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Pizza Slogans: 200+ Funny Pizza Sayings and Taglines

One of the most important decisions you will face as a pizza chain is what slogan to use. This is a decision that can make or break you, so it is imperative that you choose the right one.

If all you’re serving is your mother’s homemade pizza, you can be the best at it in the world with no slogan. But, if you have a line of fast-food pizza in a highly competitive field, you need a slogan that captures the essence of what your business is all about.

So, what are the catchy pizza slogans for attracting more customers?

In this article, we have listed some best pizza slogans and taglines that you can use for making your pizza business more memorable and attractive. Let’s get started!

Best Pizza Slogans

Here’s a list of a few best pizza slogans that you might find interesting:

  • Pizza slices our hearts
  • Pizza makes me happy
  • The best pizza in the universe
  • The pizza that takes you back
  • Most comfortable pizza ever
  • Are you in the mood for a pizza?
  • World famous pizza
  • Taste the difference
  • We are the leaders
  • Cheese and spices
  • We are the pizza people
  • Taste the pizza
  • First they cut the pizza
  • An innovative pizza
  • Pizza pizza pizza
  • Most sensational pizza
  • We keep it fresh at the krusty krab, so don’t be a hungry crab
  • Pizza is life
  • Pizza pizza slice
  • Pizza pizza slice like a boss
  • Pizza slice me off
  • Comfort food for the soul
  • Pizza in a hurry
  • Thin crust. Naughty crust
  • Pizza, i’m in love with you
  • Our pizza is “for here” or “for there”
  • Have pizza together and share love
  • We make the best pizza in the area
  • Have a crush on pizza

Pizza Taglines

These are some most hilarious pizza taglines for you:

  • The best of italy
  • Fight for the last slice
  • You will completely enjoy it
  • Chase the flavors
  • Wood-fired goodness
  • Every day is pizza day
  • Five a day keeps the hunger at bay
  • I like pizza more than anything
  • Oven fresh goodness
  • A pizza a day, keeps the doctor away
  • Pizza: the food that loves you back
  • I love pizza
  • Time to pizza
  • Pizza, the only food that can feed a whole family
  • Make pizza not war
  • Chefs for passion
  • Pizza is for lovers
  • The more pizza you eat, the more pizza you want
  • Pizza for a quick lunch on the run
  • Pizza for a cold winter evening
  • Eat pizza, go to heaven
  • Pizza is the most delicious thing in the world
  • Pizza makes me feel good
  • The fresh taste sensation
  • Faster than you can imagine
  • You will love our pizza
  • When i’m sad, pizza makes me happy
  • We made the most delicious pizza you’ve ever tasted
  • Expect any flavored pizza with us
  • The only thing better than pizza is more pizza

Catchy Pizza Sayings

These are the catchy pizza sayings to inspire your ideas:

  • Pizza, pizza and more pizza
  • Pizza style that makes you smile
  • We do not heat up old pizzas
  • Pizza: the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach
  • Pizza takes you to places like no other food can
  • Pizza is happiness
  • You’ve got to try our pizza it’s to die for
  • You can always count on pizza
  • Baked with love
  • Quality is our recipe
  • Happy stomach fresh mind
  • With extra toppings
  • Pizza, it’s the real thing
  • There’s nothing like a slice of new york style pizza
  • Pizza is a vegetable it says so in the dictionary
  • Pizza, the best food ever
  • The best pizza is made with love and lots of dough
  • A slice of heaven
  • A pizza to please everyone
  • Our pizza is really affordable and tasty
  • Hot pizza now at your door
  • Pizza is my one true love
  • Life without pizza is meaningless
  • Our motto is spreading love
  • Minimum waiting, maximum eating

Funny Pizza Sayings

Below is the list of funny pizza sayings you can use right away:

  • Pizza: The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach
  • We make pizza that goes straight from the heart to your tummy
  • We make pizzas you can’t resist
  • Happy pizza is the best pizza
  • You’ve got mail it’s a pizza
  • Yummy pizzas available here!
  • Finest bread
  • I just want pizza
  • Pizza – a slice of heaven on earth
  • Pizza tastes like freedom
  • Pizza, you can’t live without it
  • Fresh out of the oven
  • Best pizza in the world have you tasted better?
  • Choose better now
  • Pizza is the food of friendships
  • Pizza, you are the one for me
  • Fast fresh delicious
  • Pizza is love, pizza is life
  • Don’t call us we’ll call you
  • Choose and taste to your place
  • Pizza, it’s not delivery it’s papa john’s
  • Pizza for everyone
  • Pizza in a hurry
  • Pizza: when you’re here, you’re family
  • Pizza for your thoughts
  • Pizza: happiness is a slice of pizza
  • Pizza, nature’s perfect food

Pizza Hut Slogans

The following are the best pizza hut slogans you can use for free:

  • All the taste, not on your waist!
  • Pizza hut: the royal pizza
  • Choose and taste to your place
  • Discover the real pizza
  • From our store to your door
  • One goal, one passion pizza
  • Pan pizza just got awesomer
  • Tasty and hot pizza just for you
  • A tasty pizza is what you want
  • Pizza that built your mood
  • Make it a great treat with pizza
  • Awesome pizza again and again
  • Eat pizza with your favorite drink
  • Feel the extraordinary love with our pizzas
  • Shout for pizza
  • Beyond the levels of taste
  • The original best pizza
  • Fresh pizza less price
  • The smell of the best pizza
  • The pizza delivery experts
  • The sign of awesome flavors
  • End all your hunger

Pizza Slogans

How to Choose a Catchy Pizza Slogan

Below are a few important things to keep in mind when choosing a slogan for your pizza restaurant or shop:

You want a slogan that tells your target audience what you do and why they should choose you

The key to any successful pizza business is reliability. I mean, how many people would keep coming back to a “lousy” pizza place? I think it’s safe to say that every pizzeria needs a slogan that lets potential customers know what they can expect from the place.

When choosing a slogan, ask yourself these questions. What are you selling, how are you selling it, and who are you selling it to?

Keep your slogan short and easy to remember

Did you know that the best pizza slogan is the shorter the better? Easily remembered and understood by consumers, the more memorable your slogan the more successful your sales will be!

The slogan should be unique

If you want to stand out from your competition, then you need to have a unique and eye-catching slogan, one guaranteed to catch the attention of potential customers.

Don’t choose a slogan that is similar to an existing pizza slogan or already used by someone else.

The slogan should be positive, avoid negative words

It just doesn’t seem to matter how much money you make, how much time and effort you put into running the business, or how skilled a cook you are. You’ll always be judged by the negative, even when you’re trying to make the world a better place.

If your goal is to be seen as an industry leader you should make sure your slogan stays positive.

Your slogan should be grammatically correct

Do you want to be the kind of business that doesn’t leave you embarrassed when those who work for you are called into question by those from outside?

If you use wrong words or misspelled words, people will not know what it means, they’re not going to remember it, or if they do, they’re not going to understand it.

Get feedback before making a final decision

You may be worried about how people will react to your slogan. There is a way to get feedback on a slogan without having to go to an advertising agency.

All you need is a blog. By creating a blog post with the title of your slogan, you can allow people to give feedback on your slogan.

Also, getting feedback from a few people will give you an idea of whether or not you will be successful with your slogan.

Use online student council slogans generator

If you still need more slogan ideas, you can try online generators. These are some of the best you can try:

  • Oberlo
  • GetSocio
  • Shopify Slogan Maker
  • Sloganizer
  • Within the Flow Slogan Generator

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