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Coffee Slogans: 280+ Funny Slogans for Coffee Shop & Cafe

Coffee is a great way to start your day, help you become more productive, and is a pleasant way to spend time with friends, but what can we say about coffee slogans that will grab the attention of coffee lovers?

Or what are some catchy coffee phrases that will help you attract more coffee lovers to your cafeteria? In this article, we have listed some cool coffee and café slogans that you might find interesting.

Let’s get started!

Coffee Slogans

Here are some cool and attractive coffee slogans you have ever seen:

  • The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup
  • Coffee makes you smarter
  • We do not sell coffee, we sell smiles
  • We always have the freshest
  • Come for the coffee, stay for the cake.
  • Espresso, you’ll surely love
  • Life is better when you’re caffeinated
  • You are not truly awake until you’ve had your coffee
  • Life tastes better with a blue bottle
  • Coffee is the magic that starts your day
  • Make your coffee, then make your day
  • Coffee is to life what air is to breathing
  • Coffee, it’s not just for breakfast anymore
  • Good coffee is just a click away
  • We are coffee people
  • The coffee experience
  • Have a coffee on us
  • A great cup of coffee begins with a great coffee bean
  • Life isn’t a sprint, it’s a coffee break
  • Coffee should be black as midnight on a moonless night, thick as blood and sweet as love
  • A place for relaxing
  • Vessel for the human spirit
  • Today is the first day of the rest of your life
  • We’re here to please you
  • Come here for great food and hot coffee
  • Coffee is our religion, Starbucks
  • Coffee isn’t just a drink, it’s a culture
  • A latte a day keeps the doctor away
  • Coffee is the fuel that keeps you going
  • Caffeine, the productivity drug
  • I don’t like coffee I love it
  • Coffee! The smell alone is worth
  • Coffee makes me think
  • Coffee gives me wings
  • Coffee helps me to concentrate
  • Coffee wakes me up
  • Coffee is my blood
  • Live life better with coffee
  • Coffee makes me happy

Coffee Shop Slogans

These are the best coffee shop slogans to inspire your ideas:

  • Coffee is a drink of champions
  • The coffee shop on every corner
  • It’s coffee. It’s good
  • Have coffee. Have fun
  • A coffee a day, keeps the doctor away
  • The best coffee shop in the world
  • Coffee house where you can have fun
  • A good cup of coffee will wake you up like a good book
  • The coffee shop is where you go to talk about your problems
  • Coffee, coffee, coffee!
  • Coffee creates clarity of mind
  • Great coffee, great people
  • The adventure doesn’t go cold
  • A good day starts with a good coffee
  • Relax and enjoy
  • Where friends meet to drink coffee
  • Great coffee, great food
  • A coffee shop that is yours
  • A coffee shop of your dreams
  • A coffee shop for all
  • A coffee shop for friends
  • A coffee shop for pleasure
  • Our coffee is the perfect blend of smoothness and flavor
  • Our coffee is perfect for the entire family
  • Drink coffee. Do well.
  • Good to the last drop
  • Coffee is my second personality
  • Coffee is like gold dust
  • Coffee is the best drink to enjoy over a conversation

Funny Coffee Slogans

Below is the list of funny coffee slogans you can consider using:

  • Being a coffee drinker is not a disease
  • Coffee is my fuel
  • Don’t talk to me until I have my coffee
  • Coffee is the fuel that keeps my dreams on track
  • A person who does not enjoy coffee is like a snake who does not enjoy getting dressed
  • Coffee is the perfect mommy juice
  • I run on coffee and deadlines
  • Life begins after coffee
  • Make coffee, not excuses
  • Coffee is your best friend
  • Coffee never fails you
  • Coffee, it takes only three minutes to make it
  • We take our coffee seriously
  • We are the coffee specialists
  • We know what coffee means to you
  • Coffee makes you more creative, energetic and focused
  • Life is too short to drink a bad cup of coffee
  • Coffee makes my heart beat
  • Coffee makes you happy in the morning and helps you to relax in the evening
  • Coffee is the power to your day
  • I like to sip my coffee slowly
  • Coffee is a natural energy booster
  • For the best deal in town, visit our coffee shop
  • We have the best and most loyal customers
  • Enjoy working here, great coffee!
  • We are a relaxed bunch of professionals who live to serve you the best coffee in town
  • Good coffee is like good love. It makes you weak and nervous at the same time
  • Coffee is a food group for most humans
  • Coffee is a language in itself

Best Coffee Taglines

These are the best taglines for coffee and café shop:

  • Life is a cup of coffee
  • Coffee, it’s a way of life
  • I’m not addicted, i just can’t get the taste of coffee out of my mouth
  • Put a smile on your face
  • Coffee makes you feel alive
  • Good coffee takes time
  • Every sip brings you closer
  • Good coffee needs good beans
  • Coffee helps you to get through the day
  • Coffee is always good
  • If your life was coffee, would you drink it?
  • Coffee is my friend
  • Coffee is a natural energy booster
  • Coffee, it’s not just a drink it’s a statement
  • Coffee is my life
  • Coffee keeps you awake when you want to sleep
  • Coffee makes me feel young
  • Coffee brings people together
  • Coffee is never boring
  • Coffee is always fun
  • You can’t function without coffee
  • If you drink coffee, you will live longer
  • Coffee makes everything better
  • Coffee will make your life easier
  • Life is too short for bad coffee
  • Coffee is a magical drink
  • Would you rather be black coffee or a latte?
  • We care about your coffee, that’s why we grind it fresh

Catchy Cafe Slogans

The following are some catchy café slogans ideas for you:

  • Nescafe – good to the last drop
  • At our cafe, we offer artisanal pastries, cakes, cookies, and pies
  • A cafe that feels like a home
  • Every morning is a good morning when you get up with coffee
  • To do your best you must first get the best
  • You have reached the best when you have the best
  • A cup of good coffee, is one of the world’s greatest things
  • What are you doing today?
  • To be fit, you must have a cup of coffee in your hand
  • Coffee – a serious thing
  • The best coffee in town
  • Awesome café
  • The best CAFE in your neighborhood
  • We offer a wide selection of coffee and tea
  • Coffee is good for the brain
  • Coffee, it’s always time for coffee
  • Coffee helps to lose weight
  • We love coffee and we know you do too!
  • We believe in quality coffee
  • We’re proud of our coffee
  • The best coffee with the best service
  • Bookworms and Baristas
  • A place for everything
  • Hot coffee. It keeps you warm, it gets you going, it keeps you on the go
  • Put a coffee in your hand. It makes the world a better place
  • There is a difference between a pause that refreshes and a pause that forgetfulness
  • Coffee is an extra shot of life
  • Coffee is a good way of spending time
  • We pour the perfect cup of coffee
  • We make sure that our coffee is always fresh

Morning Coffee Slogans

These are some best morning coffee slogans for your inspiration:

  • A morning without coffee can be a crisis
  • I love coffee in the morning. It makes the day start right
  • Hangovers are like love, the only cure is more coffee
  • The smell of coffee is enough to wake you up in the morning
  • Coffee makes mornings perfect
  • You can never sleep again
  • Keep calm and drink coffee
  • Coffee is the best way to start your working day
  • Coffee breaks are the only pauses you take during the working day
  • Coffee is the best way to end your working day
  • Coffee helps you to stay focused and concentrate during your working day
  • Coffee makes everything better
  • Don’t start your day without a cup of coffee
  • Coffee breaks and coffee posters
  • My morning coffee
  • If you drink coffee the way you drive, you should be arrested
  • Coffee helps you stay alert
  • Moving on Folgers
  • Can’t live without coffee
  • Life is short, drink good coffee
  • Coffee is to us what oil is to Kuwait
  • True coffee drinkers are always up for a good brew
  • A reason to smile
  • Better together
  • Coffee the best part of waking up
  • Coffee is out there
  • Don’t be a coffee snob. Drink coffee.
  • It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up
  • There’s a coffee for that

Coffee Slogans of Popular Brands

These are the famous coffee slogans of popular brands to help you get inspiration and create your own:

  • For those who put coffee first
  • Better beans. Better coffee.
  • Life without Coffee is Scary
  • Coffee completes me.
  • Pouring in Your Cup
  • Tall, Dark and Refined.
  • Smooth out your day, everyday.
  • Start the day with great taste.
  • Veritas is True Coffee.
  • The real coffee experts.
  • Open up.
  • Where the laws of nature apply.
  • Release the flavour.
  • Starbucks DoubleShot. Bring on the day.
  • Fill it to the rim with Brim.
  • All you need to feel better, is coffee
  • Coffee, when your brain needs a hug!
  • One thing leads to another.
  • Happiness begins with Bru
  • I Survive Mondays with Coffee
  • Carte Noir. French for coffee.
  • Go ahead! Make my Coffee!
  • Wake the Hell up!
  • Experience love at first sip.
  • Your cup of inspiration.

Coffee Slogans

How to Come up With a Catchy Coffee Slogan

Making a slogan for your coffee shop is important to attract customers and boost sales. But creating a well-thought-out slogan is not enough to ensure you’re hitting all the right points, especially when it comes to the more practical stuff.

Here are some things you should keep in mind when creating a slogan for your coffee shop or brand:

Keep it simple, original and clear

Recently I was at a friend’s place, and they had a sign outside their coffee shop (which I won’t mention for security reasons) that had some pretty crappy, unreadable, and confusing slogan.

The slogan was too long and didn’t give any real information about the coffee shop. How sad is it that the sign of the best coffee shop in town is so bad? So, what’s a good slogan for your coffee shop?

The first thing you should consider is the length. You want your slogan to be short, simple, and clear. If it’s too long, it will just confuse the customer, and the coffee shop will lose business.

Don’t use misspelled words

One of the most common mistakes when it comes to marketing is a misspelling or just not using the right words in your company’s slogan, or slogan for your company’s products.

Choosing the wrong slogan can cause customers to associate your business with negativity or make you seem unprofessional or uneducated, even if you have excellent marketing materials.

Stay away from clichés and common expressions

If you’d like to create a new brand for your coffee shop, you must choose a new slogan. Clichés and other common expressions are a sign of lazy writing, and your customers will be disgusted by them.

When considering such a tactic, you should also keep in mind that clichés are often misunderstood, so a truly catchy phrasal template will be crucial to the success of your coffee shop.

Make sure it’s easy to remember

Your business slogan is a short, catchy phrase that will help your business stand out from the competition, while also serving as the top-of-mind message that your customers will remember.

If you come up with a slogan including words that are difficult to pronounce, obviously, it will difficult for your customers to remember and market your business slogan.

It should be able to reflect the character of your coffee shop

When it comes to branding and marketing, not all coffee shops and cafes are created equal. One of the biggest mistakes they make is having slogans that are generic and don’t really say anything about what kind of place they are.

There are many themes that coffee shops can use to help you differentiate your business from the rest, and one of them is using a slogan that showcases the interests and character of your coffee shop.

Do not use a slogan that is already used by a well-known business

It can be bad for your brand if you choose to use a slogan that is already in use by another company.

If you choose to use a not original slogan, you may even lose customers that notice that the slogan is the same as one they are already familiar with.

Get some feedback before deciding on a slogan

Once you come up with your favorite real estate slogan, the best way to know whether your slogan is successful or not is to get other people to tell you.

It doesn’t have to be a big process. Just ask your friends and family to read through your idea and give you some feedback. As long as the majority of the people you ask agree, this is enough to justify a business slogan.

If you still need more coffee slogans and ideas, you can visit Worthstart for more.

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