500 Catchy Vegan Restaurant Names, Ideas, and Suggestions

Choosing a vegetarian restaurant name is not a simple process. After all, you want the name to convey the vegetarian nature of your establishment, and the health benefits of a plant-based diet.

But you don’t want it to sound like you’re preaching or forcing customers to eat your way, either. You want it to be simple and memorable, which automatically, attracts customers to your vegan restaurant.

So, what are some attractive names for vegetarian restaurant?

In this article, I have listed some catchy vegan restaurant names, to help you choose a perfect name for your restaurant. Let’s get started!

Vegan Restaurant Names

Here are some most creative vegan restaurant names for your new startup:

  • Alice & Friends’ Vegan Kitchen
  • Loving Heart Vegan
  • Native Foods
  • Plant-Based Perfection
  • True Food Kitchen
  • Plant Based Junkie
  • Vegetarian Express
  • Veggie House
  • Stand-Up Burgers
  • Vegan Plate
  • Soul Vegan
  • Protein Bar & Kitchen
  • Moonlight Vulture
  • Fancy Plants Café
  • Sweet Green
  • The Black Vegan
  • Blind Faith Café
  • Pure Vegetarian Restaurant
  • Planted Soul
  • Vegan Now
  • Vegan Dream Doughnuts
  • Little Bird Kitchen
  • Farm Burger
  • Greens and Proteins
  • Red House Pizza
  • Sprig and Sprout
  • Soulshine Vegan
  • Green Sprout Vegetarian
  • The Spice Room
  • Soul Vegetarian Restaurant
  • Veganos Kitchen
  • Our Green Affair
  • Healthfull Essence
  • Activate Foods
  • Green Gourmet Vegan
  • Life Bistro
  • Komol Restaurant
  • Chef Kenny’s Vegan Asian Cuisine
  • The Heavenly Vegan
  • Vantra Vegan
  • Garden Grill
  • Urban Vegan

Catchy Vegan Name Ideas

These are some catchy vegan names ideas to inspire you:

  • Pine Forest Restaurant
  • The Purple Mint Vegan
  • Green Door Cafe
  • Pat Greer’s Kitchen
  • Native Foods
  • Pancho’s Kitchen
  • Breakfast Republic
  • Cafe No Fur
  • Field of Greens
  • Buena Vida Tapas & Sol
  • Green Sprouts Vegetarian
  • Veganic Thai Cafe
  • Handlebar
  • Slice of Vegas Pizza Kitchen
  • Bole Ethiopian Restaurant
  • Cafe Sunflower
  • Golden Lotus Vegan
  • Sweet & Natural
  • Veggie House Vegan
  • Herban Fix
  • Blaze Pizza
  • Original Soul Vegetarian
  • GreenFood
  • Lazy Cat Kitchen
  • The Vegan Buddha
  • Just Vegan
  • Chic Vegan
  • The Kind Life
  • The Vegan Thai Cuisine
  • Vegan Zeal
  • Green Leaves Restaurant
  • Vegan Is A Verb
  • Something Better Foods
  • Feed Secure
  • Foodable
  • Artichoke Express
  • The First Mess

Funny Vegan Restaurant Names

Below is the list of clever and funny vegan restaurant names for you:

  • Revive Vegan Cafe
  • Harmony Vegetarian
  • Nacho Daddy
  • So Veganly
  • Thai and Vegetarian Cuisine
  • Mooshies Vegan Burger
  • Vintage Vegan Diner
  • Picasso Naturals
  • Loving Hut
  • Panchos Vegan Tacos
  • Local Green
  • No Meat
  • Mellow Mushroom
  • Sticky Rice
  • Healthy Substance Vegan Restaurant
  • Tarantino’s Vegan
  • GrabbaGreen
  • Burganic Hub
  • Honey Salt
  • Completely Vegan
  • Conscious Plates
  • Crazy Vegan
  • Pancho’s Vegan Tacos
  • Spoiled Vegans
  • Flower Child
  • Nan Thai Fine Dining
  • Yard House
  • Fuel Pizza and Wings
  • Sticky Fingers Sweets & Eats
  • Greenhaus Vegetarian Eatery
  • Vegan Deli and Eatery
  • NoButcher
  • Pure cooking
  • The Naked Cafe

Plant Based Business Names

These are some plant based business names you can use:

  • Down 2 Earth Plant Based Cuisine
  • Trendy Vegan
  • Green Seed Vegan
  • Cultivate Food
  • Harvest Vegetarian Restaurant
  • Michelle’s Plant Based Restaurant
  • Rose Vegetarian Restaurant
  • Urban Plates
  • SluttyVegan
  • Flavors of Vegetarian
  • Peace Vegan Eats
  • True Food Kitchen
  • Local Foods
  • PFresh Kitchen and Lounge
  • Makers & Finders
  • Roll the Veg
  • Plant Power Fast Food
  • Sunrise Caribbean Restaurant
  • Chopt Creative Salad
  • Asian Vegan Restaurant
  • Fine Indian Cuisine
  • Veganic
  • Wisdom Vegan
  • Funky Pies
  • Everlasting Life Vegan Restaurant
  • Tender Greens
  • Curry Leaf
  • The Melting Pot
  • The Flaming Onion
  • Rollin Roots
  • Full Taste Vegan Restaurant
  • Veggy Street
  • VegeNation
  • The Modern Vegan
  • Ghion Ethiopian Restaurant

Vegetarian Nicknames

Here are the cool vegetarian nicknames you can use for your restaurant:

  • The Green Door
  • Integral Vegan
  • Blazing Beans
  • The GreenHouse Cafe
  • Golden Mean
  • Healthy Habit Cafe
  • The Vegan Diner
  • Annie’s Naturals
  • Greens and Tofus
  • Vivacious Vegan
  • Plant Powered Kitchen
  • The Green Table
  • Veggie and Soul
  • Zucker&Jagdwurst
  • Vegetarian Delight
  • Delightful Vegans
  • Cafe Gratitude
  • Flore Vegan Cuisine
  • Forest Café
  • The Garden of Vegan Burgers
  • Green Planet Café
  • Nature’s Cafe and Music Bistro
  • Gentle Gourmet
  • The Hungry Planet Restaurant
  • Bread without Butter
  • V for Vegan
  • Red Curry Vegan Kitchen
  • Forever Vegan Recipes

Vegan Names for Instagram

The following are some good vegan names for Instagram

  • Be Veg, Go Green!
  • Lifestyle Solutions
  • Garden Goodness
  • Cup Quequitos
  • Green Life
  • Purest Living
  • Lean Green Cuisine
  • Eat and Get Healthy
  • The Vegan Stoner
  • Earth Rights Café
  • Green Leaves
  • Green Angel Kitchen
  • Baagan
  • Like a Vegan
  • Vegan Lifestyles
  • VeggieVariety
  • Karma Cuisine
  • Mississippi Vegan
  • Ethos Vegan Kitchen
  • Vegetable King
  • Herbivore
  • The Franken Stand
  • Seedy Vegan Restaurant
  • Vegetablely
  • Garden of Yums
  • Healthy Choice
  • Veggie Delight Buffet Room
  • Vegan Flower
  • The Nomadic Vegan
  • Pepples Donuts

Vegan Restaurant Names

How to Name Your Vegan Restaurant

So you’ve decided to go vegetarian, or even vegan, but how do you pick a name for your restaurant that will attract the right kind of clientele?

If you’re a vegetarian, you’re probably already aware of the stereotypes surrounding your food choices: that your food is not as tasty, as filling, or as “real” as real meat.

In order to avoid putting off potential customers, you will want to be as clear as possible with your restaurant’s name. The following are some important things to keep in mind when naming your vegan restaurant:

Understand your target market

While you are free to name your vegan restaurant whatever you like, there are two things that you will want to consider when naming your vegan restaurant. The first thing is your target market.

Is your vegan restaurant only for vegans or will it be for everyone? If it is for everyone, what do you have that will attract nonvegans to dish out the dollars?

The second thing you have to consider when naming your vegan restaurant is what do you want to project?

If you are a vegan, you might want to make a point about your veganism. If you are not a vegan, then you will want to make a point about not being a vegan.

Choose a name that is related to the type of food served

It’s important to choose a name that represents the food served in your establishment.

The name of the restaurant should be something that focuses on what your restaurant is primarily known for. For example, if you’re running a Caribbean restaurant, the name should relate to the cuisine served.

The name should also be easy to remember

As a vegan restaurant owner, I know how important it is to choose a name that is easy to remember.

After all, you want people to remember your name so that they can find you online and return to your restaurant again and again. It’s important to choose a name that is not only a good fit for your menu, but that is also easy to remember.

Keep it short and simple

The latest trend in the restaurant industry has been restaurants with short, simple, and easy to remember names. These restaurants have become incredibly popular because of their simple names.

People love eating at these places because they can be casual, and don’t feel pressured to dress up. As a result, these restaurants have been able to take away market share from more formal restaurants.

Avoid meaningless names

The vegan restaurant industry is riddled with names that are clearly only there to attract attention. The problem is, many of these names are totally meaningless to anyone who isn’t familiar with the vegan culture.

When you go to a vegan restaurant, you should be able to tell if a restaurant is going to be good even if you’ve never been there before, and these names aren’t doing that.

So, when naming your vegan restaurant choose a name that has some meaning and defines the quality of your restaurant.

Name the vegetarian restaurant after a flower

Using a flower name can make your restaurant name sound so peaceful and calm, even when they’re wild and exotic.

For example, Rose house vegetarian restaurant, Rosemary’s Restaurant, etc.

It should be available as a domain name

Once you come up with a name for your vegan restaurant, it’s important to check the domain name availability. So, before you print your name on your business card and advertising materials, make sure it is available.

Otherwise, it will be so frustrating later when you go register your domain name and you find it already taken. Check it online on GoDaddy.com.

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