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300 Cool & Catchy Frozen Food Business Name Ideas

Are you a business owner looking for a name for your frozen food business? If so, you have landed at the right place.

In this blog post, you’ll find hundreds of cool and catchy frozen food business names that you can use to get started your business.

A business name can tell your story, help people to remember your story, and reinforce your brand. Your name will appear on packaging, menus, websites, and advertising, so it needs to be memorable, distinctive, and professional.

Let’s dive in to find an outstanding name for your new frozen food business!

Frozen Food Business Names

  • The Girly Freeze
  • City Frozen Foods
  • Smart Express Stores
  • Fruity Friendz
  • A1 Frozen Foods
  • AZ Fresh Frozen Food
  • Frosty Foodie
  • Froyo Frozen Foods
  • Frozen Fine Foods
  • The Frozen Favor
  • Frozen Treats
  • COCO Food Company
  • Food Options
  • Perth Frozen Food
  • Penguin Frozen Foods
  • Frozen Food World
  • The Frozen Grocer
  • Whole Foods Market
  • Heavenly Foods
  • Good Glaze Frozen Foods
  • Truly Frozen
  • Nurture Life
  • Go Frozen
  • Jester’s Frozen Food
  • Tocco Frozen Foods
  • Fetch Frozen Yogurt
  • Mouth Foods
  • Global Food Mart
  • Finer Foods
  • Consort Frozen Foods
  • Natural Food Company
  • Fresh N Frozen
  • Innovate Foods
  • Queen City Fresh Foods
  • Munch ‘N’ Crunch Frozen Foods
  • Food Net
  • The Perfect Freeze
  • Barnie’s Foods
  • Food Division

Catchy Names for Frozen Food Business

  • Froze the World
  • Dawn Foods
  • Lakewinds Food
  • Tasty Freeze food
  • Fresh Forever
  • Habibi Frozen Food
  • Dollar Tree food
  • Imperial Foods
  • The House of Fruit
  • The Food Man
  • Frozen for Life
  • Frozen River
  • Frozen Me Up
  • The Cheerful Frozen
  • Freeze-In Fast Foods
  • Floor Treat Co.
  • Kings Food Store
  • Cold-N-Crunch
  • Windy City Sweets
  • National Frozen Foods
  • Bubble Freshy Foods
  • Lakeside Food Group
  • North Coast Frozen Foods
  • Furious Fries Co.
  • Frosty Frozen
  • Friendship Food Company
  • Oh My Frozen Express
  • Journey Frozen Foods
  • Arizona Frozen Foods
  • Simply Frozen to Go
  • Swoonz-A-Truck
  • Frozen Food City
  • Freezing Favorites
  • Windy City Produce
  • Harvest Food Group
  • Alpha Frozen Products
  • Frosted Delights
  • Aurora Foods
  • Frozen on The Spot
  • RiteFizz Fresh Foods

Unique Frozen Food Company Names

  • Frozen King AZ
  • Just Freeze It
  • Freshens Kitchen
  • FunFlex Frozen Food
  • Frosty Flame Meat
  • Jimmies Frozen Food
  • Request Foods
  • Golden-Brown Foods
  • Frozen on The Go
  • Extreme Freeze
  • Frozen ‘n’ Ready
  • UrbanFest Frozen Food
  • Quality Foods
  • Globally Frozen
  • Frosted Heaven
  • Salsa’s Fresh Subs
  • English Food Company
  • Central Frozen Foods
  • Frozen To Fresh
  • Frozen Food Shop
  • Elite Fine Foods
  • Proud Daddy’s Foods
  • MVP frozen food
  • A-1 Frozen Food
  • Distinctive Foods
  • Original Frozen Food
  • The Frozen Spot
  • ZOO Frozen Food
  • Totally Frozen
  • Sweet House Frozen
  • Fry’s Foods
  • ABC Food Company
  • Freshly Frozen Meals
  • Quayside Frozen Foods
  • Frozen & Refrigerated Foods

Cool Frozen Food Business Names

  • WetRoot Frozen Food
  • Hobbyist Frozen Food
  • Best Frozen Food
  • Central Foods Limited
  • Food & Dairy
  • PJ’s Country Living
  • Terrific Food & Ice
  • Frozen to Go
  • Frango Frozen Foods
  • Scrappe’s Fresh
  • Velvet Fresh Foods
  • The Green Oak
  • Coco-Frozen Nosh
  • Bateman Food
  • Meals N Such
  • Cousin Frozen Foods
  • The Fruity Munchies
  • Yummy Frosted Slice
  • Real Frozen Food
  • Frisky Frozen Food
  • My Little Freeze
  • Crown Frozen Food
  • White Jack food
  • The Berry Man food
  • Little Icebergs
  • Consumers Packing
  • Frozen Food Masters
  • All Things Frozen
  • Frozen Favorites
  • Food Crest

Creative Names for Frozen Food Business

  • Rise Up Frozen Food
  • Home Flavor
  • The Frozen Guru’s
  • Forever Frozen Food
  • Frozen Food Quest
  • Frozen Goods
  • Premium Foods
  • Midwater Frozen Food
  • Meadow Mint Foods
  • Perfect Plate food
  • Master Frozen Food
  • Frosted Confections
  • Frozen Fun Foods
  • Pressed Foods
  • Frost Fresh Foods
  • Crazy to Go Frozen
  • High Liner Foods
  • Culver’s Frozen Food
  • Birds Eye Foods
  • Zest Frozen Food
  • Frozen Tastee
  • The Frozen Chef
  • The Flavour Freeze
  • Frozen Food Paradise
  • H2O’s Frozen Mart
  • Taste of Temptation
  • Home Style Foods
  • Little Lady Foods
  • Frozen Food Foundation
  • Famous Toastery


What should I name my frozen food brand?

  • The Frozen Kitchen
  • The Fruity Freeze
  • Little Big Food
  • Mountain Harvest Foods
  • Conscious Food
  • Extreme Chill Foods
  • Pure Freeze Co.
  • Jolly Foods
  • King Brothers foods
  • Star Foods

What are some good frozen food business names?

  • Glacier Frozen Food
  • The Frosty Berry
  • Frosted Olives
  • Cool Frozen Foods
  • American Kitchen Delights
  • Sweet’s Frozen Food
  • First Class Food
  • Jack Oyester
  • Knotty’s Fine Foods
  • Grecian Delight Foods

What are some best names for frozen food store?

  • Frozen Foodies
  • Honor Foods
  • Midland Chilled Foods
  • Frozen Food Plus
  • The Frozen Shack
  • Unique Taste Foods
  • Frozen Foods Express
  • Seven Foods
  • The Happy Monkey
  • Fantasy Frozen Foods

What are some famous frozen food brand names?

  • Kid Cuisine
  • Birds Eye
  • Hot Pockets
  • Kangaroo Brands
  • Banquet Foods
  • FarmRich
  • Hungry Man
  • M&M Meat Shops
  • Kidfresh
  • Gorton’s of Gloucester
  • Lean Cuisine
  • Aunt Bessie’s
  • Earthbound Farm
  • Lender’s Bagels
  • Amy’s Kitchen
  • Fry Group Foods
  • Freezer Queen
  • Green Giant
  • Healthy Choice
  • King of Pops
  • Morton Frozen Foods
  • Pepperidge Farm
  • Groupe Doux
  • McCain Foods
  • Bellisio Foods
  • Bubba Foods
  • Marie Callender’s
  • K&N’s Foods

How to Choose a Name for Your Frozen Food Business

Having a good business name is vital for any business owner. The name tells potential customers who you are and what you do, and it helps to establish your company as a brand. But choosing a good name can be a little tricky, so we decided to give you some advice to help you along the way.

1. Do some research

First of all, you need to do some research about some existing frozen food business names people have already used. Also, think about the related and trending words that you can use in your business name.

Simply search for the famous existing frozen food companies in your area and get some inspiration from their names. But make sure you are not using the same name.

2. Come up with a list of potential names

The next step is to come up with a list of possible frozen food name ideas. You can do it by brainstorming names with your friends and family members. Or you can use a frozen food business name generator for creating some unique names.

One of the best ideas to come up with some great names is to ask your friends on Facebook or Instagram. They will help you come up with a list of name ideas.

3. Make a shortlist of the best possibilities

Once you come up with a list of name ideas, sit with a fresh mind and shortlist some of your favorite names. When shortlisting, keep these important things in mind.

  • Pick a short and simple name.
  • Choose a name that is relevant to your business.
  • Make sure it sounds good.
  • Avoid names with spelling mistakes.

4. Get feedback on your favorite names

Getting feedback is a good idea to decide on a name for your business. After shortlisting your favorites reach out to family, friends, and anyone else you know, to ask them what they think which name is perfect for your new startup.

The more people you ask, the better. But you don’t want to pick something that someone else likes more than you, because after all, it’s your business so you should pick something you like.

5. Look at the domain availability to see if you can register your name as a .com

Another important step is to check the availability of the domain name when choosing a name for your frozen food company.

At some point, every business owner will need a website. If you are starting a small business, you might not need a website yet. For a larger business, the website is a vital part of your business’s marketing platform. So, it’s important to get the domain name registered as soon as possible.

6. Your name should differentiate your business from others

Name is a powerful marketing tool. If you want customers to know you and your business is different, pick a name that is memorable and different, and that stands out from the rest.

Your business name is the face of your business and it should be different from the other businesses’ faces in your market. It should be unique, one-of-a-kind, part of the essence of your business, and something you can use to distinguish your product, service, or company from others.

7. It should be not one that can limit your business growth

One of the big mistakes many people make is choosing a too specific name for their business. It’s understandable that people are excited to jump into their first business, but choosing a too specific name can cause them to have difficulty growing their business.

A too specific name can damage your ability to grow and prosper. A good name on the other hand can help you stand out and gain a competitive advantage and can save you time and money in the long run.

8. Make sure your name is easy to remember, pronounce, and spell

You want your name to be memorable and not too long, but at the same time, you don’t want it to be so generic and forgettable that people start to confuse your company with something else.

Before you choose a name, you’ll need to think about how it will be pronounced and how it will be spelled. A quality name that is memorable and easy to spell and say will help you come off as professional and trustworthy in the eyes of potential customers.

9. Make sure your name doesn’t have any negative connotations

Negative and silly names can have bad impressions. When deciding on a name take the time to consider the meaning behind your frozen food business name, and make sure it doesn’t have any negative connotations.

10. Check if the name is available as a trademark

You can trademark a business name, which means it will be easier to protect your brand name or your business identity. This will help you stop other people from using the same name or an identical version of it.

Before making a final decision, visit the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to check the trademark database.


In conclusion, the name is a benchmark for your brand, so name it wisely. The name must clearly convey your business’s purpose and it should be easy to pronounce. It should also reflect your brand’s personality, as well as describe your product or services. Just remember, the name you choose can make or break your business.

We hope you have found this article helpful and have chosen a good name for your new startup. Thanks for reading and Good Luck!

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