Soccer Team Names: 500 Fantasy Soccer Team Name Ideas

Sports team names are a big part of the game. A good team nickname can rally the fans, inspire the players, and solidify a team’s identity.

Here you will find a collection of soccer team names that can be used to help you think of names for your soccer team.  You can use these names as they are or you can alter them to make them truly unique.

You can even blend two or more team names to make a truly good name. So be sure to check out all of the ideas on this page.

Let’s get started.

Soccer Team Names

Here are some cool and creative soccer team names to inspire you:

  • Siren Buddy
  • The Hangovers
  • Goal Crushers
  • Your Goalie’s Nightmare
  • En Fuego CF
  • White Bombers
  • Rushing Rascals
  • The Intentional Foulers
  • Fire Breathing Gummy Bears
  • Cheetah Chicks
  • Bed Bath and Beyonce
  • Kroos-ing for a Bruising
  • Dyslexia United
  • Fast & the Furious
  • Foxy Ladies
  • The Cloud Croppers
  • Dizzy Dribblers
  • Manchester
  • Galaxy Superstars
  • Bat Attitudes
  • FlashRiders
  • Cheetah Girls
  • Maximum Attempts
  • Trouble Makers
  • Speedy Cats
  • The Talking Feet
  • Addicted to Cake
  • Pretty in Pink
  • Cotton Candy
  • Little Giants
  • ForEvra Young
  • Leones Vegetarianos
  • Fighting Cardinals
  • The Cleats Elite
  • Screaming Nachos
  • Heartbreakers
  • Outer Milan
  • Martial Law
  • Moves Like Agger
  • Wrong Direction
  • Froggies Undivided
  • Unreal Madrid
  • Chicken Fried Reus
  • Pride Preachers
  • Dukes of Hazard
  • Glorified Boasters
  • Lady Eagles
  • Thunder Gods
  • The Warriors
  • Hounslow Harriers
  • Thunder Down Under
  • Busquets and Gravy
  • Mighty Thunders
  • DFeeters
  • Queens Park Strangers
  • Black Buffalos

Funny Soccer Team Names

These are the clever and funny soccer team names for you:

  • Striker Suzys
  • The Slaying Ninjas
  • Manchester Divided
  • Hammerheads
  • Squad Goals
  • All Hungover
  • Feet in Flight
  • The Hitmen
  • GreatGliders
  • Head Game Strong
  • The Luck Hookers
  • lady Langoor
  • The Dragonflies
  • The Cougars
  • Win or Lose, We Booze
  • Thrashers
  • Crystal Meth Palace
  • Super Best Friends
  • Bitter Paper Blast
  • No Kane No Gain
  • Red Lightning
  • Athletic Hippies
  • Barce-loners
  • Footloose Dancers
  • Wasted Talent
  • Team Redundant Team
  • Easily Nauseous.
  • Show Me Da Mané
  • Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
  • Passing Balls
  • he Blazing Roses
  • Classic Royals
  • Awesome Eagles
  • Snack Attack
  • Past Our Prime Time
  • The Flying Monkeys
  • Leave My Arse-elona!
  • Sounders
  • HammerHead Titans
  • Silverswords
  • Power Puffs
  • Chubby Alonsos
  • Dynamos Eagles
  • Golden Eagles
  • Wave Vikers
  • Hoof Hearted
  • Goal Trolls
  • Cereal Killers
  • Stinky Cheese

Fantasy Soccer Team Names

Below are some good fantasy soccer team names ideas you can consider using:

  • Goal Seekers
  • Girl Scout Dropouts
  • Lucky Strike
  • Turbo Power
  • Lovable and Lazy
  • The Redundant Team
  • Red Dragons
  • Still Learning The Rules
  • Miss Rascals
  • The Spicy Wings
  • Penalty Box Heroes
  • Cheetahs
  • Female Fatale
  • The Diamond Bitches
  • Grass Rats
  • The Boneyard Dogs
  • Real Sociopath
  • Cheetahs Chirp
  • No Punt Intended
  • Booo Berries
  • Silver Feets
  • Eye of the Storm
  • Razorbacks
  • Renegade Kicks
  • Rainbow Warriors
  • Get Your Kicks
  • The Big Lewandowski
  • Red Demons
  • Grass Ballerinas
  • Challengers
  • Victorious Secret
  • The Sluggers
  • Crystal United
  • Claustrophobic Mimes
  • Daddy’s Angels
  • Hyenas
  • End Zone Divas
  • Head Hunters
  • Mud Giants
  • Kicky Time!
  • Lady Leprechauns
  • Blue Angels
  • Spitting Cobras
  • Team Shred
  • Mischief Makers
  • Krul Intentions
  • Shooting Stars
  • Street Sharks
  • When Harry Met Alli
  • Arena Stars
  • Energizers
  • Dribblin’ Divas
  • Guns ‘n Moses
  • Shockers

Football Club Names

These are the best football club names to help you get inspiration:

  • Impact Queens
  • Winning Habits
  • Snot Rockets
  • Soccer Ball Bandits
  • Forward Motion
  • Team Winning
  • Raging Crusaders
  • The Pink Team
  • Hilldogs
  • Boomers on Grass
  • Wilderbeast
  • Straight Shooters
  • Infinite Integrity
  • The Brutal Dodgers
  • You Petr Cech Yourself
  • Captain Crunch And The Cereal Killerz
  • Hannah FC
  • Mandatory Fun
  • Bend It Like Beckham
  • Ball Grinders
  • Home Runners
  • Velociraptors
  • Can’t Cutch This
  • Fury Quakes
  • The Bone Crushers
  • The Bitter Asteroids
  • Moody Maidens
  • Mauve Vampires
  • The Wet Sox
  • The New Crabs
  • The Dragons
  • Lady Cougars
  • Twisted Ankles
  • Brains Aren’t Everything
  • Celtic Ladies
  • Red Card Raiders
  • Mandatory Attendance
  • The High Five
  • Firebirds
  • Skinny Chemical Cockrats
  • Crashing Crusaders
  • Outbreak
  • The Regulars
  • Thunder Birds
  • The Daisies
  • The Braves
  • Ayew Ready
  • Babes And Brawn
  • Million Dollar Ladies

Girls Soccer Team Names

The following are some good girls soccer team names:

  • Ladies With Lightning
  • Madam Secretaries
  • Ladybugs United
  • That Red Card Life
  • Queen of Goals
  • The Cobras
  • Lady Hawks
  • Dust Devils
  • Goals Immobilized
  • Nice to Michu
  • AllStar Crew
  • Kicking Down the Cobblestones
  • Doomsday Divas
  • The Sidewinders
  • Easier Said Than Run
  • High Altitude
  • Blue Diamonds
  • The Barpost Boys
  • Don’t Blink
  • Footie Skills
  • In the Hoopla
  • Thunder Strikers
  • The Bushpigs
  • Pelota Mamacitas
  • Fusion Masters
  • Nuer Gonna Give You Up
  • Double Vision
  • Sharpshooters
  • We Showed Up
  • Quicksilver
  • Estrogen Express
  • Pique Blinders
  • Fielder of Dreams
  • Spartans
  • Boom Shaka Laka
  • Frog Legs
  • Lady Birds
  • Inter Me-Van
  • Real Montana
  • Chili Peppers
  • Basic Rules
  • My Little Kone
  • Fusion Trojan
  • Chilling Salty Hookers
  • Men Behaving Chadli
  • Slide Tacklers
  • Horsepower
  • Stone Crushers
  • Couch Potatoes
  • The Aliens

Soccer Team Names

How to Create a Unique Soccer Team Name

Creating a soccer team name doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. There are a number of things to consider, but if you are able to keep these ideas in mind you are sure to have a simple, successful, and fun team that everyone will love to be a part of!

The key to creating an awesome team name is to have an understanding of the personalities of the people who will be playing on the team.

Look at the group of people you have and try to come up with a name that will fit their personality.

Not sure where to start? Below are some tips that will help you create the perfect soccer team names step by step:

Make a list of some descriptive words

Start your naming process by brainstorming some related words that can be used in your team name. Look at the famous soccer team names and see what type of words they have used in their team names.

You will find the majority of the team have used animal names and adjectives to make their team name strong and memorable.

Pick all the words you like in their names. For example, these are some related words to soccer I have picked.

Ball, Swing, Hunters, Eagles, Warriors, Birdies, Shining, Crushers, Shooters, Sharks, etc.

Combine related words in a creative way

After brainstorming a list of descriptive words, it’s time to get creative and do some words combination. These are good ideas for the combination of words.

Adjective + Animal Name = The Shining Lions.

Soccer + Animal name = Soccer Hunters, Soccer Falcons.

Your location name + Animal name = D.C Tigers.

In this step, you should come up with a list of good soccer team names. You can also create other types of team names, getting ideas from your team members and friends.

Or you can also try some online soccer team name generators for more creative ideas.

Shortlist some good team names

Once you come up with a list of team names, sit with your team and narrow down your list to some favorite names. Keep these things in mind when shortlisting names:

  • Keep your team name short and simple.
  • Don’t use misspelled and meaningless words.
  • Make it easy to pronounce, spell, and remember for the audience.
  • Keep it unique.
  • Make sure it conveys something about your soccer team.

Get some feedback

Getting feedback is a great way to decide on a good name for your soccer team. Get feedback on your favorite names and choose the name that has more positive feedback.

Check the availability

Checking the availability of the name is very important to make sure that no one has already owned your selected soccer team name. Once you pick your dream name, search it on google to make sure it’s unique.

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