450 Catchy Greek & Mediterranean Restaurant Name Ideas

If you’re thinking of opening a Mediterranean restaurant, it’s probably in your best interest to check out this post to choose a fantastic name for your Mediterranean restaurant.

Choosing a name for your Mediterranean restaurant may be the trickiest part of your new startup. It’s not just a matter of coming up with a catchy name, but also one that defines your business and is memorable enough to stick in customers’ minds.

In this article, we’ll discuss some catchy Mediterranean restaurant names and we will also discuss a few strategies that will help you decide on the best name for your Mediterranean restaurant so that it will generate more customers and increase profits.

Let’s dive in, to find an interesting name for your Mediterranean restaurant!

Catchy Mediterranean Restaurant Names

  • Mediterranean Salad Mix
  • Mediterranean Restaurant on The Hill
  • Taste of Mediterranean
  • Kinondoni Restaurant
  • Tasty Mediterranean Table
  • Aegean Table
  • Planned Taste
  • Chef’s Counter
  • Fresh from The Palm
  • I Eat Greeks
  • Olives O’ Clock
  • Absolute Greek
  • Tasty Shawarma Restaurant
  • French Flavours Brunch
  • Grill with a Twist
  • The Olive Grill
  • Sun Star Bistro
  • Dimitri’s Tavern
  • Casa Med
  • Eating for the Soul
  • AZ Greek Grill
  • Blue Olive Restaurant
  • Beach Breeze Restaurant
  • Chili Peppa Ripple
  • Med-Class Restaurant
  • Parisi Panorama
  • AAA Mediterranean Grill
  • Bistro Bernice’s
  • Oasis Sandwiches
  • Aegean Soul Cuisine
  • Bread Factory
  • Escape Mediterranean Restaurant
  • Barracuda Catfish House
  • Tasty Mediterranean Eatery
  • Lazeez Shawarma
  • The Great Sea Breeze
  • Bistro Grill Plus
  • Chez Vous
  • Grill with Love
  • Thalia’s Restaurant
  • Zeppos Diner
  • The Lemon Rice
  • Beachside Mediterranean Grill

Unique Mediterranean Restaurant Names

  • The Dine-In
  • Greek Pasta House
  • Feta’s Mediterranean Cafe
  • The Mediterranean Flame
  • Dazzling Grapes
  • Little Italy Pizza Kitchen
  • Greco’s Taverna
  • Pizza Roma
  • Red Lake Restaurant
  • My Big Fat Gyro
  • Axios Greek Taverna
  • kosmos Taverna
  • The Arabian Grill
  • Flavour Spot Lounge
  • Athenas Point
  • The Happy Sea Restaurant
  • Costa Rustica
  • Zante Cafe & Taverna‎
  • Grill-A-Reef Bistro
  • Nikeiza’s Café
  • Five Guys Fries
  • Bluewater Grill
  • Arabian Grill & Cafe
  • Hellas Café
  • Spice Chilli
  • The Grape Escape
  • The Greek Corner
  • Mystras Grill
  • Greek Village
  • El-Med Food Truck
  • The Steak of Gyro
  • The Flame Grille
  • Cape Cod Tortilla Chips
  • The Zebra Tavern
  • Blue Sky Restaurant
  • The Silver Sage Restaurant
  • Red Sea Fresh
  • Nile Mountain Grill

Cool Names for Mediterranean Restaurant

  • Mandy’s Mediterranean Restaurant
  • Pita Lighthouse
  • Mediterranean Menu
  • Mediterranean Spice
  • Greek Taverna
  • Tabular Bistro
  • Munchies Eatery
  • The Hungry Olive
  • Cave of Wonders
  • B’s Bistro
  • The Greek Deli
  • Mu Nu Café
  • Turkish Dinner
  • Daphne’s Greek Cafe
  • The Red Cactus
  • Delicious Fuss
  • Seafood Spice Grill
  • Greek Table
  • Rigo House
  • Koimoi Palace
  • The Grilled Kitchen
  • Romano’s Resto
  • Mediterranean Delights
  • The Pita Grill
  • Dolce Vita Gourmet Bakery & Bistro‎
  • Greek Kouzina
  • Canvas by The Sea
  • Couscous Cafe
  • Tasty Levant Restaurant
  • Blaze Mad BBQ
  • The Tasty Blossom
  • Yummy Mediterranean Restaurant
  • The Mediterain Chef
  • Charybdis Café
  • The Desert Breeze
  • Pita House
  • Blush Mediterranean Restaurant
  • Opa! Greek Cafe
  • Ristorante La Favorita
  • Mediterranean Heaven

Mediterranean Restaurant Names

Greek Restaurant Names

  • Red Rocks Taverna
  • Nicky’s Greek Restaurant
  • Taste Of Gyros
  • Yummy Greek
  • The Greek Vegan
  • The Village Gyros
  • The Greek Phantom
  • Eat! Greek Grill
  • Gyro Mamas
  • The Olive Deli
  • The Attica Eatery
  • Mesquite Grille
  • Orchids House
  • The Natural Greek
  • Greek Avenue Eatery
  • Royal Greek Mesquite
  • Waves Mediterranean Restaurant
  • Lazeez Restaurant
  • Wondrous Greek Food
  • The Greek Tasting
  • Greece’s Finest
  • Zorbas Restaurant
  • The Midtown Downtown
  • Pappa Fresh
  • Good Food, Good Mood
  • The Greek Mayo
  • Flavors of Greek
  • Greek Express
  • The Olive Mill Greek
  • The Grilled Greek
  • My Greek Corner
  • Gyro & Greek Cuisine
  • The Healthy Greek Food
  • Dakota Eatery
  • The Greek Tavern

Best Greek Names for Restaurants

  • Mighty Gyro Restaurant
  • The Local Greek
  • Plumos Greek Cuisine
  • Greco-Turkish Restaurant
  • Ely Greek Restaurant
  • Orient Grille
  • Happy Greek Café
  • The Greek Guys
  • Art of Greek Cuisine
  • Georgios Greek Foods
  • Krazy House Greek
  • The Golden Dips
  • The Greek Pita
  • The Perfect Flavor
  • Fresh on The Grill
  • Gyro Pita & Restaurant
  • Zoes Original Gyros
  • Gyro Master on Grand
  • Restaurant Gyro
  • The Plaka Kitchen
  • Tavern of Taste
  • Greek Twist
  • The Strong Oven
  • The Tavern of Greece
  • It’s Snack Time
  • Kreative Grille
  • Sweet House Grille
  • Greek Bistro
  • The Greek Restaurant
  • Espresso Royale
  • Apollo’s Restaurant
  • Benjamin Greek Flavors
  • Pita’s Delight
  • The King’s Grille

Funny Greek Restaurant Names

  • The Fat Greek
  • Flavor of Greece
  • Golden Eggo Cafe
  • Souper Salad Diner
  • Dine on the Spot
  • Greece’s Choice
  • Yumy Greek Grill
  • Greek Grill II
  • The Greek Fry
  • Pita & Grill
  • Crazy Shish Gourmet
  • The Greek Basil Restaurant
  • The Greek Stop
  • The Greek Cuts
  • Greece’s Dining Room
  • Mamos Greek Eatery
  • Eat Grilled Grapes
  • Olympian Cafe
  • Grill the Soul
  • Souvlaki Hut
  • The Mushroom Delight
  • My Greek Gyro
  • Greek Restaurant Inn
  • Apollo Greek Cuisine
  • The Greek Factory
  • Greek Alley
  • Greek Towne Cafe
  • Resto-Greece Restaurant
  • Sugar Me Greek Cafe
  • Greek BBQ
  • The Greek Gourmet
  • Athens Bistro
  • Restaurant Yiga!

Greek and Mediterranean Restaurant Name Generator

These are some random names for Greek and Mediterranean restaurants we’ve generated for you:

  • Greek Avenue Cafe
  • The Resourceful Restaurant
  • Olympia Grill
  • All Star Gourmet
  • My Little Greek Restaurant
  • The Greek Tapas
  • Yale Greek Cafe
  • Sonic Greek
  • Greek One Cafe
  • The Goofy Eaters
  • Feta & Basil
  • Elite Greek Restaurant
  • Vinny’s Restaurant
  • Taste of Gyro House
  • Icy Grilled Chicken
  • Olympia Gyro & Grill
  • My Greek Diner
  • Greek & Glorious
  • Souvlaki Prime Restaurant
  • Spartan Greek
  • Hera’s Good Eats
  • The Greek Buffet
  • My Greek Restaurant
  • Plaka Restaurant
  • Gyro Queen Restaurant
  • The Greek Tapas Cafe
  • Paradise Kebap Restaurant
  • The Mint Taverna
  • Aroos Greek Kitchen
  • Mamal Greek Cuisine
  • Greek Freak Out
  • George’s Greek Cafe
  • Lola’s Ristorante
  • Greek Grill Toronto
  • The Greek Tortillas


What are some clever names for Mediterranean restaurants?

  • Riverside Lunch Box
  • Mediterranean Star Restaurant
  • Peak Seafood Express
  • Memphis Café
  • Alexandria Grill
  • The Mediterranean Oasis
  • Lebanese Aroma
  • Izzy’s Mediterranean Restaurant
  • The Silver Wind
  • The Great Steak
  • The Hungry Greek
  • Flaming Gyros
  • Mamaz Grill

What are some good Mediterranean food truck names?

  • Le Grille Gourmet
  • The Mediterranean Dream
  • Mediterranean Food on Wheels
  • Homewood Mediterranean Food Truck
  • Authentic Taverna
  • The Lebanese Vegan
  • Riva Mediterranean Restaurant
  • Greek Gyros Truck

What are some famous Mediterranean restaurant names to inspiration from?

  • Rumi’s Kitchen
  • Bosphorus Restaurant
  • Hummus Place Upper West Side
  • Epice
  • Loi Estiatorio
  • Baboush Mediterranean Cuisine
  • Oasis Falafel
  • Saad’s Halal Restaurant
  • Damascus Restaurant
  • Piccola Cucina Estiatorio
  • Estiatorio Milos – Midtown New York
  • Sunnin Lebanese Cafe
  • Zaytune Mediterranean Grill
  • Ema
  • Mamoun’s Falafel
  • Tannoor Grill

What are some catchy names for Greek restaurants?

  • In My Place Eatery
  • The Honest Greek
  • Greek Grill-Atlanta
  • Roma’s Restaurant
  • Gyro King George
  • King’s Rest Restaurant
  • Miki’s Greek-N-Shake
  • The Soho Greek
  • Greek Bar & Grill
  • Slice it Down

What are some best Mediterranean restaurant names generators to try?

Here are some of the best you can try for generating unique names:

  • Squadhelp Name Generator
  • Business Name Generator
  • Namesnack Name Generator
  • Shopify Name Generator

How to Name Your Mediterranean Restaurant

Choosing a name for your Mediterranean restaurant is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. One wrong choice can haunt you for years, so it’s important to get it right. Here are some important tips for choosing a name you’ll love:

1. Go with something short and sweet

Your restaurant’s name is probably one of the most important aspects to its success. If readers can’t quickly and easily find the place and figure out what it is about, then you’ve already lost out. You can do something about this, though, by simply choosing a name that is short, simple, and sweet. Ironically, a “sweet” name is often an indication of a “sweet” business.

The most common mistake people make is to put too many words in the name, which makes it difficult to remember for visitors. The best solution is to keep your name short and sweet.

2. It should reflect the type of cuisines it offers

Your restaurant name should reflect the type of cuisine it offers. If you’re opening a Mediterranean restaurant based on the food and culture of the Mediterranean, then you might name your restaurant “Mediterranean Cuisine” or “Mediterranean Spice”. If you’re opening a restaurant that’s the Mediterranean in the sense that it’s in the neighborhood, then you might name your restaurant “Mediterranean Cutie”.

If your restaurant serves Italian, it should be Italian in nature. If your restaurant offers Greek, it should be Greek in nature. If your restaurant serves Egyptian, it should be Egyptian in nature.

3. Make sure it is memorable

The business name is key to the identity of your business, so choosing a name that is easy to remember is important. If the name is hard to remember, customers may spend more time and effort trying to remember it than actually using it when they need it.

Don’t use a too long and complicated name that visitors can’t remember it when they return. People do not like long names, and if they don’t like them they may not remember them.

4. Don’t use offensive or negative names

When it comes to choosing a name for your Mediterranean restaurant, it is important that you choose one that does not offend anyone, does not give a negative impression, does not make people uncomfortable, and does not make people think about your restaurant in a negative way.

5. Make sure it is unique

Your restaurant name should be unique because the chances of getting confused with another restaurant who has the same name is pretty high. You would want your name to be unique to make it easier for you to identify it and for the people to know what you’re all about.

6. Make sure it is easy to spell and understand

A good name is one that is easy to spell and understand. There is a growing trend among restaurants to name themselves after their locations. As a result, the majority of eateries have a name that will be difficult to spell and understand for those who aren’t familiar with their area.

So, when naming your Mediterranean restaurant, choosing a name that is understandable and easy to spell can be a good move.

7. Make sure it is available as a domain name

Another important tip is to check the availability of the domain name when choosing a name for your Mediterranean restaurant.

At some point, every business owner will need a website. If you are starting a small business, you might not need a website yet. For a larger business, the website is a vital part of your business’s marketing platform. So, it’s important to get the domain name registered as soon as possible. Check it on GoDaddy.com.

8. Make sure your selected name is available for trademark registration

You can trademark a business name, which means it will be easier to protect your restaurant brand name. This will help you stop other people from using the same name or an identical version of it.

You can check it online on USPTO.gov if you are an American Restaurant.


In conclusion, the name you choose should be based on an insight into the fundamental nature of you, your business, and the Mediterranean cuisine that you serve. Use your own passions and interests to inspire your name choice.

Think of how your restaurant name will engage your customers and how you’ll tell your story. And, if you’re looking for more Mediterranean restaurant names inspiration, check out Squadhelp name generator.

Hopefully, you liked this article and have found a good name for your Mediterranean restaurant. Thanks for reading and Good Luck!

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