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500 Good Sign Company Names Ideas To Inspire You (2022)

Are you looking for a good name for your new sign company? Or Do you have a sign company that you want to rename? Perhaps, you’re looking to change the name of your business to something more appealing to your target audience. Or maybe, you just want to give your business a fresh look.

Whatever the case may be, this article contains huge lists of cool and creative sign company names that you can use to get started your signage business.

A sign company is a service provider that creates signs for businesses and organizations. They create custom signage solutions for various industries, including retail stores, restaurants, schools, hospitals, and many others.

In order to stand out among competitors, you need to come up with a creative and memorable sign company name. After all, your name is the first impression people get of your business. Let’s dive in to find an outstanding name for your signage company!

Catchy Sign Company Names

  • Come to Sign
  • Sign Makers
  • Signs Making 4u
  • Footsteps Signs Inc.
  • Awesome Signs
  • Prince Signs
  • Commercial Signs Store
  • Signs ‘N’ Such
  • Signs Made Simple
  • Unique Signs Shop
  • Core Displays
  • Empire Signs and Designs Inc.
  • Truly Green Print
  • Carolina Realty Signs
  • All-Right Sign
  • Red Devil Signs
  • Speech Class Signs
  • Vision Signage Group
  • New Style Signs
  • Signal Source Inc
  • Skyline Sign Company
  • Pro Sign Services
  • Foxpoint Media
  • Chosen Signs & Printing
  • Adaptable Signs
  • Decals & Banners
  • Global Signage Concepts
  • Vinyl Destination
  • Innovate Signs
  • Vogue Sign Company
  • Vision Signs
  • Valley Signs & Lighting Inc
  • Signs on The Run
  • Sign Solutions
  • Signs on Time
  • New York Banner Stands
  • Superb Neon and Signs
  • Signatures Direct
  • Inland Signs, Inc
  • All Around Signhouse
  • Sign to Conversions
  • Hills Commercial Printing & Signs Service
  • Sign Art
  • Navy Signs America
  • Central Signs Group
  • Signage 1st Outdoor
  • National Sign Manufacturer
  • Vision Print Solutions
  • RP Sign Systems
  • Graphic Heaven Signs

Unique Signage Company Names

  • Signs for Biz
  • Signs Mania
  • Master of Signs
  • Cheap Signs and Banners
  • Signal 2 Action
  • We Display Signs
  • Signs Glasgow
  • Landmark Sign Group
  • Sharp Signs
  • Magnetic Signs
  • Deductible Signs
  • Engraving Excursions
  • Penthouse Signs
  • Visual Signatures
  • The Sign Factory
  • LiveArt Graphics and Signs
  • Stupendous Signs
  • All Flags Signage
  • New Direction Ltd
  • Signs By The Show
  • Advanced Display & Signs
  • Distinctive Signs
  • Sign Launchers
  • Signals 4 Today
  • Stickerbelly
  • Signage Station
  • Professional Signs
  • Lowry Signs Ltd
  • Geo Smart Signs
  • House of Signs
  • Fix My Signs
  • Falls City Signs and Graphics
  • Signs4u
  • Print N Profit
  • Sign King Solutions
  • Sign Installations
  • Hightech Signs
  • Premier Sign & Display
  • Commercial Signage
  • Kite Signs & More
  • All Star Sign Shop
  • Star Signage
  • Encore Image

Creative Sign Business Names Ideas

  • Signs InsideOut
  • Nice Touch Neon
  • Mighty Billboard
  • Total View Signs
  • Icon Creations
  • Insignia Signs
  • Greenlight Signage
  • Artistic Outlet Productions
  • Red Dog Signs
  • Capitol Signs
  • Industrial Sign & Graphics
  • Crafted Plaques
  • The Sign Craft
  • Creative Signs
  • SignShop Arizona
  • Simply Signs
  • Swift Signs
  • A-1 Custom Signs
  • Axe Sign Company
  • Bliss Co Signs & Graphics
  • Big Boys Signs
  • Marketing Signage
  • The Sign Formula
  • Diamond Wraps & Print
  • Signs and Imaging
  • Digital Panache
  • Sign of the Times
  • The Delightful Decals

Cool Sign Company Names

  • Armed Pro Signs
  • Signs West Outdoor
  • Next Level Displays
  • 7 Star Signs
  • The Sign Worx
  • Techy LED Signs
  • The Graphic Story
  • Zorba Display
  • ThinkSIGN
  • Desert Storm Signs
  • Dazzling Decals
  • Promotion Plus Sign
  • Cleveland Signs Store
  • Foresight Signs
  • Minuteman Press
  • Custom Sign Letters
  • Scenic Business Ads
  • Right Way Signs
  • Graphics on Trent
  • Black Box Signs
  • Giant Displays Signs
  • Chi-Town Signs
  • Visual Impact
  • The Elegant Engravings
  • All The Signs
  • Action Graphics
  • Quick Change Display
  • ABC Signage Company
  • Alltech Sign Services

Funny Sign Company Names

  • The Smelly Sign Shop
  • Signs Unlimited
  • Sign For Dummies
  • Big D and Sons Signs
  • Ace Custom Signs
  • Rich’s Signs
  • Signal Hill Signs
  • Signs-A-Plenty
  • Comical Street Signs
  • MVP Signs & Prints
  • Amazing Sign Company
  • Fine Signs & Graphics
  • The Bold Banners
  • Lone Star Signs
  • Paradise Signs
  • Affordable Signs & Banners
  • Signature Sign
  • Signs Now
  • Red’s Signs
  • Graphic Sky Designs
  • The Sign Man
  • Cinemaware Signs
  • Mercury Signs Designs
  • Pro Signs 4 Less
  • Canvas Print Palace
  • Super Signs Group
  • Significance Signs
  • Vegas Valley Signs
  • High Impact Sign & Design
  • Awards Signs
  • Arizona Sign Designs
  • Greenprint Signature
  • Sunny Sign Company
  • SIGNificant Graphics

Good Sign Company Names

  • Legacy Signs
  • Red Hot Sign Company
  • Crown Ink Signs
  • The Success Signs
  • Sign Specialists
  • Snappy Signs
  • Total Sign Solutions
  • Stickers Unlimited
  • Signology Inc.
  • Interstate Web Traffic
  • Magic Signs & Print
  • Signs of Success
  • All Display Signs
  • Iconic Sign Systems
  • Pro Image Signs
  • Display Star Signs
  • Signs Revolution
  • Vision Signs & Signs
  • Speedy Signs
  • Rite Lite Signs
  • Budget Signs & Banners
  • Imagination Signs
  • Postage Hero
  • Lighthouse Signs
  • Sunrise Signs
  • Jungle Signs
  • Signs 4 Schools
  • Desert Shapes Signs
  • Independent Neon & Signs
  • Banner Bliss Shop

Digital Signage Company Names

  • Digital City Sign
  • Professional Digital Signage
  • Ad-Art Signs Inc
  • Globe Digital Signage
  • Southwest Signs
  • Parkside Digital Signs
  • Golden Rule Signs
  • Banner Signs Today
  • Innovative Digital Sign Systems
  • Image Digital Signs
  • Custom Callsigns
  • Very Best Sign Hanging
  • Signage Graphics
  • Universal Digital Signage
  • SignMaster Signs
  • Signage Designing
  • Red Rock Digital Signs
  • New Tech Digital Signs
  • LiteSignature
  • Bluedog Design
  • Vital Signs
  • Renovation Signs
  • Bond sign company
  • Grenade’s Signage
  • Easy Digital Signs
  • Vegas Signs 4 Less
  • Signature Sign Shop
  • Sun Digital Signs
  • Dawn’s Sign Shop
  • Engraved Essentials
  • One Hour Signage
  • Digital Signage Land

Sign Board Company Names

  • Creative Sign Systems
  • ARC Document Solutions
  • Menu Board Signs
  • Neon Art Signs
  • Mega 3D Signs
  • The Best Signage
  • The 24/7 Signage
  • The Sign Agency
  • The Graphic’s Team
  • The Decal Divas
  • Custom Wholesale Signs
  • Revelation Signs
  • City Custom Signs
  • Lovely LED
  • Signage Express
  • RedLine Signs
  • Vision Sign
  • Ramped Up Signs
  • Runway Billboards
  • A1Signage
  • Vision Pro Signs
  • All Way Signs
  • Political Power Signs
  • Wonderful Signs & Creative
  • Custom Pine Signs
  • Sign Innovations
  • Glossy & Sparkle
  • Real Estate Signs Today
  • Big Sky Signs
  • Custom Signs Consultants
  • SunSign Group

Yard Sign Business Names

  • Frank’s Yard Signs
  • Yard Signs Unlimited
  • Signs of the Times
  • Birthday Yard Card Signs
  • Discount Yard Signs
  • Pronto Signs
  • VIP Display & Signs
  • Divine Signs Ltd
  • Hand Carved Signs
  • Signage Plus
  • Metro Signs
  • Gladstone Display
  • Integrity Sign Solutions
  • Famous Signs & Graphics
  • Arrow Sign Company
  • Able Graphics
  • Rocket Signs
  • Luxury Design Signs
  • Wiley Outdoor Signs
  • Freehand Signs
  • Kwik Signs, Inc.
  • Signs On Location
  • One World Signs
  • Liberty Signs
  • Gadgets Display
  • Park Signs
  • Artisan Signs & Graphics
  • Only Cool Sign & Print
  • Essential Signs
  • Instant Sign Solutions
  • Safeway Sign Company
  • The Original Sign Company
  • All Signs & Graphics
  • Just Call It Sign
  • Sign Studio USA
  • Exact Signage

Sign Company names


What should I name my sign company?

  • Colourful Signs Shop
  • Color Reflections
  • Signage Magician
  • GoldStar Signs
  • Lasting Impressions
  • Signmakers
  • Smart L.E.D. Signs
  • King Displays
  • Compex Display
  • GoScreenz
  • First Impression Signs
  • Ultra Sign Solutions
  • Unified Sign and Design
  • Prisma Printing
  • Just Signs & More

What are some clever sign business name ideas?

  • Pro Sign the World
  • Altitude Sign Company
  • Basic Neon Signs
  • Sign ‘n’ Fury
  • Signr and Printing
  • Happy Sign Designers
  • Elite Signs
  • Vinyl Vehicle Graphics
  • Savvy Sign Design
  • Digital Cube
  • In Sight Sign Company
  • Grand Signs Co
  • Signal Media Plus
  • Neon Glow Graphics
  • Resource 4 Signs

What are some new names for signage companies?

  • Metro Signs Advertising
  • Just Signage Online
  • Signage World
  • Reliable Awnings and Signs
  • Cuts and Clicks
  • Truly Signature
  • Hi-Tech Signs
  • Stunning Signs Hub
  • All American Signs
  • Showtime Sign & Design Inc
  • Graphics Galore Store
  • Richa Graphics
  • Best Party Signs
  • Sunland Decals

What are some famous sign company names in the US to get inspiration from?

  • Jones Signs
  • Digitek Printing
  • A52 Signs & Graphics
  • Signs That Sell
  • AnchorSign
  • American Sign & Display
  • Poyant Signs, Inc.
  • Houston Sign company
  • North American Signs
  • Signs Now
  • Audrey Signs
  • Speargrass Architectural Signage and Fabrication
  • American Signs
  • Fastsigns
  • DaVinci Sign Systems, Inc.
  • American Sign Shop
  • Martin Sign Company
  • Sign Craft Industries
  • Alex’s Sign
  • Tyson Sign Company
  • Signs by Tomorrow
  • Vivas Banners and Signs
  • The Great American Sign Company
  • Worldwide Signs

How to Name Your Signage Company

Below are a few important things to keep in mind when naming your signage company:

Consider the type of signs you want to sell

The first thing you need to do is figure out what type of signs you want to sell. Do you want to focus on outdoor signs? Or maybe you want to specialize in indoor signs? Once you know what kind of signs you want to offer, then you can narrow down your search for a sign company name.

There are three main types of signs you can create. These include:

  • Directional Signs – These signs point towards a specific direction. Examples of directional signs include arrows, arrows pointing left, and arrows pointing right.
  • Indication Signs – These signs indicate something is happening. Examples of indication signs include stop signs, traffic lights, and warning signs.
  • Information Signs – These signs provide information about a topic. Examples of information signs include maps, brochures, and flyers.

Find out what others are doing, and choose a unique name

When you’re trying to come up with a sign business name, don’t just copy someone else’s idea. Find out what others are doing and try to incorporate those ideas into your new business name. If you’re going to have a unique name, you need to make sure it doesn’t sound generic. Generic names don’t stand out from other businesses. If you want to stand out, choose a name that’s original and doesn’t sound like another company.

Make sure it has a meaningful connection to your company

When choosing a sign company name, you need to think about the connection between your company and the name itself. Is there something special about the name that makes sense for your company? Does the name represent something meaningful to your company?

Choose a name that is easy to spell and say

One of the biggest mistakes people make when choosing a sign business name is choosing a name that’s hard to spell or pronounce. If you have trouble spelling or saying your sign business name, you won’t be able to properly market yourself.

Try to avoid using words that are difficult to spell or pronounce.

Keep it simple and straightforward

If you’re thinking about naming your sign company after yourself, then you should probably stick to something short and straightforward. The longer your name, the harder it is to remember.

Choose a name that conveys meaning

Your signage business name needs to communicate something about your business. This means that it shouldn’t just be a random name. Choose a sign business name that communicates the message you want to send to potential clients.

You can use your signage business name to describe your business. For example, if you sell outdoor signs, you might want your sign business name to communicate the fact that you specialize in outdoor signs.

Make sure your business name has positive connotations

The name of your business should reflect positive connotations. If you choose a name that is negative, people may interpret your business as negative. Also, stay away from offensive names.

Check the domain name availability

When choosing a name for your signage company, it’s very important to ensure that the domain name is available.

At some point, every business owner will need a website. For a small business, you might not need a website yet. For a larger business, the website is an important aspect of the business marketing platform. You check it on GoDaddy.

Make sure you can trademark your business name

Registering your business name with the federal government is the best way to protect your rights. It will allow you to stop other people from using the same name, or an identical version of it, for a product or service.

So, before finalizing a name for your sign company, make sure your name is available for trademark registration. Check it on USPTO if you are an American company.


In conclusion, your signage company’s name needs to tell the potential clients what type of signage services you provide. The name should be clear, concise, and memorable.

The name should be as descriptive as possible e.g. “All Signs Now” or “Signs in A Flash” or “Signs by Tomorrow” or “The Sign People” or “Signs Today” or “Signs R Us” or “We Do Signs” or “Now Signs” or “Signs Here.

Hopefully, you found this article helpful in choosing a good name for sign company. Thanks for reading and Good Luck!

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