600 Most Attractive Esthetic Business Name Ideas

In this article, we are going to suggest some best esthetics business names, ideas, and suggestions to inspire and help you create a brand name for your esthetic business.

A business is known by its name. So, choosing a catchy and unique name is very important to make your brand identity in the industry.

Let’s jump into the name ideas:

Esthetic Business Names

Here are some catchy and cool esthetic business names ideas for your new startup:

  • International Skin Beauty
  • Lustre Skin Boutique
  • Altruistic Esthetics
  • Bespoke Esthetics Chicago
  • Luminere Esthetics and Wellness
  • Temillas Skin Care
  • Wholistic Skincare
  • Iris Esthetics
  • Absolute Precision Skin Care
  • Facial Studio
  • Brows Always Esthetics Studio
  • Universal Esthetics
  • Majestic Estheticia
  • Selective Esthetics LLC
  • Skin Diversity Esthetics and Waxing
  • Esthetics By Jeanette Salon
  • Esthetics Queendom
  • Esthetics By Monica
  • Palomar Institute of Cosmetology
  • Aesthetic Beauty
  • Pure Esthetics Spa
  • Electrology & Esthetics
  • Paul Mitchell The School Fresno
  • Victory Career College
  • Salon Success Academy
  • Mirror Mirror Esthetics
  • Personal Touch Esthetics
  • Taylor Made Esthetics
  • Career Academy of Beauty
  • Eva’s Touch INC
  • Urban Angel Esthetics
  • Tint school of makeup & cosmetology
  • Anna Christina Esthetics
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Amy’s Skin Care & Med Spa
  • The Spa by Sheena
  • Salon Boutique Academy
  • Baldwin Beauty Schools Inc
  • Princess Professional Salon
  • The Pretty Kitty
  • Medispa & Salon
  • Austin Skincare Company
  • Image Skin Studio

Creative Esthetic Business Names

These are the most creative esthetician business names to inspire you:

  • Defined Esthetics
  • Natasha Good Aesthetics
  • Esthetician Bri Eyelash Extensions & Facials
  • Lancaster Beauty School
  • Paul Mitchell The School Modesto
  • Citrus College Cosmetology
  • Institute of Beauty Culture
  • Bellflower Beauty
  • The Salon Professional Academy
  • NouVeau Skin Studio
  • California Hair Design Academy
  • Newberry School Of Beauty
  • Flair Beauty College
  • Synergee Skin Spa & Acne Center
  • Inspire Academy of Cosmetology
  • Yoso Wellness Spa
  • Skin Esteem
  • Designs School of Cosmetology
  • California Cosmetology
  • Bakersfield Central
  • Kaiser Permanente Cosmetic Services
  • Board of Barbering
  • Cosmetology Building
  • Princess Institute of Beauty
  • Elite Cosmetology School
  • Courtyard Aesthetics
  • Kaiser Cosmetic Services
  • Cosmotek College
  • Moler Cosmetology College
  • Serena’s Skin Care Studio

Esthetician Names for Instagram

Below is the list of cool esthetician names for Instagram you can use:

  • Very Aesthetic
  • Prestige beauty
  • SuperFast Fine
  • Esthetic Fit
  • Tulip beauty
  • Taste Angel
  • Summit Artful
  • Step Artful
  • Esthetic Woman
  • Taste Plus
  • Skin Haus
  • Skinworks
  • Bliss Esthetics
  • Sugar Plum Spa
  • Reform skincare
  • The Skin Firm
  • Lucid Beauty

Unique Esthetician Business Names

These are some unique names for esthetician business:

  • Berman Skin Institute
  • Marinello Schools of Beauty
  • Simi Valley Cosmetology School
  • Synergy Wellness Center
  • Massage Envy
  • Federico College
  • Milan Institute Of Cosmetology
  • European Wax Center
  • National Cosmetology Beauty School
  • Wayne’s College of Beauty Inc
  • Ulta Beauty
  • Texas Laser & Aesthetics Training Academy
  • Expertise Esthetics
  • Granbury Esthetics
  • Esthetics & Massages
  • Shining Way Esthetics
  • Innova Esthetics
  • Texas Laser and Aesthetics
  • BellaPiel Medical Esthetics
  • Bare Esthetics Studio
  • Dalia Wagley Esthetics
  • Ogle School of Hair
  • Everglow Esthetics
  • Medical Aesthetics
  • Threading & Sugaring
  • Pearland’s Innovatives
  • European Wax Center
  • The Salon Professional
  • Skin Care By Viktoria
  • Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Dallas

Funny Esthetic Business Names

Catchy Names for Skincare Business

The following are the catchy names for skincare business you can consider using:

  • Bella Beauty College
  • Miss Clara’s Esthetics
  • The Dream Spa
  • European Skincare & Med Spa
  • Estheva Esthetics
  • Abby The Esthetician
  • Kilgore College Beauty
  • Great Skin Spa Skincare & Facial Club
  • Paul Mitchell The School San Antonio
  • MSE Esthetic Services
  • Vogue College of Cosmetology
  • Cindy Taylor of Renew Spa
  • Ann Webb Skin Institute
  • National Laser Institute
  • Lone Star Esthetics
  • Nova Aesthetics
  • Cosmetology Program & Salon
  • Urban Fox Lash & Beauty
  • Ana Belen Skin Care
  • Wildflower Day Spa
  • Professional Academy Whitehouse
  • The Med Spa
  • Bella Luna Aesthetic Center
  • The Sugar Society
  • Central Texas Barber College
  • University of Cosmetology
  • Laser & Aesthetic Center
  • Clear Lake Dermatology
  • Amazing Lash Studio
  • Spavia Day Spa Fort Worth
  • Rodgers Dermatology

Facial Names Ideas

These are some best spa and facial names ideas for you:

  • Spa Palace
  • Spa Radiance
  • Spacation Spa
  • Stripped Esthetics
  • Studio Soothe
  • Touch and Glow Spa
  • Touchdown Taste
  • Transfiguration
  • True Beauty
  • Turning Point
  • Unique Esthetic
  • Upcoming Fine
  • Utopian Skin Clinic
  • Vanity Chest
  • Velveteen Lazer
  • Venus Rejuvenation Clinic
  • Very Aesthetic
  • Visages
  • Vogue Styles
  • Wellness Spa
  • Windward Fine
  • Youthtopia Medical Clinic

Esthetic Business Names

Famous Esthetic Business Names in USA:

  • Aesthetic Laser Center of Seattle
  • Ashbrook Aesthetics
  • Meraki Esthetics
  • Academy of Aesthetic Arts
  • Essential Esthetics
  • Ocean Esthetics
  • Sara Macias Esthetics
  • Evergreen Beauty College
  • Iconic Esthetics
  • Unapologetic Esthetic
  • Rainier Laser & Aesthetics Center
  • Lower Columbia Esthetics
  • Evergreen Beauty College Renton
  • Evergreen Beauty College North Seattle
  • Summit Salon Academy Tacoma
  • Advanced Aesthetics
  • Estetica Spa
  • Spa Services
  • Olympia Medical Spa
  • Esthetic Society
  • Aveda Institute Portland,
  • Synergy MedAesthetics
  • Urban Esthetics and Nails
  • Pur Skin Clinic
  • Timeless Esthetics
  • Pure Escape Med Spa
  • Vivian Beauty
  • Studio Beauty School
  • Advanced Skin and Body Solutions
  • Paraluman Esthetics
  • Skin by Dezign
  • Aesthetic Surgery Centre
  • Complexion Clinical Skincare
  • Serene Medical Aesthetics
  • Lucinda’s Esthetics
  • Lux Salon & Spa
  • Glade Spring Spa
  • Seattle Aesthetics
  • The Renewal Center
  • Advanced Dermatology
  • Glow Mediclinic
  • Werschler Aesthetics
  • Empower Aesthetics
  • Antidote Spa and Salon
  • Aesthetics Institute
  • Tuscan Skin Studio

Famous Esthetic Business Names in UK:

  • Staffordshire Aesthetics
  • Medical & Aesthetic Clinic
  • Oxford Laser Aesthetics
  • Aesthetic Clinic London
  • Nova Aesthetic Clinic
  • Fern Skincare Ltd
  • Bodilight
  • Air Aesthetics Clinic
  • Utopia Beauty Salon
  • Lynton Lasers Ltd
  • Elite Aesthetics
  • Health & Aesthetics Ltd
  • Eden Skin Clinic Wimbledon
  • Beauty and Melody
  • City Aesthetics clinic
  • Kiss aesthetics
  • face etc medispa
  • Este Medical Group
  • Anti-Ageing Aesthetics
  • Persona Cosmetic Medicine
  • Hilton Skin Clinics
  • Aesthetic Beauty Centre
  • Zenith Cosmetic Clinics
  • The London Cosmetic Clinic
  • Epilight New Skin Clinic
  • The Skin Clinic
  • Este Medical Group Leeds
  • The Guinot Salon
  • Guinot Windsor
  • Mayfair Practice
  • Aesthetic Solutions Ltd
  • Chiltern Medical Clinic
  • The Skin to Love Clinic
  • Aesthetic Health
  • Dr Leah Cosmetic Skin Clinic
  • Guinot Bramhall
  • Rupesh Shah Aesthetics London
  • The Harley Medical Group
  • Bath Facial Aesthetics

How to Brainstorm Esthetic Business Names?

Below are a few suggestions to help create the best name for your esthetic business:

Create possible esthetic name ideas.

The very first and interesting step towards naming your business is to create a list of some possible name ideas with your friends or family members.

Try combining related words that can give any hint about your esthetic business.

Such as, esthetic is all about the beautification of the skin, so you can simply come up with words related to skin and beauty.

For example, fascination, glamour, shining, skin, gloriousness, radiance, beautiful, cute, lovely, etc.

After coming up with some related words, combine them to create a list of unique esthetic business names. For example, these are some good names we have come up with.

The shining skincare, Perfect glamour, Smooth beauty, Cute looking, and Attractive face.

Get other opinions.

If you want to add some more name ideas to your names list, getting other opinions can help you a lot.

However, don’t just ask your friends and family members for ideas, also add your target audience, employees, and colleagues.

Maybe, they have more interesting name ideas that would perfect for your esthetic business.

Use online tools.

Another best way is to use online esthetic business name generators for more name ideas.

For example, you can use Shopify business name generator or Namelix. You will also find many other generators when you search for esthetic name generators.

These generators will give hundreds of cool esthetician name ideas and suggestions. So, don’t forget to give it a try.

Do research for the famous esthetic brand names.

What are some famous existing esthetician names in your area?

Search for the top esthetics brands on Google and then think about what is special in their business names. You can get good inspiration from their names that will help create your own unique name.

Pick some favorite names from your list.

Once you come up with a list of name ideas, your next step should pick some favorite names.

Come up with almost 5 to 10 favorite names and then get feedback to decide on the best name for your esthetic business.

5 Qualities of Good Esthetic Business Names

It should be short and simple.

The first quality of any business name is simplicity. If your business name will be short and simple people will easily understand and recognize your services.

On the other hand, complicated and boring names can create confusion, which will bring customers away from you.

It should not be limiting.

Businesses grow with time. If you are going to launch any skincare product then avoid choosing a limiting and too specific name.

Also, avoid using geographic names because geographic names will limit your business growth to that specific area.

And, if you want to start any skin and beauty service then you can use your location name to attract your target audience.

It should reflect what you do.

Using a descriptive name is another important thing. Sometimes we can’t recognize a business by its name until we do a little research. This is because the business name does not communicate something about the services or products.

So, when choosing a name make sure your name is meaningful and relevant to your business.

Is it available for the domain name?

Nowadays online services and businesses are becoming more popular day by day. Of course, you should present your esthetic business online to attract more customers.

So, when choosing a name don’t forget to check the domain name availability. Check it easily on Domain.com. For checking other social media profiles, visit namecheckr.

Your name should be available for trademark registration.

In many countries, business names need to be trademark and you can’t trademark any business name twice. So, before making a final decision, it’s very important to check the trademark database.

If you are an American company you can check it on US Patent and Trademark Office.

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