250 Best Insurance Slogans and Taglines

Finding the right slogan for your insurance company can be a difficult task, especially if you don’t know where to start.

If you’re looking for creative insurance slogans, you’ve come to the right place. Here in this article, I have listed hundreds of best existing and new insurance slogans of all types. Such as health, farmers, life, and car insurance.

So, if you need help creating your insurance company’s slogan, you might find some inspiration here.

Let’s get started.

Insurance Slogans

Here are some cool and catchy slogans for insurance companies to inspire you:

  • Insurance is a state of mind
  • We’ve got you covered
  • Protection for life’s downs
  • Insurance is our business
  • Get the best care from insurance
  • A policy that is made for you
  • Your health your choice
  • Be confident enough
  • Have you met life today?
  • The last coverage you’ll ever need
  • Better health, better life
  • Insurance for the peaceful life
  • For life’s little dramas
  • Trust us for the rest of your life
  • Helping people live healthier lives
  • Royal insurance, cheaper rate
  • We’re a cushion to your fall
  • Think future think insurance
  • We’ll chase the recession together!
  • High standard insurance for all
  • Better benefits at work
  • A better value of better protection
  • Live a long life with protection
  • Some coverages are longer than others
  • Our rates and service are tough to beat

Progressive Insurance Slogans

These are the progressive insurance slogans for you:

  • Be life confident
  • A healthier you, a healthier community
  • We’re big, safe and friendly
  • Securing best for the rest of life
  • Enriching the lives of people we touch
  • Insurance agents are premium lovers!
  • Insurance that cares you
  • Leave the insurance to us
  • Giving you peace of mind
  • Get a new life, to your ride
  • Be legal for less!
  • Giving your peace of mind
  • Security is a priority not an option
  • Ask about it at work
  • Everybody’s doing it it’s called insurance
  • The power to help you succeed
  • More of protection
  • Don’t be that ‘one’ who made the mistakes and wasn’t prepared
  • Your caring is our motto
  • Step up
  • Helpfulness insured
  • Our plans are based on yours
  • Be responsible enough for your tomorrow
  • Enjoy the freedom of life

Creative Insurance Slogans

These are some creative insurance slogans you can consider using:

  • Peace of mind
  • The no problem people
  • Getting better all the time
  • The insurance for all ages
  • Your bridge to premier healthcare
  • Helping people live healthier lives
  • We keep our promises to you
  • Above all in service
  • Get a life
  • Responsibility is our policy
  • A power that protects you
  • Service leader in commercial insurance
  • Security is a priority, not an option
  • No worries, we’ve got you covered!
  • Like a good neighbor, state farm is there
  • Nonstop protection
  • Hassle free insurance experts
  • The future is safe
  • Guidance when you need it most
  • Protection is just click away
  • We want you to know
  • Made just for you

Funny Insurance Slogans

These are the clever and funny insurance slogans for you:

  • You’re in good hands with allstate
  • Love hurts insurance doesn’t
  • We’ve got you under our wing
  • The future is confident
  • Don’t worry, drive happy!
  • Things happen be prepared
  • Axa be life confident
  • Values that bind
  • Giving a life to your car
  • A business of caring
  • Driven to be the best
  • Cover your life journey
  • The future of life insurance
  • Joy of well covered
  • Your life fully covered
  • We care, you know that
  • Aviva taking care of what’s important
  • Have you met life today?
  • Get met it pays
  • Have you met life today? The ideal life insurance
  • Get to a better state
  • It’s big it’s bad it’s insurance
  • Relax it’s just insurance
  • The power to live morelet’s drive, don’t be high

Farmers Insurance Slogans

Below is the list of best farmer insurance slogans and taglines:

  • Farmers gets you back where you belong
  • Farmers make it grain
  • Boobs: they could use your support
  • We are farmers
  • Local response national support
  • Farmers not frackers
  • Science helps us grow
  • Gets you back where you belong
  • Calcium supports teeth growth
  • Insulin is not a cure – its life support
  • No farmers no food no future
  • Organic farmers are outstanding in their fields
  • Supporting your body from the ground up
  • Farmers are the solutions for the growing world
  • Support pension fairness
  • Add a joy in your life journey
  • Everything counts everyone matters
  • Hungry, where did all farmers go?
  • Support your bones they support you

Health Insurance Slogans

Below are the best health insurance slogans and taglines:

  • Your health is our responsibility
  • Health insurance with a smile
  • Your future, your health matters to us
  • A healthier you, a healthier community
  • Your link to good health
  • Your health our promise
  • Eat a healthy meal to help your body heal.
  • Take control of your health
  • Simplifying health insurance
  • Your partner in health
  • Be sure of better life
  • Solutions for a life in balance
  • Plan well, live healthy
  • An insurance policy that cares
  • Help when you need it most
  • We want you to know
  • Its time to expect more
  • We make our customers’ problems our problems.
  • Responsibility is our policy
  • We try hard to make it all better
  • Truly protecting peoples
  • Care beyond reputation
  • We do it just a little bit better
  • Your health, your wealth

Life Insurance Slogans

These are some creative life insurance slogans for your company:

  • It’s fast, free and secure
  • Better insurance, for better journey
  • Together We are Strong Enough
  • The moment of auto care
  • Your Journey, our Care
  • Protecting values through insurance
  • Your future protected
  • Have you met life today?
  • Make sense of it
  • Values that bind
  • You’re in good hands
  • Protecting our future dreams
  • For life’s little dramas
  • We serve you dead are alive
  • Get a life and insure it as well
  • Insuring your future dreams
  • Saving lives one claim at a time
  • Get a new life
  • A power that gives Freedom
  • Security made a priority
  • Good hands for Good life
  • Providing a mattress to your fall
  • Forget the Nevers of your life
  • Beat the race of life

Car Insurance Slogans

The following are some catchy car insurance slogans for your auto insurance company:

  • Caring you for better journey
  • We care your car better
  • Insuring your joy riding
  • Get a good insurance for your auto, today
  • Driven to be the best
  • I have good brakes. Do you have good insurance?
  • Give your car new memories
  • More care, less cost
  • Don’t crash without us better than the rest auto insurance
  • Car is more than just vehicle
  • Guarantees for the if in life
  • Let’s drive on the same road
  • Our service has no speed limits
  • A moments of auto care
  • Caring your wheels
  • Responsible insurance
  • Let’s drive, don’t be high
  • Every car should be insured
  • Every car has some memories
  • Enjoy your ride amazingly
  • We care for your journey
  • Be alert before everything happens
  • Don’t be harsh with your life

How to Create a Memorable Insurance Slogan

Below are a few suggestions for generating unique and memorable insurance slogans:

Create a list of words and phrases related to your services

Start thinking of words and phrases that can be used in your insurance business slogan.

Don’t stop creating words until your brain says no to more. The more words mean the more possibilities of creating a good slogan. Here are some common words that are used by existing businesses.

Good hands, Safe Life, Responsibility, Security, protecting, solutions, happiness, etc.

Expand your list

After brainstorming a list of words, use an online thesaurus and pick the synonyms and related words. It will help you give more ideas.

Now, your list should have more than 50 words.

Study the competition

The main purpose of a slogan is to make your business unique and stand out from the competition. That’s why, search for the existing insurance slogans and look at what type of strategies they have used.

Then try to create a slogan that conveys your message in a better way. Also, you will find some more ideas from their slogans.

Start combining words to create some funny insurance slogans

These are some good ideas of word combination you can try:

Use rhyming words. Such as Feeling is Living.

Give it some zing. Such as Let’s drive, don’t be high.

Use repeating words. Such as Better health, better life.

Be honest and real

Your slogan should not say something impossible or unreal. For example, “your life is in our hand”. Avoid these types of statements.

Create a slogan that can fulfill the promise you are making with your customer. Otherwise, it will have a bad impact on your startup business.

Keep your slogan short and simple

Your company slogan should not be a paragraph of 15 or 20 words. Keep it as short as possible, maximum use 8 words.

Your slogan should be easy to remember, that stands out, and most importantly of all, that makes people want to visit your company.

Use an insurance slogan generator

For getting some unique slogan ideas, you can try online slogan generators.

Here are the best:

  • Shopify Free Slogan Maker
  • Procato
  • Slogan Generator
  • Sloganizer.net
  • Free Slogan Generator

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