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500+ Lip Gloss Business Names for Your Next Brand

If you’re thinking about starting a lip gloss business, you may be wondering how to come up with a good name for your lip gloss business. If so, then you are in luck!

Because we have provided you with different lists of cool, catchy, unique, and cute lip gloss business names, to help you choose a perfect name for your lip gloss business.

Let’s dive in, to find an interesting name for your lip gloss brand!

Catchy Names for Lip Gloss Business

These are some catchy lip gloss business names you can use to get started your business:

  • The Lip Locker
  • Glossy’s Lip Gloss
  • Lip-Lines
  • Glow Delicious
  • The Glitter Glow
  • Lip Gloss Paradise
  • Lip Gloss Queen
  • The Erotic Pink
  • True Hottie Lip Gloss
  • Crystal Clear
  • New Look Lips
  • GlossyG Layers
  • Love Your Balm
  • Lucky Girl Lipstick
  • Fuzz ‘N Blossoms
  • Presto Lip Glo
  • Spa Lip Boutique
  • Clear Thing
  • Energy Lips
  • StrikinglyLuxe
  • Sweet Glossy
  • Lusty Lips
  • Strawberry B’s
  • Dark Boss
  • Electric Shock
  • Crescent Moon Lip Gloss
  • Lilly D’s Lipz
  • BloomingLips
  • Lipstick Breeze
  • Fruity Flavour Lips
  • Lipbabe
  • Draw Yor Shade
  • Gloss Lip Care
  • Base building Lipstick
  • Glossy World
  • Glossy Tits Beauty
  • Truly Cute Lip Shine
  • Fresh Lip Rouge
  • Love Glossy
  • BronzeLipstick
  • New Era Balms
  • FruityGlossy
  • Minty Glo
  • Moisture Maven
  • GlaFreez Lip
  • Fashion Glossy
  • Amazing Glossy Lip Gloss
  • Lip Gloss on The Run
  • Lips To Die For
  • Angel Kisses Lip Gloss
  • The Pretty Talk
  • Rosebud
  • Lips & Aesthetics
  • Shades of Love

Cute Lip Gloss Business Names

Here are some cute lip gloss business names that may inspire you:

  • Always Colorful
  • Lip Rocks
  • Glazier Lip Gloss
  • Thirsty for Trends
  • Honey B’s Lip Gloss
  • Tasty Lip Gloss
  • Glossy with A Twist
  • Hello Gorgeous
  • Lipstick Skips
  • Lips by Nature
  • Bold Babe
  • Cherry’s Gloss
  • A-Z Lip Glosses
  • Lip Gloss Heaven
  • Glistening Ruby
  • Lip Muse Collections
  • Slip n’ Sniff
  • Luxe Lip Studio
  • Cherry Sweet
  • La Glosseria
  • Change Up
  • Miss Kiss
  • Sweet Sugar Lip Gloss
  • Lola G Lip Gloss
  • Wink Glo
  • Glossy Dreams
  • Clarity
  • Nude Beauty Glow
  • Exquisite Gloss
  • Pink Lotus Lip Glo
  • TNT Lip Balms
  • Glamourlip
  • Elite Lip Gloss
  • Luscious & Plush Lip
  • Glossy Sticks
  • VIP Gloss
  • Bowl of Glitz
  • My New Obsession
  • The Lip Culture
  • Red Stick Lip Gloss
  • Pink Dreams
  • Beauty In Bold
  • Lip Gloss Collective
  • Flirty Fancy Pink
  • Get glammed
  • Lip Lab
  • Big Lip Locks
  • Lips with A Twist
  • Smile Again

Lip Gloss Brand Name Ideas

Below is the list of some good lip gloss brand name ideas that you might find interesting:

  • Glossy in Peace
  • Lip Spurr
  • Long Lost Lips
  • Sweet Lips
  • Glow Lips
  • Smile City Lip
  • Candy Coated Kisses
  • Pink Blossom
  • Bold Red Lip Gloss
  • Gloss It Up
  • Blue Blusher
  • Sun Beams
  • Dazzling Gloss
  • Sweet Lip Gloss
  • Baby Pink Lip Gloss
  • Mint Lip
  • Rise Up Lip Gloss
  • The Purple Red
  • Lip Paint
  • Let Go Lips
  • LipRed
  • Sugar Sugar Pink
  • Lip Twist
  • Burgundy Lips
  • The Lip Balm Shop
  • ZOOM! Lip Studio
  • Aglow Lip Gloss
  • Lip Gloss ‘N Things
  • Happy Lips
  • Lips 2 Sprays
  • Passionate Pink Gloss
  • Flair Lip & Boutique
  • Smudge-free lips
  • Glow Up
  • The Lip Stash
  • Twinkle’s Glow
  • First Impression Clear
  • Fox Colours
  • Thick Boss Co

Creative Lip Gloss Business Names

These are some creative lip gloss business names you can consider using right now:

  • Lipology
  • The Red Lipstick
  • Glossy Girl Lips
  • Trendy Glossy
  • Sensual
  • Lips N Love
  • Shimmer n Shine
  • Party Pink Lip Gloss
  • Pucker Life
  • Glossier Lips
  • Truly Sparkle
  • Cherry Candy
  • Light Lippie
  • Totally Unique Lips
  • Auraline Beauty
  • Bold Shades
  • Color mix
  • The Nude Glow
  • Limelight
  • Forever Lips
  • Decadent Lip Gloss
  • New Lip Gloss Studio
  • Sparkle Sticks
  • Pale Lip Dolls
  • All Day Glow
  • Shiny Lips
  • Glossy Glam
  • Whitewash
  • Chocolate Lips
  • Lip Gloss Secrets
  • Peachy Puddle
  • Pretty for You Lips
  • Luminous Lip Gloss
  • Glossy Lipsters
  • Sparkling Candy Lip Gloss
  • Glossy Girlz
  • Lined Lips
  • Sinful Scents
  • Pretty Lip Boutique
  • Lip Fix
  • Pretty Pouts

Unique Lip Gloss Company Names

The following are some unique lip gloss company names that will inspire you for sure:

  • Bless Glaze Lip Gloss
  • Lip Gloss Locks
  • Klassy Lips
  • Lip It Up!
  • Lip Splash
  • Lipsy
  • Just Peachy Lipgloss
  • Sun Kissed Lip Gloss
  • Balm Lip Glo
  • Exist lip gloss
  • Pleasant
  • Fluffy Frosty Flavors
  • Fresh Look Lip Balms
  • Lost lips
  • Lip Glossy Queen
  • Light Lip Rouge
  • Lip Gloss Mania
  • Peaches and Cream
  • Blissful Glo
  • Fruity In Bloom
  • Air Kiss
  • Bold and Beautiful
  • Dingleberry
  • Fruity Glow
  • Nothing Nice
  • Perfectly Pouty Lips
  • Raspberry Suprise
  • Supple Smile
  • Pinky Swear
  • Lip Gloss To Shine
  • Exquisite Lips
  • Popcorn Lip Gloss
  • Lasting Lightener
  • Lip Impact
  • Layers of Stick
  • Night Highlight
  • Chic Lip Balm
  • Nature Root
  • Shine Bright

Cool Lip Gloss Business Names

These are some cool lip gloss business name ideas that you may like for your new brand:

  • Lip Glossology
  • Gloss Goddess
  • A Lip Gloss Shop
  • Blueberry Lip Balm
  • Lips 4 Love
  • Glossy Gaze
  • Balm Lip Layers
  • Fluffy Pink Lip Gloss
  • Fiery Nights
  • Sparkle N Shine
  • Lucky Lip Balms
  • Aroma Queen Lip Balm
  • Sunset Fever
  • Strawberry Bubblegum
  • A Love Apple Liners
  • Layers of Lipstick
  • FuzzyLips
  • Wildflower Lip Gloss
  • Red Passion Lip Gloss
  • Lip Drizzle
  • Sundaze Gloss
  • Shinny Grin
  • VIP Lips
  • Blossom Lip Balm
  • Fruitylicious Lip Gloss
  • Play with shade
  • Glossy Luxury
  • Kiss Me Glo
  • Lips in the Sky
  • Kiss of life
  • Mouthful
  • Fruity Sparkle
  • Smokylip Boutique
  • Glossy for Life
  • Pink Frosted Lip Gloss
  • Diva Lip Gloss

Lip Gloss Business Name Generator

Below are some random lip gloss business names we’ve generated for you:

  • Nightout Pout
  • Posh Lip Gloss
  • Wink Glo Lounge
  • Lip Labology
  • Lips N Sugar
  • Lip Gloss Essentials
  • Bold you
  • Twink of Colors
  • Fashion Chic Gloss
  • True Beauty Lipgloss
  • Luscious lips
  • Cherry-Picked Lips
  • True Talk Lips
  • Sinful Lip Layers
  • Strawberry Pink Lip Gloss
  • Sweet Tooth Fairy
  • Blooming Locks
  • Fallen Angel Red Lip Gloss
  • Lip2LIP
  • Divine Kisses
  • Lipstick Queen
  • The Proof
  • Apple Pie Scentsation
  • Glossylicious
  • Expressions
  • Smooth
  • Lasting Lip Gloss
  • Subtle Pink Lips
  • Sensual Lips
  • Vanity Lipgloss
  • Warm Mist Balm
  • Luster Locks
  • Lip Gloss Bios
  • Wicked Gloss
  • Glamour Balms
  • Lip Treats
  • The Lip Wizard
  • Lip Balm Creations
  • Premier Lip Brows
  • Wildest Lip

Lip Gloss Business Names


what should I name my lip gloss company?

  • Too kissy Lip Gloss
  • New Age Lip Gloss
  • Lip Glossery
  • Darling Lipgloss
  • Sugarsnap Lip Gloss
  • Charming Bees Lip Gloss
  • Lips Luxology
  • Exotic Lip Gloss
  • Blinklip Gloss
  • Cherry Romance Lip Gloss
  • Sleep Tight Lip Gloss
  • Pink Ribbon
  • Charm Glo
  • Pink Fire
  • Glossy & Sparkle

What are some good lip gloss company names ideas?

  • Infinity Glaze
  • Spice Lip Gloss
  • Duck Lips
  • Tinted Beauty
  • LipSense
  • Lipgloss Empire
  • Fit for a Queen
  • Fruity Glaze
  • Naked Glossy
  • Lip Glossy Boutique
  • Lip Gloss Frenzy
  • Cool Lip Gloss
  • L’eslipgloss

What are some fun and clever lip gloss names ideas?

  • Lickable Lips
  • Lips of An Angel
  • Pretty In Pink
  • New Moon Lip Balm
  • Super Glossy Kisses
  • Lipstick and Pearls
  • Lip Smackers
  • Lip-in-Cheek
  • Kiss My Gloss
  • Candy Girl
  • Lip-Lickin’ Good
  • Sparkle Shine
  • Lipshitz
  • Boom Boom Lips

What are some new lip gloss business names that aren’t taken?

  • Sexy Talk
  • Colourix
  • Juicy Lip Gloss
  • Scented Luxe
  • Loving Lips
  • The Art of Lipstick
  • Lipstick Flock
  • Blushing Pretty
  • Cha Cha Tint
  • Excellence Lipgloss
  • Soft as Sugar Lipgloss
  • The Lip Gloss Store
  • Lip Kits
  • Minted in Heaven

What are some good lip gloss line name ideas

  • Sweet Lips Lipstick
  • Sparkle Lip Liqueur
  • All Star Lip Balms
  • Yummy Lip Balms
  • Glossy You
  • Glossy Secrets
  • Luscious Lip Balms
  • Fashionable Nude
  • Fancy That Lip Gloss
  • Chic lips
  • ThickLipstick
  • Lips Crazy
  • Lip Bliss
  • InStyle Lip’slip

What are some funny lip balm names ideas?

  • Nimble Smiles
  • Pretty in Lip
  • Skinny Sugar Balms
  • Glamour Lip Balm
  • Crazy Lip Balms
  • Lip Balm On Fire
  • Sunny’s Smiles
  • Milky Lip Balms
  • Eternal Lip Balm
  • Crown Lip Balm
  • Flawless Lip Balms
  • Gently Lip Balm
  • Sassy’s Lip Beauty
  • Lily’s Lip Balm

What are some famous lip gloss brand names to get inspiration from?

  • Armani Beauty Ecstasy Mirror Lip Gloss
  • MAC Cosmetics Lipglass
  • Nars Lip Gloss
  • Chanel Rouge Coco Gloss
  • Maybelline New York Lifter Gloss
  • Glossier Lip Gloss
  • Smashbox Gloss Angeles Extra Shine Lip Gloss
  • Yves Saint Laurent Water Stain Lip Stain
  • Kjaer Weis Lip Gloss
  • Dior Addict Lip Maximizer Plumping Gloss
  • Stila Beauty Boss Lip Gloss
  • Tower 28 ShineOn Jelly Lip Gloss
  • RÓEN Kiss My Liquid Lip Balm
  • Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer
  • Lancôme Juicy Tubes
  • Buxom Full-On Plumping Lip Polish Gloss

How to Choose a Good Name for Your Lip Gloss Business

Everyone’s got an idea for a startup, but the biggest challenge is finding a name that is unique, memorable, and professional enough to be used across the web, in print, and in your business. So, what should you do when choosing a business name?

Below are some important things to keep in mind when choosing a name for your lip gloss business.

Choose a short and simple name

Long names can be hard to remember, which can lead to forgetting the name, or it could be a distraction when trying to find your business online. So, it’s best to choose a name that is short, simple, and catchy enough to attract customers.

Make sure the name sounds professional

Having a professional-sounding name is an important part of starting a new business. Think of it as a way to brand yourself and your product. When you’re ready to start your own business, make sure you have a professional-sounding name that is clear and catchy. It will help you sell more of your product.

One of your biggest concerns should be finding a name that sounds professional. This is how your new business will be advertised on the Internet and when you call up customers.

A name for a lip glass business should be easy to remember

The world of business is becoming more and more globalized with time, making it increasingly important to have a brand that people remember. The problem is that most people’s brains are unable to comprehend a name that is too long, or too weird, or too similar to another business.

You can avoid these pitfalls by finding a name that is clear and easy to remember, without being too generic or predictable. In other words, you want a business name that is memorable, but not so unique that it scares away the competition.

Make sure the name describe your business

The name of your business should be a reflection of the product you will be selling. This is one of the most important aspects of naming your business. Your name should be short and catchy so you can place it on signs, post it on social media and on your business cards. If your name doesn’t fit your business, you’re wasting your money on advertising and building your brand.

The key to a fantastic name is choosing one that expresses the type of business you want to run.

Avoid using names that are too generic or are common

One of the most common mistakes startups make is choosing a business name that is too generic. If your lip gloss company name is extremely generic, it may be difficult for you to find a domain name to use as the base of your website; even if you find one, it may be difficult to get people to remember it.

Avoid names with negative connotations

As we all know, choosing a good lip gloss business name can be a very important step in establishing your brand. You want something that’s catchy and sounds like your business, but also doesn’t hurt your brand or your business’s image.

Unfortunately, a lot of people make the mistake of choosing a name that has negative connotations. Common examples are names like “Lip Gloss for Dirty Lips” and “Poison Lip Gloss.” You don’t want to be associated with these kinds of names, because they will prevent potential customers from coming to your door.

Having a name that makes you look silly or that is specifically designed to offend someone could mean your business is doomed to failure.

Think of the future, avoid too specific names

It’s understandable that people are excited to jump into their first business, but choosing a too specific name can cause them to have difficulty growing their business.

A too specific name can damage your ability to grow and prosper. A good name on the other hand can help you stand out and gain a competitive advantage and can save you time and money in the long run.

If you’re planning to sell lip gloss online, check the name availability online

Another important thing to keep in mind when choosing a name for your lip gloss business is to make sure your selected name is available as a domain name and on other major social media networks. You can check it free on

Check if the name is available for trademark

The last but not least thing is your business should be available for trademark registration. You can trademark a business name, which means it will be easier to protect your brand name or your business identity. This will help you stop other people from using the same name or an identical version of it. It will also help you prevent other people from using the same name for other types of businesses, confusing the public.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) provides you with quick and easy ways to find out by simply searching its website.


In conclusion, when naming your lip gloss business, make sure to choose something that is memorable, unique, and describes the type of lip gloss that you’ll be making. And make sure to play around with the words and make sure that they have a positive connotation.

We hope that this article has helped in choosing a perfect name for your lip gloss brand. Thanks for reading and Good Luck!

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