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500+ Cool Barber Shop Names, Ideas, and Suggestions

When it comes to finding a name for your barber shop, you have a number of options available to you. You can take your name from a nearby landmark, use a pun, or perhaps even use the name of your favourite hobby.

Whatever you choose, your name will be a part of your business for a long time to come, so it’s worth putting some thought into.

To help you get started, I have collected up some of the best barber shop names for your inspiration.

Also, below you will find some tips on how to create a unique name for barber shop. Let’s get started!

Barber Shop Names

Here is the list of catchy and creative barber shop names for your new startup:

  • Fade Room
  • City Clippers Barber shop
  • Creative Hair Salon
  • The Head Shop
  • Cut Me Loose
  • Prime Haircutting
  • Street Barber Shop
  • Profiles Hair Salon
  • New Look
  • Crows Nest Barbershop
  • Handsome Devil’s
  • Imperial Barber Shop
  • Clarity & Cut Barbershop
  • Hair Design First Class
  • The Barbery
  • Jack The Clipper
  • Cheers Grooming
  • Headcase Barbers
  • Cuts & Bruises
  • Magic Haircut
  • Cutters Yard
  • Mustache Barber
  • Stylish Barber Shop
  • The Pleasant Barbers
  • Barbers Point
  • Scissor Hand
  • Flame & Steel Barber
  • Fades & Shaves
  • The Classic Shave
  • Sharp Beast
  • Five Star Barber Salon
  • Beards & Shears
  • Clip Joint
  • Safe Hands Barbers
  • Flawless Cuts Barbershop
  • Crown Town Cutter
  • Chivalry Shave
  • City Cut Barber Shop
  • Gang of Barbers
  • Quarters Barber Shop
  • The Good Barber
  • Everyman Barbers
  • Yankee Clipper
  • Golden Shaves
  • The Barber Bro
  • Shave and Raze
  • Choice Cuts
  • A Cut Above
  • Classic Kutz
  • In The Cut Barber Shop
  • Urban Cutz
  • Perfection Beauty
  • Gramercy Barbershop
  • Sharp Scissors Barbers

Modern Barber Shop Names

These are some trendy and modern barber shop names to inspire you:

  • Unique Cut’s
  • The Right Touch
  • SmartStyle Hairs
  • Just 4 Him Haircuts
  • Who’s Next
  • Faded With Finessse
  • Lady Clipper Barber Shop
  • Masters Touch
  • Signature Cuts and Shaves
  • Community Barber Shop
  • Next Level Cuts
  • Ultimate Styles
  • Hairstyling Barber
  • Friendly Faces Barber Shop
  • The Barbers Room
  • Cutting Crew
  • Look Sharp Barbers
  • Hills Barber Shop
  • Top Cut Barber
  • The Stylish Man
  • Modern hairdressing
  • The Fade Joint
  • Prince Barber Shop
  • Hair For Men
  • Executive Cuts
  • Boss Barbers
  • My Style Barbers
  • Cut & Style
  • Master Cuts
  • The fade corner
  • 3 in 1 Styles Cuts
  • Little Barber
  • Barber Vision
  • Gentlemen Cuts
  • Simply Cut
  • Pure Cuts
  • Top Class Barber
  • Brooklyn Barbers
  • Fancy Clipperz
  • Clip Joint
  • The Iron Pencil Barber Shop
  • Family Barber Shop
  • Facial Freak
  • Tailored Hair
  • Creative Cuts
  • Magazine St.Barber Shop
  • Clip and Snip
  • Barber Bomb
  • The Cutt’n Edge
  • ProStyle Salon
  • Barber Button

Cool Barber Shop Names

Below is the list of cool barber shop names for you:

  • Premier Grooming Lounge
  • Universal Cuts
  • Cut Masters
  • Sport Clips Haircuts
  • Ultimate Barber Lounge
  • Shear Excellence
  • Crown Cuts Barber Shop
  • Kool Kutz
  • Platinum Cuts Barbershop
  • Campus Cut’s
  • Supercuts
  • No Grease
  • Art Barber Haircut
  • Fading Time Barbershop
  • Ace Of Cuts
  • Epic Barber Shop
  • Barber’s Point
  • Craftsman Barbershop
  • Next Level Barber Shop
  • Signature Barbershop
  • Prime Barber Shop
  • Grand Cutter Barber Shop
  • Big Apple Barbers
  • Freestyle Barber Shop
  • Finesse Cuts
  • Xtreme cuts
  • Haircrafters
  • Neighborhood Cut and Shave
  • Made Man Barbershop
  • Village Cuts
  • Vip Barber Shop
  • Big Mouth Barber
  • Bow Barbers
  • The king barber shop
  • Ideal Barber Shop
  • Diamond Image Cutz
  • Dapper Blades
  • Old Fashioned Barber
  • Chesterfield Barbar
  • Perfections Barber Lounge
  • Barberazza

Unused Barber Shop Names

Below are the unique and unused barber shop names you can consider using:

  • Perfect Image Hair Salon
  • Famous Kutz Studio
  • Modern Cuts Barber Shop
  • Fusion Hair Studio
  • Ángel’s Beauty Barber
  • Get A Hair Cut
  • So Fresh Cuts
  • Top Choice Cuts
  • Razor Edge Barber Shop
  • Silly Willy Kids Cuts
  • Sport Clips Haircuts
  • Social Barbershop
  • Revive Hair Studio
  • SmartStyle Haircutting
  • Great Clips
  • Quality Haircuts
  • The Black Comb
  • First Choice Barber Shop
  • Little Barber Shop
  • Creative Touch Barber Shop
  • Sharper Image
  • Supercuts
  • Trinity Barbershop
  • Premier Cuts
  • The Independent Barbers
  • Wave Hello
  • Best Little Hair House
  • The Barber’s Chamber
  • Just a Trim
  • Good Barbers
  • Super Hair Design
  • Precise Barbershop
  • Rich Cuts
  • Barber Innovations
  • Lucky Spot Barbershop
  • Modern Grooming Lounge
  • Colonial Barber Shop
  • Freestyle Barbershop
  • The Modern Barbershop
  • Freeway Barbershop

Funny Barber Shop Names

These are the some funny barber shop names you can use:

  • Barber Bomb
  • Bolt Barbers
  • Comb Club
  • Cutter Shark
  • Dope Barber
  • Empire Cuts
  • Equity Men
  • Gentmode
  • Hairway To Heaven
  • Halftime Haircuts
  • Halftime Haircuts for Men
  • Modern Dude
  • Mug & Brush
  • Razor Cuts
  • Razor Cuts for Men
  • Scissor Tangles
  • Soul Scissors
  • Straight Razors
  • Tailored Hair
  • Tapered Men’s Salon
  • The Barber Shop
  • The Comb Over
  • The Dover Honing
  • The Hair Port
  • The Humble Barber
  • The Legend Room
  • The Loft
  • Touchdown Barber
  • Trendy Fella
  • Yankee Clipper
  • The Mustached Man
  • Blend Barbers
  • Kut Klose Barber Shop
  • Rocket Barber Shop
  • The Mug & Brush
  • Pine Street
  • Best of Fades
  • Comb One Comb All
  • Curl Up & Dye
  • Dapper & Shave
  • Clean Cuts
  • Ineedacut Barbershop
  • Executive Look
  • Good Looks Barbershop
  • Who’s Next Barber Shop

Barber Nicknames

Below are the some of the catchy barber nicknames:

  1. King Cut
  2. Tony
  3. Ace
  4. Junior
  5. Nano
  6. Comb
  7. Scissor
  8. Buzz Cuts
  9. Stylist
  10. Busy barber
  11. Scraper
  12. Cheerful Barber
  13. Shortcut
  14. Groomer
  15. Dutch

Barber Names for Instagram

Following are the creative barber names for Instagram:

  • Eagle Rock
  • Perfection Barber
  • Razed Right
  • Fade Zone
  • First Class Barber
  • Classic Shave
  • Scissors
  • The Shave Place
  • Hair Grooming Lounge
  • Haircrafters
  • Straight Razors
  • Made Man Barber
  • Unique Cuts
  • Clippers Haircuts
  • Empire cuts
  • Deluxe Barbers
  • Executive Barber
  • The Smiling Barber
  • Crew Cuts
  • Smooth Cuts
  • Heads Up
  • Handsome Hair Designer
  • The Final Cut
  • Cute Clips
  • The Hair Style

Barber Shop Names in USA

These are the best barber shop names in the USA to inspire you:

  • New York Styles
  • The Barber’s Chamber
  • Cuts USA
  • Trophy Room Barber Shop
  • Made Man Barber
  • California Barber Shop
  • Union Haircut
  • Patriot Cuts
  • The Straight Edge
  • Blind Barber
  • Elegant Barber Shop
  • American Barbershop
  • Nic Grooming Barber shop
  • Old Mission Barbershop
  • Headliners USA
  • Urban Style Barber Shop
  • The Gents Place
  • Noble Wolf Barbers
  • American Haircuts
  • Handsome Barber Shop
  • Unisex Barber Shop
  • Fine Men’s Salons
  • Fresh Dip Barber Shop
  • Prestige Barbershop
  • Master Cuts

Barber Shop Names in UK

These are some famous barber shop names in the UK to inspire you:

  • Ted Baker Grooming Room
  • Pankhurst
  • Barber Barber
  • Savills
  • Ruffians
  • Pimps & Pinups
  • Cutter & Grinder
  • Remedy Hairdressing
  • Slider Cuts
  • Nomad Barber
  • Jack The Clipper
  • Huckle The Barber
  • Sharps Barbers
  • Gentleman’s Tonic
  • Dunhill The Spa & Barber
  • Slider Cuts
  • Avanzato Grooming Lounge
  • Acqua Di Parma Barbiere
  • Truefitt & Hill
  • Alfred Dunhill
  • Famous Henrys
  • Cutters Yard
  • Ned’s Barbershop
  • The Lion & The Fox
  • Johnny’s Chop Shop

Barber Shop Names

How to Name your Barber Shop

Below are a few tips for generating unique barber shop names:

Does your name reflect your service?

When choosing a name for your business the first thing you have to make sure the name you are going to select should define your haircutting service.

Simply add the word “Barber” in your name to make it clear for the customer to know your service. These are some other catchy words you can use in your barber shop name.

Cutting, Clips, Stylish, Shave, Scissors, Comb Room, Salon, Grooming, etc.

Make it memorable and catchy.

You have to come up with a name that can be easy for your customers to remember, pronounce, and spell. The shorter and simpler your name will the more it will be easy for the audience to remember.

So, select a short and sweet name and avoid hard to pronounce and complicated names.

Consider your location name.

Using your location name can be a great idea to attract the customers living in your town or city.

Brainstorm barber shop name ideas with your friends.

Sit with your friends, explain your business plans to them and then ask them for name ideas. Get their ideas and make a list of all the name ideas. Don’t worry about bad ideas just focus on more ideas list.

Once you come up with a list of barber shop names then, shortlist your favorite names.

Keep it unique.

How to come up with a unique name? Before deciding on one of your favorite names, do a competitor analysis. Make sure the names you have selected are not already used in the industry.

Check the trademark registration.

Thousands of business names register every single day. So it important to check to make sure that the name you are going to choose is available for trademark registration. Check it online on

Make sure you can get a domain name.

Also, visit the site to check the domain name availability if you want to present your business online on the web.

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