Safety Slogans: 400 Catchy Workplace Safety Slogans

Are you searching for safety slogans to increase safety in the workplace? If so, then this article can help you choose a catchy safety slogan.

Here I have listed hundreds of catchy and funny plant, road, construction, fire, electricity, and industrial safety slogans for your inspiration.

Below I have also shared some tips on creating a memorable slogan with examples.

Let’s get started.

Catchy Safety slogans

Thes are some catchy workplace safety slogans that will make an impact:

  • A little care makes accidents rare
  • Be alert!! Expect the unexpected
  • Always think safety no matter what the task
  • Get Smart, Use Safety from the Start
  • Get the Safety Habit
  • Being sorry doesn’t return Life
  • Cool on bike but safety first
  • Do You Know? Safety Start with You
  • Plan for safety or prepare for Accident
  • If you think working safe is a pain, try being injured
  • Safety isn’t expensive its priceless
  • Someone is waiting for you, Stay safe
  • Can’t take your pay with no fingers
  • Never compromise towards safety
  • Invest in tomorrow- work safe today
  • It hurts to be unsafe
  • Follow Rules stay Safe
  • Forget the nurse with safety first
  • Chance takers are accident makers
  • Check for Safety Then Recheck
  • Know your escape plan
  • Last by putting safety first
  • Fail Safety and It Will Fail You
  • Be Sure Be Safe
  • Be wise; use safety glasses to protect your eyes

Funny Safety Slogans

Here are the clever and funny safety slogans you can use:

  • Don’t get caught in the web of unsafe acts
  • Be a safety hero: Score an accident zero
  • Accidents bring tears, safety brings cheers
  • Cook food, not yourself – use a mitt
  • Alert today, alive tomorrow
  • Safety is a Working Tool
  • Don’t Be Hasty When it Comes to Safety
  • Give us freedom not feardom
  • Safety – A good friend to take home
  • Here’s a heads up: wear a helmet
  • Lead a danger-free life
  • Hearing protection is a sound investment
  • Think smart before you start
  • Work carefully, to live joyfully
  • Safety – A small investment for a rich future
  • Our Mission is an Accident Free Condition
  • Pencils have erasers–mishaps don’t!
  • Safety is as easy as ABC- Always Be Careful
  • Don’t be a fool Use the proper tool
  • Keep your hands safe for the things you love to do
  • Fire safety on, accidents gone
  • Tomorrow – Your Reward for Working Safely Today!
  • Friends don’t let Friends forget about safety
  • Working safe does not happen by accident

Workplace Safety Slogans

Below are some good and funny safety slogans for work:

  • No Injuries to Anyone – Ever
  • Our focus is Zero Harm
  • Plan ahead, always put safety first
  • To avoid a scene, keep your workplace clean
  • No matter the day, safety is here to stay
  • Does Protection Remove Fear?
  • Every employee has the right to stop work
  • Helmets save lives!
  • Don’t fall short of a safe day!
  • No safety – know pain
  • Keep Your Eyes on Safety
  • Life without eyes is not easy, take care of them
  • Know what’s best for you
  • Make Safety First – And Make it Last
  • Use your head or lose it
  • No safety, No business
  • Life is priceless, but safety is cheap
  • Safety by choice, not by chance
  • Practice to remain safe
  • Rules are not meant to be broken
  • Safety Always charm you, or ALARM you!
  • Prepare to prevent
  • Use Your Brain to avoid the Pain!
  • Watch out before getting knocked out
  • Safety can’t be replaced by anything
  • Better Alone than Dead

Industrial Safety Slogans

Below are the best safety slogans for industries:

  • Always remember, all accidents are preventable
  • Avoid the worst Put safety first
  • At work at play, let safety lead the way
  • Safety is Unforgettable
  • Before you start, turn the power off
  • Everything in its place keeps you safe
  • Behind the wheel, anger is one letter away from danger
  • Stay Alert – Don’t Get Hurt
  • Be safe, not sorry
  • It’s easier to put out a campfire than it is to outrun a forest fire
  • Keep a grip on life and protect your hands
  • Don’t be a Fool – Use the Proper Tool!
  • Avoid fatality, make safety a reality
  • Keep calm & Helmet on
  • Stay away from dangers
  • Avoid the unsafe condition
  • Safety First Business Next
  • Keep safety in mind It will save your behind
  • Have Another Day – By Being Safe Today!
  • Bee alert to foresee dangers
  • Don’t Learn Safety by Accident
  • Work smarter not harder
  • Better a thousand times careful than once dead
  • Don’t Let the Light Go Out – Wear Eye Protection
  • Be careful, today is not a good day to die!

Plant Safety Slogans

These are some creative plant safety slogan ideas for you:

  • Better Safe than Sorry
  • Look Sharp – Don’t get Cut
  • Protect only the fingers you want to keep!
  • Gear up for Safety Always
  • Let the rules protect you
  • Get in high speed pursuit of safety
  • Big or small, safety is for all
  • Safety is Gainful, Accident is Painful
  • Even the slowest animal knows how important a helmet is
  • Keep the accident record zero
  • Be caution, Be careful
  • Safety first as life is precious
  • Be safe to reach on top
  • Safety is the key to accident free
  • Make every move a safe one
  • A spill, a slip, a hospital trip
  • Don’t get carried away — lookout for forklifts
  • A text or call can wreck it all
  • Accident might be result of your step
  • Be careful, stay alert – don’t get hurt
  • Don’t take chances, play it safe
  • Be aware Take care

Fire Safety Slogans

Below is the list of best fire safety slogans that serve as the perfect inspiration to encourage others to become active participants:

  • Don’t fix the blame, fix the problem
  • Lead the way, safety today
  • Learn not to burn
  • Don’t play with matches since fire catches
  • A faulty wire can cause a fire
  • Fire prevention is the only option
  • We Need You – Work Safely
  • Fire safety is no joke so use caution if you must smoke
  • Life Is Short, Don’t Rush It
  • Please exit building before tweeting in case of a fire
  • Safety is a state of mind
  • We deserve to be safe!
  • Practice Fire Safety – Watch What You Heat
  • Never give safety a day off
  • Safety – It’s the Tool for Life
  • Know fire safety, no pain
  • A shortcut is a Quick way to reach a Pain
  • Hard hats, they’re not just for decoration
  • If the doorknob is hot, open it not
  • Machines don’t have brains — use your own
  • Look before you Go
  • Make safety a way of life
  • Never quit on safety
  • Safety is great unless you’re LATE

Road Safety Slogans

These are the catchy accident prevention slogans for driving, and road safety you can use on posters around your workplace:

  • Bike is for two not for too many
  • Be safe, drive smart
  • If you want to stay alive, don’t drink and drive
  • A helmet on your head will keep you away from a hospital bed!
  • A fast drive could be your last drive
  • Drive slow when you see snow
  • No Belt No Brains
  • No need of speed, life will lead
  • Normal Speed Meets Every Need
  • Put Your Brakes on Speed
  • Seat belts are not as confining as a wheelchair
  • Right thing at right time
  • Safety Awareness Saves Lives
  • Don’t depend on luck; set the parking break on your truck
  • Safety means No Accident
  • A safer you is a safer me
  • Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly
  • Mowing and Drinking Doesn’t Cut it
  • Safety comes first always
  • You are the key to your safety on the road
  • Safety First – Please Remember
  • Safety Intention is the Best Accident Prevention
  • If you mess up, ‘fess up
  • Safety is a Choice You Make
  • Seatbelts save lives

Construction Safety Slogans

Here is the list of catchy construction safety slogan ideas to inspire you:

  • Work safe today–heaven can wait
  • Safety is a priority
  • Turn your attention to accident prevention
  • A safe workplace is a productive workplace
  • Safety is not An Act, its a habit
  • Safety is our first priority
  • Be safety minded
  • Don’t get in wrecks; pull over before you text
  • I want you to put your safety glasses on
  • If you think safety rules are a pain, try having an accident
  • No one likes to regret
  • Nobody can go back and start a new beginning
  • Opt to be Alert over getting hurt
  • You can’t get home unless you’re safe
  • Your eyes, your best tool, take care of them
  • Practice it! Knowing safety is not enough
  • Stop to think before you act
  • Think Safe Live Safe
  • Prevent a jam, don’t open spam
  • Prevent accident, through good housekeeping
  • Safety is Our Goal What’s Yours?
  • Safety is priceless so is your life
  • The person reading this poster is responsible for your safety

Warehouse Safety Slogans

Check out these good safety slogans for warehouse:

  • The Safe Way is the Best Way
  • Safety is priority
  • Safety must be a culture
  • Safety never takes a break!
  • Safety on mind forever, for no accidents ever
  • Safety rules are the best tools
  • Wipe Up and avoid a Slip-Up!
  • You are great If you love the safety
  • Safety rules are your best tools
  • Safety starts with me
  • You deserve to be safe
  • Safety…Do It For Life
  • Shortcuts lead to deep cuts
  • Speed thrills but kills
  • Stay healthy Live safe
  • Stop accidents before they stop you
  • Winning at safety is like winning in sports
  • Wipe up and avoid a slip up
  • You can’t cure stupid
  • Your first mistake could be your last

Electrical Safety Slogans

The following are the best electricity safety slogans to increase awareness to the dangers of fire and electrocution:

  • Electricity can kill you in spectacular ways
  • Touching a live wire is a quick way to become a fryer
  • One safe act can lead to another
  • Electricity can turn you off
  • Protect Your Hands – Use Your Brain
  • Safety First, Avoid the Worst
  • It’s easier to ask a dumb question than it is to fix a dumb mistake
  • Safety gear saves lives and dollars
  • Protect your ear, here and there
  • Safety glasses: All in favor say “Eye!”
  • You are the key to your safety
  • Safety guidelines are for your safety
  • Success is No Accident
  • Take fire seriously, move quickly
  • Safety is a necessity
  • Cheers to a safe living
  • Only fools ignore safety rules
  • Take safety seriously
  • The lesson for the happy day is: Safety
  • When in doubt get out
  • Say no to carelessness!
  • Choose being safe
  • Say no to Fire, Say yes to fire safety
  • Think safety avoid unsafe acts
  • Think with your head or end up dead

How to Create a Memorable Safety Slogan

Put the right words together in a good way that explain your brand strategy and stick in the audience’s mind. For this, the first thing you should think about is the catchy words and phrases.

Sit with your friends or team members and brainstorm some safety slogan ideas. Once you come up with some ideas, give it time and then shortlist the best ideas by getting feedback.

4 Tips for Crafting Catchy Slogans

Below are a few tips for creating a good slogan:

Keep it short and simple

The main purpose of a slogan is to make your brand memorable.

So, avoid using too long and complicated slogans that not easy to remember and understand. Brief statements or advertisements can be more likely to remember for consumers.

Maximum keep your slogan 6 to 8 words. Look at these simple and short brand’s slogans.

Nike: Just Do It

Apple: Think Different

Coca Cola: Open Happiness

Focus on the benefits

The benefits of safety are countless. So, include any attractive benefits that can work better for your business or workplace.

Safety First, Avoid the Worst

Safety is great unless you’re LATE

Life Is Short, Don’t Rush It

But keep one thing in mind that your brand should have that benefit to the customers and audiences, you are going to highlight.

Every famous brand slogan has explained the benefits of using their products. Because they know, everyone cares about benefits. Here are some good examples to help you get inspiration:

Walmart: Save Money. Live Better.

Dollar Shave Club: Shave Time. Shave Money.

Publix: Where shopping is a pleasure.

Rhyme and Alliteration

Using the same sound words is another great idea for creating a catchy and memorable slogan. These are some good examples that include rhymes and alliterations.

Think with your head or end up dead

Normal Speed, Meets Every Need

Safety on mind forever, for no accidents ever

Be alert! Accidents hurt

Try funny words

Sometimes funny slogans garner a lot of attention and easy for people to remember as well. So, you can consider using humor for funny touch.

Such as these are good examples of funny safety slogans for the workplace:

Don’t watch her behind Keep safety in mind!

Cook food, not yourself – use a mitt.

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