500 Attractive and Catchy Interior Design Company Names

What are some good name ideas for interior design company?

As we all know that, deciding on a good business name is very important to stand out in the maket. Especially in highly competitive businesses.

If your are starting your own interior design company and need help in picking the best name then you are at the right place.

In this article, I have shared some catchy and attractive interior design company names to help you get inspiration.

Let’s get started.

Interior Design Company Names

Here are some most creative and catchy interior design company names for your new startup:

  • Deco Home Design
  • Noble Interior Design
  • Sky Scrapers Housing & Construction
  • Forefront Interior
  • Siren Design Group
  • Incredible Design Company
  • Refresh Renovations
  • Advantage Property Styling
  • De Palmco Pte Ltd
  • Design Styles Architecture
  • Designing Solutions
  • Accurate Interiors
  • Interiors Revitalized
  • Fifth Avenue Interior
  • Roomscapes Interior Design
  • Icon Interior Design
  • Living Edge Interiors
  • Loader Design
  • Crystal Aluminium Ltd
  • The Interior Lab
  • Constance Interiors
  • Pure Interior
  • Island Time Renovation & Design
  • Ultimate Home Staging
  • Visualising Interiors
  • Exclusive Creations Design
  • Renozone Interior Design House
  • Studio Interior Design
  • Design Story
  • Distinguished Interiors
  • Design Without Borders
  • Pure Interiors
  • Space Control Design
  • A Designer’s Life
  • Home Stuff Interiors
  • Weaver Interiors
  • Infinite Design Studio
  • Standard Interior Design
  • InsideOutside Design
  • Blue Daze Designs

Catchy Interior Design Firm Names

Below is the list of catchy interior design firm name ideas for you:

  • Decorating Den
  • Design4space
  • Style Plus Renovations
  • Tempo Interiors
  • Real Living Interiors
  • First Dot Design
  • Starry Homestead
  • Black Interiors Ltd
  • Elegant Interiors
  • Bright & Shine Interiors
  • Twinning Design LLP
  • United Team Lifestyle
  • Artistic interiors
  • Fuse Interior Designs
  • Dimensions Architects & Interior Designers
  • Advantage Interior Design
  • Frog Hill Designs
  • Creative Reflections Interior Design
  • Level Architecture + Interiors
  • Firefly Light & Design
  • ArtMuse Interior
  • Interiors by Steven
  • Commercial Office Design Company
  • Inspired Closets
  • Image Creative Design
  • Artisan Space
  • Distinctive Interiors
  • The Lighting Centre
  • Waterside Interior Design
  • Venice Living Interiors
  • Dark Arts Studio
  • Workplace Designs
  • Future Interior Design
  • Homebase Stage Style & Interiors
  • Imperfect Interiors

Names for Decoration Company

These are the best interior decorating company names to inspire you:

  • Accord Design & Decoration
  • Coastal Life Design
  • Rise Interior Decoration
  • Curated Home Staging
  • 2nd Phase Design
  • Sharp Design Solutions
  • Think Inside
  • Collective Construction
  • Contour Interiors
  • Homes Experience Centre
  • Stack Interiors
  • Gribble Interior Group
  • Design Identity Interior
  • Interior Logistics
  • Classic Interior Design
  • Juicy Design
  • Starfish Interiors
  • Pure Creative
  • Luxury Interiors
  • Innovation Workshop
  • 3 Fingers Design Studio
  • Lovelace Interiors
  • Maker Interiors
  • Elements of Design
  • Ultimate Living
  • Frontstage Interiors
  • Renocon Interiors
  • Make Room
  • Objective Interior Design
  • De Exclusive Interior Group
  • Residence Interior Design
  • Signature Design Interiors
  • Interior Times Design
  • Absolute Abode
  • The Great Indoors
  • Angela Neel Interiors
  • Wolfe-Rizor Interiors
  • Powerhouse Group
  • Space Partnership
  • Imago Interiors

Home Staging Business Names

The following are the unique and good home staging business names:

  • Luxe Design Studios
  • Closets by Design
  • Beginning To End Interiors & Blinds
  • Staging Matters
  • Clear ph Design
  • Creative Home Staging
  • Home Staging Pros
  • The Wallpaper Guys
  • Systematic Home Staging
  • Ultra Custom Group
  • Spectrum Interior Design
  • Expressions In Design
  • Creative Window Treatments
  • Department of Interior Design
  • Dash Creative Group
  • The Look Limited
  • Pocketspace Interiors
  • Soul Interior Design
  • Amazing Interiors Home Staging
  • Add Value Renovation
  • Outline Design
  • InStyle Direct
  • Flair Interiors Creation
  • Interior Concepts Homestaging
  • Green Owl Design
  • Urban Interiors
  • Dreamtime Designs
  • Disctinctive Design
  • Artfield Institute of Design
  • Freestyle Interiors & Design
  • Superior Painters
  • Spear Green Design
  • Delux Interiors Luxury
  • Interior Makeovers
  • Designs for Living

Interior Design Studio Names

These are some attractive names for interior design studio you can use:

  • Interior Life Studio
  • Edge line Planners
  • Home Design Base
  • Dream Creations Interior
  • Fineline Interior Design Studio
  • Fit Out Point
  • True North Staging
  • Closets by Design
  • Absolute Project Management
  • The Look Staging & Design
  • The Style Project
  • Design Partners
  • Impression Design Firm
  • Spacious Interior Design & Architect
  • Modern Designer and interiors
  • Double Dutch Interior Designs
  • Design Avenue
  • Designers Collection
  • Masterpiece Design Group
  • Interior Technologies Limited
  • Creative Space Interiors
  • Fabulous Interior Designs
  • Home Showcase Interiors
  • Design Intervention
  • Design Garage Studio
  • Astounding Interiors
  • LUSH Interior Design
  • HavenHome Design Center
  • Design Box
  • Wonder Interior Design
  • Inside Touch Interiors
  • Society of Interior Designers

Interior Design Company Names

How to Name Your Interior Design Company

Below are a few guidelines for creating unique interior design company names:

Try different combinations of words

One of the best ways of creating a unique and attractive name for interior design business is the combination of related words.

Simply, take a notebook, sit with your friends or family members and start thinking about related words to interior design.

Make a big list of different words and then try combining them one by one to create some good names for interior design business. Also, consider using some adjectives to make your names more attractive.

Such as, these are some good adjectives and related words you can use in your business name:

Adjectives: Fabulous, Absolute, Amazing, Superior, Pure, Standard, Perfect, etc.

Related words: Painting, Designs, Look, Staging, Architecture, Arts, Fireside, Home, Renovation, Décor, Studio, etc.

Be clear about what you do

Your business name should answer what you do. When you tell your business name to someone, there should be no guessing.

Your business name should clearly define that you are an expert in interior home decoration or designs. In my opinion, you must use the “interior” word in your company’s name.

Keep your future goals in mind

Don’t choose a name that can limit your business growth in the future. Keep the related painting and other decoration services in mind, because in the future you may add other decoration services to your company.

Therefore, choose a name that would also suitable for your future company.

Get some other opinions

Getting some third party opinions is another great idea for brainstorming name ideas.

Gather your trusted friends and your company workers, get their ideas. Maybe, someone come up with a catchy name that would be perfect for your company.

Keep it simple & memorable

Short and simple names have proven more attractive as compared to difficult, boring, and too long names. Try to come up with a name for your interior business as short as possible. Use maximum 3 or 4 words.

If you choose a simple and short name:

  • It will be easy for people to find you in a web search.
  • Easy to remember.
  • Easy to pronounce and spell.

Be unique, research existing interior design company names

Once you come up with some good names, research to make sure that your selected names are not already taken by someone else.

After it, decide on the best name for your company that is unique and not related to any existing business.

Check the domain name and trademark database

Once you come up with your favorite name, the next step is to check the domain name availability for presenting your business on the web. (On GoDaddy.com)

Also, check the trademark database to avoid the legal issues of copywrite. (On US Patent and Trademark Office)

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