300 Good Names for News Channel You Can Use

Do you want to launch a news channel but don’t know how to come up with a good name? Do you struggle to create an original and compelling name for your news channel?

Maybe you’re thinking of launching a local news channel or even a national broadcast. No matter what type of news channel you plan to start, this article will help you choose an outstanding name for your channel.

In this blog post, we’ve collected some good news channel names and tips to help you choose a perfect one for your new startup.

So, pick up the pen and paper, pull up your favorite beverage, and read on!

Unique News Channel Names

Here are some unique news channel names you can use right now:

  • Overnight News
  • The Local News
  • Alba Channel
  • Interfax Worldwide
  • Telemundo America
  • Discovery-News 24
  • FTV Globo
  • Bayer Media Network
  • Al-Hayat Network
  • Info Flow
  • Station WZAX
  • Desert Mountain News
  • Channels Sky
  • News One Arizona
  • New Knesset
  • The Hill News
  • The Linc News
  • The Monona News
  • Reach First Media
  • WOW! News
  • Orientation News
  • Deseret News Agency
  • Infowise
  • Sundance Vision
  • News 5 Arizona
  • News Era Canada
  • AZ Daily Dot
  • Asia One Multimedia
  • Newsmax Digital
  • Program Me Up
  • Fly News Agency
  • Tv Now 2 Go
  • Jinan Daily News
  • All Channel News
  • Lite Channel News
  • News Tribune Press
  • The News Division
  • Flicksharks
  • The Courier Sun
  • Info Gallery
  • Inter Press
  • Jakarta Broadcasting
  • PRIME Media
  • Live Science News
  • NewsTalk
  • Info Hub
  • The Innovation Depo

Good Names for News Channel

These are some good names for a news channel that you may like:

  • The Rooted News
  • World Vision Channel
  • TBN Sun Network
  • Kiddie News Network
  • Aqax News Online
  • Channel B2
  • SlateDaily
  • Station Fuzion
  • World Tribune Media
  • Salt Lake Television
  • NathNews
  • Pundits Plus
  • Ominously News
  • The Orange Letter
  • News Change
  • Daily Yomiuri
  • The News Innovation
  • Olympia News Network
  • Star News
  • Toledoman Express
  • Metro News Agency
  • News Flow
  • Reports Gallery
  • Cable News Worldwide
  • News 2 NOW
  • Yahoo! News 24
  • Pro News Today
  • News Apex
  • News Innovation Lab
  • Overnight Network
  • Prelink News
  • The Sky Newsroom
  • Social Flow
  • The Local Television
  • Echo News Channel
  • XPress New York
  • Ghad Radio
  • News Net Calgary
  • News Gallery
  • News2West
  • Tocor Communications
  • News Core
  • BBC Newsnight
  • Jinan Radio Station
  • Media Gallery

Funny News Channel Names

These are funny names for a news channel that might find interesting:

  • NewsFeed
  • The Onion
  • NewsBeast
  • Report for America
  • The News Joker
  • The Bleats
  • News Desk
  • Newsflare
  • Florida Sun News
  • News with An Edge
  • Vocal Up Radio
  • News Breakthrough
  • Core News
  • Goodridge Channel
  • 2hours News
  • News on Channel
  • Broadwave America
  • The Crave India
  • Arizona State News
  • Press & Sip
  • United
  • The News Action
  • Airdate of Sunrise
  • News 9 Arizona
  • Cleveland Focus
  • Globo Communications
  • Social Gallery

Catchy News Channel Names

These are some catchy news channel name ideas for you:

  • Overnight News Now
  • We Focus News
  • ABC World Service
  • The Local Ten
  • ABC News Station
  • Big News Hub
  • SBS Tower News
  • The Good Guys News
  • The Root Media Group
  • Overnight Channel
  • Lash Out USA
  • 24/7 60 Minutes
  • Redlands
  • Sling TV Channel
  • Daily News
  • Socio Core
  • Go Local Television
  • The Youngest News
  • Kaitland Bulletin
  • Hakim Press
  • Soma Media Project
  • Tehran News Agency
  • 5Sight Global News
  • Islamic Channel News
  • Corner Media One
  • Chaska Press
  • NewsBusters
  • Gazet News

Fake News Channel Names

The following are some fake news channel names to inspire you:

  • Old News Net
  • OBCO Sky
  • New Democrat Press
  • World News Solutions
  • Zero Time
  • News 4 Action
  • Digital News 24
  • Echo Provisions
  • Shaw Broadcasting
  • News Hub Network
  • Orient News Service
  • ArrowNews Network
  • Sin City News Sun
  • Wuhan Broadcasting
  • The Province Sun
  • Rise Television
  • All English News
  • Kochi Media
  • Dixie Media Group
  • Good News Digiporn
  • 24 Hour News
  • All News America
  • The Weather City
  • Media Flow
  • New Day Broadcasters
  • Press Info Group
  • LIVE US Network
  • Lone Rat Fox

News Channel Name Ideas

These are some short and simple news channel name ideas you can use:

  • VIP Local News
  • The Story Innovation
  • Komax Media
  • The O’ray Express
  • K2 Broadcasting
  • Leeds Independent
  • All News Group
  • Channel Zero Media
  • New Life Bibles
  • News Share
  • Eagle News
  • Channel Norway
  • Info Plaza
  • All Things News
  • News Innovators
  • Global News Prime
  • Media Share
  • Culture War Press
  • Inception Creatives
  • Inland Journal
  • Wash News 24
  • Live Edge
  • The News Cafe
  • Sun County Press
  • Virtue Reporting
  • Xtian News
  • Channel One Extra
  • Liz News Company

Indian News Channel Names Ideas

These are some best Indian news channel names ideas to help you get inspiration:

  • On News Hub
  • The Lava Report
  • World of Current
  • Newsmax
  • Fintech Daily
  • Tech Times Sydney
  • The Good Air
  • Channel One Xpress
  • New Day Print
  • Metro Morning News
  • Sunstate Journal
  • On the News Talk
  • Axis News Group
  • My Evening View
  • Newsday Innovation
  • ABA News Media
  • The News Web
  • Intentional View
  • Global Xtra
  • 2 News Now
  • New Day Networks
  • The Sun City News
  • Provoce Romania
  • Hawk Ridge News
  • Infowise Networks
  • The News Now
  • Fox 11 Phoenix
  • Bearsnow Media

News Channel Name Generator

Below is the list of some more good news channel names we’ve generated from a name generator to inspire you:

  • Zero Hour Reports
  • Inter Press Today
  • Bolt Network
  • Hogan’s News
  • Urumqi Buffet
  • Core Media
  • NewsLake
  • Phoenix Family Media
  • Newsmax Television
  • The TV Fix
  • Tribo Xpress
  • 5 Star Wound
  • Atlas News Now
  • Titanic Television
  • News and Front
  • GazetVision
  • Fairfax Media Group
  • Info Share
  • Asia Fox News
  • News 13 Denver
  • FM Group Worldwide
  • News One World
  • Cox Newswire
  • Ungate Press
  • Kokos Communications
  • 9 News Utah
  • Hannity Broadcasting
  • The Trend Fix
  • Las Vegas City Times
  • Foote Voice

Best News Channel Names in America

These are some best news channel names in America to help you get more ideas for your own name:

  • CBS
  • NBC
  • ABC News
  • Fox News
  • ESPN
  • CNN
  • Ion
  • The Blaze
  • HGTV
  • Univision
  • Al Jazeera
  • Bloomberg Television

How to Choose a Good Name for Your News Channel

Below are some tips to help you choose a good name for your news channel:

1. Uniquely Creative

A great news channel needs to convey its message clearly while remaining distinctive from other networks. A simple way to do so is by coming up with something that nobody else has yet.

You also need to think about being creative. As much as possible, aim to use words or phrases that people might say. It’s best to avoid using news channel brand names such as CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, etc; because they already possess the desired meaning and may confuse readers.

Instead, try to come up with a name that’s likely to catch their attention as opposed to merely sounding snazzy to their ears (which is what branding companies tend to focus on).

2. Consider Names That Have Meaning

People usually appreciate businesses that make them feel appreciated and who care about them. These feelings come naturally when someone finds his/her work meaningful. Therefore, it’s essential to find a name that makes users feel valuable and inspired.

One thing worth noting here is that it isn’t enough just to make them feel valued and cared for. The name should actually show why and how their time spent watching the channel would bring them some value.

As you go through our list of great news channel names that have meaning, keep in mind the following points:

3. Keep It Short and Simple – Don’t Be Too Long.

We all know that long pages and names are more likely to get people’s attention than short ones.

However, a long name might turn off potential customers due to the fact that most channels’ names end up having a lot of unnecessary things included in them. In addition to this, remember that shorter names are easier to understand at first glance.

4. Avoid Confusing Terms

The last thing you’d want to see is a viewer getting confused. For instance, if your channel shows news about crime, you wouldn’t want it to be named Crime & Justice Network, right?

5. Incorporate Keywords into Your News Channel Name

Your channel name must incorporate keywords that are important to your business. This way, when people search for such information online, your website, social media posts, and blogs will appear high on the SERP results pages. Make sure to prioritize keywords that include your most searched ones.

6. Avoid Using Negative and Offensive Names

This goes without saying. If any negative or offensive word is incorporated into your channel’s name, then it might offend viewers and distract them from your content.

Even worse, such a name might potentially hurt your brand reputation. So always consider whether or not the name itself could cause damage to your news channel.


In conclusion, we hope you found this article helpful! We’ve provided some ideas that can help you create an amazing news channel name. However, while brainstorming titles comes easy for us, it’s not quite so simple for everyone else.

Therefore, if you’re stuck, don’t take it personally. Rather, do your research, test your ideas out on friends and family, and eventually perfect your news channel name.

Thanks for reading our post! Do let us know your thoughts by commenting below!

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