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500 Catchy Social Media Company Name Ideas and Suggestions

So, you are starting a social media agency or company and are looking for a catchy name to stand out in the crowd? Well, you’ve come to the right place. This post contains a massive collection of unique, creative, and catchy social media company names to help spark your creativity and come up with an outstanding name.

Social media sites are becoming increasingly essential to businesses these days, especially B2B companies. They provide us with a platform where we can interact with our clients and communicate with them directly. As a result, people use these powerful networking tools to build relationships and share information with each other.

As much as social media helps us to reach out to others, it also provides opportunities for us to showcase what we do to the rest of the world. We can promote our brands, products, and services by sharing content with our networks. And while this may seem easy enough, there are still many challenges that arise when it comes to creating effective buzz around our businesses.

And when it comes to naming our social media agencies or web design firms, things become even trickier. While the name is usually pretty straightforward, it doesn’t always have to be boring or obvious. You don’t have to stick to common trends and patterns either. There are countless ways to creatively brand your business using different fonts, colors, and shapes to catch your audience’s attention.

Here, we’ve collected hundreds of inspiring, quirky, and creative social media name ideas that’ll surely help you create a memorable brand that will stand apart from the competition. So, let’s jump right into it.

Social Media Company Names

These are some good social media company names ideas you can use get started:

  • Super Social Pro
  • The Social Site
  • Social Clouds
  • My Style Social
  • Social Media Hustler
  • VK social media
  • The Social Tech Guys
  • Crazy Monkey Social
  • CrowdClosed
  • Engines Promotions
  • Snap-It Social Media
  • The Visionary Branding
  • Lad-Boy Social
  • Institute Minds
  • The Likeable Buzz
  • OnStage Networks
  • Marketing Trading Co
  • Sturker Social Media
  • Twinberg Media
  • Gentilicious
  • The Social Engage
  • Crowdfire Media
  • Alias Social Media
  • TweakTown Media Co.
  • LiveSocial Solutions
  • Societing
  • Yours Truly Social
  • Cloud Nine Marketing
  • Sonic the Social
  • Strathroy Group
  • Media Nannies
  • Online Presence Group
  • Social Fader
  • Innovations of Genius.
  • Aces Social Media
  • Red Bee Social
  • Kapital Social Media
  • Wise Bull Studios
  • Hotshot Social Media
  • Echo Social Media

Social Media Company Names

Catchy Social Media Names

These are some catchy social media names that you may like:

  • Chromatic Brunch
  • WeBoost Media Group
  • Lena’s Gifting
  • OnewSocial
  • Punch Mktg
  • LiveFun Media
  • Posh Media Service
  • Zoom Social Media
  • Just Like Social
  • Quarks Media Group
  • Lone Wolf Digital
  • SocialFlow Studios
  • Kosmo Marketing
  • Buzzapper
  • Digital River Media
  • TW Social Media
  • Yovlic Creations
  • Big League Social
  • A Better Social
  • Buzzfeed Digital
  • Cliquez Media Group
  • Pose Social Media
  • Dare Social Media
  • Foter Social
  • Dummy Bird
  • Trendz Social Media
  • Kilroy Social
  • Blank Line Media
  • Social Cites
  • Networks Online
  • SpiceSocial Media
  • LuxxSocial Media
  • Oscar’s Social Media
  • Glamo’s Social Media
  • Social Millionare
  • Elevate Marketing Alliance
  • Techolic Marketing
  • YIKES Networks
  • Digital Praise
  • TribeOne Social

Cool Social Media Company Names

The following are some cool social media company names to choose from:

  • ReVif Systems
  • Feng Shui Teolisu
  • Promoted Social
  • Stunning Social
  • Mavens Media Group
  • SocialSocialFlow
  • Instato Media
  • FoterSocial
  • LinkFire Media
  • Out Today Media!
  • Zach Jones On Media
  • Siteshare Social
  • Xero Social Media
  • Crazy Panda Social
  • Strive Social Media
  • Tinder Creations
  • Genius Net
  • Halo Social Media
  • X Online Marketing Company
  • Social Picasa
  • Eli the Social Tech
  • Bluff Promotions
  • Amberstar Media
  • Youthful Social
  • Circles Social Media
  • Speedy Marketing Solutions
  • Educate Marketing Agency
  • Voca Social
  • Click Hit Social
  • Social Social Pro
  • Let’s Shop Social
  • InNOut Social Media
  • The Social Clicker
  • Connect Social Mktg
  • Digital Pulse
  • Blue-Mane-Saga
  • Crowning Colors
  • BuzzFeed Media
  • WhatsUpDotcom
  • SVP Social Media

Creative Names for Social Media Companies

Below is the list of some creative names for social media companies you can consider using:

  • Krasbaltagel
  • SocialBizHQ
  • Chasing Clips
  • Twinsir Media
  • Marketing For You
  • Hot Key Social Media
  • Chat on Flair
  • DignitySocial
  • Rip Rap Genius
  • One Hour World
  • Social Media Xplore
  • Social Stax Media
  • Tell Well Digital Media
  • LOV Social Media
  • Red Bull/SnapSocial
  • The Social Genies
  • TrendTowers
  • Hotwool Enterprises
  • Innovation Ventures
  • C Digital Marketing
  • Social G
  • The Social Kicker
  • Gillies Digital
  • Unique Mktg
  • Trending Today Media
  • Nuflix Social Media
  • Social Biz Buzz
  • Overfit Social
  • Makersberg
  • Bilmar Media
  • Lyrical Media Group
  • EpicXpression Media
  • Crunch Social Media
  • Mista Social Media
  • Allegra Marketing
  • Humblebrunch Team
  • Hockey Star Sports
  • The Social Side Work
  • Happy Marketing Sellers
  • Social Clicks Labs

Amazing Social Media Names Ideas

These are some amazing social media names ideas to inspire you:

  • The Social Tech, LLC
  • Social Media Inspire
  • GowadMedia
  • BounceMob
  • Quip Network
  • Cortalis Media
  • Big Paddy Power
  • Hook Social Media
  • Overflow Analytics
  • Ace Marketing Ideas
  • The Crowd Supply
  • Luxury Brand Mktg
  • Social Vibe Group
  • BuzzSpot Solutions
  • Digital Koolz
  • Epic Social Clubs
  • Quirky Mediaworks
  • Webbl Marketing
  • The Socialine
  • MillionHalo
  • Whats Upworthy
  • The Web Work
  • The Twittersphere
  • The Viral Hustle
  • Bee Marketing Agency
  • Insta Buzz Marketing
  • Trend-King Social
  • Yadav Social Media
  • Cultural
  • Daring Social Media
  • Lovingly Digital
  • NgweSocial
  • Promosider
  • Social Base Media
  • Alpha Solutions
  • Zack’s Social
  • Social Presence Media
  • Facebook User Group
  • Happy Nest Media
  • Your Social Feed
  • Gobli Social Media

Names for Social Media Apps

Here are some names for social media apps you can use right now:

  • LiveGrate Social
  • The Social Chime
  • Dedekit
  • SocialVitalent
  • Trends2Us
  • Glychat
  • Fuzzy Buzzz
  • StikSocial
  • FlurryGlo
  • Social Pic
  • AppRise Social Lab
  • Social Stirs
  • Crowded Valley
  • Tweeterify
  • Slingxix
  • Yinzly
  • ReadeckMe
  • The Crunchy Corral
  • SlipSocial
  • Crunchy Social Hub
  • Socialstime
  • IHubBuzz
  • GapSocial Media
  • Dotxive
  • Appostria
  • Pushpin Social
  • A Plus One Social
  • Digg Daily
  • Sour Social Media
  • Itagr Stories
  • AtoZoTunes
  • Ink Bock Social
  • Alleyflip
  • Gadgets & Things
  • Snap Appeal
  • Intouch Media Inc
  • Gorgeous Social
  • Socialiconnectar
  • Reveitune
  • Snozii
  • Tack N’ Social
  • Yours Truly Social
  • Zorba Network
  • FoldIt Social
  • Gutsy Clips
  • Socialikit
  • Fresno Social Media
  • Tweak Wearhouse
  • Charming Social
  • TwinFold Social
  • Chillout Social Web
  • InstaGrio
  • iMore Social
  • Appaloosa Social
  • Gawk Social
  • Laughing Spaces
  • All Pages Feed
  • HappYuge
  • Radley Madison
  • OnboardBuzz
  • TwinVistas
  • Charmoo’s
  • Kneads Plus
  • Swfcharts
  • Slide It Social
  • Twiktiq
  • Buzzkin’s
  • Yia! Social
  • Twi Social Media
  • Chillout Social
  • MickeyDuffs
  • Zoolapedia
  • ExclusivoSocial
  • SocialCastio
  • Crowning the Stars
  • Plant Social Group
  • Instagrabble
  • Relephant Social
  • Expert Brainstorm
  • Tweets Tweets
  • TwitRides
  • Stardust Chats
  • The Social Buzzstorm
  • Pinit Brands
  • Barking It Social
  • Pinagon Buzz

Funny Social Media Names

These are some funny social media names that you might find interesting:

  • Social Locus Group
  • Trends on Digital
  • Buckhead Bee
  • Tropically Social
  • ReachNotCatch
  • Enmosis Media
  • Power Up Media Agency
  • Lazy Daisy Digital
  • The Strong Social
  • Tweak It Up Media
  • Get Social Out Loud
  • Animated Tweets
  • Big Media Social
  • Twin Star Social
  • Vivian Zuckerberg
  • OnePage Social
  • Prospect Crowd
  • iSage Social
  • Rack Room Social
  • Instagram Networks
  • Pewter Social Media
  • QZ Social, LLC
  • The Marketing Group
  • Changeme Corporation
  • Airdrie Social Media
  • HotwireSocial
  • Buzz Marketing Tips
  • The Inbox Guy
  • Social Stirs
  • Vikwar Media
  • Mister Social Media
  • Instep Social
  • Ganbar Media Group
  • BlueVue Media
  • Social Point Group
  • Digital Presence Group
  • ReveSocial
  • Social Press Now
  • The Hum Social
  • Starr Hill Media

Unique Social Media Marketing Agency Names

These are some unique social media marketing agency names that will inspire you:

  • Impulse Media Group
  • Rock Social Marketing
  • The Modern Mktg Agency
  • Holtz Social Marketing
  • Instant Buzz Marketing
  • Twin Media Networks
  • Balanced Mktg Agency
  • Raxx Social
  • InTown Social Media Group
  • Trendle Social
  • Snaptropolis
  • Advertise Marketing Purple
  • MillionMan Marketing
  • Social Base Creative
  • The Rise Social
  • Insta Biz Marketing
  • Clickhole Media
  • Tdik Entertainment
  • Livingly Social
  • OverSocial Media
  • Social Topsy
  • StriveUp Media
  • Online Presence Pro
  • QuilterMedia
  • Attainable Marketing Services
  • Social Media Gamez
  • Stork Social Media
  • The Rocket Button
  • Riot Social Media
  • R3 Social Ventures
  • Spanky Social
  • Facebook’s Graphiq
  • Avenue Social Media
  • Avvio Social
  • Digital Newsfeed
  • New Wave Designers
  • Homewatch Social
  • Trendstream Group
  • Zoom Media Lab
  • Daring Fire Social
  • The Redesign Social
  • Gruel Social Group
  • BlogOne Media
  • Trends of social
  • Toprketing

Social Media Marketing Agency Names

Social Media Names Generator

These are some more social media company names we’ve generated from a name generator to inspire you:

  • DundalkSocial Media
  • The Trend Crowd
  • My Mass Market
  • I.O. Social Media
  • Inspectacular Social
  • Rhyming Social
  • Socialgift Marketing
  • Uncle Scooters
  • Social Connections Guru
  • Polar Ice Solutions
  • Social Bangle
  • Dawn of the Social
  • Gizmos Hotline
  • Aloha Social & Media
  • Flixstik Media
  • Digg It Marketing
  • Social Derby
  • Mack A Mack Media
  • Socialgadx
  • Your Social Now
  • Dotty’s Place
  • Instant Social
  • Zello Social Media
  • TweakTown Media
  • TwiggMedia
  • A1 Crowd Works
  • Lashout Social
  • Englead Digital
  • Just Scope Media
  • Marketing Brand Lion
  • Lolscary Agency
  • A&W Social Network
  • Strive Digital
  • Zune Creations
  • The Social Hit
  • Marketing Connect Pro
  • Blast Social Media
  • Vogue Front Row
  • SocialFlowDynamics
  • Flip Flop Biz
  • Loving Hut Marketing
  • Red Roof Social
  • Hey Media Solutions
  • WOW Social Designs
  • RockMeOutSocial
  • RedBull Social
  • The Buzzfeed Group
  • Webkicker
  • Zackmeister Media

Tips for Choosing a Name for Your Social Media Company

Here are some tips to help you choose a perfect name for your social media company:

1. Choose a name that is short, simple, and catchy. Your business name should be short, simple, and catchy. Without these three qualities, your customers won’t remember your name, which will cause them to lose trust in your business.

2. Make sure it describes what your company does. For businesses, social media has the potential to be a successful marketing tool. But before you jump into the fray, make sure your social media company name describes what your company does.

3. Choose a name that’s not too similar to other brands already out there. Check your selected company name on Google or other online resources.

4. Don’t use your name. It’s hard to say what percentage of small businesses are using their own names as their business names, but studies do show that over half of them do so. But, is it a good idea? Sometimes it works and sometimes not.

5. Avoid being too technical. “Don’t name your company too technical,” they say, “that’s just going to confuse people.”

6. It should be easy to spell, pronounce, and remember. The name of your business is the first impression that customers have of your business. It needs to be easy to pronounce, spell, and remember. Your business name will be what people associate you with. So, it is important to choose wisely.

7. Don’t use hyphens and numbers. It’s confusing. It’s tough to read. And, if you are an entrepreneur, it’s downright embarrassing.

8. Avoid being generic and brandless. When naming your company, you want to leave an impression, create intrigue, and differentiate yourself in a difficult market, especially in today’s ever-growing tech world. So, make sure to choose a name that is professional and branded.

9. Think of a name with a keyword in it. Good SEO is important. Think of a name with a keyword in it. When naming your company. As well as when setting up your domain. The best practice is to choose a domain name containing the keywords you are targeting. It may take a little extra work in the beginning, but it will be worth it in the long run.

10. Use free online tools to help you find the ideal name. The internet is full of tools that can help you find the ideal name for your social media company. Such as you can use a Namesnack name generator.

11. Consider if the domain name is available. When deciding on a name for your company, make sure you can use the same domain name. It will help people easily find your business online.

12. Usernames on Facebook and Twitter matter. The last but not least tip is to make sure your chosen name is available as a username on Facebook and Twitter. You can check it on


In conclusion, the company name should be able to communicate what the company does best. For example, if your social media company deals in social media marketing, then a name like “Vital Social Media Marketing Company” would be suitable.

The name you choose for your startup makes all the difference. So, make sure it’s a good one. Choose something memorable, something that reflects your brand’s unique personality. Something that makes people want to do business with you.

We hope you liked this article and have found a good name for your social media company. Thanks for reading and Good Luck!

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