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620+ Unique and Cool Dog Treat Business Names

What is a unique name for your dog treat business? Or what should you name your dog treat business?

If you are about to open your own dog treat production company, and looking for a good dog treat business name to get started, then you have come to the right place.

In this blog post, we have listed hundreds of catchy dog treat business names, ideas, and suggestions to help you choose what you are looking for. Let’s get started!

Dog Treat Business Names

Here are some catchy dog treat business names you can use to get started your business:

  • Pet Food Land
  • Poooch’s Licks
  • Puppy’s Treat House
  • Yummy Dogs Doodles
  • Good Dog Nutrition
  • Barking Food Stuff
  • Doggy Cookies and Biscuits
  • Puppy Chews & treats
  • Pups D’Love
  • Doggie Hut
  • Clicks & Pooshes
  • Doggy on the Go
  • Pup Twisties
  • Doggy-Deez
  • Foozie’s Palace
  • Piggy’s Treats
  • Doggy Daze
  • ElitePure Dog
  • Puppylicked
  • K & K Treat Emporium
  • Walk Your Dog Good
  • Puppy-A-Dog
  • Wags’n Treats
  • Doggie On the Go
  • Petals & Fluff
  • Doggy Dawgz
  • Doodle-Wow
  • Tweety Treat Shop
  • Hollywood Dog Bite
  • Little Lullaby
  • Dog Gaze
  • Barking Good Treats
  • Puppy Nails
  • Knot My Hand
  • Keen Kitties Bakery
  • Yummy Yummy Doggy
  • Dogify Food
  • Dog Treat Shop
  • Puppy’s Wags & Nugs
  • Pawsome Pet Bakery
  • My Puppy’s Dream
  • Yaps ‘N’ Cuddles
  • MeowMeow Nuts
  • Bobo’s Doggo
  • Little Littles
  • Crazy for Canines
  • Doggone Mac
  • The Dog Hut
  • Pappa Pappa Dog
  • Doggo’s Treats
  • Doggo’s Kitchen
  • Go Wild! Pet Store
  • Holy Chuck
  • Little Friendie’s
  • Dog treats4u
  • Bunny Biscuit
  • Doggie’s Home Again
  • Doggy Binge
  • Happy Kup
  • Pooch N’ Treats
  • Snoochy Doggy
  • Cookie Crackle
  • Doggy Cuts
  • Scoops Cremation
  • Eat Doggy
  • Bark Bark
  • The Pooches Boutique
  • The Doggy Bone Shop
  • Puppy Love Dog
  • The Barking Dog
  • Dog Treats Plus
  • Dogs ‘N Treats
  • Kreepy Dog Treats
  • Moose & Kilt
  • Dog Treat Depot
  • Poochie’s Treats
  • Wrap ‘n Treat
  • Beach Dog Treats
  • Doggo Chicks
  • Puppy Luv Treats
  • The Lazy Puppy
  • Yummy Doggy’s
  • The Puppy House
  • Barkery Treats
  • Snack & Treat
  • Chewy Bites
  • Puppy Ducky Chops
  • Belly Bothers
  • Dog treats Corner
  • No Bull! Corner Dogs
  • Wow Wow Puppy
  • Doggie Doodle Dog
  • Perrolicious
  • Puppy Pie Shop
  • Hestinna Treat
  • Chuffs & Woof
  • Doggo’s Licks
  • Aegronna Dog Treat Co.
  • Dog Breath Bakery
  • Pat Pat’s Dogcakes

Cool Dog Treat Business Names

These are some cool dog treat business names that you may like:

  • Cute Dogs Snack N’ Treat
  • Dog Fido’s
  • Upscale Doggy Treats
  • Goto Dog Grocery
  • Barking Orders
  • Doggo Licks Boutique
  • Puppy Kuffs
  • 4 Paw Delights
  • Paleo Pantry
  • Pupuseria Los Reyes
  • A Dog Treats
  • Happy Pup
  • Lazy Puppuccino Cafe
  • Furry Friendz
  • Dog’s Delicacies
  • Fido’s Final Challenge
  • Go Doggy Doo
  • K-9 Pet Treats
  • Pups N’ Stuff
  • Doggie Meats
  • K-9 Dues
  • Dog Biscuits to go
  • The Pooch Box
  • Scoops n Treats
  • Puppy Loaf
  • A Dog’s Pooch
  • Best Canine Eats
  • Lucky Dog Treats
  • Furry Friend Patisserie
  • Puppy’s On The Go
  • Lazy Dog Nook
  • Puppy Doodles
  • Puppy La La Vie
  • Snooze A Shave
  • Snack Attack
  • Crunchy Chix
  • Paws & Brews
  • The Dogstalk
  • The Littleie Fixery
  • Go Dog Go Treats
  • Pawesome Bones Bar
  • Taste of Treats
  • Kitty’s Treats
  • Dog Gourmet
  • CanICan Treats
  • Dog Treat House
  • Pretty Kitty Pastries
  • Bo-Ya-Treats
  • Happy’s Dogs
  • Doggy Choose Doody
  • The Belly Flops
  • Poocoouldie
  • The Doggy Corner
  • Bark in the Box
  • Pooch Kitchen
  • Doggie Nation
  • Whimsy Whiskers Pastry
  • Pooptastic Puppy
  • Pet Foodopia
  • The Puppy Bowl
  • Oaks the Dog
  • Pawesome Pawtastic
  • Doggo Huggo
  • Pinecone Treats
  • Gran Go! Burger
  • Pet Dog Yorkville
  • Big Tits Dog & Wags
  • Puppy Chokes
  • Go Tasty Treats
  • Pawsome Cafe
  • Fetch Biscuits
  • Sassy Pawz
  • A-1 Doggy-Do
  • Vegas Dog Treats
  • Leaf & Vineyard
  • Puppy Doody Meals
  • Stinky Treats
  • Liv-a-Littles
  • Bones2Bones
  • Dogies Boutique
  • The Critter Cakes
  • Puppy Party Snooze
  • DogHouse Divinity
  • Weird Dog Treats
  • Humble Treats
  • The Pooch Bar
  • The Dog’s Yolk
  • Free to Bark
  • The Doggy Doggy
  • Foo Farts
  • Puppy’s Crafters
  • Wandering Pup Treats
  • FoodShades
  • Doodlegum Bakeshop
  • Pooches-N-Poule
  • Puppy Pops

Unique Dog Treat Business Names

Below is the list of some new and unique dog treat business names you can ever find:

  • Dogs Gotta Eat It
  • Chops & Dogs
  • Henlo Treats
  • Green Pets Bakery
  • Puppy’s Choice
  • Fuzzy’s Dog Treats
  • Pelican’s Deli
  • Pet Binge
  • Fido’s Favourite
  • Barkalisous
  • Chubby Puppy
  • Furry Feeds
  • Dogs On The Park
  • Puppy-Chews
  • Pee Wee’s Treats
  • Puppy’s Playground
  • Sugar Me Pooch
  • Pooch Noodle
  • Lick It Pup
  • Pinky N Paws
  • Pup n’ Treatz
  • Booster Dog Wash
  • Chutney Chops
  • The Treat Street
  • Dog Food
  • Sit Means Sit
  • Pooches Etc
  • Pride & Joy Bakery
  • Dog Treats N More
  • Doggie Delight Treats
  • Dogs Best Friend Biscuits
  • Puppy-It-Up
  • The Poop Factor
  • Paws in the City
  • Hounds Love Dog
  • Doggie’s Donut House
  • Snappy Puppy
  • Woof N’ Poochie
  • Kilnies Doody
  • Supereva Treat
  • Treats R Us
  • The Dog Litter
  • Grandma’s Treats
  • Dogs & Fluff
  • Puppy To Go
  • Lucky’s Choice Dog
  • A-1 Dog Treats
  • R-Dogts
  • NutriSnack
  • The Dog’s Belly
  • Floppy Ear
  • The Dog’s Bowl
  • Wiggle Pups Pet Spa
  • Pajama Baskets
  • Doggy 2 Wag
  • Doggy Doo Dawgs
  • Doggo Fido
  • 4 Legged Treatery
  • Goofy Gourmet
  • Puppy Loves Treats
  • AllStar Dog Treats
  • The Puppy Peddler
  • The Hounds and Kitties Kitchen
  • Grow It Up Dog Food
  • Mama’s Doggie Licks
  • Loyal Lunch
  • Doggy Desserts!
  • Ripping It Tasty
  • Wei Puppy Pup Lounge
  • Puppie’s Treats
  • Meow! A Dog Treat
  • Taste of Dog Treats
  • Fetch Me Doggy
  • Sunny Bunny Sweets
  • Lazy Puppuccino II
  • Sweet Doody’s
  • A Bad Ass Hug Spa
  • Puppie Love
  • Trusty Treat Shop
  • Poopies N More
  • Pozies Pet Food
  • Party Pooches
  • DogHouse Delights
  • Puppy-The-Rest
  • Doggo Lounge
  • Barking On A Wall
  • Sassy Dog Treats
  • Barking Mad Bakery
  • The Dog Food
  • The Woof Café

Dog Bakery Names

The following are some cool and catchy dog bakery names that you might find interesting:

  • Doggy Eats
  • Mighty Fine Dog Bakery
  • Barking Boys Bakery
  • Forever Friend Bakery
  • Hollywood Doggies Bakery
  • A+ Dog Food
  • Puppy Kisses
  • Pretty Paws Biscuits
  • A Taste Of Pooch
  • Dog Treat and Bakery
  • For Dog’s Sake
  • Guppy’s Dog Wash
  • Doggybone Heaven
  • Doggie Dogs
  • Mister Pooch
  • Happy Doggy Day
  • Popsicles & Treats
  • Dog Treats N’ Scoops
  • The Dog’s Place
  • FoodCrest
  • Snacks for Snouts
  • Barking Goats
  • Bun And Doo
  • Roma Dog Treats
  • Pupuseria La Torres
  • Poop Dogz
  • The Pretzels People
  • Happy Snout Sweets
  • Sleepy Puppz
  • Barking Burgers
  • Paws-A-Chee Dogz
  • Elks Fetch
  • Conquer Dog
  • Just A Bit Crunchy
  • The Paw Paw Store
  • Shakey-n-Crunch
  • Paw Licker’s Delight
  • Barkery Bits
  • Just Roll With It
  • Tasting Dot
  • Yummy Dogs
  • Crunchy Pooch
  • CrownFeed Dog Treat
  • Paws N Treats
  • Hot Dogs & Hugs
  • Sweet Treat Dogs
  • Goochoo Pooch
  • Pawsome Pies
  • Poodles & Go
  • Puppy’s Dog Treat
  • Taste Of Pooch
  • Meat Feast
  • Beach Pup Bakery
  • Snack n Dogz
  • Furry Fluff
  • Big Dog Treats
  • Paw Trainz
  • Barking Mad Biscuits
  • Happy Paws Paws
  • The Doggy Habit
  • Puppy’s Pet Treat
  • Dogs On Main
  • Compella
  • Special Friend Delicacies
  • Scoops N’ Treats
  • Yummy Dog Treats
  • Squeak ‘N’ Peak
  • The Doggy Bone Cafe
  • Pupu Chows
  • Hound Doggy

Cute Dog Treat Names

These are the epic and cute names for dog treat business to inspire you:

  • Woochies Dog Treats
  • The Doggy Donuts
  • Ruff Dog
  • Dog’s Food Heaven
  • Sweet Home Dogs
  • Best Buds Bakeshop
  • Strong Puppy Treats
  • Bones N More
  • Bakery Doody
  • Feast Belly
  • Isle of Dogs
  • Dog’s Best Friend
  • Doggolix Treat
  • Grandma’s Dog Treat
  • Doggy Bones HQ
  • Doggy Choose Foods
  • Chompie’s Treats
  • Lazy Puppuccino
  • Bohemian Bow Wow
  • Puppy Snack
  • Delightful Crumbs
  • SnuggleSniff
  • Foxy Treats
  • Puppy Love Pastries
  • Sweetie’s Treats
  • Pet Snack Bar
  • Dogs In Heat
  • Doggo Licks Bar
  • Snout and Paws
  • Fwc Dog Treat House
  • Paws and Dogs
  • Puppy Goober’s
  • Cuppy’s Treats
  • Yap to the Top
  • Superoya Dog Treat Co.
  • Big Tasty Dogz
  • Puppy N More
  • Peebles Tasty Treats
  • D’oh! Philly’s
  • Dog Proximity
  • Sweet Bone Bakery
  • Cheesecake Conchids
  • Grandma’s Paw Treats
  • Gummy’s Goodies
  • Taste of Puppies
  • Boops Bake Shop
  • Poochie D L
  • Happy Tails Treats
  • Tails In Nails
  • Poochie’s Paws
  • Puppy Ns
  • Doggy Cudd’n Treat
  • Urban Dog Treats
  • Snugs N Treats
  • Fur Baby Pastries
  • Gone Mad Dog
  • Pet Foods Ltd
  • happyMade Dog Treat
  • Barking Good Biscuits
  • Easterlyn
  • Spazzzy Dog Treats
  • Puppy Chix
  • Ny Doggies
  • Puppyo Dog Treats
  • The Dog Food Co
  • Doggy Bones Deli
  • Bubbles N Treats
  • Good Boy Treats
  • WhitePerk Dog Treat

Funny Dog Treat Names

These are some clever and funny dog treat names that will make people smile:

  • Rascal Pet Treats
  • Pooch Snack House
  • Paw and Order
  • The Pooch Snack
  • Puppies Love Treats
  • Pet Choice Food
  • Hooray for pooches!
  • Waggy’s Dog Treats
  • Pampered Pup
  • The Puppy Hut
  • The Beagle Boys
  • Doggy Dippity Licious
  • Puppies & Pooch
  • Dog Gourmet Donuts
  • Moose and Moos
  • Doggy Doggy
  • Lucky’s Whipped
  • Grumpy Good Dog
  • Doggy Divinity
  • Doggie D’s Pizza
  • Kibble Cookies
  • Puppies N’ Treats
  • Dog Gone Bone Bar
  • Dog Feed
  • Puppy N Treats
  • Bow Wow Barkery
  • Always Happy Pet Treats
  • Little Nibbles Nips
  • Doggo Licks
  • All Dogs’ Nappies
  • Coppa Puppies
  • Haunter Doggy
  • Scoop n Treat
  • Little Jiguat
  • Dogs N’ Treats
  • Doggy Doggy Treats
  • One Poké Bite
  • Little Sausage House
  • Dog To Go
  • We Give Paws
  • Dog Bait
  • Hugs to Happiness
  • Doggone Bearings
  • Little Dogs Baskin
  • Jiggles’ Treats
  • Pups N’ Dogs
  • Woof-Shake up Your Pet’s Day!
  • Snappy Snooze Bar
  • Too Good To Be Buried
  • Dog Treat Mart
  • Little Busters Cakes
  • Paws Up
  • K9 treats
  • The Best Doggy
  • Rutsy’s Treats
  • My Giggling
  • Cuddles & Cuddles
  • Belly ‘n Belly
  • Poochie Paws
  • Petty Choice Doggy
  • Woofy Woofy Dogz
  • Dog treats Doggy
  • ViableFood
  • Snacks ‘n Treats
  • Choo Tails
  • Tabby Treats
  • Persian Dog Pastries
  • Doggybone Patties
  • Puppy Pup
  • Pawsome Pastry

What is Some Top Dog Treat Brand Names?

The following are the top dog treat brand names to help you get more ideas of your own name:

  • PureBites
  • Natural Dog Company
  • ACTIVTrainer Dog Treats
  • Fruitables
  • Wholesome Hide
  • Soft Wellbites Dog Treats
  • Ziwi Good Dog Rewards
  • Rocco & Roxie Gourmet Beef Jerky Dog Sticks
  • Full Moon Chicken
  • Bil-Jac Little Jacs
  • Old Mother Hubbard P-Nuttier
  • Rachael Ray Nutrish
  • Blue Buffalo Wilderness
  • Kona’s Chips
  • Milk-Bone Soft & Chewy
  • Gnawtlers
  • Best Bully Sticks

Dog Treat Business Names

How to Choose a Name for Your Dog Treat Business

The name you choose for your dog treat business is very important when you decide to launch your business. If you pick the wrong name for your business, your customers will not understand what your company does and they will not buy your products. So, how do you name your dog treat business?

It can be hard to come up with a good name for a dog treat business, but the following tips will help you to come up with a good business name for a dog treat company.

First, what are your target audience?

The name of your dog treat business should match the market you wish to target. You can name your dog treat business to help you identify your target market.

For example, if you are targeting dog owners in the 25-35 age group, you might name your dog treat business “Doggie Treats”. If you want to make a treat for a specific dog breed then it’s best to use the dog breed in your business name to attract your target audience.

You can also use a dog treat brand name that is well known, so dog owners you target will recognize your brand and be more likely to try your treats.

The name should be short, simple, easy to pronounce, and full of energy

You shouldn’t use a name that is too long to remember or one that is just a jumble of words. Keep your business name short, sweet, and one that is easy to pronounce and spell.

If your name will be short, simple, and easy to pronounce, people easily find your business online when they search for your products on the web.

Choose a name that is unique and memorable

There is a host of ideas for business names that you can choose from, but you need to make sure that the name you are choosing has its own unique identity and can be easily remembered.

Your business name is your identity, and it should be something the public can easily understand why they should choose you over the competition. By using a name that’s unique and relevant to your business, you’ll stand out from your competition and gain more customers

Do a little research about the existing dog treat business names to get inspiration

Another great idea is to do a little research about the existing businesses in your area and make a list of their names. Look at the words and phrases they have used in their names.

You will find some good words that you can use in your business name with related words.

Make sure the name does not have any negative connotations

It is important that your brand name does not carry any negative connotations. This is because your brand will be associated with your products, and people will hear your brand name when talking about your business and your product.

For example, if you use a name that has negative connotations such as “Dirty Dogs Treat” for a dog treat business, customers will simply ignore your treats. So, it’s important to choose a name that has a positive connotation.

Check the availability of the social media accounts

Nearly every business is on social media these days. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked-In, YouTube, etc. When deciding on a name for your dog treat business check to make sure your name is available on social media accounts.

You can check it on

Make sure the domain name is available

Checking the domain name availability is another important thing, as it is what people will type into a browser to find your site for online service. Check the domain name availability on

Test the name with your friends and family before finalizing

Once you find your favorite dog treat business name, the last step is to test the name with your friends and family members. In other words, get some feedback to let know whether they like your business name or not.

When getting feedback, don’t forget to ask the following questions:

  • Is it easy to remember, pronounce and spell?
  • What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name?

Finalize your business name, if you have more positive feedback.


Hope you have found a perfect name for your dog treat business. If you still want some more dog treat business names to get inspiration, then you can try an online business name generator for more unique ideas. Good Luck!

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