570+ Epic Star Wars Team Names to Unleash the Force!

Are you a Star Wars fan looking to form a team and need a clever and creative name that embodies the spirit of the galaxy far, far away? Look no further!

In this blog post, we have compiled a comprehensive list of Star Wars team names across various categories, ensuring you’ll find the perfect one that suits your team’s personality and objectives.

Whether you’re participating in a trivia night, fantasy football league, or simply want a funny and cool team name, we’ve got you covered.

So, let’s dive into the Force-filled world of Star Wars team name ideas!

Star Wars Team Names

Whether you’re forming a team for a friendly competition or looking for an awesome title for your gaming squad, Star Wars-themed team names never disappoint.

These names are perfect for sports teams, online gaming clans, or even workplace groups that share a passion for the Star Wars universe.

  • The Jedi Knights
  • Galactic Guardians
  • Sith Lords United
  • Rebel Alliance Rulers
  • The Wookie Warriors
  • Dark Side Dominators
  • X-wing Squadron
  • Ewok Elite
  • Death Star Destroyers
  • Lightsaber Legends
  • The Mandalorian Mercs
  • Clone Trooper Titans
  • The Galactic Titans
  • Droid Daredevils
  • Coruscant Commandos
  • The Ewok Elite
  • Rebel Alliance Raiders
  • The Sith Stalkers

Reminder: Make sure your selected team name is not already used by another team!

  • Wookiee Warriors United
  • Mandalorian Mavericks
  • The Millennium Falcons
  • X-wing Squadron Strikers
  • Jedi Knights
  • Rebel Alliance
  • Sith Lords
  • Galactic Empire
  • Clone Troopers
  • The Mandalorians
  • Wookiee Warriors
  • The Force Awakens
  • The Ewok Tribe
  • Stormtrooper Squad
  • X-wing Avengers
  • Millennium Falcon Flyers
  • The Droids You’re Looking For
  • Padawan Powerhouses
  • The Resistance Heroes
  • Boba Fett’s Bounty Hunters
  • The R2-D2 Crew
  • Endor’s Enforcers
  • The Force Awakens Heroes
  • Hoth’s Havoc Squad
  • The Tusken Raider Tribe
  • Jedi Jediscepticons
  • Dagobah’s Defenders
  • Starkiller Squadron
  • Rebel Rogue One
  • The Force Unleashed Fighters
  • Scarif’s Shore Troopers
  • The Mustafar Maulers
  • Cloud City Saberists
  • Sith’s Shadow Squadron
  • The Naboo Navigators
  • The Geonosis Gladiators
  • Jedi Gem Guardians
  • Kamino Clone Corps
  • Jakku Junkyarders
  • Rogue Womp Rats
  • Kessel Runners
  • Starkiller Shooters
  • Ahch-To Avengers
  • Crait Crushers
  • D’Qar’s Daring Defenders
  • Eadu Elite
  • Scarif’s Shoretroopers
  • Sullustan Smugglers

Star Wars Team Names

Star Wars Group Names

When you’re part of a larger Star Wars enthusiast community, finding the right group name can unite fellow fans and foster a sense of camaraderie.

These group names are perfect for fan clubs, online forums, or social media groups dedicated to all things Star Wars.

  • The Galactic Senate
  • Star Wars Fanatics Alliance
  • The Force Followers
  • Jedi Council Conclave
  • Droid Dreamers
  • Skywalker’s Legacy Circle
  • The Empire Enthusiasts
  • Rebel Scum Society
  • The Cantina Crew
  • Bounty Hunter Brotherhood
  • Hoth’s Heroes
  • The Endor Ensemble
  • Kashyyyk Knights
  • Forceful Friends
  • Dagobah Diplomats
  • Droid Dynamos
  • Coruscant Clan
  • Mandalore Marauders
  • Hoth Heroes
  • Endor Envoys
  • Mustafar Mates
  • Felucia Fellowship
  • Kamino Collective
  • Tatooine Tribe
  • Jedha Junction
  • Sullustan Syndicate
  • Geonosis Group
  • D’Qar Disciples
  • Scarif Squad
  • Alderaan Allies
  • Crait Comrades
  • Eadu Ensemble
  • Jakku Jamboree
  • Starkiller Supporters
  • Ahch-To Association
  • Kessel Krew
  • Jedha Jedis
  • Dathomir Dynasty
  • Mortis Mentors
  • Ryloth Ringleaders
  • Felucia Friends
  • Sithless Society
  • Kijimi Collective
  • Pasaana Pals
  • Exegol Explorers
  • Umbara Union
  • Nal Hutta Neighbors
  • Jakku Juggernauts
  • Crait Crew
  • Dagobah Disciples
  • Sullustan Squad

Star Wars Trivia Team Names

Calling all Star Wars experts! Trivia nights just got more thrilling with these mind-blowing Star Wars trivia team names. Whether you’re participating in a local pub quiz or an online trivia event, these names will surely showcase your knowledge of the galaxy far, far away.

  • Yoda’s Brainiacs
  • Quizwan Kenobi
  • The Wookiee Wise Ones
  • Sith Secrets Unveiled
  • The Hyperdrive Historians
  • Rebel Reconnoiters
  • Skywalker’s Scholars
  • Ewok Encyclopedias
  • Death Star Geniuses
  • The Force Knows All
  • Jedi Mind Probers
  • Droid Data Detectives
  • Quiz of Quorinths
  • Force Knowledge Seekers
  • Jedi Mind Masters
  • Trivia Troopers
  • Sith Scholars Society
  • Holocron Historians
  • Droid Database
  • Star Wars Smarty Pants
  • Trivia TIE Fighters
  • Wookiee Wisdoms
  • Rebel Brainiacs
  • Chosen Challenged
  • Ewok Enigmas
  • Dark Side Detectives
  • Midichlorian Maestros
  • Star Wars Savants
  • Forceful Fact Finders
  • Galactic Genius Guild
  • Trivialized Tauntauns
  • Lightsaber Lore Lords
  • Mace Windu Wizzes
  • Ahsoka’s Acumen
  • Rebel Reconnaissance
  • Jawa Jugglers
  • Death Star Detectives
  • Qui-Gon Quizmasters
  • Exegol Experts
  • Mon Cala Mentors
  • Utapau Puzzlers
  • Scarif Scholars
  • Naboo Nerds
  • Crait Conundrum
  • Jyn Erso’s Jeopardy
  • Jedha Jedi Trivia
  • Dathomir Data
  • Felucia Fanatics
  • Bespin Brainiacs
  • Endor Enigmas
  • Scarif Starlets

Funny Star Wars Team Names

Bring humor to the forefront with these hilariously punny Star Wars team names. Perfect for lighthearted competitions and gatherings, these names are sure to evoke smiles and laughter.

  • Han Shot First… in Golf
  • The Womp Rat Wranglers
  • Leia’s Hair Buns Brigade
  • Jar Jar’s Jokesters
  • Death Star-rry Night Painters
  • Obi-Wan and Done
  • Lando’s Smooth Operators
  • Chewbacca’s Laughter Club
  • Jabba’s Jolly Belly Busters
  • Lightsaber Limbo Squad
  • D2 and the Protocol Pals
  • Admiral Snackbar
  • Chewbacca Chucklers
  • Leia’s Buns of Steel
  • Ewok Laughing Squad
  • Jar Jar Jokers
  • Force Fools
  • Alderaan Pranksters
  • Porg Parade
  • Hoth Ha-ha Heroes
  • Sith Slapstick Society
  • Mustafar Mischief Makers
  • Jabba’s Jesters
  • Womp Rat Rascals
  • Death Star Giggles
  • Hoth Hilarity
  • Endor Euphoria
  • Droid Deceivers
  • Ewok Wits
  • Wookiee Wigglers
  • Tatooine Tickle Troupe
  • Alderaan Antics
  • Crait Comedians
  • Jakku Jesters
  • Starkiller Stand-ups
  • Ahch-To Amusements
  • Kessel Comedy Club
  • Felucia Funny Bones
  • Crait Chucklers
  • Pasaana Pranksters
  • Scarif Stand-ups
  • Utapau Uproar
  • Endor Entertainers
  • Jedha Jesters
  • Dathomir Dazzlers
  • Mortis Merriment
  • Yavin Yucks
  • D’Qar Drollery
  • Naboo Nonsense
  • Mustafar Merrymakers
  • Scarif Sillies

Best Star Wars Team Names

For those seeking names that resonate with the essence of Star Wars greatness, look no further. These are the best Star Wars team names that embody the spirit of heroism, adventure, and epic battles.

  • Force Awakens Heroes
  • Rise of the Team Titans
  • The Last Jedi Champions
  • A New Hope Avengers
  • Empire’s Finest Fighters
  • Return of the Team Masters
  • The Clone Wars Conquerors
  • Rogue One Rebellion
  • Force Unleashed Guardians
  • Solo’s Swashbucklers
  • Attack of the Team Titans
  • Revenge of the Jedi Champions
  • Heroic Hyperspace
  • Forceful Phantoms
  • Legendary Lightsabers
  • Galactic Glory
  • Celestial Champions
  • Iconic Inceptors
  • Supreme Starfighters
  • Epic Eclipses
  • Invincible Interceptors
  • Unbeatable Unicorns
  • Valiant Vaders
  • Eminent Empire
  • Mighty Millenniums
  • Stellar Saber Squad
  • Majestic Mandalorians
  • Fearsome Force
  • Sovereign Skywalkers
  • Illustrious Invaders
  • Superior Sith
  • Legendary Leia’s
  • Intrepid Inquisitors
  • Supreme Stormtroopers
  • Valorous Vanguards
  • Fearless Falcon Flyers
  • Gallant Gamorreans
  • Triumphant TIE Titans
  • Pinnacle Palpatines
  • Glorious Grievouses
  • Resolute Rebels
  • Indomitable Imperials
  • Distinguished Dookus
  • Victorious Vossks
  • Exalted Exarchs
  • Superb Starhawks
  • Venerable Ventress
  • Regal Revans
  • Magnificent Mauls
  • Illustrious Ithorians
  • Magnanimous Mon Mothmas

Cool Star Wars Team Names

When you want your team to exude a cool and badass vibe, these Star Wars team names are the way to go. Show off your team’s confidence and style with these sleek titles.

  • The Hyperspace Heroes
  • The Mandalorian Marauders
  • Sith Stalkers
  • X-wing Mavericks
  • Kylo Ren’s Renegades
  • The Darksaber Defenders
  • Phantom Squadron
  • The Force Awakens Elite
  • Lando’s Smooth Sailors
  • Vader’s Vendetta
  • Stormtrooper Strikers
  • Nebula Nomads
  • Stellar Strike Force
  • Celestial Scavengers
  • Galactic Guardianship
  • Hyperspace Heroes
  • Astral Aces
  • Solar Saberwings
  • Cosmic Crusaders
  • Interstellar Innovators
  • Luminous Legends
  • Nebula Nexus
  • Cosmic Commanders
  • Galactic Gladiators
  • Stellar Stormbringers
  • Celestial Sentinels
  • Astral Avengers
  • Solar Sentinels
  • Hyperspace Heralds
  • Interstellar Intrepids
  • Luminous Legion
  • Cosmic Champions
  • Stellar Strikers
  • Celestial Centurions
  • Astral Alpha Squad
  • Solar Spectres

Clever Star Wars Team Names

If you prefer a touch of cleverness and wit in your team names, these options will spark the interest of both Star Wars fans and wordplay enthusiasts.

  • Hoth Pursuit Platoon
  • The Wookiee Wordplay Wizards
  • Millennium Falconaires
  • Endor Endgame Experts
  • Alderaan Alliterations
  • Naboo’s Nifty Neologisms
  • The Dathomir Dictionaires
  • Coruscant Cognoscenti
  • Tatooine Terminologists
  • Dagobah’s Dialecticians
  • Droid Definitionists
  • Mustafar Metaphor Masters
  • Mind Trick Masters
  • Saber Strategists
  • Droid Developers
  • Clone Connoisseurs
  • Witty Wookies
  • Ewok Einsteins
  • Dark Side Decoders
  • Jedi Geniuses
  • Force Field Thinkers
  • Space-time Schemers
  • Sith Sleuths
  • Star Wars Savvies
  • Light Side Logicians
  • Galactic Puzzlers
  • Riddle of Force
  • Rebel Enigmas
  • Ewok Riddlers
  • Saber Senseis
  • Mind Meld Mavericks
  • Clueless Clones
  • Riddle Resolvers
  • Droid Dissectors
  • Forceful Forethinkers
  • Dark Side Puzzlemasters
  • Jedi Jigsawers
  • Galactic Gamechangers
  • Space Strategy Sages
  • Sith Scholars
  • Star Wars Cerebrals
  • Light Side Logic Lords
  • Riddle Revealers
  • Rebel Riddlebreakers
  • Saber Schemers
  • Mind Maze Magicians
  • Clone Codebreakers
  • Droid Detectives
  • Forceful Fortunetellers
  • Space Sudoku Solvers

Star Wars Clan Names

In online gaming, clans are the epitome of teamwork. Elevate your clan’s image with these powerful and captivating Star Wars clan names.

  • The Force Clanade
  • The Sith Syndicate
  • Jedi Order Brigade
  • Force Unifier Clan
  • Mandalorian Marauders
  • The Galactic Guild
  • Rebel Alliance Legion
  • The Droid Dominion
  • Dark Side Dynasty
  • The Death Star Collective
  • The Clonetrooper Coterie
  • Hoth’s Havoc
  • The Endor Empire
  • Clan of Galactic Glory
  • Sith Syndicate Squad
  • Jedi Legacy League
  • Cosmic Clan Collective
  • Galactic Guardians Guild
  • Celestial Clan Coven
  • Intergalactic Order
  • Astral Alliance
  • Stellar Sentries Syndicate
  • Celestial Council
  • Nebula Navigators
  • Solar Sentinels Society
  • Hyperspace Heroes Clan
  • Interstellar Invincibles
  • Cosmic Crusaders Clan
  • Luminous Legends League
  • Celestial Scavengers Squad

Fantasy Football Star Wars Team Names

For fantasy football enthusiasts who are also Star Wars aficionados, these names combine the best of both worlds, making your fantasy league even more entertaining.

  • The Death Star Kickers
  • Endor Ewok Runners
  • Hoth’s Freeze Force
  • The Darth Maulers
  • The Skywalker Strikers
  • Force Choke Defenders
  • The Tatooine Tacklers
  • The Boba Fett Blitzers
  • The Coruscant Crushers
  • Wookiee Warriors FC
  • Jabba’s Gridiron Gang
  • The Droid Defense
  • Sith Showstoppers
  • Jedi Juggernauts
  • Droid Defenders
  • Ewok End Zone Extremes
  • Galactic Gridiron Gladiators
  • Forceful Footballers
  • Lightsaber Linebackers
  • Rebel Rushers
  • Clone Clan Conquerors
  • Hoth Hail Marys
  • Dagobah Dribblers
  • Starkiller Strikers
  • Mustafar Maulers
  • Endor End Zone Enforcers
  • Alderaan Aces
  • Tatooine Touchdown Titans
  • Ahch-To Aerial Assault
  • Crait Cornerbacks
  • Jakku Jukers
  • Exegol End Zone Erasers
  • Kamino Kickers
  • Naboo Nightfall Ninjas
  • Pasaana Pigskin Professionals
  • Scarif Scoring Squad
  • Utapau Undefeateds
  • Geonosis Goal-Getters
  • Yavin Yards Yappers
  • Felucia Field Favorites
  • Bespin Blitzers
  • Coruscant Crunchers
  • Ryloth Runners
  • D’Qar Defensive Demons
  • Mortis Mercuries
  • Nal Hutta Hail Marys
  • Mustafar Maul

Good Star Wars Team Names

When you need names that simply feel right and carry a positive connotation, these good Star Wars team names will fit the bill.

  • Rebel Resilience
  • Jedi Justice League
  • Dark Side Defiers
  • Light Side Legion
  • Force Unifiers
  • Sithless Sensations
  • Jedi Gems
  • Empire’s Elites
  • Rebel Revivalists
  • Skywalker Squadron
  • Droid Do-Gooders
  • Luminous Legacies
  • Forceful Fellowship
  • Stellar Stars
  • Fearless Falcons
  • Forceful Fortitude
  • Jedi Justice
  • Hoth Havoc
  • Endor Enforcers
  • Mustafar Masters
  • Exegol Elites
  • Scarif Saviors
  • Naboo Nobility
  • Pasaana Protectors
  • Utapau United
  • Geonosis Gladiators
  • Yavin Yoda’s
  • Felucia Fearless
  • Bespin Brawlers
  • Coruscant Courage
  • Ryloth Rising
  • D’Qar Defenders
  • Mortis Martyrs
  • Nal Hutta Heroes
  • Kamino Knights
  • Tatooine Titans
  • Ahch-To Admirals
  • Crait Champions
  • Jakku Justice

Creative Star Wars Team Names

If you’re after names that stand out from the rest, these creative Star Wars team names will set your team apart as imaginative and original.

  • Obi-Wan Ninjas
  • Han Solo Survivors
  • Padawan Pioneers
  • Force Fielders
  • Battlefront Brains
  • StarKickers
  • Droid Dream Team
  • Skywalker Strategists
  • Bounty Hunter’s Bandits
  • Sith Stunners
  • Stellar Strategy Squad
  • Celestial Codebreakers
  • Galactic Gamemakers
  • Hyperspace Masterminds
  • Astral Alphas
  • Solar Stargazers
  • Interstellar Ingenious
  • Luminous Luminaries
  • Cosmic Calculators
  • Forceful Innovators
  • Jedi Journeyers
  • Space Schematics
  • Sith Solutionists
  • Starry Savants
  • Stellar Synthetics
  • Celestial Ciphers
  • Astral Analyzers
  • Solar Solvers
  • Hyperspace Visionaries
  • Interstellar Ideators
  • Luminous Logicians
  • Cosmic Conceptualists
  • Galactic Geniuses
  • Space Scribes
  • Forceful Dreamers
  • Sith Symbols
  • Starry Scientists
  • Stellar Synthesizers
  • Celestial Conundrum
  • Astral Architects
  • Solar Soliloquy
  • Hyperspace Innovators

Star Wars Team Name Generator

These are some more Star Wars team name ideas we’ve generated for your inspiration:

  • Millennium Falcons
  • Force Awakens
  • Dark Side Defenders
  • Ewok Warriors
  • Yoda’s Disciples
  • Rebel Scum
  • Imperial Stormtroopers
  • Jedi Masters
  • Droid Army
  • Kyber Crystals
  • Sith Assassins
  • Mandalorian Mercenaries
  • Resistance Fighters
  • Padawan Protégés
  • Tusken Raiders
  • Dagobah Dynamos
  • Endor Elite
  • Cloud City Champions
  • Naboo Navigators
  • Coruscant Crushers
  • Kashyyyk Kickers
  • Nebula Nexus
  • Stellar Strategy Squad
  • Celestial Codebreakers
  • Galactic Gamemakers
  • Hyperspace Masterminds
  • Astral Alphas
  • Solar Stargazers
  • Interstellar Innovators

Star Wars Team Names

Tips for Choosing a Good Star Wars Team Name

Here are some tips to help you out:

1. Embrace Iconic Terms

Utilize well-known Star Wars terms, characters, or references to instantly connect with fellow fans. Tap into the vast lore of Star Wars and pick something that represents the essence of the franchise.

For example, terms like “Jedi,” “Sith,” “Force,” “Galactic,” “Empire,” and “Rebellion,” or character names like “Vader,” “Skywalker,” “Yoda,” “Leia,” etc., can make for a captivating team name.

2. Consider Your Faction

Base the team name on the alignment of your group, such as the light side or dark side of the Force. This instantly communicates your team’s identity and theme. If you lean towards the light side, you could consider names like “Force of Light,” “Guardians of Peace,” or “Knights of the Republic.”

Conversely, for a dark side team, options like “Masters of the Dark Side,” “Servants of the Sith,” or “Order of Darkness” can be fitting.

3. Play with Puns

Incorporate puns or wordplay related to Star Wars themes, characters, or quotes. Wordplay adds a touch of humor and creativity to your team name.

For example, “Han Shot First” is a clever twist on the well-known phrase “Han Solo shot first” from the original Star Wars movie.

4. Show Unity

Highlight the teamwork and camaraderie of your group in the name. A name that emphasizes unity can create a sense of belonging among team members.

Examples include “Galactic Brotherhood,” “Alliance of Heroes,” or “Rebel Comrades.”

5. Be Intimidating

Opt for a name that exudes power or dominance, especially for competitive teams. Choose words that evoke a strong and formidable presence.

For instance, “Imperial Dominators” implies a group that rules with authority and control.

6. Highlight Special Abilities

Focus on the unique skills or attributes of your team members. If your team possesses special abilities or talents, incorporate them into the name.

For example, “Masters of the Mind Trick” showcases a team with exceptional skills in manipulating minds.

7. Invoke Nostalgia

Channel the nostalgia of classic Star Wars elements in your team name. Reference iconic moments, planets, or characters that evoke sentimental feelings among fans. “Alderaan Survivors” pays tribute to a planet that was destroyed in the original trilogy.

8. Use Galactic Terms

Draw inspiration from celestial terms, planets, or systems in the Star Wars universe. These terms often sound grand and epic. “Coruscant Guardians” refers to a team that protects the galactic capital, Coruscant.

9. Get Creative with Droids

Incorporate the names of famous droids or construct your own droid-themed team name. Droids are an integral part of the Star Wars universe, and a droid-inspired name can be both unique and fun.

For example, “R2-D2’s Squad” highlights the most beloved astromech droid in Star Wars.

10. Test for Memorability

Choose a name that is easy to remember, pronounce, and identify with your group. Avoid overly complicated or obscure names that may not resonate with others.

A memorable name like “Jedi Alliance” quickly captures the essence of your team’s identity.


Star Wars team names offer an incredible opportunity for fans to showcase their love for the saga while fostering a sense of camaraderie and unity among fellow enthusiasts. Whether you’re forming a sports team, joining a trivia competition, or creating an online gaming clan, the right team name can add an extra layer of excitement and fun to your endeavors.

From the heroic to the humorous and the clever to the creative, there’s a Star Wars team name for every taste and style.

We hope this comprehensive list of Star Wars team names across various categories has ignited your imagination and inspired you to find the perfect moniker for your team.

Remember, these names are just the beginning – don’t hesitate to mix and match, or even create your own unique combinations to make your team stand out in the galaxy far, far away!

May the Force be with you as you embark on your epic journey with your chosen Star Wars team name.

Good Luck!

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