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Packaging Company Names: 400+ Package Names Ideas

Before starting a packaging company, you should have a name in mind. If you’ve already thought of a name, then you’re one step ahead of most people who start businesses, but if you haven’t, you’ll want to put some thought into picking a name for your business.

The right name can help you attract customers, so you’ll want to take a little time to find a name that’s right for you and your business.

What are some creative packaging names ideas?

In this article, I have listed hundreds of catchy packaging company names, ideas, and suggestions for your inspiration. Let’s get started!

Packaging Company Names

Here are some catchy packaging company names to inspire your ideas:

  • The Packaging Place
  • Clear Pack
  • Pack Queen
  • Craftsman Packaging
  • Opal Packaging Plus
  • Basic Crating & Packaging
  • Future Packaging Group
  • Perfection Packaging
  • Diamond Flexible Packaging
  • Pacific Coast Packaging
  • The Packaging People
  • Quality Packing & Crating
  • Stone Packaging
  • Automation & Packaging
  • Packaging & Hygiene
  • Pact Group
  • Tiny Box Company
  • Brown Packaging
  • Specialized Packaging Solutions
  • Spectra Packaging Solutions
  • Whaling Packaging
  • Packaging Pro
  • Custom Packaging Solutions
  • Blue Sky Packaging
  • Punchbowl Packaging
  • Bling Bling Packaging
  • Packaging Bee
  • Clearview Packaging
  • Superior Packaging Solutions
  • Tigerpak Packaging

Creative Package Names Ideas

These are the most creative package names ideas you can use:

  • Signature Flexible Packaging
  • Platypus Print Packaging
  • Packaging Dynamics
  • Clear-Pack
  • Westside Packaging Systems
  • Arrowpak
  • Elegant Packaging
  • Panda Packaging
  • The Box Factory
  • Global Packaging
  • Great Little Box Company
  • Flexible Packaging
  • The Packaging Experts
  • Package One
  • Forest Packaging
  • Packaging Supplies
  • Globe Packaging
  • Outsource Packaging
  • Packaging Now
  • Titan Packaging
  • Master Paper Box
  • Premier Packaging
  • Peek Packaging
  • Packaging Express
  • Big Red Packaging
  • Star Packaging Solutions
  • Planet Protector Packaging
  • Rapid Packaging
  • Finishing Services
  • Reflex Packaging

Unique Names for Packaging Company

Below is the list of unique names for packaging company to inspire you:

  • Quick Brown Box
  • The Packaging Company
  • Leader Box
  • Action Packaging & Design
  • Prime Packaging
  • Eagle Packaging
  • Ultrapak
  • Creative Packaging
  • Pacific Packaging
  • PowerPak Packaging
  • Plus Pac Packaging
  • Contract Packing
  • Packaging R US
  • Crown Packaging
  • Crystal Vision Packaging
  • Kiwi Plastic Packaging
  • Innocent Packaging
  • Pro-Pac Packaging Limited
  • Packaging Spectrum
  • Knight Packaging Group
  • Assured Packaging
  • Lightning Packaging Supplies
  • Hi-Tech Packaging
  • Master Packaging
  • Universal Packaging
  • Integrated Packaging
  • Profile Packaging
  • Action Packaging
  • Allied Box

Marketing Package Names

These are some best marketing package names for you:

  • The Free Subscribe
  • Rad Padding
  • The Edible Box
  • Quality Containers
  • Edible Gifts Co.
  • Gift Cover
  • Integral Fulfill
  • Fulfill Haven
  • Wrapped to Perfection
  • Wholesale Boxes
  • Subscriber Group
  • Closed Shoebox
  • Relief Goods
  • Imagination Exteriors
  • Package Perfect
  • Focused Trading Co
  • Remote Vineyard
  • Strike Fulfill
  • Love Box
  • Wicker Basket Wonders
  • Appropriate Focused Pro
  • Fulfillment Specials
  • The Own Focused
  • Like Clockwork Subscription
  • Wrap It Now
  • Gifted Basket Trends
  • Break Time
  • Cover-Up
  • Package Group
  • Advanced Packaging Systems
  • Preferred Packaging Systems
  • Handle With Care Packaging Store
  • Seavey Packaging Company

Care Package Business Names

Below are the catchy care package business names you can use right away:

  • Every Angle Success
  • Alpha Packaging
  • Good Caregiving Pro
  • Packing Complete
  • The Thankful Basket
  • Softy Care Package
  • Initial Subscribing Pro
  • Basic Care Spot
  • Good Caregiving Trading Co
  • Giving-Tree Co.
  • Feel Better
  • Appropriate Mailbox
  • Perfect Package Weekly
  • TheHangPackaging
  • Packed Perfection
  • Services Concept
  • Premium Packaging
  • Bundle Architects
  • Business Packaging Solutions
  • Rainbow Caring
  • Enormous Thanks Baskets
  • Grateful-Solutions
  • Little Stuffed Toys Care Package
  • WoodRock

Subscription Box Names Ideas

The following are some creative subscription box names suggestions for you:

  • The Carry Box
  • Packaged Delights
  • The Pamper Parcel
  • Doting Deliveries
  • Ample Samples
  • Broad Box Subscriptions
  • Pleasant Surprise Box
  • Package Professional
  • The Bliss Boxes
  • Love in a Box
  • Click to Save
  • Much Decontamination Co
  • Eclectic Subscription Service
  • Cover Box
  • Gift Wrap Warriors
  • Pack Rack
  • Sure Secure
  • Bundle-of-Love
  • SupraMax Packaging
  • Mini Stuff Care Package
  • The Great Crates
  • The Innovative Packages
  • Sell Now Packaging
  • Care & Share
  • AllPro Shipping
  • Savvy Bundles
  • Parcel Cover
  • Luxury Package
  • Silve Oak Care Caring

Packaging Company Names

How to Name Your Packaging Company

Branding is important when it comes to packaging. Without a strong brand, customers will have difficulty remembering who you are, and you’ll have a hard time differentiating yourself from competitors.

That’s why it’s essential that you spend ample time developing a name that fits your business and will continue to drive positive association with your brand for years to come.

The best names are those that come naturally, and represent your company values. If your business is friendly and laid-back, a name like “Laid-back Packaging” or “Happy Packaging” might work best.

If your packaging is high-end, consider a name like “Elegant Packaging” or “Luxury Packaging.”

Below are 10 important things to keep in mind when naming your packaging company:

  1. Make sure your name is not too long and not too short.
  2. Try to avoid hard-to-pronounce names.
  3. Try to make sure your name isn’t connected to another company or product.
  4. Choose a catchy name and avoid a boring name.
  5. You have to think about the logo as well as the name.
  6. Always think of what your customers are looking for.
  7. Choose a unique name that describes what your company does.
  8. Make sure it’s not trademarked already by someone else.
  9. Make sure that your selected name is available as a web domain name. Check it on
  10. Make sure it’s something you personally like.

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