Brownies Business Names: 400+ Creative Names for Brownies

With the rise in popularity and subsequent rise in brownie business, it is only natural that many aspiring brownie makers want to know the secrets to name their business.

What are some good names for brownies? How to create one that will stand out?

In this article, we have listed some creative brownies business and the most important aspects of naming your brownies business to help you come up with a perfect name for your business.

Let’s get started!

Brownies Business Names

Here are some best brownies business names to inspire your ideas:

  • Brownies by the Dozen
  • My Delight Brownies
  • Sugar Bowl Brownies
  • Yummy Tummy
  • The Chocolate Brownie Company
  • Sweet by Nature
  • Choice Brownies
  • Wildflour Gluten-Free Baking
  • Little Box Brownie
  • Friendz Brownies Outlet
  • McGavin’s Brownies
  • Youngs Brownies
  • The Bread Winner Brownies
  • Hillcrest Brownies
  • The Brownie Door
  • Tasty Doux
  • Send a Chocolate Cake
  • Blackbird Brownies
  • Four Winds Chocolate
  • In the Mix Brownies
  • Luxe Brownies
  • The Flaming BrownsBay
  • Great Harvest Bread
  • Honest to Goodness
  • Batter Brownies
  • Sugar Brownies & Cafe
  • Tee-Lish Brownies
  • Black Star Pastry Rosebery
  • City Cake Company
  • Paddock Brownies
  • Yummy Treats
  • Munchtime
  • Your Bake House
  • Crumble & Flake Patisserie
  • Bread & Hearth
  • Cle Elum Brownies
  • Brownie Cravings
  • Brownie Box
  • Luv’s Brownies
  • Euro Bakehouse and Patisserie
  • The Bakeologists
  • Sweet Pearl Brownies
  • Crumbs & Doilies
  • Essence Artisan Brownies
  • One Part Love
  • Brownies & Things
  • FairyPan
  • Bleu Door Brownies
  • Black Star Pastry
  • Bluebells Cakery
  • The Cakewalk Shop
  • Seatown Sweets
  • The Classic Brownies
  • Gower Cottage Brownies
  • Belle Pastry
  • Grain Artisan Brownies
  • Brooklyn Brownie
  • Brownie Mumma

Creative Names for Brownies

These are the creative names for brownies you can consider using:

  • Noughty & Nourishing
  • Coquette Bake Shop
  • Petal Cupcakes
  • Stop For Brownies
  • Ace Brownies house
  • Sweet LionHeart
  • Naughty Brownie
  • Little Miss Sweets
  • Lydia’s Cakes and Confections
  • Choux Brownies
  • Brownies Hub
  • Dreamy Delights
  • The Bake Pod
  • Yummy Choice
  • The Brownie Bar
  • Letterbox Brownies
  • Brownies Lovers
  • Fine Cakes and Pastries
  • Brownie Point
  • Golden Kit Bakehouse
  • Duchess Brownies
  • Bread & Brownie
  • Bertha Mae’s Brownie
  • Batch Baking Company
  • Deliciously Free
  • Shorty Cakes
  • Cake Princess
  • Hollywood Baked Goods
  • Street Patisserie
  • Golden Brownies
  • Coco & Bean
  • Lake Chelan Artisan Brownies
  • Faithful to Nature
  • Vinland’s Brownies
  • Doug out Cookies
  • European Cake Gallery
  • Brownie Heaven
  • Brownie Points
  • Rocking Brownies
  • Everybody Loves Brownies
  • Angel Home Made
  • Franz Brownies Outlet Store
  • Artisan Bakes
  • Glaze
  • Treats N Stuff

Catchy Brownies Name Ideas

Below is the list of catchy brownies name ideas for you:

  • Seaview Bakers
  • Naturals Brownies Bake
  • Sweet Talk
  • The Bottled Baking
  • Brownies and Scream
  • Say It With Brownies
  • The Sweet Reason
  • Viera’s Brownies & Deli
  • Sourdough Brownies
  • Missy M Sweets
  • Brownies Busy Bean
  • Le Royal Home Brownies
  • Sugar Rush
  • Delicious Cookies & Brownies
  • Blondie Brownie Bakes
  • Blondies Kitchen
  • Brown & Blond
  • Fatboi Brownies
  • Twisp Brownies
  • Ganache Chocolate
  • The Chocolate Brownie Company
  • Big Boy Brownies
  • Crumbs and Doilies CupBrownies s
  • Sweet Affairs
  • Brownies s Today
  • Bread Cart – Divulapitiya
  • Northern Brownies
  • Petite Sweet Brownies
  • Butter Boy Bakes
  • Love Brownies
  • Pink Swirl Brownies s
  • Freeport Brownies
  • Franz Outlet Store
  • Brownie and the Bean
  • Wild Wheat Brownies
  • Fat Ducks Deli & Brownies
  • Delish Brownies
  • Yum Yum Fine Foods
  • Kringles Brownies
  • Divine Cakes
  • The Good Brownie
  • Little Bread & Butter
  • Street Brownies
  • Sweet Nutrients
  • Upper Crust

Brownies Shop Names

These are the catchy brownies shop names for your inspiration:

  • Better Brownies Shop
  • Yummy Bakes
  • Sugar Coat It
  • Sweet Secret House
  • Sweets Brownies for You
  • Bobbie’s Brownies
  • Macrina Brownies
  • Hello Brownie
  • Mamas Brownies
  • Wild Breads
  • SweetiePie Cupcakes
  • Nice Guy’s Bakeshop
  • The Baked Bear
  • Alki Brownies
  • Cottage Brownies Shop
  • Gold Star Brownies
  • Bluebasil Brownies
  • Brownie’s Master
  • The Hungry Brown Cow
  • Cake Concepts
  • Hazel & Jade Brownies
  • Cookie Good
  • Homefires Brownies
  • DG Brownies
  • Wow Baking Company
  • Toni’s Sweet Treats
  • Brownies at First & Union
  • City Brownies
  • Simply Delicious Brownies
  • Fresh Way
  • Broadway Baker
  • Gourmet Delights
  • FreshChoice
  • Hooray Brownies
  • Sweet Themes Brownies
  • Brazen Brownies & Dessert Bar
  • Three Girls Brownies
  • The Brownie Baker
  • I Heart Brownies
  • Chilled Treats
  • Black Medicine Coffee Co
  • The CheeseBrownies Emporium
  • Happy Pops
  • Sweet Cakes
  • Sugar and Spice Cakes

Brownies Brand Names

The following are the top brownies brand names to help you get more ideas of your own name:

  • Silverland Bakery
  • Divine Delights
  • Gluten-free fudge brownie mix
  • The Killer Brownies
  • The Night Baker
  • Fairytale Brownies
  • Brownie Bar Omaha
  • Buckabee Brownies
  • Chewy fudge brownie mix
  • Baked & Wired
  • Flour Bakery & Cafe
  • Sprinkles New York
  • Yummy Mummy Bakery
  • Three Brothers Bakery
  • Sugar Bowl Bakery
  • Bertha Mae’s Brownie
  • Brownie Points
  • Pillsbury chocolate brownie mix
  • Pearl Bakery
  • David’s Cookies
  • The Protein Bakery
  • Tates Bake Shop
  • Ghirardelli double chocolate brownie mix
  • Stonewall kitchen brownie mix
  • Sweet E’s Bake Shop
  • The Brownie Gourmet
  • Levain Bakery – Upper East Side
  • CREAM Nation
  • Blissful Brownies
  • Aldi specially premium brownie
  • Rocky Mountain Chocolate
  • Sticky Fingers Sweets & Eats
  • The Brownie Baker
  • By the Way Bakery
  • Brownies! Brownies! Brownies!
  • Duncan hines brownie mix

Names for Brownies

How to Name Your Brownies Business

In the business world, naming a business is serious business. A memorable, clever name can help you attract customers, while a bad name can make customers run away before you even have a chance.

Naming a brownies business isn’t any different. Here are some tips:

Consider your target market

The key to naming your business is to consider your target market to attract specific customers at the start. for example, if you are targeting a specific region you can use a location-based business name.

This will help you create a brand name that your customers will find easy to remember and will give your business an advantage over the competition.

Try to make a name that defines your product

If you don’t give your product a name that people can understand, you will have a hard time selling it.

Your business should be something that clearly defines your product and its advantages. Such as, you can use brownie in your business or shop name.

Keep your business name simple and easy to remember

Choosing a business name that’s simple, memorable, and relevant to your business products can help your business become more successful.

The name must reflect your business and be easy for people to remember.

Also, try to make sure your name isn’t too long, because the longer your business name is, the more difficult it is for customers to remember it.

Make it unique and different

When it comes to branding your business, you’re probably well aware of the importance of choosing a name that is unique.

If you aren’t, you should be. In today’s environment, you’re likely to find someone else who’s got the same name as you.

It’s a simple fact of life. If you don’t spend the time and effort to come up with something that is 100 percent unique, you’re going to run into problems later on.

Avoid choosing a name that has any spelling mistakes

It may seem like a good idea to give your business an elite, unique image, by giving it a wrong and misspelled name but in reality, the name can hurt you and even lead some customers to think your business is amateurish or unprofessional.

Also, if your business name has any spelling mistakes, customers may not trust your product.

Check the name availability

There are three important things to check before finalizing your business name:

  • Check the domain name availability for your business online presence. Check it on
  • Check if your chosen name is available on your social media accounts. Check it on
  • Check the availability of the name with the trademark office. Check it on if you are an American company.

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