630+ Best Star Trek Team Names: Boldly Naming Your Crew!

Are you and your friends embarking on a quest to participate in a trivia night, gaming tournament, or any team-based event? If you’re all Trekkies at heart, then choosing the perfect Star Trek team name becomes an essential part of your journey.

A well-thought-out team name not only reflects your love for the Star Trek universe but also sets the tone for your team’s camaraderie and competitiveness.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of choosing a good Star Trek team name and present a diverse selection of unique, funny, cool, and amazing star trek team names that will help your team stand out from the rest. Let’s dive in!

Importance of Choosing a Good Star Trek Team Name

A good team name is more than just a combination of words; it’s a statement of your team’s spirit and a representation of your passion for Star Trek. A clever and relevant team name can instantly create a sense of unity among your members and instill a competitive edge.

Additionally, a standout name will catch the attention of opponents and organizers, making you memorable even before the competition begins.

Moreover, a Star Trek team name can become your identity, with other fans recognizing and appreciating your reference to the beloved sci-fi franchise.

Whether you’re a seasoned Starfleet crew or a group of cadets, your team name will showcase your dedication to exploring new worlds, seeking out knowledge, and boldly going where no one has gone before!

Star Trek Team Names

Here are some Star Trek team names to consider for your group:

  • Starfleet Strikers
  • Warp Speed Warriors
  • The Tribble Trouble
  • Phaser Knights
  • Vulcan Vanguard
  • Borg Busters
  • The Ferengi Fortune
  • Romulan Renegades
  • Holodeck Heroes
  • Klingon Conquerors
  • Warp Speed Wonders
  • Stellar Seekers
  • Rizzo Raiders
  • Romulan Rebels
  • Warp Core Warriors
  • T’Pol’s Telepaths
  • Sisko’s Synergy
  • Georgiou’s Gladiators
  • Andorian Avengers
  • Janeway’s Juggernauts
  • Trill Thrillers
  • Chakotay Chasers
  • O’Brien’s Oracles
  • Tuvok’s Tacticians
  • Detmer’s Daredevils
  • Galaxy Guardians
  • Photon Pioneers
  • Uhura United
  • Neelix Navigators
  • Guinan’s Gurus
  • Scotty Savants
  • Garak’s Garments
  • Crusher’s Cadets
  • Narek’s Nemeses
  • McCoy Medics
  • La Forge Luminary
  • Q’s Mischief Makers
  • Picard’s Philosophers
  • Data Disciples
  • Trekking Titans
  • Tribble Trouble
  • Enterprise Explorers
  • Sutra’s Synths
  • Worf’s Warriors
  • Nebula Navigators
  • Dominion Defenders
  • Worf Warriors
  • Spock’s Surveys
  • The Vulcan Vanguard
  • Archer’s Aces
  • Phaser Phantoms
  • Geordi’s Glasses
  • Troi Telepaths
  • Wesley Crushers
  • The Romulan Renegades
  • Quark’s Crew
  • Data’s Daring Crew
  • Cardassian Crushers
  • Torres Technicians
  • Quark’s Quidnuncs
  • Reed’s Recon Squad
  • Quark’s Quirks
  • Kobayashi Maru Masters
  • Spock’s Squad
  • Captain’s Crew
  • Geordi’s Gadgeteers
  • Kira’s Commandos
  • Paris Pilots
  • Narissa’s Navigators
  • Owosekun’s Observers
  • The Federation Force

Star Trek Team Names

Best Star Trek Team Names

Looking for the cream of the crop? Here are some best Star Trek team names:

  • The Federation Titans
  • Q Continuum Crusaders
  • Iconian Innovators
  • Dominion Dominators
  • The Cardassian Coalition
  • Maquis Marauders
  • Temporal Tacticians
  • Deep Space Devotees
  • Sisko’s Prophets
  • Warp Warriors
  • Stellar Strikers
  • Nebula Knights
  • Intergalactic Invincibles
  • Photon Phantoms
  • Alien Allies
  • Orion Outlaws
  • Starship Stalwarts
  • Ferocious Ferengi
  • Romulan Raptors
  • Klingon Krushers
  • Borg Breakers
  • Dominion Destroyers
  • Q’s Quizmasters
  • Trill Titans
  • Sisko’s Squad
  • Worf’s Wrath
  • Data’s Dream Team
  • Geordi’s Geniuses
  • Janeway’s Justice League
  • Seven’s Supremes
  • Archer’s Astronauts
  • Trip’s Tech Team
  • T’Pol’s Thinkers
  • Hoshi’s Heroes
  • Reed’s Raiders
  • Mayweather’s Meteors
  • Phlox’s Finesse
  • The Interstellar Intrepid
  • The Warp Factor Five
  • The Q Continuum
  • Starfleet Supreme
  • Iconian Invincibles
  • Omega Order
  • Prophets of Victory
  • Tal Shiar Titans
  • Borg Busters League
  • Khan’s Conquerors
  • Picard’s Pinnacle
  • Cardassian Conquerors
  • Romulan Rulers
  • Federation Frontrunners
  • Mirror Universe Masters
  • Empress Sato’s Elite
  • Section 31 Stars
  • Armus Assassins
  • V’ger Vanguards
  • Tribble Terminus
  • Enterprise Epoch
  • Excelsior Excellents
  • Voyager Vanguard
  • Defiant Dominion
  • Discovery Dynasty
  • Kelvin Timeline Kings
  • Titan Terrors
  • Intrepid Invincibles
  • Constitution Conquerors
  • Nova Nimrods
  • Ambassador Aces
  • Prometheus Powerhouses
  • Sovereign Supremacy
  • Galaxy Guardian
  • Oberth Overlords
  • Nebula Nemesis
  • Steamrunner Stars
  • Norway’s Nirvana
  • Akira Avengers
  • Saber Squadron
  • Luna Legion
  • Excursion Exemplars
  • Sovereign Seraphs
  • Horizon Heroes
  • Polaris Patriots
  • Gryphon’s Gladiators
  • Starliner Spartans
  • Vesta’s Valiants
  • Odyssey Olympians

Good Star Trek Themed Team Names

Seeking a good Star Trek-themed name for your team? Here are some options:

  • The Nebula Knights
  • Shuttlecraft Shufflers
  • The Phaser Frenzy
  • Guardian of Tomorrow
  • Starship Striders
  • The Warp Whispers
  • Delta Quadrant Daredevils
  • The Prime Directive Crew
  • Vulcan Vigilantes
  • Cardassian Coalition
  • Trek Tribe
  • Prime Directive Protectors
  • Orion Outriders
  • Sisko’s Syndicate
  • Kira’s Kombatants
  • Owosekun’s Outlaws
  • Shuttlecraft Squad
  • Stamets’s Scholars
  • Spacedock Guardians
  • Enterprise Ensemble
  • Chekov’s Champs
  • United Federation
  • Riker’s Rogues
  • Romulan Rumblers
  • Starfleet Strategists
  • Gorn Group
  • Riker’s Resilience
  • Starfleet Explorers
  • Lorca’s Leaders
  • Section 31 Squad
  • Pike’s Protectors
  • Picard’s Pioneers
  • Neelix’s Navigators
  • Tuvok’s Thinkers
  • Uhura Unit
  • Seven’s Synergy
  • Romulan Reconcilers
  • Starfleet Superstars
  • Wesley’s Wits
  • Starfleet Squad
  • Saru’s Savvy
  • Tholian Teamwork
  • Cardassian Comrades
  • Captain’s Crewmates
  • Torres’s Tinkerers
  • Odo’s Observance
  • Ferengi Friendship
  • Ferengi Fanfare
  • Burnham’s Brainstormers
  • Janeway Jets
  • Troi’s Tellers
  • Dax’s Daring
  • McCoy’s Medics
  • Worf’s Watchmen
  • Data Defenders
  • Spock’s Serenity
  • Q Continuum Coordinators
  • O’Brien’s Observers
  • Deep Space Dreamers
  • Guinan’s Giggles
  • Uhura’s Utterers
  • Janeway’s Justice
  • Redshirt Rescuers
  • Crusher’s Crusaders
  • Mirror Universe Mediators
  • Geordi’s Genius
  • Klingon Klub
  • Peaceful Pioneers
  • Uhura’s Unity
  • Garak’s Guidance
  • Cardassian Crusaders
  • Chakotay Champions
  • Infinite Diversity Squad
  • Detmer’s Daring
  • Battlestar Buddies
  • Phaser Fighters
  • Sulu Squad
  • Quark’s Quorum
  • La Forge’s Luminaries
  • Deep Space Dynamos
  • Chakotay’s Champions
  • Klingon Kinship
  • Sulu’s Support
  • Spock Squad
  • Data’s Discoverers
  • Trill Team
  • Quark Quasars
  • Starship Strategists

Star Trek Themed Team Names

Amazing Star Trek Trivia Team Names

Challenge your fellow Trekkies with these some amazing Star Trek trivia team names:

  • The Spock Scholars
  • Data’s Disciples
  • Riker’s Riddlers
  • Seven of a Kind
  • The Janeway Jeopardy
  • Kirk’s Quizmasters
  • Picard’s Puzzlers
  • Guinan’s Brainiacs
  • The McCoy Medleys
  • Uhura’s Enigmas
  • Trivia Transporters
  • Spock’s Sages
  • Quark’s Questioners
  • Starfleet Scholars Society
  • Warp Speed Whiz-kids
  • Data’s Databank
  • Borg Braintrust
  • Jean-Luc’s Jeopardizers
  • Trivia Tribbles Team
  • Holodeck Historians
  • Spock’s Super Sleuths
  • Quark’s Quizzical Inquiries
  • Starfleet Science Savants
  • Warp Speed Wizards
  • Data’s Database
  • Vulcan Vocabulary
  • Borg’s Big Brains
  • Jean-Luc’s Genius Gamers
  • Trivia Trek Tribe
  • Holodeck Histrionics
  • Spock’s Savvy Seekers
  • Quark’s Quandary
  • Starfleet Strategy Society
  • Warp Speed Whodunnits
  • Data’s Details
  • Vulcan Visionaries
  • Borg’s Brainy Brigade
  • Jean-Luc’s Knowledge Knights
  • Trivia Trek Troubadours
  • Holodeck History Hounds
  • Spock’s Science Scholars
  • Quark’s Quiz Quest
  • Starfleet Strategy Squad
  • Warp Speed Wordsmiths
  • Data’s Deductions
  • Borg’s Best Brains
  • Jean-Luc’s Trivia Titans
  • Trivia Trek Tridents
  • Holodeck Heroic Hunters
  • Spock’s Stellar Students
  • Quark’s Quandaries
  • Starfleet Synaptic Scholars
  • Warp Speed Word Wizards
  • Data’s Deductive Dilemmas
  • Vulcan Vision Vortex
  • Borg’s Brainstorming Bunch

Cool Star Trek Team Names

Keep it cool with these some Star Trek team names:

  • The Warp Wonders
  • Photon Fleet
  • Captain’s Coolants
  • Delta Deltas
  • The Nebulae Knights
  • Stellar Storm
  • Warp Speedsters
  • Starry Sentinels
  • Beyond Belief
  • Sisko’s Saboteurs
  • Troi’s Titans
  • Riker’s Renegades
  • Worf’s Wolves
  • Wesley’s Wildcats
  • Guinan’s Gladiators
  • Scotty’s Spectres
  • Odo’s Outlaws
  • Quark’s Quake
  • Kira’s Kommandos
  • Data’s Daredevils
  • Chekov’s Champions
  • Uhura’s Unicorns
  • Pike’s Paladins
  • Spock’s Spartans
  • McCoy’s Mavericks
  • Geordi’s Gliders
  • Paris’s Phantoms
  • Chakotay’s Crusaders
  • Torres’s Tornados
  • Tuvok’s Titans
  • Dax’s Dazzlers
  • O’Brien’s Obelisks
  • Garak’s Gliders
  • Picard’s Pantheon
  • Crusher’s Crushers
  • Bashir’s Buccaneers
  • Quark’s Quiver
  • Kelpien Kicks
  • Lorca’s Luminous
  • Stamets’s Stalwarts
  • Saru’s Stompers
  • Detmer’s Defiants
  • Burnham’s Bosses
  • Culber’s Clique
  • Tilly’s Tornadoes
  • Rizzo’s Renegades
  • Narek’s Ninjas
  • Sutra’s Savants

Funny Star Trek Team Names

Bring laughter to the final frontier with these some funny Star Trek team names:

  • Red Shirt Brigade
  • The Spocktators
  • The Ferengi Fools
  • The Klingon Clowns
  • Q’s Comedians
  • The Romulan Rascals
  • Holodeck Hilarity
  • The Vulcan Jesters
  • Data’s Dunces
  • The Red Shirts
  • Captain Kirk’s Crew Cuts
  • Romulan Rascals
  • Vulcan Vandals
  • Klingon Kickers
  • Ferengi Frenzy
  • Data’s Doppelgängers
  • Riker’s Rascals
  • Spock’s Sarcasm Squad
  • Beam Me Up, Scotty!
  • Klingon Wannabes
  • Red Shirts Unite!
  • Warp Speed Racers
  • Phaser Fiends
  • Vulcan Mind Melders
  • The Ferengi Frenzy
  • The Borg Collective
  • Phaser Fencers
  • Captain Kirk’s Crew
  • Ferengi Fortune Seekers
  • Picard Pioneers
  • Janeway Juggernauts
  • Archer Archers
  • Seven of Nine Lives
  • Data Droids
  • Guinan Gurus
  • Q Continuum
  • Riker Wranglers
  • Odo Shape Shifters
  • Spock Logic Squad
  • Uhura Communicators
  • Scotty Warp Technicians
  • Chekov Checkmates
  • Crusher Crushers

Unique Star Trek Team Names

Stand out from the crowd with these some unique Star Trek team names:

  • The Andorian Aces
  • Trill Trailblazers
  • Gorn Glory
  • Xindi Explorers
  • Talaxian Trailblazers
  • El-Aurian Enigmas
  • Bajoran Celestials
  • Tholian Trailblazers
  • Rigelian Wanderers
  • Zakdorn Zappers
  • Tholian Titans
  • Iconian Illuminators
  • Crusher’s Doctors
  • La Forge’s Geordies
  • Sulu’s Captains
  • Yridian Yoyos
  • Kzinti Kittens
  • O’Reilly’s Barkeeps
  • Uhura’s Translators
  • Ligonian Legends
  • Tuvok’s Vulcans
  • Regulan Regulators
  • McCoy’s Healers
  • Wadi Wanderers
  • Medusan Marvels
  • Vendikar Vipers
  • O’Brien’s Technicians
  • Tarellian Titans
  • Vorta Vanguard
  • Guinan’s Listeners
  • Torres’s Engineers
  • Seven’s Borg
  • Jenolan Juggernauts
  • Tuvok’s Security
  • Miradorn Mavericks
  • Flaxian Frenzy
  • Kim’s Ops
  • Kirk’s Captains
  • Paris’s Navigators
  • Mintakan Mystics
  • Spock’s Logicians
  • Bajoran Resistance
  • Tzenkethi Trailblazers
  • Gorn Guardians
  • Wesley’s Wunderkinds
  • Calamarain Collective
  • Edosian Exiles
  • Riker’s First Officers
  • Betazoid Beholders
  • Tamarian Tacticians
  • Kes’s Ocampa
  • Chekov’s Ensigns
  • Scotty’s Engineers
  • Pakled Pioneers
  • Kim’s Ensigns
  • Kobali Conundrum
  • Scotty’s Inventors
  • EMH’s Holograms
  • Kira’s Rebels
  • Efrosian Enforcers
  • Janeway’s Voyagers
  • Janeway’s Captains
  • Metron Mavericks
  • Sulu’s Helmsmen
  • Pike’s Discoverers
  • Calidian Captains
  • Worf’s Honor Guards
  • Odo’s Shapeshifters
  • Picard’s Enterprises
  • Archer’s Explorers
  • Breen Blizzard
  • Chakotay’s First Officers
  • Garak’s Tailors
  • Dax’s Trill
  • Benzite Brawlers
  • Quark’s Entrepreneurs
  • Nasat Navigators
  • Klingon Warriors
  • Kes’s Healers
  • Organian Oracles
  • Phaser Crew
  • Neelix’s Chefs
  • Romulan Star Empire
  • Cairn Crusaders
  • Ovion Outlaws
  • Nacene Navigators
  • Caitian Conquerors
  • Horta Horde
  • Xepolite Xenophobes
  • Borg Collective
  • Talosian Terrors

Unique Star Trek Team Names

Star Trek Fantasy Football Team Names

Gear up for your fantasy football league with these some Star Trek-inspired names:

  • Touchdown Transporters
  • Picard Punters
  • Riker Rushers
  • Sisko Scorers
  • Spock Smashers
  • Odo Offenders
  • Kirk Kickers
  • Chakotay Chargers
  • Ferengi First Downs
  • Vulcan Vortex
  • Romulan Rumble
  • Klingon Crushers
  • Borg Blitz
  • Captain Kirk Kickers
  • Data Dynasty
  • Spock Superstars
  • Riker Rivals
  • Troi Touchdowns
  • Sulu Scramblers
  • McCoy Maulers
  • Picard’s Powerhouses
  • Spock’s Strategists
  • Sisko’s Slayers
  • Janeway’s Jumpers
  • Data’s Dominators
  • Romulan Rogues
  • Voyager Voyagers

Tips for Choosing a Good Name for Your Star Trek Team

Here are some useful tips to help you out:

1. Embrace the Theme

When choosing a Star Trek team name, it’s essential to embrace the theme of the Star Trek universe. Consider elements like starships, planets, famous episodes, iconic characters, or even alien species. Look for terms and references that resonate with your team members and showcase your love for the franchise.

For example, “The Federation Falcons” shows allegiance to the United Federation of Planets, while “Borg Busters” implies your team’s mission to take down the formidable Borg.

2. Originality

Strive for originality when crafting your team name. Avoid generic or common phrases that have been used by multiple groups. You want a name that stands out and leaves a lasting impression on others.

For instance, “Cosmic Voyagers” suggests your team’s exploration of the vast unknown, while “Nebula Knights” implies a noble and courageous group venturing through the stars.

3. Humor

Incorporating humor can add a fun and entertaining element to your team name. Star Trek is known for its witty dialogues and comedic moments, so use that as inspiration.

Consider puns, wordplay, or references to funny situations from the show. “Captain Quips” could be a team that enjoys humor and quick comebacks, while “Warp Speed Wits” indicates a group of clever individuals who think on their feet.

4. Inclusivity

Ensure your team name is inclusive and enjoyable for all members. Avoid any terms that may be offensive, discriminatory, or exclusive to certain groups. Instead, focus on terms that unite your team and celebrate the diversity within the Star Trek universe.

For example, “United Species Alliance” signifies a team that values cooperation and harmony among different species.

5. Fandom References

Pay homage to the rich lore of Star Trek by incorporating references to iconic characters, starships, or famous episodes. This shows your dedication to the franchise and makes your team name more meaningful to fellow fans. “Kirk’s Crusaders” honors the legendary Captain Kirk, while “Picard’s Pride” shows admiration for the distinguished Jean-Luc Picard.

6. Short and Catchy

A good team name is easy to remember and catches the attention of others. Keep it concise and snappy, so it’s easily memorable during competitions or events. “Starfleet Six” is straightforward and memorable, as is “Trek Titans,” which combines alliteration with brevity.

7. Alliteration

Alliteration adds a poetic and rhythmic quality to your team name, making it even more appealing. Play with words that start with the same letter or sound to create a name that rolls off the tongue.

“Stellar Seekers” and “Starship Squadron” are examples of alliterative team names that sound catchy and engaging.

8. Test it Out

Before finalizing your team name, share it with your fellow team members or other Star Trek fans to gather feedback. It’s essential to make sure everyone is happy with the choice and that the name resonates with your team’s spirit and goals.

You could use names like “The Opinion of Khan” or “The Surveyors of Rura Penthe” to humorously invite feedback.

9. Symbolism

Choose a team name that symbolizes your group’s identity, values, or strengths. Look for significant symbols or imagery within the Star Trek universe that resonate with your team.

“The Phoenix Risers” may represent resilience and rebirth, while “Omega Squadron” might symbolize a group that takes on the most challenging missions.

10. Timelessness

Aim for a name that will age well and maintain its relevance over time. Avoid using names tied to specific events or trends that might become outdated.

Instead, opt for enduring themes that will continue to be appreciated by Star Trek fans in the future. “Eternal Explorers” or “Celestial Seekers” are examples of timeless team names that evoke the enduring spirit of Star Trek exploration.


Whether you’re looking for something funny, unique, or simply the best, these Star Trek team names will undoubtedly make your crew a force to be reckoned with. Choose the one that resonates with your team’s personality, and let your love for Star Trek shine in every competition you take on.

So, assemble your team, wear your chosen name with pride, and boldly venture forth to claim victory in the name of Starfleet!

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