300+ Cool and Creative Media Company Names

Choosing the best name for your company is one of the first steps you have to do as an entrepreneur. If you are searching for a good name for your social media company, then you are in the right place.

Here, we have suggested hundreds of best media company names and ideas for creating unique names for your company step by step.

Let’s jump into the name ideas without wasting time.

Media Company Names

These are the catchy media company names ideas for your inspiration:

  • Total Media
  • Immediate News
  • The Media Company
  • Red Bee
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Global Entertainment
  • Ocean Media
  • Complete Control
  • Medialab Group
  • Lion Television
  • Clear Crystal
  • Global Radio
  • Play Sports Network
  • Future Publishing
  • Media Campaign
  • Ascential Events
  • Loudmouth Media
  • Global Cycling Network
  • Business Reporter
  • Generation Media
  • Lifestyle Locations
  • Principles Media
  • Scripps Networks
  • Impression Digital Media
  • The Everyday Agency
  • Ocean Outdoor
  • Digital Cinema Media
  • See All Media
  • Coast Productions
  • Graphiss Media
  • Clear Channel
  • Dreambox Studio
  • Sparky Animation
  • The Perfect Media Group
  • Paradise Media
  • Activa Media
  • Target Media
  • Infinity Digital Hub
  • Twist Media
  • Media Labs Innovation
  • The Luxury Network

Digital Media Company Names

Here is the list of best digital media company name suggestions:

  • Infinity Media Investments
  • Ocean Driven Media
  • Clockwork Digital Media
  • Strategic Media Company
  • Earth Life Media
  • Outdoor Network
  • Blackstone Digital Media
  • Multi Choice Media
  • Perform Media
  • First Nations Media
  • Trending Media
  • Essential Media
  • Digital Next
  • Essential Media Communications
  • Splitscreen Productions
  • Lion Media Group
  • Opinion Media
  • Fresh Focus Media
  • Optimization Media
  • True Media
  • Glacier Communications
  • Talk Shop Media
  • The Marketing Edge
  • Massive Impact Media
  • Pure Digital Media Systems
  • Venture Communications
  • Media Eye
  • True Media Consulting
  • Mindshare
  • Everywhere Agency

Social Media Company Names

Below are the good name suggestions for your social media company:

  • Digital Destination
  • Simplified Solutions
  • Digital Authority Partners
  • Media Vest Group
  • Easy Social Media
  • Image Centre Group
  • Reach Media
  • Fairfax Digital
  • Uprise Digital
  • Media Tracking
  • Culture Machine Media
  • Coconut Media Box
  • Open Circle
  • Blue Sky Agency
  • TopLine Media Group
  • Clear Choice Media
  • Primal Screen
  • Full Media
  • Creative Approach
  • Global Media Track
  • The Media Shop

Media Company Names

How to Name Your Media Company

Below are the few steps for generating media company names:

Keep it short and sweet.

Simplicity the key point. Try to make your name as simple as possible. The simpler and catchier your name will, the more likely it will remember and pronounce by your customers.

Otherwise, if your name will be complicated and lengthy, people will not easily find you online. So, stay away from too long and boring names.

Use Descriptive Words.

Your name should define what types of projects your company does. Use related words with the keyword of your business. For example, Active Media, Pure Digital Media System, Clear Choice Media, etc.

Below is the list of related and trending words you can use.

Pad, Screen, Digital, Life, Space, Communication, Insta, Tag, Snap, etc.

Make it future proof.

Now you may be starting a specific type of media business. but if you have future plans to increase your business with time, then try to come up with a general name instead of a specific name.

Consider your own name.

If your names are catchy and unique you can consider using it as your company name. And if you don’t like your name, then you can use your family name, which will give your business a personal touch.

Avoid Copying Others.

Your name is your brand identity, that differentiates you from your competitors. So, when choosing a name, check the existing media company names in your area to make sure your name is unique.

Use online tools for more ideas.

There are many online generators you can use for creating more new ideas. Below are some of the best you can try.

  • Shopify Business Name Generator
  • Namelix Business Name Generator
  • NameMesh Business Name Generator
  • Anadea Business Name Generator

Check the trademark availability

Once you come up with some of your favorite media company names, then check the trademark availability one by one. At least one of your names will be available for the trademark registration.

You can check the availability on Tradmarkia.com or USPTO.gov.

Go online and check the domain name if available.

Your business domain names are the foundation of your online identity. So, before you make a final decision, also check the domain name availability for your online success.

Visit the site Domain.com to make sure your domain name is available.

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