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Art Usernames: 400+ Cool Art Names for Instagram Account

For many artists, finding an art username is a very personal and thoughtful process that involves a lot of thinking, research, and brainstorming. A good art username should be something special and unique that conveys the artist’s personality.

What are some cool art names for Instagram?

If you are looking for some good art usernames ideas, you are at the right place.

In this article, I have listed some creative and cool art Instagram names, ideas, and suggestions for your inspiration.

Art Usernames

Here are the most creative and catchy art usernames you can use for your accounts:

  • Mind artist
  • Art Amour
  • Spiral Notebook
  • One-Of-A-Kind Arts
  • Inside Joy
  • Drawing Dudes
  • Decorative Art
  • Pretty Hand
  • Upstart Art
  • ArtCave
  • Retro Fit
  • Colourart
  • Urban Dust
  • Phantom Arts
  • The Thrilling Arts
  • Custom Express
  • Hot Art
  • Purple Cow
  • Blue Bird Arts
  • Creative Imagery
  • Impact Form
  • Creative Displays
  • AscottStroke
  • Get Creative!
  • ArtyTrails
  • Dream Edit
  • Creativity with Ally
  • Rave Creative
  • Perspective Art
  • Partners Blogs
  • Ancient Gallery

Art Instagram Names

These are some good art Instagram names to inspire you:

  • Braided Art
  • Bone Art Place
  • Digital Colorful
  • Unique Arts
  • Art Machine
  • Pure Dreams
  • Brushartsy
  • Needle Bits
  • LayoutLaw
  • Lunar Layout
  • Stone of Hearts
  • Produce Inspire
  • Still Design
  • RetroStone Art Gallery
  • Painting with Passion
  • MetalEdge
  • Color Creations
  • Rainbow Feathers
  • Think & Brand
  • Sunny Skies Creative
  • ArtWorks Studios
  • Gallery View
  • Ideolix Art & Ink
  • Soul Space
  • Art content
  • Old Age Crafts
  • Technology
  • Spy Corp
  • Quality Abstract

Cool Art Names for Instagram

Below are the cool art names for Instagram you can use right away:

  • Unique Find
  • Hobby Lobby
  • Wow Fun
  • Heartfelt Art
  • Smooth Art
  • Quick Make
  • Artistic Lounge
  • Beads And Beyond
  • Paper Bunny
  • The ArtSpace
  • Art Advance
  • Chic Slick
  • HomeRun Design
  • Perimete Art Gallery
  • Mind Form
  • Active Design
  • Art Archives
  • DezignStyler
  • Unique Infusion
  • Artful Dodger
  • Sketchy Guys
  • Crispy Vision
  • BrightMate
  • Straight Up Arts Company
  • Pinpoint Printables
  • The Primitive Flair
  • Qurious Sasa
  • Art for Fame
  • Artisan Valley
  • Diy Designs

Cool Art Names for Instagram

Artist Instagram Names

The following are the best artist Instagram names for you:

  • Boost Comic
  • Art with Genius
  • Kinder Artist
  • The Art Cycle
  • Visions Make
  • Exclusive Designs
  • Holo Design
  • Simple Make
  • Perfecting Patty
  • Classful Artwork
  • Depthtold
  • ArtCreek
  • No Excuses Art
  • Express Expressions
  • Begin Shape
  • Artologs
  • Vibrant Pictures
  • Professional Artistry
  • Art Experts
  • Simply Art
  • Bee Creative
  • Art Parts
  • Do Your Part
  • Art Connection
  • Real & Tangible
  • Visual Art Technology
  • DesireDaisy
  • Paint Experts
  • Ideas Decorator
  • The Art Factory

Art Page Names

These are some creative names for art page on Instagram:

  • Art Insider
  • Creative Draw
  • Deans Art
  • The Vision Arts
  • Creative Crew
  • Art Thrill Fine Art
  • Form Sculptor
  • Pen & Paper Creations
  • Bright Mate
  • Making Masterpieces
  • Crispy Graphic
  • Roads Abstract
  • Allcanvased
  • Creative Corner
  • Yugo Horse
  • Art Every Minute
  • Creative Hive
  • Classy Art
  • Pinots Palette
  • Scuplting with the Heart
  • NewEraArt
  • Power Logbook
  • Creator Arts
  • Express Lane Expression
  • Colorful Creators
  • Creative Colors
  • Pioneer Think
  • Skill Structure
  • Krissy’s Art House
  • ProPaint

Art Page Names

Aesthetic Art Account Names

Below is the list of cool aesthetic art account names for you

  • Art Originals
  • Mix Abstract
  • Whitechapel Gallery
  • Prime Art
  • Master Arts
  • Build A Vision
  • Great Art & Fine
  • absTrayOut
  • Graphic Designs
  • Draw Me
  • Green Spore
  • Handy Candy
  • Graphic Store
  • Combine act
  • The First Piece
  • Art and Soul
  • Hardy & Nance Studios
  • Painting Pros
  • Studio Art
  • The Art Cart
  • Inspire Studios
  • Manner Arts
  • Designs with Reason
  • GoodStone Art Gallery
  • Top’s Art Supplies
  • Vision Act
  • Angel daisy
  • Start with Art
  • Artist File
  • Minna Glora

How to Name Your Art Instagram Account

Our online handle is the first thing people think of when they meet us online. It’s a chance to put our best foot forward and make a good impression.

We’re all looking for a name that’s memorable, easy to spell, and easy to pronounce. This is an important decision, so it’s understandable that it may take some thought and effort to find the perfect username.

Deciding on an art Instagram name is an important decision for any aspiring artist! Here are some steps to follow if you are unsure on how to come up with a good art Instagram name.

Choose a name that shows off your personality and interests

Some of the best art usernames are the ones that show off an interesting personality trait or are a play on a person’s favorite activity.

So, you need to choose a creative username that defines you and will get people interested in your artwork. It is a great way to help people to get to know you better.

Don’t use a name that you might regret later

If you want to be taken seriously in the art world it is important to avoid usernames that you might later regret.

No matter what you do, you should always think about the future. This advice is especially true if you’re using a username for the internet, where what you post might not be deleted when you decide to change your name.

It should be easy to remember, pronounce, and spell

Even if you don’t have any followers on Instagram, your art Instagram name should still be easy to remember, pronounce, and spell.

If a friend is telling another friend about you and your art, they will have to say your name. It shouldn’t take a lot of time for them to talk about you. If it does, that friend might get so frustrated that they decide not to talk about you at all.

Keep your name short and catchy

Did you know that the most popular Instagram users have no more than 10 characters in their account names?

While some of the top accounts have names that are as long as the average person’s name, most use a simple handle that says a lot about who they are and what they do.

For example, is a clear statement that the creator values his or her art.

If you want your page to pop up in search results and get a lot of interactions, you need to keep your art Instagram name short and catchy.

Don’t use the same name as someone else

We live in a world of 7 billion people. There’s a lot of room for everyone to be different. There’s a lot of room for everyone to be themselves.

And it’s the same in the Instagram community, right? Well, not exactly. We’ve noticed a disturbing trend on the photo-sharing site: an alarming number of users are using the same username as someone else.

This is not good if you’re trying to get attention for your art. You should use a different Instagram username.

Don’t use a name that could offend someone

For example, if you choose a name that is a derogatory word towards a certain gender or race. That would be offensive to that gender or race if you used it in your art Instagram username.

The key to your username is picking something that is memorable, clear, and does not offend anyone

Choose a name that is connected to your art or an art-related name

Famous artists often seem to be drawn to names that reflect their profession or that are creative, inspirational, and artistic.

The art world is home to many intriguing names. It’s often the names that first get our attention, and can even help shape our perceptions about an artist’s work.

At first glance, you might think that the name “Jackson Pollock” has no connection to art or his work. But it’s not about how it sounds, it’s about how it looks.

The letters “pollock” and the letters “jackson” are connected by a series of lines that look a lot like paint drips. You don’t need to be an art history major to appreciate that!

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