make-Up Artist
  • Beauty luxe
  • Great Touches
  • TrueSpirit Makeup
  • Rapid Beauty Shop
  • The Perfect Face
  • Gorgeous Girl Cosmetics
  • Impulse Beauty
  • Golden Life
  • Bestly Cosmetics
  • Finesse Beauty
  • Stream Beauty
  • Favour Makeup Shop
  • Blush Works
  • Make Up Forever
  • Makeup Lab
  • Xpressions Style
  • Black Pearl
  • Lush Fresh Makeup

Glamour Business Names

Here is the list of best beauty and glamour business names for your new startup:

  • Glamour Makeup Mirrors
  • Glamour Piercing
  • Beauty Kingdom
  • Glamour Beauty Salon
  • Curve Makeup Artist
  • Glitzy Glam Beauty
  • Shine & Glow
  • Elegance Mobile Beauty
  • Glamour Beauty Bar
  • Mirrors Beauty
  • House Of Glamour
  • Gladys Makeup
  • Glamour Box
  • Urban Beauty
  • Flair Beauty
  • Red Velvet Beauty
  • Moon Makeup Artist
  • The Dollhouse Beauty
  • Royal Beauty Spa
  • Top Image Beauty

Makeup Brand Names

These are the top and famous makeup brand names of all time:

  • Bobbi Brown
  • l.f. Cosmetics
  • Estee Lauder
  • Covergirl
  • Dior
  • Clinique
  • L’Oreal
  • Lancome
  • bareMinerals
  • Clarins
  • Elizabeth Arden
  • Maybelline New York
  • Burberry
  • Guerlain
  • Shu Uemura
  • MAC
  • Cover FX
  • NARS
  • Napoleon Perdis
  • Yves Saint Laurent
  • Sephora
  • Givenchy
  • NYX
  • Revlon
  • Urban Decay
  • Laura Mercier
  • Mecca

Makeup Club Names

These are the catchy makeup club names for you:

  • Glitters Beauty
  • Blossom Magic Unisex
  • The Beauty Café
  • Glamour Touch Beauty Club
  • Strands Lounge
  • Beauty Zone Studio
  • Bridal & Makeup Club
  • Care Beauty
  • Reflection Beauty Salon
  • Blessing Makeup Store
  • Glam World
  • Organic Face
  • Pink Ink Makeup
  • Dreamland Beautysalon
  • High Sense Beauty
  • Polish Beauty Club
  • Polish Me Pretty
  • Beauty Mark
  • Beauty Skin Center
  • Colour Lounge

Makeup Studio Names

Check the below example of good makeup studio name ideas:

  • Shape Brow Studio
  • GLAM Studio
  • Grace Beauty Parlour
  • Cute Salon & Spa
  • Grace Makeup Studio
  • Decent Beauty Parlour
  • Beauty Hub
  • Union Beauty Salon
  • Beauty Brands
  • Butterfly Studio
  • Diamond Beauty Salon
  • Fresh Loves
  • Pretty Face Studio
  • Bridal Makeup Artist
  • Rising Star Beauty
  • Sunset Beauty
  • NYC Makeup Artistry
  • Roses Beauty
  • True Beauty
  • Soon Beauty Lab

Makeup Page Names

These are some catchy makeup page names for your business:

  • The Plus Beauty
  • Pretty Makeovers
  • Perfect Makeup
  • Herbal Beauty
  • Royal Touch
  • Permanent Makeup
  • Glamour Smile
  • The Little Lash Room
  • Delights
  • Airbase Makeup
  • Muse Beauty
  • Make-Up Monsters
  • Makeup Shack
  • Timeless Beauty
  • Luxury Makeup Artistry
  • Natural Organics
  • Honey Bee
  • Clips & Combs
  • Queens Makeup
  • Makeup Art

Makeup Instagram Names

Here is the list of cool and unique makeup Instagram names:

  • Perfection Beauty
  • Sparkles
  • Beautique
  • Simply Glam Makeup
  • Designers Edge
  • Stylish Flow
  • Beauty Lord
  • Beauty Garden
  • Grateful Shades
  • Lips Chic
  • Remotely Fashion
  • Beautifly
  • Glow Of Grace
  • Perfect Finish
  • Ripple
  • Cassandra
  • Find Your Angles
  • Effortless Beauty
  • Magic Smears
  • Spectrum Spa
  • Beauty Resort

How to Name your Makeup Business

Below are the few steps for brainstorming makeup business names:

Name it after yourself.

You will find thousands of makeup artists have named their business after their own or family names. If you think your name is unique in the industry consider using it.

You can either use your full or first name. But the important thing is your name doesn’t convey something about your business, therefore use a catchy and related keyword after your personal name.

For example, these are the catchy makeup related words you can use with your personal name. Glamour, Blooms, Sparkle, Beauty, Makeup, Cosmetics, etc.

Consider using your location name.

If you want to make your brand identity in a specific area, using the location name as the first part of your makeup business name is a great idea for you.

Such as get inspiration from these location-based makeup business names. New York Makeup Studio, London Fashion Salon, Brooklyn Beauty Business, etc.

Simplicity is the key.

The name you will choose should have these qualities: easy to remember, easy to pronounce, and easy to spell.

And, avoid using too long, boring, and complicated words that can be difficult for your customers to remember.

Your business name should define what you do.

Your business name is the definition of your service you are doing for the people. So, coming up with a name that can’t convey something about your business doesn’t make sense.

If your business name will not give ideas about your business, people will be confused. And they will go to the next studio in your town. Therefore always pick a name communicates what your business is all about.

Combine related words.

This is another great idea for creating unique makeup artist names. Try to combine to emotional words that can attract more customers.

Such as Pretty Face, Glamour Smile, Beautiful Makeup, Golden Touch, Shine Beauty, Perfect Makeup, etc.

Try not to pick something too limiting.

Choosing a too specific name can’t be a good idea because everyone wants to spread the business after some time. Of course, you should.

So, when naming your business, keep your future goals in mind and come up with a name that stands out in the industry.

Do competitors research.

Search for the famous and top makeup businesses in your area and look at what’s special in their names and service. It will help you create more name ideas of your own makeup business.

The important thing is don’t copy other makeup brand names, try to come up with your own unique name to be a part of this competitive industry.

Check the trademark database.

Before making a final decision, check to make sure your selected name is available for the trademark registration. To check, visit your state trademark office or you can also check it on

Check the domain name availability.

Also, check the domain name availability on if you want to present your business on the web.

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