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HR Names: 450+ Creative Names for Human Resources

The first step in starting a Human Resources (HR) business is to come up with a name. A good name will help you create a professional image and communicate your values to clients.

If you are starting a human resource business and looking for some good HR names to get inspiration then you are at the right place.

In this article, I have listed hundreds of best HR names, ideas, and suggestions to help you come up with a catchy name for your business.

Let’s get started!

HR Names

Here are some cool and catchy HR names you can use to get started your business:

  • Ultimate HR Solutions
  • The Judge Group
  • Kings County Human Services Agency
  • Redline Recruitment
  • ThinkHR
  • Spire HR Solutions
  • HR Plus
  • The HR Hub
  • Riverside City Human Resources
  • Engage HR
  • Career Services
  • Your HR Partners
  • Think people Consulting
  • Society of Human Resource
  • Clinical Resource Network
  • Employee Matters
  • ManpowerGroup
  • Perform HR
  • The HR Touch
  • Next Concept HR Association
  • Partners Personnel
  • Outplacement
  • Master Human Resource Services
  • Your HR Department
  • West Human Resources
  • Talent Strategy Group
  • Frontline Human Resources
  • Coaching Combinations
  • Evergreen HR Consultancy
  • The Human Resource
  • People Edge Consulting
  • Pinpoint Human Resources
  • External-Solutionss
  • Alliance Personnel
  • Hire Up Management
  • HeadHunter HR
  • Serene Dream Offices
  • The Employer Hub
  • Helpful HR Co.
  • HR Doc Management
  • Payroll Problem-free
  • HR Administrator
  • Happy Employee
  • HR On Deck
  • No Worries HR
  • HR International, Inc.
  • Alpha Approach

Creative Names for Human Resources

These are the most creative names for human resources business you can use:

  • Hill HR Consultancy Limited
  • Ventura Human Resources
  • AppleOne Employment Services
  • Modern HR
  • Insight Management Consultants
  • Clear Human Resources
  • Simple HR
  • HR Soul Consulting
  • The HR Experts
  • Humankind
  • Virtual HR
  • Valley Human Resources
  • SearchBright Staffing
  • First Consultancy
  • People First HR Services
  • Peak Litigation Support
  • Positive People HR
  • Leading Recruitment Agency
  • Signature Consultants
  • Human Asset Consultants
  • Wanted Technologies
  • Human Alliance
  • Alight Solutions
  • Performer Recruitment
  • People Resolutions
  • Dynamic People Consulting
  • Silvers HR
  • Innovative Resources & Solutions
  • The Manager Resource Centre
  • Kiwi Partners

Unique HR Company Names

These are some unique HR company names that you may like:

  • Dream Job HR
  • Hudson River HR
  • Top Resume
  • Inspiring HR Solutions
  • Rightsize HR Services
  • Helpful Resources
  • Tru Human Resources
  • Infinite Paths
  • Red Hill HR
  • Wonderful-Workers
  • Hello Humans
  • Strategic Hiring Choices
  • Relief Resources Co.
  • Stride Resumes
  • Quick-n-Easy HR
  • Elite Career Advice
  • Team Nourish
  • Insufficient Direction
  • Persuade Consultants
  • Employee Relations
  • Happy Office HR
  • No Fuss Support
  • Busy Bee HR
  • Human Capital Consulting
  • Sheer Work

Funny Names for HR

The following are some funny HR names that you might find interesting:

  • Advice Alliance
  • Big Boost Consulting
  • Dedicated Managers
  • Outsource HR
  • Hire Right Ass
  • Career Coaches
  • Dedicated HR Managers
  • Caregivers 4 Success
  • Eco Human Resources
  • Staffing Result Group
  • On Track HR Solution
  • Capitan Strategies
  • Accurate Advocates
  • Ultimate Performance Solutions
  • The Good Man HR
  • A Better HR Guy
  • ReWork HR Services
  • Human-Elements Co.
  • Matterhut HR
  • SmallBiz Gurus
  • CoLaborate
  • Integrated HR Care
  • Good HR Advantage
  • Perfect Hirings
  • Core HR Solutions
  • KinderCare Resources

New Names for Human Resources

Below is the list of some new names for human resources businesses you can use:

  • Genesis Advisors
  • The Value Solution
  • HR Link Unlimited Inc.
  • Work Well Ventures
  • High Focus HR
  • Allstar Staffing Services
  • The Help Desk
  • InnerVision HR
  • Advanced HR Resources
  • Skilled and Ready HR
  • C-Hub Staffing
  • Jetsetter Job Help
  • Deliberate Decisions HR
  • Green Valley HR
  • H-1 HR Firm
  • Regulatory Rules HR
  • HRM Consulting
  • Client Retention Specialists
  • Personal-Personnel
  • MVP Human Resources
  • Desk-Mates
  • Lifeline Employees
  • Dependable People
  • Conspire-to-Inspire
  • The HR Bunch

Names for HR Consulting Business

Below is the list of best names for HR consulting business you can consider using:

  • Eagle HR Consultants
  • Compliance Hub Consulting
  • Creative Solutions Services
  • Greenlight Recruitment
  • Swift Human Resources
  • Signature Consultants
  • Resource Associates
  • OutsourcedHR
  • Specialist Human Resources
  • Specialised HR Services
  • Human Rights
  • DayBreak Staffing
  • Advanced Resources
  • The Recruitment Hub
  • Job Connect
  • People Stuff
  • HR Experts
  • Nexus HR Consultancy
  • Outresources HR Consulting
  • Maximum Management
  • Jill Little Consultancy
  • True Human Resources
  • Inside HR
  • Project Human Resources
  • Great Lakes House
  • A People Agency
  • Career Mentors
  • Manpower Services
  • Career Directions
  • Manpower Services
  • Right Management

HR Team Names

The following are some cool HR team names for you:

  • Employers Group
  • The HR Depot
  • Municipal Resource Group
  • Harvest Human Resource Team
  • Employee Relations Expertise
  • HR Dept Human Resources
  • Keypoint Consulting
  • One World Resourcing
  • The HR Division
  • Beyond Recruitment
  • Rehabilitation Department
  • Human Bees
  • HR Advisory Services
  • Executive Employers
  • Elevated HR Solutions
  • Flourish Employment Solutions
  • City Human Resources
  • Human Capital Consult
  • Virtual HR Services
  • Pacific Employer’s
  • HR Advance
  • Impact HR
  • Classic Recruitment & Human Resources
  • Quantitative Human Resources
  • Teamwork HR
  • The Street Consulting Group
  • Intelligent Placement
  • Accounting Concepts, Inc.
  • Pro Human Resources Department
  • Starpoint Solutions
  • Active HR Consulting

HR Names


What are some funny HR team names?

  • Bad Boys HR
  • The Dark Knight Rises
  • Human Resources Ponies
  • The HR Department of Love
  • Lifeworks HR Group
  • Diva HR Group
  • Allegiance HR Group
  • The HR Guru Team
  • AZ HR Experts
  • Manage HR Group
  • Smart HR Group
  • Duo Human Resources
  • Personnel Problem Solving
  • Staff Solutions Co.
  • People Resource Management Inc
  • Skill Set Experts

What are some clever names for HR Companies?

  • Career Vigor
  • Ace Consulting
  • Executive Human Resources
  • Hometown HR
  • The Workfront
  • The Resource Run
  • Employable Alliance
  • Drive Growth HR
  • The Human Resources Hub
  • A Talent Management
  • Hampshire Ops
  • VIP HR Group
  • Emory Human Resources
  • First Unions
  • Eternal Paths HR

What are some cool HR business names suggestions?

  • PeopleFirst HR
  • Cultivating Talent
  • Internal Solutions International
  • Able HR Programs
  • CompTribe HR
  • HR QualityRecruitment
  • Staff Sensitivity
  • Skyline Consultancies
  • Clear Path Staffing
  • Global HR Growth
  • SoloHuman Solutions
  • Staff-Finding Agency
  • Happiness Managers
  • Desert Solutions HR
  • Employee Advisors

What are some famous HR names of companies in USA?

  • Sorge CPA
  • HR Wise llc
  • Hamilton Edwards
  • New City Insurance
  • AccuServe Payroll
  • Stafflink
  • Fingercheck
  • CS Recruiting
  • Pennyrile Technologies
  • Barracuda Staffing
  • Newland Associates
  • Intellectsoft
  • Headway Workforce Solutions
  • New Line Technologies
  • Safety Net
  • Bell Falls Search
  • strategic HR
  • Staffing Solutions
  • City Personnel
  • Future Force Personnel Services
  • Health Providers Choice
  • Professional Alternatives
  • Seattle Financial Staffing
  • Precision Benefits Group
  • Magnum Staffing
  • Treeline, Inc.
  • The Hopkins Group
  • PACE Staffing Network

What are some best HR company names in India?

  • Aspire India
  • Ways and Works Consulting
  • Allsec Technologies
  • Genius Consultant Ltd
  • United HR Solutions
  • Aon Hewitt India
  • Manpower India
  • Ernst and Young Private Limited
  • Randstad India
  • Shella Consultants Recruitment Excellence
  • TeamLease Services
  • 3G HR Services
  • Kelly Service India
  • Global Innovsource
  • Innovsource Services
  • ABC Consultants
  • ACE HR Consultants
  • Focus Management Consultants
  • CareerNet Technologies
  • Quess Corp
  • PersolKelly India
  • CareerNet Consulting
  • Place1India HR Solutions
  • Vibrant HR Consultancy
  • ManpowerGroup Services India
  • TopSource Global Solution

How to Name Your HR Company

When it comes to naming your business, it’s easy to get lost in the minutiae of it all. Every element of your company’s name carries a special weight, and you want to make sure that you pick the right one.

With so much riding on the name you choose, how do you go about finding the right moniker for your HR business?

Below are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a name for your HR business:

You should choose a name that is related to your HR services

The name should sound professional and give customers a good idea of what the firm does. If the company name is too long and technical sounding, it can turn off potential customers.

So, when choosing a name make sure it is related to the nature of work involved in HR. It will help people easily recognize your business.

It should be short and easy to remember

Your HR name should be short so that it can be easy to remember and pronounce for the customers.

This sounds like a trivial bit of advice, but there’s a good reason for it. Your name is how your clients and company contacts and remember you, and it’s the first impression you make on them.

It should be search engine friendly

The search engines are most often the primary source for potential customers who are looking for your service. If your site doesn’t come up in the search engines, your potential customers will never know you and your business will fail.

So, when naming your HR business make sure it is search friendly.

Choose an HR name that is not already taken

Naming a business is not hard. But you shouldn’t just grab the first name you think of for your company and call it a day.

You should do complete research to make sure there is no other business with the same name.

It needs to be carefully considered to avoid any confusion and ensure that your organization has all the professional recognition it deserves.

While the ideal solution is to have an original HR name, this is often not an option due to the fact that many HR names are already taken.

Don’t use your own name

Naming a company after yourself might seem like it could be a good idea since it’ll help with branding and make it easier to market your product, but there’s a trade-off.

Namely, you risk your company’s name being too similar to other company names, which could lead to confusion among customers, especially since many companies these days have HR departments that specialize in hiring and managing people.

It shouldn’t contain negative connotations

If you are in Human Resources, whether or not you know the name of your business can make a difference to customers or potential customers.

A negative name can prevent people from seeking your services, they may think they are being treated like a number and that the service provided will be impersonal.

Names that have negative connotations can be seen as being unworthy of trust or having a bad reputation.

Check for domain name availability

As a Human Resources professional, one of the most important things you have to do is choose a name for your business that is available as a domain name.

You can check the domain name availability on

Check for social media profiles

For advertising your business on social media, you should also check the social media profiles to make sure no one is already using your name. You can check it on


In conclusion, when it comes to naming your HR business, you need to follow your gut. You need to choose a name that ties into your company’s vision and culture. You need something that feels right and that your employees, clients, and the public will adopt.

Always keep the name short, memorable, and easy to spell. Avoid any wording that sounds unprofessional, and keep the name simple. Most importantly, keep all these questions in mind before settling on a name: Who is my audience? What do they care about? How can I show that I’m trustworthy? What sets me apart from the competition?

We hope you liked this article and have found a good name for your HR company. Thanks for reading and Good Luck!

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