200 Best Shipping Company Names in the World

Before you launch your shipping company, you have to research for shipping company names to come up with a great name. Naming a business is a creative process that takes its own time.

Therefore, when choosing a shipping company name don’t take it lightly. As your company name can make or break your business growth.

Here in this article, we have listed the best shipping company names, rules, and tips for choosing the creative name for your shipping business.

Shipping Company Names

Here are the best shipping company names for your inspiration:

  • Norbulk Shipping
  • Seven Seas Worldwide
  • Unipac Shipping Logistics
  • Atlantis Forwarding
  • Easy Shipping
  • Chamber of Shipping
  • International Freight Services
  • Strategic Shipping
  • Steamship Lines
  • Tropical Shipping
  • Integrated Shipping Services
  • Waterfront Shipping
  • Day & Ross Freight
  • Lineup Logistics
  • Gulf shipping Company
  • Freight Forwarder
  • Evergreen Shipping Agency
  • Monson Container Line
  • Dolphin Shipping
  • Famous Pacific Shipping
  • Freight Specialists
  • Oceanfront Shipping
  • Globelink Star Shipping
  • Ocean Bulk Shipping
  • Modern Freight Company
  • First Gulf Shipping
  • Quick Ship
  • Handy Shippers
  • Eagle Bulk Shipping
  • Blue Water Shipping
  • Ship Overseas
  • Tropical Shipping
  • Ship It To Us
  • Special Delivery
  • Advanced Shipping Solutions
  • Sea Shipping Line
  • Roadrunner Freight
  • Nationwide Transport
  • Ocean Container Services
  • Move One Moving
  • Delivery World
  • Independence Maritime Agency
  • Global Ship Lease
  • Waterman Corporation
  • All Around Moving Services
  • Fast Way Moving
  • Dependable Movers
  • New Motion Shipper
  • Fox Logistics Solutions

Catchy Shipping Company Names

These are some catchy and cool shipping company name ideas for you:

  • A-Plus Moving & Storage
  • B Quick Logistics
  • Black Hills Trucking
  • Boston Car Transport
  • Boston Mailing Company
  • Direct Freight
  • Domestic Freightways
  • Fly Over The City
  • Flying Auto Transport
  • Fox Logistics Solutions
  • Freeport Logistics
  • Global Logistics Express
  • Global Pack Ship
  • Globalcon Logistics
  • Handy Shippers
  • Heartland Express
  • Hogland Transfer
  • Hyper Atlantic Transport

Funny Shipping Company Names

Below are the funny names for shipping companies you can use:

  • Hyper Move
  • Inland Transport
  • Instanstics
  • Intelliship Logistics
  • Interstate Logistics
  • JB Hunt Transport
  • Jericho Services
  • Kenan Transport
  • Knight Transportation
  • Long Point Trucking
  • Magnum Logistics
  • May Trucking Co.
  • Midland Express Trucking
  • National Carriers Inc.
  • Old Dominion Freight Line
  • Omaha Truck Center
  • Pacific Logistics Corporation
  • Penn Tank Lines
  • Platinum Logistics
  • Prestige Auto Transport

Good Shipping Company Names

These are some more good shipping company names to inspire your ideas:

  • Prime Inc.
  • Quick Logistics
  • Quickload Freight Shipping
  • Rap Trucking
  • Redwood Logistics
  • Reed Trucking
  • Refer Logistic
  • Reflex Logistics
  • Rhodes Tank Trucks
  • Road Rebel
  • Romero Trucking
  • Rose City Transportation
  • Route Master
  • Saia Inc.
  • Sandbox Logistics
  • Shale Trucking
  • Sound Transit
  • Summit Expedited Logistics
  • Sunset International Shipping
  • Team Worldwide

Top 15 Shipping Company Names in the World

These are the most famous and biggest shipping company names in the worlds:

  • APM-Maersk
  • Zhonggu Logistics Corporation
  • COSCO – China Ocean Shipping Company
  • Korea Marine Transport Company (KMTC)
  • SM Line Corporation
  • Hapag-Lloyd
  • Sinokor Merchant Marine
  • ONE – Ocean Network Express
  • Matson Inc
  • Evergreen Line
  • RCL (Regional Container Lines)
  • Yang Ming Marine Transport
  • Hyundai Merchant Marine
  • PIL Pacific International Line
  • Mediterranean Shipping Company
  • ZIM Integrated Shipping Services
  • Wan Hai Lines
  • Swire Shipping
  • Antong Holdings (QASC)

Things to Consider for Creating Shipping Company Names

When it comes to choosing a name for your business, below are the few things you have to keep in mind:

Know the purpose.

The first and the foremost step in naming any type of business is to know the purpose of your business. Such as, what are your business goals? Because you have to identify in your business name.

Brainstorm for the shipping company name ideas.

When you know your brand message and purpose then it’s time to do brainstorming. Start searching name ideas and related words to the transportation or shipping company.

Don’t worry about bad names, just try to generate name ideas as more as possible. If you feel difficulty in brainstorming shipping company names also take help from your friends and family members.

Once you make a list of name ideas, narrow it down to your favorite names. Remove all the bad and boring names that do not make sense.

Avoid too long and complicated names.

Everyone loves short and sweet names. Also, there are many other advantages of catchy and simple names. Such as easy to write, remember, pronounce, and spell.

How you can generate short and simple names? You can use adjectives and nouns before your business keyword. Such as, look at these examples, Long-Lasting Shipping Logistics, Smooth Shipping Company, Angle Shipping Services, Bluewater shippers, etc.

Also, many entrepreneurs prefer to use animal names. Such as Fox Logistics Solutions, Dolphin Shipping, Eagle Bulk Shipping, etc.

Use related or specific words.

Related names are more likely to attract potential customers. These are some specific words you can consider using in your shipping company name. (“carriers”, “hauling”, “logistics”, “freight”, “transport”, and “trucking”)

Research your competitors.

Why is it important to research your competitors? It’s important for two reasons, first, after research you will know what type of names people have used.

Second, you have to choose a unique name, check the list of your favorite names to make sure your names are different.

Check its domain availability.

Check the domain name availability is very important for your online presence. Check your favorite names one by one on GoDDaDy.com. I hope one of your domain names will be available.

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