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200+ Best Body Scrub Business Names, Ideas, and Suggestions

What are some best body scrub business names?

So, you have this idea to start a body scrub business, but you do not know what to name it. Don’t worry you are in the right place.

In this article, I have listed over 200 body scrub business names, ideas, and suggestions to help you choose a perfect name for your business.

Let’s get started!

Body Scrub Business Names

Here is the list of some best body scrub business names ideas to inspire you:

  • Sunshine Beauty Scrub
  • Natural Body Scrub Spa
  • Oyster Bay
  • Sunny Day
  • Dip in Scrubs
  • Delight Scrub
  • Dope Glow Shop
  • Body and Soul
  • Lavish in Lather
  • Pure Skin
  • Brighton Beauty
  • Sunny Days
  • Ocean Breeze
  • Sea Salt
  • Body Glow
  • Aisle Seat
  • Maiden Beauty
  • A crystal glow
  • Good Potions
  • A glamour lave
  • More Lather
  • Aide Body Care
  • Ever Well and Co.
  • Tree Scrub
  • Bodyado
  • Frank Body
  • Scrubby scrub
  • Healing Wings
  • Elegant Rose Boutique
  • Cheer and Mirth
  • Era Scrub
  • Soap & Glory
  • Pearly Glow Skin Delights

Funny Body Scrub Names

These are the funny body scrub names you can consider using:

  • Badger Face Beauty
  • Body Total
  • Good Juju Herbal
  • Shine Body Scrub
  • Smoothness Skin products
  • Organic Body Scrub
  • TransformYourBody
  • The Scrub Story
  • BatheinGlory
  • Skinsational
  • Hopscotch
  • Glorious Bath
  • Glamour House
  • Beautycounte
  • Grace Body
  • Pure Bellissimo
  • Magic and Beauty
  • The Butterfly
  • Glow ‘n Go
  • Beauty Beyond Soap
  • I am Woman Naturals
  • Go Organic Scrub
  • Beauty in Tube
  • Warm ‘n Smooth
  • Scent From Sam
  • Origins
  • Leather and Lace Bath
  • Simply AC Boutique
  • Touch of a Butterfly’s Wing
  • Happy Bathing

Coffee Scrub Names

These are some coffee scrub names for you:

  • Warm ‘n Smooth
  • Dreams and Wings
  • Bluegrass Body scrub
  • Zandra Beauty
  • Rose Coffee Scrub Peace
  • Lush
  • Bodylytical
  • 100% Pure
  • Scrub
  • HighonGlamour
  • DERMAdoctor
  • Bodyopolis
  • Scrubology
  • Crystal-Lux Skin Savers
  • How Beautiful
  • A Scrub’s Tale
  • Tree Hut
  • Explicit Essentials
  • Skin Scrub
  • Tropical Sunset Skin
  • Total Beauty
  • Glory Body
  • Lemongrass Scrub
  • Herbal Scrub
  • Glow Now!
  • Dragonfly Scents
  • Lush Blush
  • Scrubistic
  • Purify Scrub
  • Scrub Happy
  • Touch of a Butterfly’s Wing

Sugar Scrub Names

The following are some sugar scrub names for you:

  • Cashmere Care for Skin
  • B Natural Body Scrub
  • Sugar Scrub Body Polish
  • Glow ‘n Go
  • Eczema Honey Co.
  • Scrub Minotaur
  • Smooth-i-licious
  • The Body Shop
  • Skin Song
  • Beauty N More
  • Daily Spa Scrub
  • Cottage Market Co.
  • It’s Only Natural
  • Pearl Beauty
  • Scrub and bubbles
  • Caudalie
  • Tree Active
  • Bliss
  • Scrub Haven
  • How Beautiful!
  • Natural Body
  • Remedy Scrub
  • Gem Healing Co.
  • Scrubverse
  • Dirty Girl Body Beauty
  • Wild Poppy Soap Co.
  • Winter Sun

Scrub Brand Names

Below are the best scrub brand names to help you get more ideas of your own name:

  • 100% pure body scrub
  • Kopari coconut crush scrub
  • Kp bump eraser body scrub
  • Neutrogena body clear body scrub
  • Dove exfoliating body polish
  • Frank body original coffee scrub
  • Coconut butter scrub
  • Beneath your mask detoxifying body scrub
  • Tata harper smoothing body scrub
  • Lalicious birthday cake
  • Herbivore coco rose coconut oil body polish
  • Fresh brown sugar body polish
  • The ritual of hammam hot scrub
  • Luv scrub mesh body exfoliator
  • Fresh skin face apricot scrub
  • The body exfoliator
  • Exfoliating body scrub macadamia & rice milk
  • Dermadoctor KP duty body scrub
  • Guerande salt exfoliating body balm
  • This works perfect leg scrub
  • I-recover body soak
  • Tree hut shea sugar scrub
  • Glow creamy body scrub
  • Crushed Cabernet scrub

How to Name Your Body Scrub Business

The name you choose for your body scrub business is critical to future success. It’s the first step in building your brand and setting yourself apart from the competition.

It’s also one of the most important factors in getting your business off the ground. So, how to come up with a name for your body scrub business?

Below are a few important things to keep in mind when naming your body scrub business:

Consider your target audiences

The key to naming your body scrub business is to consider your target audience of customers. Are you targeting men or women? Younger or older customers? Are you targeting a specific region?

This will help you create a brand name that your customers will find easy to remember and will give your business an advantage over the competition.

Try to make a name that matches the product

If you don’t give your product a name that people can understand, you will have a hard time selling it.

Your business should be something that clearly defines your product and its advantages.

Keep your business name simple and easy to remember

Choosing a business name that’s simple, memorable, and relevant to your company’s products or services can help your business become more successful.

The name must reflect your business and be easy for people to remember. A name that is too complicated or too lengthy will be forgotten.

Also, try to make sure your name isn’t too long, because the longer your business name is, the more difficult it is for customers to remember it.

Avoid negative connotations

Your body scrub business name might come back to haunt you if it’s associated with something negative.

For example, the word “butt” isn’t exactly an appealing part of the body, and you don’t want your customers to subconsciously associate the smell of your body scrub with a dirty rear end.

Another example is, if you wanted to start a business that sold a body scrub that would help get rid of back problems, you might think that calling it “Back Trouble” would be a good idea. However, it also has a negative meaning.

So, when choosing a name make sure your name doesn’t have negative connotations.

Make it unique and different

When it comes to branding your business, you’re probably well aware of the importance of choosing a name that is unique.

If you aren’t, you should be. In today’s environment, you’re likely to find someone else who’s got the same name as you.

It’s a simple fact of life. If you don’t spend the time and effort to come up with something that is 100 percent unique, you’re going to run into problems later on.

Avoid choosing a name that has any spelling mistakes

It may seem like a good idea to give your business an elite, unique image, by giving it a wrong and misspelled name but in reality, the name can hurt you and even lead some customers to think your business is amateurish or unprofessional.

Also, if your business name has any spelling mistakes, customers may not trust your product.

Search for the existing body scrub brand names

One great way to do this is to look at the names of other successful brands and see what they have done to make their names memorable. Body scrub companies such as “The Naked Body Scrub” and “The Body Shop” are the best example to get inspiration.

Check the name availability

There are three important things to check before finalizing your business name:

  • Check the domain name availability for your business online presence. Check it on
  • Check if your chosen name is available on your social media accounts. Check it on
  • Check the availability of the name with the trademark office. Check it on if you are an American company.

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