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600+ Unique Hardware Store Names You Can Use

Finding the right name for your hardware store can be a daunting task. We’ve all heard the names that have stood the test of time, like Best Buy, Target, Circuit City, CompUSA, and Radio Shack.

But what are some new hardware store names that have potential? In this blog post, we’ve compiled lists of some unique and catchy hardware store name ideas and suggestions to help you find what you are looking for.

Let’s get started!

Hardware Store Names

Here are some best hardware store names ideas you can ever find:

  • Thrifty-Link Hardware
  • Hacksaw Hardware
  • The Usual Tools
  • The Humble Factory
  • City Paint & Hardware Store
  • Richards Hardware
  • Premium Lumber & Hardware
  • Absolutely Handles
  • Build-N-Sheet
  • B&T Build Centre
  • Tinker & Tools World
  • A1 Builders Hardware
  • The Hardware Hut
  • The Nutty Handyman
  • CityWave Store
  • Harald’s Hardscapes
  • The Hardware Outlet
  • City Holiday Hardware
  • New Harvest Hardware
  • JW’s Ace Hardware
  • Your Property Toolkit
  • The Little Red Toolbox
  • Oak Street Hardware
  • Eden Hills Hardware
  • Hoist Gear
  • Active Home Centre
  • Can’t Screw Up
  • Hardware Hub
  • Fisher’s Hardware
  • The Hardware Boys
  • Hardware Plus
  • Lowe’s Home Hardware
  • Mend & Repair
  • Can Do Hardware Center
  • Fitter Fasteners
  • Perfectly Chiseled Hardware
  • The Depot Factory
  • The Tool Kit
  • Hasty Jumper’s
  • M.I. Hardware
  • Hickman’s Hardware
  • HappyStar Hardware Co.
  • Redskins Kit
  • Dilly Jones
  • Handyman’s Expertise
  • Total Toolbox
  • Big Red Toolbox
  • Support And Supplies
  • Leaky Sink Hardware
  • Sho-Tah Brothers
  • Troy Hardware
  • Shaw’s Ace Hardware
  • Suprema Hardware
  • VIA Hardware
  • Saturday Morning Hardware
  • Westminster Hardware
  • Halo Hardware
  • Hodilton Hardware
  • A & A Remington
  • Hardware Shop To You
  • Camelback Hardware
  • Build-A-Sub
  • Keg & Crate
  • Rusty Screwdriver Hardware
  • Elmwood Hardware
  • Ace Hardware Store
  • Pipes & Plumbing
  • Harbor Freight Tools
  • Toby’s Toolbox
  • Support And Service
  • Heirloom Hardware

Catchy Names for Hardware Store

These are some most creative and catchy hardware store names you can use:

  • Finish The Job
  • Oasis Hardware Store
  • Designers Hardware
  • New Local Hardware
  • Fabulous Fittings
  • Luxury Tech Hardware
  • Builders First Source
  • Access Hardware
  • Build Centre Supply
  • Silverado Hardware
  • Tuff Shed
  • A-1 Hardware Store
  • Main Ace Hardware
  • Oak Hardware Store
  • Superior Parts
  • Allen Hardware Store
  • Hoss’s Hardware Store
  • Hardware and Beyond
  • City Center Toolbox
  • Hancock ShoeStore
  • Reperriment Hardware Store
  • Mac Town Store
  • The Hardware Men
  • The Hardware Mart
  • Arbors Hill Hardware
  • Luxx Hire
  • Andy’s Hardware
  • Baxter Brothers
  • Aerospace One Store
  • The Hardware Experts
  • Superior Hardware
  • PowerPrex Store
  • The Build Depot
  • Folaco
  • Discount Tool & Hardware
  • Decor Builders Hardware
  • Arizona Hardware
  • Naturio Hardware Co.
  • Ceramic Corner
  • Prized Supplies
  • WonderVault
  • Lionel’s Hardware
  • Cave Paint & Bath
  • Grow Rite Hardware
  • The Top-Shelf Toolbox
  • Highqual Industry Limited
  • Labor Lenders
  • About Handles Limited
  • Hammered Hardware Store
  • The Build Centre
  • TLC Custom Locks
  • Atlantic Hardware and Plumbing Company
  • Big Horns Hardware Store
  • House Value Hardware
  • Stokes Hardware & Supply
  • Hausmann’s Hardware
  • Hancock Hardware
  • Valueware
  • Hardware Blueprints Stores
  • Project Professionals
  • Burke Enterprise
  • The Ace Hardware Store
  • Mooney Hardwares
  • Home & Things Limited
  • The Hardware Station
  • Northlake Hardware
  • Hacker Shed
  • Alpine Home Hardware
  • Builder Station
  • Orchard Supply Hardware

Unique Hardware Store Names

The following are some unique names for hardware stores you have ever seen:

  • Hometown Hardware
  • All In One Hardware Store
  • Eden Hardware
  • Paraiba Silver House
  • Pleasant’s Hardware
  • Power Tool Shop
  • Clancy’s Supply
  • Community Hardware
  • A-Clean Auto
  • Hennessy’s Hardware
  • Dale’s Ace Hardware
  • The Dream Toolshed
  • Peniel Hardware Corner
  • Implemental
  • Super Capital Hardware
  • The Toolbelt
  • The Hardware Key
  • Welcome Paint & Hardware Store
  • The Hardware Genius
  • Beyond Hardware
  • Stacks & Stuff
  • Strong Properties Hardware
  • Professional Fixers
  • Hammer Home Hardware
  • Southwest Hardware
  • All In One Hardware
  • Premier Hardware
  • Ladd’s Hardware Store
  • North Eagle
  • Crockett’s Hardware Store
  • Centria
  • Discount Hardware
  • Spring True Value Hardware
  • Chevy Chase Hardware
  • Essex Enterprises
  • Advance Pc
  • Superb Hardware Services
  • My Hardware Heaven
  • A-OK Hardware
  • Superior Sprint
  • The Toolbox
  • Foster’s Hardware
  • Cypress Ace Hardware
  • The Hardware Store
  • Top Improvements
  • Hardware & Panel Supplies
  • Naturaleza Stenhouse
  • Mr Sparky’s
  • The Tool Variety Shop
  • Gander’s Hardware Store
  • Building Blocks Hardware
  • Thatched Roof Hardware
  • Handy Dandy Store
  • Short Sup-Ply Hardware
  • The Gearbox
  • Hawkeye’s Hardware
  • Shopsmith
  • At Your Service Home Timber & Hardware
  • Nelison’s Supply
  • The Hardware Hollow
  • Tom’s Ace Hardware
  • Empire Hardware
  • Award Ace Hardware
  • Harmony Hardware
  • Able Hardware Store
  • A-One-One Hardware
  • Gatlin Tool Shop
  • Southwest Toolworks
  • Big Dave’s Hardware
  • The Helpful Shop

Funny Hardware Store Names

Below is the list of some funny hardware store names that you might find interesting:

  • Creative Building Finishes
  • Award Concepts
  • Build a Barn
  • Hammer Time!
  • Marty’s Merchant Center
  • Hacker Commons
  • Welcome Hardware Center
  • Go To Hardware
  • Dickinson True Value
  • The Hardware Company
  • True Value Hardware
  • Hollywood Hardware
  • Turner Hardware
  • Ralph And Son
  • Totally Stocked Tools
  • Court Hardware Company
  • Home Hardware & Garden
  • Builders Build-a-Box
  • Nifty Aces Hardware
  • Wavetech Hardware Stop
  • La Vitre Labratorie
  • The Supplies Shed
  • Hardware & General Peakhurst
  • A & D Frame Store
  • Hardware Haven
  • League City Ace Hardware
  • Sawdust Hardware
  • Ladders-A-Drop
  • Do It Best Hardware
  • HALO Builders
  • Redline Hardware
  • The Supply Closet
  • Pioneer Tree Service
  • Premier Tools and Son
  • The Forge Shop
  • The Hardware Yard
  • Brisbane Builders
  • Handyman’s Helper
  • Lighting, Plumbing and Hardware
  • The Hardware Guys
  • R&M Build Centre
  • La-Z-Boy Hardware
  • NeonDeal Store
  • All Things Hardware
  • Handy Hardware Ltd
  • Knock Rite Locksmith
  • Jacksons Hardware
  • Old Concord Hardware
  • Lucky Gunner’s
  • Lucky’s Ace Hardware
  • The Forgery Hardware
  • Paints N Hardware
  • Get-Er Done Tools
  • Valle de Hardware
  • Bill’s Ace Hardware
  • Fionn MacCool’s
  • Accomplished Hardware
  • Builders Needs Limited
  • Bartlett’s Hardware
  • Hard-Hat Hardware Hut
  • McAdoo Hardware
  • Nutshell Outlet
  • T J’s Build Centre
  • The Hobby Shack
  • Oakstock Hardware
  • PlaceMakers Street
  • Snap’s Hardware & Tools
  • Fittings and More
  • Ocala Hardware
  • Circle S Hardware
  • Rolle’s Hardware
  • Pioneers Hardware
  • Aeronn’s Hardware Co.

Old Hardware Store Names

These are the best old hardware store name ideas that you may like:

  • Oak Hardware Depot
  • Empire Tools
  • Builder’s Paradise
  • Hardware City
  • Naked Sofa World
  • Pearland Ace Hardware
  • Vibez Timber
  • McGeever’s
  • StevaHob Hardware
  • Hansen’s Hardware
  • Hammering Away Hardware
  • United Hardware Store
  • Kemar’s Hardware
  • Bargain Depot
  • General Trading
  • The Hardware Block
  • The Handyman’s Package
  • The Happy Screwdriver
  • Sears Warehouse
  • Hardware And More
  • Tools Hardware And Supplies
  • Drilled Down Hardware
  • Avidtech Hardware Shop
  • Star Edge
  • Auto Key Spring
  • The Hardware Stop
  • Builders Inc.
  • Aisles Of Supplies
  • HandyTools Hardware
  • The Hardware Spot
  • Crescent Hardware
  • Doctor Hardware
  • Handles Plus
  • Settlers Hardware Co.
  • Curtis Hardware
  • Hegemann’s
  • The Hardware Shed
  • Rick’s Ace Hardware
  • Build-a-box Depot
  • Texas Tool Traders
  • Brentwood Ace Hardware
  • Good Foundation Tools
  • Unique Hardware
  • The Best Hardware
  • Timber Co.
  • 1 Tools
  • Cleveland Hardware
  • Such Tools Hardware
  • New Hardware Store
  • All the Fixins
  • Home & Things Ltd
  • The Hardware Handyman
  • Niko’s Hardware
  • Gateway Ace Hardware Supply
  • South Stem Hardware
  • Ace Hardware
  • First Class Hardware
  • Best Ace Hardware
  • M&M Home Hardware
  • The Purple Toolbox
  • Potomac Hardware
  • Total Tools
  • Central True Valley
  • A-1 Broomsticks
  • Power Tools
  • Next Project Hardware

Hardware Store Names in USA

The following are the famous existing hardware store names in USA to help you get more ideas of your own name:

  • Dixieline Lumber and Home Centers
  • Hardware Specialty Co., Inc.
  • Leatherneck Hardware
  • Monroe Hardware Company
  • Gesipa Fastners USA Inc
  • Carpenter Bros Hardware & Rental
  • Ace Hardware Corporate Headquarters
  • Charleston Hardware Co.
  • Hardware Distributors Inc
  • Center Hardware & Supply Co., Inc.
  • Reiss Wholesale Hardware Co
  • Western States Hardware
  • Hickory Hardware Keeler Brass
  • US Hardware Supply Distribution
  • Newton True Value Hardware
  • Surplus Building Materials
  • Boyer Lumber Home & Hardware
  • Lowe’s Home Improvement
  • Grainger Industrial Supply
  • Shell Lumber and Hardware
  • Richelieu CINCINNATI
  • Norfolk Hardware & Home Center
  • Cornerstone Ace Building Center
  • Rockler Woodworking and Hardware – Frisco
  • Nixa Hardware & Seed Company
  • Wholesale Tool Co
  • Rocky Mountain Hardware
  • Neu’s Hardware Tools Paint
  • Goddard Ace Hardware
  • American Bolt & Screw Manufacturing Corporation
  • Hippo Hardware & Trading Co
  • Chicago Hardware & Fixture Company
  • Mead Lumber & Rental
  • Gartner’s Hardware
  • US Supply Company
  • Tart Lumber Company Inc.
  • Ace Hardware
  • McLendon Hardware
  • Colonial Bronze Co
  • Cox Hardware and Lumber
  • Team Tools LLC
  • Monroe Hardware Company –
  • Ashby Lumber
  • Harbor Freight Tools
  • Cedar Supply Lumber Co
  • Wichita Feed & Hardware
  • Abacus Hardware LLC
  • Ridout Lumber of Benton
  • Consumers Supply Company
  • Indian Hills Ace Hardware
  • HomCo Lumber & Hardware
  • Hafele America Co
  • Insight Networking
  • Griffin Ace Hardware
  • Hickory Hardware
  • Suwanee Decorative Hardware
  • Baldwin Hardware
  • Lincoln Lumber
  • Hermansen’s Company, Inc.
  • Signature Hardware
  • Niece Lumber Building Supplies
  • FHC Frameless Hardware Company
  • Hardware Products Company
  • Russell Hardware Company
  • Hardware Resources
  • Town and Country Hardware
  • Delaney Hardware
  • Johnson Hardware Company
  • Clyde Hardware Co Inc
  • Carter Lumber
  • Keystone Electronics Corp
  • Made In America Store
  • Anawalt Lumber Company
  • US Lumber Brokers
  • Custom Service Hardware
  • Powerline Hardware
  • Window Hardware Company
  • Hardware MFG

Hardware Store Names in UK

These are the famous existing hardware store names in UK to help you get inspiration:

  • Wright’s Home Hardware
  • Harrison & Dunn
  • Coulsdon Home Hardware
  • e-Hardware
  • Upper Street Hardware
  • Lion Stores
  • Holbury Hardware Stores
  • Reepham Home Hardware
  • Pickard Hardware Ltd
  • Irvines Home Hardware
  • Corsham Hardware
  • Watson Home Hardware
  • Cavendish (Hardware) Ltd
  • Weaverham Hardware Limited
  • Harris Hardware
  • Anything & Everything
  • England True Value Hardware
  • Home Hardware
  • Malletts Home Hardware
  • Danum Home Hardware
  • Hardware Supply
  • Scott’s Stores Home Hardware
  • Borrowash Hardware
  • rathfriland hardware
  • The Hardware Store
  • Tool Lodge Ltd
  • City Hardware
  • TradePoint
  • Handy Hardware
  • W1 hardware and DIY
  • Gilgit Baltistan Dry Fruits
  • Hildreths Hardware Store
  • UPVC Hardware
  • Knillco Mica Hardware
  • Garners Home Hardware
  • Toolstation Stirling
  • Direct Hardware
  • David Penton and Son
  • DIY Supplies Home Hardware
  • Bishopston Hardware & DIY Centre
  • Thomsons Hardware
  • Balham Paint And Hardware Company
  • Worleys Hardware
  • Charles Dickens
  • Woodcraft DIY
  • Cliff’s Hardware
  • Period Features
  • The Toolbox Scotland
  • Crookes Hardware
  • Jack’s Hardware & Homeware
  • Hoole Hardware & D I Y
  • Handicentre Ltd
  • Toolstation Fleetwood
  • The Tool Shop
  • The Arch Hardware Ltd
  • Stuarts Hardware
  • Warboys Hardware
  • The Hardware Stores
  • Riverside Hardware & Engineers Supplies
  • Quest Hardware
  • Homebase – Dumfries
  • Browns Home Hardware
  • The Hardware Shop
  • Hardware Warehouse Ltd
  • Hykeham DIY
  • Home Hardware Direct
  • Vita Hardware
  • Wilton Hardware
  • Williamson Hardware
  • Rehan Book Shop
  • Marble Arch Paints Paint and Hardware Store
  • Handyman House
  • More Handles Ltd
  • Underwood Hardware & DIY Ltd
  • Intelligent Hardware
  • Total Hardware Ltd
  • Zahid electric
  • Latham’s Hardware Ltd
  • Middletons HomeHardware
  • Key Hardware

Hardware Store Names

How to Choose a Name for Your Hardware Store

Choosing a name for your hardware store is a process that can make or break a new business. Understandably, choosing a name can be a challenge, but the first step is to pick a name that you, the owners, like.

So, here are some things to consider when choosing a name for your hardware store:

Think about your target audience and how your name will appeal to them

When you are starting a new business, it is critical to think about the target audience and how your business name will appeal to them. Your business name has to be appealing to the correct audience. A poorly chosen name will turn away potential customers.

If you have a small hardware store in a market, you may only want your name to represent your business and nothing more.

But if you run a “one size fits all” business and you have highly expensive tools, then you should choose a professional name that speaks to your target audiences.

Choose a name that is easy to pronounce and spell

One of the most important elements is to choose a name that is easy to pronounce and spell. This will help attract customers, since using a name that is difficult to remember is likely to lose them.

Also, if you choose a name that is easy to pronounce and spell, it will help people easily find your business name online when they search for your business.

Choose a name that shows what you sell

Hardware stores are a great way to help people find their way around life, while also helping them find the items they need to make their lives easier. You can make it easy on customers who are new to your store by choosing a name that explains what you sell.

For instance, “Staples” gives customers a clear idea of what you sell, while “Home Depot” is much more generic.

Make sure it is unique and not similar to a pre-existing brand

Another important thing to keep in mind when choosing a name for your hardware store is to make sure that your name is unique and not already taken in your area. It can lead to poor customer service and a bad reputation.

Choose a name with the right spelling

There are many occasions where a wrong name can cause your business to lose money. Not only can a wrong spelled name be difficult to spell, but a misspelled name can also be quite hard to remember.

For example, “Bake-Cleary” instead of “Bake-Clary” or “Sunglasses-Mans” instead of “Sunglasses-Mann”.

For this reason, when choosing a business name, it is important to choose one that is not spelled out using the intended pronunciation. This is difficult to remember, and will only lead to more errors when you are trying to remember

Do not use offensive, rude, silly, or negative words

The name of your business can have a huge impact on your brand, so it’s important to choose a name that’s a good representation of what you do, and that you’re comfortable with.

Also, it should be positive and avoid words that are negative, offensive, rude, and silly when naming your business. Otherwise, it can hurt your new startup.

Check if the name is available on all social media networks

Social media is the best way to promote and advertise your business, so before choosing a name for your hardware store you should check the availability of your selected name on social media handles. (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)

You can check it on

Make sure you can register your business name as a domain name

Before making a final decision, you should also check the availability of your hardware store name as a domain name.

The “domain name” is what your customers will type into their browsers to access your website. This is one of the most important elements of any website, as it allows people to find what they are looking for, and therefore helps your business to thrive.

So, check it on and if your name is available, then register it now to prevent it from others.


Hope you have found a perfect name for your hardware store and if you still need some more unique hardware store names you can use an online name generator for more unique ideas. Good Luck!

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