500 Catchy Nutritional Supplement Company Names

Since the early days of the supplement industry, the supplements available on the market have changed dramatically. The industry has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry and has created a need for companies to cater to new consumers.

The industry has also branched into multiple categories; not only are there bodybuilding supplements, but also energy, fat loss, and mental health supplements.

If you are starting your own nutritional supplement company, you might be wondering how to choose a catchy name for your company that will convey the company’s product line and communicates its mission.

Well, in this article, we have listed some best supplement company names and nutrition business names you can use to kick start your business.

Supplement Company Names

Here are some cool and catchy supplement company names you use to boost your business:

  • Endurance Labs
  • Optimum Nutrition
  • Supplements & Stuff
  • Positano Nutrition
  • The Muscles Mart
  • Insane Supplements
  • Life Extension
  • Healthy Habit Hut
  • Herbs of Magic
  • Famous Foot Spa
  • Hi-Health Superclub
  • BurnItUp Fitness
  • Bodak Energy
  • The Pacific Supplements
  • Raxana HealthCare
  • The Seasonal Supplements
  • Tropical Scoop
  • Hi-Health Foods
  • The Natural Nutrient
  • Snail Secrets
  • Vitamins Shadow
  • The Mighty Mineral
  • Pure Nutrition Power
  • Trusty Boosts
  • Clif Bar
  • SOS Scoop Store
  • Acorn Vitamins
  • Prometheus Vitamins
  • Luxx Energy Supply
  • Smoke & Hoops
  • Lifestyle Leaves
  • Vitamins Touch
  • Mineral Misters
  • Download Health
  • Body Fuel Depot
  • Protein Packers
  • Energy of the Earth
  • Nutrition Present
  • Scoops n’ Juice
  • Turmeric Trellis
  • My Good Supply
  • Enhancing Additions
  • Comprehensive Health Ventures
  • AJ’s Supplements
  • Husbands’ Pantry
  • Vitamins Sys
  • Pro-Citrine
  • Vuelta Vitaminus
  • Traveling Turmeric
  • Creatine Creations
  • Scoops On Broadway
  • Peak Supplement
  • Revitalized Strength
  • Grow Vitals
  • Hemp’s & Herbs
  • SmashBox Fitness
  • Rejuvedation Baskets
  • Formosa Vitamins
  • Holistic Herb Hut
  • Vitamins & Clubs
  • Flex Supplements
  • Luna Supplements
  • Herbal Train
  • Supplements Class
  • The Elderly Apothecary
  • Merry Minerals
  • The Stoic Supplement
  • Health Film
  • Life Boost Mobile
  • Vivacious Vitamins
  • Prehistoric Supplement Supply
  • Genie in a Bottle Supplements
  • Health Hut
  • The Green Matters
  • Better Life
  • Best Booster
  • Zero Deficiency
  • Wellness Start
  • Prime nutrients
  • Health Food Supplements
  • Health deposit
  • Holistic Healthier
  • Caveman Health
  • Free Body Nutrition
  • Flawless Health
  • Health Dash

Unique Names for Supplement Brand

These are the unique names for supplement brand to inspire you:

  • BodySpace Nutrition
  • Plant Empowered
  • Sylvester Fitness
  • The Happy Herbals
  • Plain Jane Health
  • Mystery Supplements
  • Muscle Building Supplements
  • The Supplement Sisters
  • Spectacular Supplements
  • Snacks N’ Skincare
  • Comprehensive Supplement
  • Bluebird Health Club
  • The Probiotic Place
  • Alpaca Nutrition
  • Innate Nutrition
  • Vitamin World Stores
  • The Supplement Shelf
  • Daily Scoop Canada
  • Bio Body Sc
  • Scout Nutrition
  • Boost It Up Mobile
  • Burnitrition
  • Supplements Sleuth
  • Boost Me
  • Lolli Beauty Centre
  • Crazy Soup Nutrition
  • 5 Star Scoop
  • The Botanical Boost
  • Snacks N’ Sip
  • Boosting Goods
  • The Vitality Shack
  • Total Whey Protein
  • Tricks Vitamins
  • Lucky Brand Rx
  • Degree Health
  • Pure GNC
  • Supplemental Salves
  • The Savvy Supplement
  • Supplement Stops
  • Nutrition Sphere
  • Blossom Apothecary
  • Vitamins For Vibrancy
  • Sugaver
  • Unholy Nutrition
  • Healthy Food Hub
  • Daily Dose
  • Pure Health
  • Nutriopack
  • Cross Fit Supps
  • Anti Cancer Supplements
  • Core Nutrition
  • Nature True
  • Whence Supplements
  • Prime Supplement
  • Swallow Or Drag
  • Raw Vegan Source
  • Improved Health

Nutrition Business Names

Below is the list of some good nutrition business names that you might find interesting:

  • Plated Nutrition Co.
  • The Healthy Craving
  • Living Needs Nutrition
  • The Nutsy Dozen
  • Nutrifest Fitness
  • Raw Nutrition Club
  • The Nutrient Kitchen
  • Fresh on Fifty7
  • Planet Nutritious
  • Nutrition by Day
  • The Chew Zone
  • The Nutrient Lady
  • Nutrition by Gina
  • The Juice Bowl
  • Bounty Wellbeing
  • Healthy Eating Co.
  • Snacks N’ Love
  • Kool Nutritious
  • A Plus Plus Eats
  • Love Yourself Nutrition
  • Nutrition By Ashley
  • Nutribaking
  • Sports Nutrition Needs
  • Longer Life Nutrition
  • Stay Balanced Planning
  • The Veggie Vitality
  • Exercise Positive
  • Cravings For Life
  • Vitality Nutritionists
  • Fat and Proteins
  • The Nutrient Miracle
  • Instructional Eating
  • Healthiest Choice Nutrition
  • The Meal Prep Center
  • Kool To Keto
  • The Meal Prep Center
  • The Rawbar Kitchen
  • Expertly Meals
  • Nutrition By Alicia
  • Living Strong Lifestyle
  • The Nut Shot
  • Nutrition by Bob
  • The Meal Prep Club
  • Lifestyle Diets
  • Nutrition By Suzanne
  • Nutritionally Stable
  • The Nutty Baskets
  • Proper Care Nutrition
  • Nutrition by L
  • Lifesafe Nutrition
  • Sugar My Heart
  • Heal Through Meals
  • Dietitize Now
  • Nutrition by Al
  • The Zone Nutrition
  • Naturaltrition
  • The Nutty Pal
  • Body Fuel By Julie

Catchy Nutrition Names

These are the catchy nutrition names you can consider using:

  • Body Nutrition Center
  • Pence Supplements
  • Nourished Nutrients
  • Notable Nutrients
  • Spence Supplements
  • Organic nutrients
  • Brain Tip
  • Vitamin Vida
  • Health Food Emporium
  • Insta Vita
  • Vitamiracle
  • The Additional
  • Renutrify
  • Zero Deficiency
  • Power Plant Nutrition
  • IntegriTion
  • Natural ingredients
  • Happy Capsules
  • Daily Needs
  • Protein Simple
  • The Probiotic Place
  • Lean Body Shake
  • Neuro Sharp
  • Peak Supplements
  • Victorious Vitamins
  • GoodHealth
  • Nutritional Needs
  • Supplements Serve
  • The Wizard’s Elixir Corp.
  • Pro vitamins
  • Health Pantry
  • Nutrition Warehouse of Wonders
  • Prime Wellness
  • The Antibiotic Additives
  • Natural Health
  • Fitness Start
  • Lifetime Nutrition
  • Miracle Supplement Company Inc.
  • Packed to feed
  • Sero-Therapy
  • Cyst Vitamins
  • Absolute energy
  • Wellness Capsules
  • Power kurai
  • Natural Energy
  • Health in
  • Heritage Health Products
  • Be Real
  • Fresh Diet
  • Supplemental Support
  • Nutricare
  • Box Full of Muscles
  • NutriFoods
  • Hygiene Collective
  • Savannah Vitamins
  • Healthboost
  • Relaxfully
  • Supplements Tool
  • Cutting Dis

Protein Company Names

These are some best protein company names you have ever seen:

  • Mighty Munch Box
  • Essence Capsules
  • High Protein Supply
  • Green Nut Essential
  • Protein Punch
  • The Protein Pharmacy
  • Punch My Stuff
  • BioPower Nutrition
  • The Protien Powder Shoppe
  • Boost Bodyworks
  • Stimmine Brands
  • Power Body Dietz
  • GNC Supercenter
  • Super Strength Foods
  • Fibex Bio
  • Fitness By Tonya
  • Lose 5 Fat
  • E.U. Nutrition
  • Bodie’s Fit Factory
  • Wynn Supplements
  • Vegas Vitamin Shoppe
  • FlexiGast
  • Superiorium
  • A-A-Z Powder Systems
  • Sunset Powder
  • Vita B Vitamins
  • Fluenstar
  • Koppers Protein
  • Vitamin Vy Biotek
  • Lupita’s Nutrition
  • Power Protein Fusion
  • Evo Protein
  • SodaLax
  • SoothingSmooth
  • Sip Fitness Clubs
  • Wetzel’s Nutrition
  • Menzone Nutrition
  • Vegas FSN
  • Protein-It So
  • BioGarns
  • Crunch Protein
  • Bite Bites Biscuits
  • Vitamin Productivity
  • Dos Fitness
  • Aamco Allergan

Vitamin Brand Name Ideas

These are the catchy vitamin brand names ideas to inspire you:

  • Alleviate Vitamins
  • Vitaminaboost
  • Vitamin Belly Store
  • Vegas Biotest
  • Itaboost Group
  • Vitamin A And Z
  • Vitaboost Superstore
  • Providence Vitamins
  • Vitaboost Store
  • M-Vine Medical
  • Umezono Wellness
  • Dolce Cell
  • BVVS Nutrition
  • Vitals Nutrition
  • Vitapro Canada
  • VitaLife Pharmacy
  • Vegas Vitamin Shoppe
  • Fornix Nutrition
  • Vitacaryl
  • Vitamin Biotek
  • Elevation Pharmacist
  • Vita-Medical Food
  • Seed Power Nutrition
  • Meadows Laboratories
  • Crazy Euts
  • Vitaboot
  • Vitabite Depot
  • VitaSalads
  • Vitaceptimed
  • Vitality’s GNC
  • Vitaboost Med Clinic
  • Nutrision Farms
  • Vitacapex
  • Vitaminie-Prix
  • Aja Healthcare Group
  • Sensi Distributors
  • My Daily Vitacapu
  • Seng Health
  • Vegas Bulk Buff
  • Hi-Life Lactation
  • Lactate Spot
  • ZiB Vitamin
  • Superstore Nutrition
  • Blaskin Robbins
  • Lunesta Capsules
  • Hibiscus Vitabene
  • Oroxis Pharmacy
  • Vitaboost Express
  • Keto Nutr Rev
  • Julien’s Chivas
  • Boaobus
  • Vitastega
  • VirtuNaturals
  • The Vitacape Store
  • In Vitamin Place
  • Eat Well Vibes
  • Litex Vitacosts
  • Hi-Health B Vitamins

Supplement Brand Names

The following are the top supplement brand names to help you get more ideas of your own name:

  • Mega Food
  • Nutrex Research
  • Greeniche
  • Nature’s Plus
  • Pump Chasers
  • Now Foods
  • Nature’s Bounty
  • Natrol Inc.
  • ProSource Performance Products
  • Source Naturals
  • Pharmavite
  • Beverly International
  • Maximum Human Performance (MHP)
  • Tiger Fitness
  • Nutrigold
  • CytoSport
  • Rainbow Light
  • MTS Nutrition
  • O15 Nutrition
  • New Chapter
  • Core Nutritionals
  • Garden Of Life
  • Blackstone Labs
  • Emergen-C
  • Optimum Nutrition
  • Nutramax
  • Grow your fitness business today
  • Core Nutritionals
  • Sundown Naturals
  • Ambrosia
  • Twinlab
  • Universal Nutrition
  • Life Extension
  • MuscleTech
  • Gaspari Nutrition

Health Care Products Names

These are some best names for health care products you can use:

  • Xtreme Muscle Builder
  • Osteo Poitive
  • Great Health Products
  • Vida Vitamins
  • Public Greens
  • Fence Supplements
  • Slide Health
  • Health revolution
  • Sneaky Supplements
  • Med plant Ultra
  • Golden Dose
  • Health Plant Gen
  • Vitalnutri
  • Fruit on The Go
  • Add Nothing
  • Healthy Man
  • Rock and Rejuvenate
  • eSutras Organics
  • Supplemented Energy
  • The Vitality Shack
  • Organicyou
  • Vidamins
  • Alpha Hand
  • Diet Duty
  • Absolute supplements
  • Rude Heath Place
  • Holistic Care
  • Diet Boost
  • Athletic Foods
  • Bodytech Supplements
  • Enliven Essentials
  • Second Hand Supplements
  • Raw nutrients
  • Health Quicken
  • FastBod
  • Optimal Man
  • Primal Me
  • Nutritional Supplement Shops
  • The Organic Addendum
  • Raw Results
  • Vita Vermont
  • NutriMax Tabs
  • Add on
  • Braingex
  • Green Streak
  • Pure Elements
  • Phytomenadione
  • Magical Treatments Incorporated
  • Fit Zing Supplements
  • Supplement Magnet
  • Ascorbic Acid Vitamin C
  • The Beet Way
  • Crazy Nitro Booster
  • Prime Wellness
  • Magical Pills Incorporation
  • Nutrition Places
  • Nuti Gate

Supplement Company Names

How to Create a Brand Name for Your Supplement Company

Starting a supplement company is a lot more than just putting a name on some bottles of pills. Here’s a guide to naming a supplement company that’s going to help you get started and keep it profitable.

Describe the benefit of your products

When developing a supplement, you need to be specific about the benefits of your product, why it is necessary, and why people need it. A name that simply describes what the supplement does is not helpful.

For example, the term “memory supplement” is not very compelling. The name of your supplement should provide the benefit and why it is better than what is currently available. You can use a word and a term that describes what your product does to create a unique name.

Avoid using a generic name

When choosing a name for a new business, you definitely want to avoid words that are generic and ambiguous.

It needs to be able to convey what kind of supplement company you are

Call your business after what you do, or what is your main target audience (ex. if you are selling supplements for athletes, you can call your business “Athlete supplements”)

It will help people easily recognize your business.

You should choose a name that is short, easy to remember, and searchable on google

Your company name can be one of the most important decisions you make, and it should be carefully thought through.

First, you need to consider how easy it is to Google your name. The name of your company should also be short, easy to remember, and easy to pronounce.

Make sure that your name has no negative connotations

Fortunately, there are plenty of names to choose from for your company. What’s important to remember is that the name you choose should not have negative connotations. For example, don’t name your supplement company “LSD” or “Lizard’s feet.”

There are plenty of companies out there that have used negative names but have now changed them.

Stay away from using medical terms

When you name your supplement company, you want to make sure that the name does not have any medical terms.

There are some supplements that have very common names but are very effective, so it is important to make sure that you name your supplement business to have a name that is unique and can be easily recognized.

For example, avoid names like Depression, Fat Burner, Grapefruit, Mood Enhancer, Natural, Pills, Slimming, Sugar, Weight Loss, Weight Loss Pills

Make sure that your name is not already taken

The reasons to make sure that your supplement company name is not already taken are endless. You may have already owned the domain name or trademark for your name. You may have a similar-sounding name that is already in use.

Or, you may have an idea for a name that is unique, but someone else has already done it. So, once you come up with a name for your company, check to make sure it is unique and different from existing supplement company names.

Think of your domain name

If you don’t want your brand to get dragged into a lawsuit as soon as someone sees your supplement name, you need to try and get it registered as a domain name. The problem is, most of us don’t know how to do this.

You can simply get the domain name on GoDaddy.com.

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