Etsy Shop Names: 550 Catchy & Cute Shop Names for Etsy

Etsy is much more than an online marketplace. It’s a community and a culture where every member has a voice.

It’s a place to start and grow your business, build a following, and get recognized for your talents. If you are interested in starting your own Etsy shop you might be wondering, what should you name your shop?

It is a big question and one that a lot of new Etsy owners struggle with. Why? Because it’s not as easy as it seems. The truth is, picking the right name is difficult, and it’s something that should be done thoughtfully.

To help you make it a little easy for you, in this article we have listed some best Etsy shop names and ideas on how to choose a unique name for your Etsy store. Let’s dive in!

Etsy Shop Names

Here are some cool, unique, attractive, and catchy Etsy shop names you can use:

  • Etsy By Julie
  • Kitchen Haven
  • Ace of Eats
  • Mountain-Made Shop
  • Unique Antique
  • Yarny Haven Boutique
  • Colorful Stitches
  • Intricate-Creations
  • Big Ideas Boutique
  • Craft Collection
  • Ring Finger Madness
  • Hobbling Goose Co.
  • The Eco Mart
  • Carry Me Happy
  • The Family Pirate
  • The Twisting Nether
  • Hand Carved Cove
  • Clths Today
  • The Pluto Power
  • Lauren’s Needle
  • Harmonium Gifts
  • At Home Creations
  • SnowflakesWinterShop
  • Leap High Saddles
  • The Custom Goddess
  • Clever One Candles
  • Art in Motion
  • Bits and Pieces
  • Magicart
  • Soho Threads
  • SwankBoutique
  • Fresh Serve Me
  • MakeupAndLotion
  • The First Specialty
  • The Crafty Lady
  • Thrifty Options
  • Forever Espace
  • The V Barn
  • The Crafty Gent
  • Vintage Joy Store
  • Millers of White Gate
  • Past Knick Knacks
  • Etsy Save
  • Simply Chic Crafts
  • Needle and Things
  • Jollective Memories
  • Be Mine Jewelers
  • Sultan’s Custom Art
  • Fusion Cut Stickers
  • Lulu’s Threads
  • My Museum
  • Featherstock Shop
  • Tools And U
  • Cat Mat Geek
  • DIY Designs
  • The Urban Duck
  • Rumour Has It
  • Decadence For Sale
  • 4th Gen Artissin
  • Easy Scandi Decor
  • Land of Art
  • Ace Vase Designs
  • Stupid Creative
  • Freshonaves
  • Spira Design studio
  • The Playful Mouse
  • The Artist Inside
  • Gathered Thread
  • Ocean Of Arts
  • Beads and Baubles
  • Simple Clean Art
  • UZ Vintage Clothing
  • Wrist Watchers
  • Sparkles & Avia
  • Master Crafter Supplies
  • The Peen and Hammer
  • The Gathering Thread
  • Witchy Potions
  • Special Souvenirs Shop
  • Kitten and Me

Cute Shop Names for Etsy

These are some cute names for Etsy shop that you might find interesting:

  • Rustic Keepsake Items
  • The Silver Ring
  • Created-With-Care
  • The Vibrant Threads
  • Artistic Supply Shop
  • Pen2Paper Crafts
  • ThePinCushion
  • Gathered Up Threads
  • Totally Discounted Shopping
  • Feet Happy Designs
  • The Overflowing Cup
  • t’s Sew Cute
  • Neighborly Dimension
  • Antiquated Clothing
  • The Fragile Deluxe
  • Its Sew Great
  • Dusk Boulevard
  • Delicate Designs Online
  • The Painting Hub
  • The Shimmering Room
  • Uncommon-Treasures
  • Daily DIYs
  • Needles And Co
  • Stitch Me Up
  • The Gift-Exchange
  • The Past Beginnings
  • Tiny Etsy
  • Hand Loomed Trading Co
  • The Funky
  • Lavish and Squish
  • Happy Kids Tattoo
  • Just You Jane
  • Clueful Clothing
  • Shadyside Sunshin
  • Goodness To Go Fresh
  • Uncommodities
  • The Precious Purple
  • Print it Out!
  • Fluffed Studio
  • Vintage Vendor
  • Amaze Decors
  • The Vintage Stamp
  • The Brainy Canvas
  • TodayCrochet
  • TheSoapmaker
  • Krissy’s Kraft House
  • Boutiqueful Love
  • Kale’s Body Shop
  • Precious Pet Products
  • Last Last Laugh
  • Creative Antiques
  • Aphrodite’s Delights
  • Norse Winds
  • Lone Rose Designs
  • Cousins And Cottons
  • Bumble me Clothing
  • Posh and Soft
  • Special-Occasion Creations
  • WayBoutique
  • Individual Moment
  • Personalization-Nation
  • The Daily Craft
  • DiamondintheRough
  • Machina in Art
  • Jean Dreamers
  • Nautical Knots
  • The Bargain Center

Etsy Store Names

Below is the list of some best Etsy store names to inspire your ideas:

  • Clothing Elegance
  • Aged to Perfection
  • ZenCraftShop
  • Crabby Crafting Store
  • LadyBugFashion
  • Simple Handicraft
  • Fresh on the Spot
  • The Basket Case
  • Luminous Kaleido
  • The Rustic Collective
  • Jewelry Gnome
  • Way Back Arts
  • Rare-Finds Online
  • Arts & Cats
  • The Fantasy Dust
  • The Silver Spoon
  • Vespera Criolla
  • The Art of Satin
  • Daring Designs Studio
  • Sunshine Screenworks
  • Let em Dangle
  • SinfulSoaps
  • Hand Painted Fabric Art
  • Namo Usual
  • Rustic Stance
  • Craft it Simply
  • Greenlight Creations
  • The V Shack
  • Print N Hang It
  • Past Pieces
  • Charming Amulets
  • Crochet Project Studio
  • The Fairy Power
  • Papillon
  • Shine Eclipse
  • Retro Preserving
  • Game Day Designs
  • GetAnimated
  • Miss Vintage
  • MVP Tiling
  • Sew Me, Myself-Style
  • Animate Your Life
  • The Soap Box
  • Strange-and-Wonderful Creations
  • Rustic Summers
  • Caleb Gifts Collection
  • The Crafty Witch
  • Dandelion etsy
  • Pop-Culture Creations
  • Cart to Door
  • Crafter’s Room
  • SweetAsSinSoaps
  • The Sale Cart
  • Big Voyage Designs
  • Piece Of The Mind
  • Styling Steampunk
  • The Treasure Dog
  • Grounded Aesthetic
  • Kaili’s Kaili
  • Sale Fresh Meat
  • Craft Machine

Interesting Etsy Shop Names

These are the fascinating Etsy shop names for you:

  • Sirens & Selins
  • Just Craftin’ Around
  • Bedazzle Me Pretty
  • Fluffy Crafts and Art
  • Soul Stone
  • Feathers N Stuff
  • Dreamation Designs
  • Right Back Shade
  • Striped N Loving It
  • Tastefully Trinkets
  • Preserving the Urban
  • All Enduring Antiques
  • Pelican’s Flock
  • New Antiques Barn
  • .com is available.
  • Master Crafting Plus
  • My Fluttering Fluff
  • Pillolinen
  • Forever Finds Online
  • StarsNStripesClothing
  • Cooky Ceramics Co.
  • Trippers Stickers
  • Leah Estep
  • Embellish Me Now
  • The Lovely Teahouse
  • Odyssey Eye Studio
  • Old Modern Market
  • Authentic Finds Studio
  • Swimwear Madness
  • GatheredThread
  • Vintage-It-Up
  • Moonlit Magician
  • Hair & Nail Designs
  • TheMoreUBow
  • Let’s Get Craftin’
  • The Flower and Pot
  • Crafty Cooks
  • Hobby Mommy
  • The Howling Moon
  • Creature Adventures
  • Scrapbook Sisters
  • Shiny Shiny Things
  • ExpensiveBoutique
  • Epic American Era
  • Angelic Fragrances
  • Flipped Fashion Boutique
  • Knits & Bits
  • Fresh On The Grill
  • Magnificent Map Makers
  • Dj’s Little Shop
  • The Creative Dress Shop
  • Body Of Beauty
  • Cute and Purrfect
  • BeautifyME
  • The Crochet Living
  • Etsy Fresh Market
  • Unique Birthday-Gifts
  • Etsy by Elie
  • Saveurs De Luxe
  • Sunshoe Bizness

Clever Etsy Shop Names

The following are some clever names for Etsy shop you can consider using:

  • The Good Makeup
  • The Artisan’s Vault
  • Seedless Foods
  • White Whale Creations
  • The Flower Ringer
  • Slightly Twisted Jewelry
  • Personal Tastes
  • Future Letters
  • Crafting Girl
  • Little House
  • Lavender Heart
  • Ear Hoops
  • Heavily Neutral
  • Art with Company
  • Artsy Fartsy Crafts
  • Packed and Folded
  • The Witch’s Cure
  • The Taekwondo Zone
  • Feathers ‘n Things
  • Ashley Jane Smith
  • Gadgets and Baubles
  • TheGoodStuff
  • The Family Jewels
  • Cherry Picked Vintage
  • Handmade Homecrafted Goods
  • Handmade Only
  • Hanna’s Pottery
  • The Soap Expert
  • All The Baubles
  • Bold and Earthy
  • A Little Twisted
  • Rare Gems Boutique
  • Empty Business
  • White Handstitched
  • DigiDaisyArtShoppe
  • Quality Quantity
  • Cuppa Lovin
  • Endless Embroid
  • The Silver Papillon
  • The Stuff Crafters
  • The Right Angle
  • Sticker Miss
  • Black Thread Clothing
  • Weave and Sew
  • Crown Collect Arts
  • Henna’s Threaded
  • Holly’s Serenity
  • Elegant Casseau
  • InTheShadowMakeup
  • The Thread Shack
  • Yummy Fur Baskets
  • Patsy Plants
  • The Childreens Heart
  • Imagine Story Child
  • Cate Creates
  • Deville’s Hat
  • Galaxy Factory
  • Abaddon’s Adornments
  • Crowning The Stars
  • Under the Wire

Creative Etsy Shop Names

These are the most creative Etsy shop names ideas to inspire you:

  • Paint it Pretty
  • Analogic Maps
  • Green Shed Cafe
  • Crafting Solitude
  • Shinya Mona
  • Fresh on the Strip
  • Dawn’s Threads
  • Etsy Threads
  • MetalEdge Crafts
  • Thrifty Treasures
  • Etsy Auctions
  • First Edition
  • DazzleMeInvites
  • ProStar Batch
  • Boutique-Antiques
  • Power Rock Stickers
  • Fine Hand Crafted Place
  • Designing Spaces
  • Wings and Tale
  • Dependable Rustic
  • Goddess Clothing
  • BeautyBoutique
  • Shimmering Rings
  • Antiques Of The West
  • Kustoms Etc
  • Tribridle Thread
  • Piper Sew
  • GreatGemsNMore
  • Fresh on the West
  • Penguin the Box
  • My Old Treasure Shop
  • OneovaKindClothing
  • At Your Door
  • Hannah Beads
  • Sawdust & More
  • Luv The Feathers
  • Fresh On the Farm
  • Honey Got Inked
  • Art Quality Inc.
  • Smooth
  • Drama with a Twist
  • Unique-Boutique Online
  • FashionCutz
  • Gathered Treasures
  • Fashion by Hanna
  • Namaste Bixi
  • Forever Freshseeds
  • Beautique
  • Fetching Pebbles
  • Serenity In Sand
  • The Discovered Half
  • The Puppet Farm
  • Catch Me Crafting
  • Love me or Leaf me
  • NearbyBoutique
  • Ark Animals
  • Glitter Around You
  • Penchant For Plushes
  • TheGreatGoldMaster
  • Naked Chalkboards

Vintage Etsy Shop Names

Below are the best vintage Etsy shop names you can use to boost your sales:

  • Kartabawka Spielwerk
  • Arizona Vintaget
  • Vintage Finds
  • Dolce Vinyl Gallery
  • Stickers In A Flash
  • My Vintage Sparkle
  • Vintagematic
  • Vintages by Design
  • Dinwiddies
  • Loving My Gifts
  • Nu-Git Technology
  • Goldmine Pottery
  • D-Vintahls
  • My Handmade Gemstone
  • PlaceturaVip
  • Megan’s Notions
  • Spatiotom
  • Vegas Laser-Swap
  • Lavish of Arizona
  • Stout Jewellery
  • Spirits’Pale
  • Etsy On The Go
  • Vintagetrics
  • Sparkle’s Things
  • Dimms Int’l
  • Vintagets For Less
  • The Antique Robe
  • Healthy Arts And Crafts
  • Amerika Designs
  • Sun-Mar Textiles
  • Faire Trade
  • Krazy Polaroid
  • Saguaro’s Purse
  • Quill and Hammer
  • HotHouseCrafts
  • Fairy Tale Bunny
  • Roto-Rooter Pet Spa
  • Timeless Baubs
  • GatheredStitch
  • Shine’s by Sky
  • Cobwebs
  • Boutique De Biotique
  • QueenEmerald
  • Linens N Jewels
  • Preserves By Design
  • Happy Home Creations
  • Sunrise Shimmer
  • Etsybygis
  • Crafty Crafts Co.
  • Diamond Eyes
  • Pine & Dandy
  • Hawidios
  • Starlight & Sandalwood
  • Eerie Exchange
  • Guided Scissors
  • Cute-n-Creative
  • Url Collective
  • The Mouse Stories
  • The Gallery Brothers
  • Live N Let Live Art

Etsy Shop Names

Tips for Naming Your Etsy Shop

As Etsy’s popularity continues to grow, it’s getting more popular to have a unique name for your Etsy shop.

A lot of shop names are commonly used, and people will recognize them. Other names are more unique and will stand out from the rest of the web. There are tons of rules on what you can and can’t do when naming your Etsy shop, but here are the basics:

Your shop name should be short and descriptive

The name you choose for your Etsy shop can often be the first impression potential customers get of the products you offer. It’s important to choose a short name that reflects the type of product you sell but doesn’t come off as being too trite or generic.

A shop name that describes what you do can make your shop more attractive to customers. Some shops’ names are cleverly crafted like, “Slim or Sculpture” and “Who Knew”, these are great etsy store names, but many Etsy shops are struggling because their names are not appealing to customers and can turn people away.

Make sure that the name is searchable

The most important thing is to make sure that your Etsy shop name is searchable to the public, as it will help you in getting more attention from the customers.

You should use descriptive, keyword-rich shop names that make it easy for Etsy visitors to find your work.

Avoid words that people may think are offensive or obscene

A positive name can be one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a product name. It can also make or break your future success as an Etsy seller.

Personally, I think a name should have at least an element of whimsy to it, but it also needs to be something that doesn’t offend anyone. You can name your shop anything you love such as after your first child, your dog, the place you grew up, your favorite animal, or your favorite food.

But make sure it is not offensive or obscene to anyone.

Pick a name that doesn’t limit your audience

Before you decide on a name, you need to ask yourself this question: does my name limit my audience? Maybe you want to make an item that’s easily identifiable, a classic, or a pop culture reference, or maybe you want to create something that will appeal to a particular demographic.

The problem is that many names are more restrictive than you think.

You want to have a name that can be easily remembered and will appeal to a broad audience. This is true for both a craft-specific shop and a general store. Some shop names may be too common or generic, however, and instead of always attracting customers, they may end up limiting their potential.

Make sure that the name won’t be misspelled

A misspelling of a word or words can be a big problem for your Etsy shop. Not only can this cause people to search for a shop, but it can also make it difficult for customers to find your shop.

Once you’ve chosen a beautiful name for your Etsy shop, it’s time to make sure it won’t be misspelled.

Make sure that the name you pick is not that similar to other brands

With an increased number of small businesses opening on Etsy, it’s important to have a unique name that people can find.

How do you make sure that your Etsy shop name does not sound similar to other (brands)? I recommend choosing a name that you think is clear, catchy, easy to pronounce, and easy to remember.

Avoid using negative words in the name

The Etsy community is known for its many great ideas, but we too often make the mistake of using phrases like “stupid” and “crazy” in our shop names.

The problem is, these words carry negative connotations, and they can make people feel uncomfortable about shopping at your place. And it can also cause your Etsy shop to be disliked by people.

Don’t be afraid to use your name

Another great idea is to use your own name when naming your Etsy shop. Not only does it signal who you are, but it also gives your identity a certain personal tone (often, it’s the kind of tone that makes people trust you).

No matter how good and trustworthy you are, people won’t trust you if they don’t know who you are.

Make sure you include any keywords you want to rank for

You can include keywords in your shop name to help Google give your Etsy shop a boost in search rankings. If you’re looking to sell a particular product, you can also choose a keyword that connects with your products or your brand in some way.

For example, if you’re selling vintage clothes, you might want to include the word “vintage” in your shop name. Or, if you’re selling handmade jewelry, you might want to include the word “handmade.”

Hope you have found a catchy name for your Etsy shop, but if you still need more unique Etsy shop names you can visit for more ideas. Good Luck!

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