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500+ Catchy Mattress Company Names That Will Spark

When you dream of having your own business, one of the first things you’ll need to decide is what the name of your new venture will be.

If you want to start a mattress company and you’re wondering what name to use, then relax you have come to the right place.

In this article, we are going to discuss some unique and catchy mattress company names to inspire and help you find a good name for your mattress business.

We will also discuss the various considerations and the fact that makes a good mattress company name and the mistakes people do when naming their businesses. It is not something you can skip over. Let’s get started!

Mattress Company Names

Here are some most creative and catchy mattress company names that you can use to get started your business:

  • PleasantSleep Mattresses
  • Lion Mattresses
  • Sleep Innovations
  • QuickStar Mattress Company
  • Quiet Sleep Empire
  • Recharge Mattresses
  • Prime Mattress
  • Foam It Up
  • Ordinary Mattresses
  • ComfyBed Mart
  • Epic Rugs
  • Relax Mattresses
  • Modest Mattresses
  • The One Bedroom
  • Pump n Hang
  • Sleepy Beds Baddie
  • Sleep Kings
  • Omyscape
  • Cococo Palms
  • Lofty Planet
  • Light Sleepers
  • Truly Yours and More
  • Soaking Sleep
  • Marshmallow Dreams
  • MattressNextDay
  • The Village Bambino
  • DreamlessBunker
  • Izakaya Sleep Well
  • Mattress World
  • The Mattress Lab
  • Luxy Mattress
  • Crowne Mattress
  • Zavvi Sleepy Mugs
  • Famous Mattresses
  • Club Mattress
  • Sleepy L’Express
  • True REST Studio
  • Happy Uphill
  • Sleepy’s A-OK
  • LuxxSleeps
  • Resort Style
  • The Cushion
  • Sleep Gallery
  • All Valley Sleep
  • Titanium Sleep
  • Sleepy Bums
  • Crown Sleep Products
  • Bestbuy Sleep Mart
  • Fumy Mattress
  • Mattress Cleaning Service
  • Jade Dream Sleep
  • Cascade Movers
  • Land Of Mattresses
  • Midtown Furniture
  • Sleepy Bedding
  • Modern Sleepy Mattresses
  • Bed People
  • Whale Dreams
  • Nematog Solutions
  • Sleepy Jane’s
  • Bliss Bomb

Unique Mattress Company Names

These are some new and unique mattress company names that you may like:

  • The Mattress Zone
  • The Victoria Bed Company
  • DreamCZ mattresses
  • The Lazy Locker
  • King of the Folding
  • Chicago Cheap Mattress
  • Curtis Warehouse
  • Calm and Collected
  • Excessive Sleep
  • Just Mattresses
  • Spencer’s HomeStore
  • The Mattresses Specialist
  • The Comfort Rook
  • Roxy’s Furniture
  • Sophisticated Sleep
  • The Sleepy Box
  • La La La Bedrooms
  • Goodyear Mattress
  • The Comfort Stylez
  • The Comfort Mattresses
  • Ozone Sleep
  • Avondale Mattress
  • Vogue Beds
  • Comfy-N-Relax
  • Nectar Cloud Movers
  • Sleepy Cuddles
  • Enclave Sleepwear
  • ComFur Mattress Store
  • Sloan Sleep Group
  • Sleep Solutions Mattresses
  • Famous Mattress
  • World of Beds
  • Dream & Rest Mattress
  • Smoovz Sleep
  • Pleated & Co.
  • Dancing Zzzebra
  • Otherworld Mattresses
  • Cleveland Sleepy
  • Sleep Mart
  • American Dreamz
  • Dream Mattress Co
  • Mattresses Direct
  • Quality Bliss Mattresses
  • Mountain Ridge Park
  • Gold’s BnB
  • Earl Gee-Sleep
  • The Little Sleepy
  • Simple Cushions
  • Perfectly Sleepy
  • Mattress Firm Copley
  • Snooze Sleep Mattress Manufacturer
  • Gentle Mattresses Experts
  • Memory Foam Warehouse
  • Ultra Mattress
  • Mast & Stone
  • Bed Sanctuary
  • Tender Comfort
  • The Largiest Beds
  • Roxy Sleep Experts

Cool Mattress Company Names

Below is the list of some cool names for a mattress company that are interesting:

  • Buy a Dream Mattresses
  • Deluxe Rooftop
  • Amazing Cuddles
  • Sonic Boom Mattresses
  • Brisbane Sleep
  • Texas Mattress Makers
  • The Uptown Sleep Co
  • Misfit Mattress
  • Sleepy Sip
  • SoftTek Performance
  • Bloor West Sleep
  • Lifetime Moderno
  • Sleepless No More
  • Rio Rompas
  • The Luxe Room
  • Upscale Mattresses
  • Sleepy’s Luxe
  • Boothsby mattresses
  • Sleep 4us
  • Made to Measure Mattresses
  • Sleep Well Socks
  • Cuddle Bunnies
  • Vintage Mattress V
  • Cheap Bed Sale
  • Sleepy’s Backyard
  • Time 4 Sleep
  • Budget Mart
  • Comfy Mattresses
  • La Fabrisa
  • Good Night Naturals
  • Relax The Back
  • Blissful Sleep
  • Sleep Again Yorkdale
  • Sleepy Monkey
  • Earth’s Gems
  • The Mattress Place
  • Convenient Nights
  • Beds N Dreams
  • Simply Mattresses
  • Life Changing Mattresses
  • Priceless Comfort
  • Elevate Toronto
  • The English Mattress Company
  • Beds On Legs
  • Riviera Sleepwear
  • Vesper Night
  • FREM Sleep Solutions
  • Comfy In Time
  • Mamma Mia’s Palace
  • Luxe Movers
  • The Sleep Den
  • I Sleep Here
  • Dreamland
  • Brooklyn Bros & Bbq
  • Sweet Sleep
  • LaVidaLuxe
  • Keep Sleeping
  • Pristine Mattresses
  • The Sleep Center

Brand Name Ideas for Mattress Company

The following are some best brand name ideas for mattress company to inspire you:

  • MoCA EliteSleep
  • Sleepy ox
  • Comfort and Care
  • True Sleepy Beds
  • Midway Mattress No.1
  • Mattressman
  • My Next Mattress
  • DreamCloud Mattresses
  • Dreamless Sleep
  • Custom Styled Comfort
  • Drifters
  • Expyry Mattresses
  • AZ Premium Mattress
  • Your Choice Mattress
  • Sunset Bed & Bath
  • Lucid Dreams
  • A to Z Mattress
  • Comfy’s Choice
  • VItalRest Matresses
  • The Bed Specialist
  • Uppershore
  • DZH Modern Mattresses
  • Elegantly Relaxed
  • Peace 4 Sleep Sleep
  • Ultra Bliss
  • Sleepy Bambino
  • The Luxury Sleep
  • Gentle Beddings
  • Crazy Horse Mattress
  • Sleepy Comfort
  • Mattress Giants
  • Sono Sleep
  • Sleepy & Aesthetics
  • CVS Mattress
  • True North Toronto’s
  • Pinnacle Mattresses
  • Bed Pros
  • Premium Mattress
  • Classic Sleep
  • Crowded Out Sleep
  • Modern Sleepy Ladies
  • The Comfort Cushions
  • Inner Springs
  • Selfish Sleep
  • Bold Street Mattresses
  • Homemade Comfort
  • Mattress Oasis
  • Mattress Bliss
  • Angel’s Mattress Co.
  • Sit ‘n Sleep
  • Mattress Heaven
  • Sleepy City Beds
  • Budget Mattress
  • Cleveland Mattress
  • Nap Time
  • Sleepy’s N Beds
  • Lull Oasis
  • FlexiMoods
  • Best Sleepers
  • Deluxe Mattresses

Mattress Store Names

These are some unique mattress store names you can ever find:

  • Sleep Innovations
  • Rite Sleep Store
  • Campfire Slumber
  • The Uptown Loft
  • Mondo Mattress Store
  • Luxx Mattresses Store
  • Soft Timeless Décor
  • Jalvik mattresses
  • Snooze Mattresses
  • Premier Aisle
  • Studio Sleep
  • Natural Bed Company
  • Couture-A-Sleep
  • Elite Contract Mattresses
  • Princess Mattress
  • Cozy Convenience
  • Monte Nero The Loft
  • Dream Beds
  • The Luxury Mattresses Collection
  • Ultimate Mattress
  • Phoenix Baby
  • Sleep For Less
  • Fancy Aussie
  • Sleepy’s Mattress
  • Proxima Sleep Centre
  • LakeBro Foams
  • Custom Comfort Mattress
  • Fine Beddings
  • Better Bed Company
  • Breezy Sleep
  • Crown Point Mattresses
  • Premium Mattresses
  • Lite Deluxe Mattress
  • Soft Consolation
  • Mattresses City
  • SOS Sleep
  • Sleep Tight Mattresses
  • Sleepyhead Solutions
  • Nifty Luxury
  • Master Foam Company
  • Baja Fresh Mattress
  • The Sleep Number
  • Sleepy Crawl
  • Sleep Source
  • Vivko Mattress
  • The Bed Experts
  • S & S Linens
  • Amber Mattress
  • World of Beddings
  • Dream Sleepy
  • Cottman Premium

Mattress Store Names

Funny Mattress Store Names

The following are some funny mattress store names that you might find interesting:

  • Crazy Mattresses
  • Cool Comforts Mattresses
  • The Rooftop Queen
  • Warm Comfort
  • Sleepy Deluxe
  • Energizing Mattresses
  • Comfy Bed Store
  • A Dream Sleep
  • Made 2 Measure Mattress
  • Dreamy Love Mattresses
  • Terrace Sleepy Home
  • Bayside Sleep Co
  • Femme Fatales
  • Big Save Mattresses
  • The Snore Factor
  • VersaFresh
  • Dreamland Empire
  • Premier Mattress
  • Skyline Mattress
  • Ashwood Mattress
  • Extravagant Comfort
  • Enerest Mattresses
  • Dreamland Mattresses Centre
  • Blitzkrieg Dreams
  • Designer Sleepwear
  • The One Sleep
  • Modular Mattress
  • The J Crew
  • Sun City Mattress
  • Luxx Sleep
  • Hello Sleep
  • Ski Sleep
  • Hypnotic Experts
  • Dream Cloud
  • DreamyMama
  • Cleveland Sleepy T’s
  • Ideal Mattresses
  • Exquisite Beds
  • Snore Sleep
  • Velo Mattress
  • Dreamy Bed
  • La Mattress Fils
  • Comfort Star Sleep
  • Pro Lifestyle Sleep
  • Queenstown Mattresses
  • Sleeping Giant
  • Royal Mattress Depot
  • Mattress Babies
  • Diamond Mattress
  • Dreamy Mattresses
  • Sleepy and Lovely

Top Mattress Brand Names

These are the top mattress brand names to help you get more ideas of your own name:

  • Spring Air
  • iComfort
  • Stearns & Foster
  • Cocoon
  • Sealy Posturepedic
  • WinkBeds
  • Sealy
  • Helix
  • Leesa
  • Tempur-Pedic
  • Kingsdown
  • Purple
  • Englander
  • Tempur-Pedic
  • Comfur
  • Saatva
  • Simmons
  • Zenhaven
  • Parachute
  • Serta
  • Nectar
  • Allswell
  • Casper
  • King Koil
  • Puffy
  • Loom & Leaf
  • Avocado

Mattress Company Names

How to Name Your Mattress Company

As a business owner, you know that finding a name that sells is no easy feat, especially if you are a small business. You have a limited amount of time to find a name that is easy to remember, yet has the potential to generate a lot of interest in your business.

So how do you go about finding a name that is easy to remember yet has the potential to generate a lot of interest in your business?

The key is to pick something that’s unique and memorable, while at the same time being something your customers will be able to find easily on the internet.

Below are some important things to keep in mind when choosing a name for your mattress company or store:

Know your audience

The first step is, you need to know your target customers so that you can be successful. It’s not just about making money, it’s about not only delivering a great product but also reaching your customers at their highest level of desire.

You can’t hope to reach them if you don’t know their needs. Choose a name that will speak to your target audience and make them trust your company.

Choose a name that will stand out

With so many mattress companies opening every year, how do you stand out in a sea of competitors? Keep your brand name and logo simple, while keeping your image professional and tasteful.

Aim to play to your strengths, and avoid annoying consumer pitfalls like logos that are too small, too colorful, or too funny. Also, you need to pick a name that’s memorable, sophisticated, and professional if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Choose a name that is easy to spell and pronounce

If your company name is difficult to spell and pronounce, your customers will have a hard time finding you when they’re ready to buy. That’s why you need to make sure that your company name is easy to spell and pronounce.

The name should be unique so that it does not confuse customers

Your business name is crucial when it comes to customers. Not only does it help identify your company, but it can also help you make a connection with your clients.

If your business name is confusing or sounds too close to your competitors, customers could be confused or think they’ve already purchased your product or service. That’s why you should not choose any of the existing mattress brand names.

Choose a name that has positive connotations

The name of your business can often be just as important as the products or services you sell, and there is no doubt that a name can make or break a product.

If you choose a name that reflects a negative quality of your company, such as, a name that is related to your company’s poor quality products or a name that reflects your company’s poor quality service, it can damage your brand.

The name has to describe what your business is all about

The name of your business is not only an important step in its establishment, but it also works as a reminder. It is a name that will define your business and express your vision—something that will drive your sales and attract new customers.

So, when choosing a name for your mattress company, you should think of something that will clearly explain what your business is all about and what’s special in your mattresses.

Get feedback from close friends and family

It’s important to get some feedback from family, friends, and co-workers as you mull over potential names.

Sometimes the name has to do with your audience or service, sometimes it has to do with your competition, and other times it’s just a name that happens to be catchy.

But whatever the case, it’s worthwhile to take some time to get feedback and make sure that a name you choose won’t end up being the downfall of your new venture.

Make sure that the name is available

Once you come up with your favorite name for your mattress company, you should check the availability of the name before finalizing.

  • Check the domain name for presenting your business on the web. Check it on
  • Check the name on social media networks for marketing and advertising your business. Check it on
  • Check the Trademark database to make sure that your selected name is available for trademark registration. You can check it on if you are an American business.


Hope you have found the above lists of mattress company names helpful and have chosen your favorite name. Good Luck!

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