Newspaper Names: 220 Creative Newspaper Name Ideas

Are you starting your own newspaper business? Are you looking for creative newspaper names? If yes, then this article will help you a lot in naming your newspaper company.

Here, we have listed some catchy, creative, classic, and funny newspaper names to help you come up with a great name in a short time.

Let’s dive into name ideas.

Newspaper Names

Here are some cool and catchy newspaper names ideas to inspire you:

  • Valleywide Newspapers
  • County Times
  • The Press-Enterprise
  • Daily Republicy
  • Daily Independent
  • Outlook Newspapers
  • Today’s Local News
  • Post News Group
  • News-Times
  • Daily Breeze
  • Business Journal
  • Redwood Times
  • The Daily Report
  • Newssolutions
  • Pipers News
  • Connections Newspaper
  • World Spectator
  • Glacier Media
  • The Daily Courier
  • The Sun Times
  • Hat News
  • National Post
  • Community Newspapers
  • Vision Times
  • Post Weekly
  • Times Dispatch
  • Headlights Time
  • Apparel News
  • Dove Magazine
  • New Star Newspaper

Creative Newspaper Names

Here is the list of most creative newspaper names to inspire your ideas:

  • Wave Newspapers
  • Grace Communications
  • Sunday Journal
  • Good Morning Media
  • Lawndale Tribune
  • Adventist Press
  • Creative Edge
  • The Citizen
  • Globe Post
  • Free State Times
  • News Everyday
  • Daily Sun
  • Ridge Times
  • Fourways Review
  • Media Publications
  • Morning News
  • Silver News
  • Beacon Newspapers
  • Church News-Press
  • New World Times
  • Statesman
  • The Crest Journal
  • Sentinel
  • Daily Recorder
  • The Observer

Classic Newspaper Names

Below are the classic newspaper names for your inspiration:

  • The News Essence
  • Early Post
  • Agent Analysis
  • The country’s voice
  • The planet’s news
  • Telegraph
  • The Plain Dealer
  • Capital Newspapers
  • National Journal Group
  • Newspaper Guild
  • Silver Spring
  • Press Institute
  • Newsquest Media
  • Dynamic Newspapers
  • Western Telegraph
  • Guardian
  • Local World
  • The News Glory
  • Rocky Mountain News
  • Sparks Media
  • Hear and Now
  • The Sentinel
  • Packet Newspapers
  • Daily Star
  • Trinity Mirror

Funny Newspaper Names

These are the funny newspaper names you can consider using:

  • The News Glory
  • Union Daily Observer
  • Sunrise Record
  • Look Back Daily
  • Capital Talk
  • Telegraph Daily
  • Global Morning
  • Soar truth
  • Buzz Street Times
  • The News Wave
  • Elegent Messenger
  • Daily Recorder
  • Mountain Ledger
  • Star Headline Tribune
  • The Public Mirror
  • Daily Look Reporter
  • Alliance Daily
  • Public Patriot
  • Evening Explorer
  • Prime Daily Sun

Popular Newspaper Names

These are the top 20 most popular newspapers in the United States:

  • New York Post
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • The New York Times
  • Chicago Tribune
  • The Washington Post
  • Los Angeles Times
  • USA Today
  • Newsday
  • Star Tribune
  • Boston Globe
  • Chronicle Houston
  • Morning News Dallas
  • Journal-Constitution
  • The Plain Dealer
  • Plain Dealer Cleveland
  • Phoenix Arizona Republic
  • The Mercury News
  • Orlando Sentinel
  • The Post-Standard
  • Sun-Sentinel

Magazine Name Ideas

Following are the catchy magazine names for you:

  • Magazine Media
  • Purposeful Pages
  • Paper Product
  • Fresh Face Printing
  • Clarity Magazine
  • Global Voice
  • The Post and Courier
  • News-Journal
  • East Valley Tribune
  • Daily Truth
  • Planet Pulse
  • Headline Facts
  • Timeframe Magazine
  • Game Informer
  • Earth News
  • Paper Crafts
  • The Economist
  • Trailer Life
  • Southern Living
  • Money Talks
  • Dance Magazine
  • Scientific Minds
  • Climber’s Life
  • Green Planet
  • Business Daily

How to Name your Newspaper Business

Below are the few steps for brainstorming classic newspaper business names:

Use descriptive words.

Your name is the brand identity of your business which defines the type of service you are doing. The name you will choose should communicate something about your newspaper business.

These are some descriptive and related words you can use in your newspaper business name. Times, News, Press, Journal, Post, Express, Headlines, Daily, etc.

Keep your name short and simple.

Short and simple names are attractive and enough catchy to attract the customer’s attention. Also, if your name will be short and simple, it will be easy for the customer to remember, pronounce, and spell.

And, if your name is will be complicated and too long, they will face difficulty in finding you online.

Avoid copying other newspaper names.

You will find thousands of different newspaper names in the industry you can get inspiration from but don’t copy them. Search for the top newspaper and look at what is special in their names.

Try to come up with a unique name that can stand out in the market.

Use pun or funny names.

Using puns is another great idea of naming your newspaper. Puns are enough attractive and easy for customers to remember.

Consider your location name.

One of the best options you have is to use your location name. If you look at the popular newspaper names in the USA you will find 60 percent of the newspaper have location-based names.

Check the domain name availability.

Nowadays everyone wants to present his/ her business online. Of course, you must present your newspaper business on the web. So, before finalizing your name check to make sure the matching domain name available.

You can check it easily on

Quick Checklist of Creating a Unique Newspaper Name.

Following are some ideas for creating your own name:

(a) Brainstorm possible name ideas and make a list.

(b) Shortlist your name ideas list.

(c) Do competitors analysis.

(d) Make sure your name is unique in the market.

(e) Get other opinions.

(f) Register your name.

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